Trousering fashion. Most fashion models 2011

In the closet of any modern ladies sure there are pants of any style. It is a practical clothes and many already appreciate its convenience. Let's look at the main options for fashionable models pants 2011 season. We hope that everyone will be able to choose what is right for her.

The main trend this winter is the conservatism and moderation. Following this direction, you can select any model that suits you.

This season has a rather wide variety of areas: can be found in the collections of sports, retro and even rocker options.

If you're a supporter, not only practical, but also to express their identity through clothing, take into service some fancy features. After all, they give direction and winter fashion this year.

Timeless classics

 Trousering fashion. Most fashion models 2011

Of course, it will start a conversation with her. Trousers classic style present in the collections of many fashion houses ( Marc Jacobs . Michael Kors ). They reflect the style of the men, which adds subtle sophistication arrows and subtle shades of beige and brown.

Of particular note is the complete absence of black fabric in a classic style this winter. It is best to look to models such jumpers and jackets.

Overestimated waist

 Trousering fashion. Most fashion models 2011

Some designers ( Sophia Kokosalaki . Zac Posen ) Boldly combines classical models with colorful accessories to achieve a completely unique effect.

Attention is focused on a cut very feminine with a high waistline, which must appear in the closet this fashionista. These pants combine comfort and beauty and elegant business suit lady.

The only caveat, you should pay attention to: the mandatory presence of interesting or beautiful belt straps.

Trousers flared

 Trousering fashion. Most fashion models 2011

Another trend this season. Some famous designers ( Gianfranco Ferre . Pucci ) Was added width of the tribes already known classical models.
As a result, we have a very feminine version bryuchek flared in retro style. Slight encirclement and total freedom at hip level (full repetition of the 70s).

The only negative of the cut: it is incompatible with high boots with laces that are so popular this season.

The length of the ankle

 Trousering fashion. Most fashion models 2011

Cropped pants have become a number one hit of the world podiums. They have almost all the collections ( Ralph Lauren . Stella McCartney . Prada ), And in various embodiments.
You can wear long pants to the ankle of wool, knitted, to choose both broad and narrow model. The collections have even jeans this fashionable length.

These pants alter the proportions of the body, so that their choice should be approached carefully. Special care requires the selection of the correct volume and sweaters that will go well with such models.

Trousers "in oblipku"

 Trousering fashion. Most fashion models 2011

One of the hottest trends this winter. Note, however, that the idea is no longer new. This season it back again Luca Luca . Moschino . Ralph Lauren , and others.

For these models you can use any fabric: knitwear, leather, wool. New this season - insert with a decorative lacing.

Free and flowing

 Trousering fashion. Most fashion models 2011

An alternative for those who do not like to wear trousers-cigarettes. Since this style is far from classic, fans will find these pants are not very many.
However, such loose trousers are present in collections Yves Saint Laurent . Sonia Rykiel .

Valid and youth street style, glamorous and bohemian. What to choose every fashionista will solve itself.

Fantasy on the theme of the skin

 Trousering fashion. Most fashion models 2011

Woman in leather biker trousers reminiscent of, but not this season suggests such a stylistic hint. More common traditional trousers classic style of this unusual material.

These models fit ardent admirers of the skin, which is already in the wardrobe of leather items. What's wrong? Perfect for wet weather clothing.

Present and complex variants of cut that risk to stay at the peak of a season. Such was the model can be seen at Versace Which complements the skin tissue.

Irreplaceable knitwear

 Trousering fashion. Most fashion models 2011

One of the interesting innovations and a clear leader this season. Maybe it happened because the whole autumn has been inextricably linked with the things of the jersey, and therefore a huge variety of knitted trousers only continued an existing trend.
Such models have met in the past and the year before. More are still treated to the sporting style and used as a convenient form for a variety of sports.

This year's fashion knitwear reacted to with great respect: the brand Akris . Thakoon . Vandevorst   offer a variety of models to choose from (from tight leggings to free trousers).

Riding breeches

 Trousering fashion. Most fashion models 2011

They have traditionally been a matter of contention, though offered insistently many designers ( Ralph Lauren . Thakoon ). This model is designed mainly to its biggest fans, but its appearance on the fashion catwalks could predict. Designers are increasingly military-inspired style.

However, direct copies of uniforms we do not see.

Famous brand just beat the subject, keeping the main features. Winter 2010-2011 season offers a silhouette of the soft tissues of jodhpurs. These particular pants look good on tall, slender girl without a magnificent forms.
Wearing trousers, breeches can be short fluffy fur zhaketkami or so popular leather or suede jackets of the "pilot."

Stylish suits

 Trousering fashion. Most fashion models 2011

Overalls have strongly taken place in the hearts and wardrobes of fashionistas the world, and remain there for several seasons in a row. This winter, for them to come back again offer Alexander Wang . Salvatore Ferragamo   and many other well-known fashion houses.

From winter 2011 model year features a pronounced practical cut and fabric. They are quite suitable for everyday purposes of urban residents.

Sew these models offered from winter wool, tweed and even denim. Of course, premium versions are knitted jumpsuits.

 Trousering fashion. Most fashion models 2011

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