causes of trichomoniasis


  • The causative agent of trichomoniasis
  • Symptoms
  • Diagnosis of trichomoniasis
  • Treatment of trichomoniasis
  • Disease prevention
  • The consequences of running trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is a common infectious disease transmitted mainly through unprotected sex, caused by a single-celled animal - vaginal trichomonas.

This article will answer basic questions regarding the infection: what are the symptoms of trichomoniasis, its diagnosis, what is the treatment and prevention of this disease and many others.
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The causative agent of trichomoniasis

Vaginal Trichomonas is a single-celled protozoan, belonging to a class of flagellates. Externally, it is pear-shaped, is provided with a movable flagella, because that is very active. Detect Trichomonas because of its small size (10-30 mm) is possible, using special devices.

The favorite habitat of Trichomonas can be called a woman's vagina and male urethra, sometimes it can be found in the upper part of the genitourinary system. This causative agent of trichomoniasis dies quickly upon drying, direct sunlight, even with a slight warming. Therefore, the main mode of transmission of this pathogen is sexual contact, it is theoretically possible infection and trichomoniasis by household: non-compliance with personal hygiene by bathing suits, towels and more.

Among the features of Trichomonas can distinguish the ability to masquerade as the host cells, damaging their collaboration with the bacteria that penetrate inside and create a favorable environment for their anaerobic. The most common infection trichomoniasis is accompanied by worsening of other diseases of the sexual sphere. Under the symptoms of trichomoniasis in women it may be hiding other sexually transmitted diseases.

It adversely affects the disease on pregnancy, childbirth and the health of the child, a real threat of miscarriage or premature birth, does not exclude infection of the child during birth.

 Diagnosis of the disease
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Trichomoniasis is most common in women, men usually are carriers of the disease. Question occurrence of trichomoniasis in women should be given more careful consideration.

From infection to infection and the manifestation of its symptoms in women it takes about 10-15 days, but can be more. There are times when no symptoms are observed. In this case, being a carrier of the disease and are not aware of it, a woman with trichomoniasis infect their sexual partners.

What are the main symptoms of trichomoniasis in women. This abundant frothy vaginal discharge grayish green or yellow, with sharp and unpleasant smell. Because discharge is often strong, corrosive itching genitals with the outer part. There may be frequent painful urination, painful intercourse, nagging back pain and lower abdomen. Almost always deteriorating overall health: there is a weakness, body temperature can rise. Most likely, the manifestation of symptoms of the disease will force any woman to address urgently to a specialist for examination. From the above it becomes clear that trichomoniasis symptoms similar to many diseases genitalia.

Already at the initial examination, the doctor can detect ulcers on the surface of the labia majora, swelling and breaking of the cervix, its inflammation and others. The final diagnosis a doctor makes after a full examination of the patient and based on the results of the necessary tests.

If time does not notice and did not treat this infection, it begins to show its chronic indolent character. Symptoms of chronic diseases are implicit. From time to time there are nagging pains in the lower abdomen, increased pain occurs during menstruation, persistent vaginal discharge, pain during sexual intercourse.

Various diseases of the sexual sphere, lowered immunity, various hormonal disruptions, as well as changes in the level of acidity of the vagina in the direction of its reduction - all of these features may cause trichomoniasis, having a chronic, lead to active disease progression.

 Treatment of trichomoniasis
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Diagnosis of trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis without medical assistance will not cure. Therefore, it is important to promptly consult a specialist - a gynecologist or venereal diseases. The main role in establishing the correct diagnosis given to laboratory studies. To do this, women take smears from the urethra, vagina and rectum.

There are various methods for determining trichomoniasis in women. These include PCR (polymerase chain reaction), immunological method, raw microscopy and stained smears, crop material in artificial media.

In modern medicine is often used tool and method for the determination of trichomoniasis in women - colposcopy, ie study under the microscope of the cervix and vagina.

It should be noted that the important features of women having the above-mentioned infectious diseases are multiple small hemorrhages on the cervix, which becomes like a strawberry.
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Treatment of trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis in women should be treated using drugs nitroimidazoles, including the most popular metronidazole, ornidazole, tinidazole. The treatment corrects a doctor. Vaginal suppositories, for example Makmiror complex, producing a topical treatment. Typically, a physician at the same time prescribes medication multivitamins and immune-boosting drugs, which increase resistance to infection. Also in the treatment of trichomoniasis, to eliminate dysbacteriosis mucous genital tract, the intestine, using agents from the group of probiotics.

It is important to conduct simultaneous treatment of the sick woman and all of its partners, with whom had sex. Otherwise, the re-infection of this unpleasant venereal disease - trichomoniasis. At relapse of the disease should change the drug because to carry out treatment of trichomoniasis by the same means ineffective.

In the period of treatment it is necessary to abstain from sexual intercourse or receive alcoholic beverages, increased attention to their personal hygiene, frequent changes of the lower belya.Pri performance of all doctor's instructions trichomoniasis can be cured completely. After completion of treatment a woman should get tested again for laboratory examination.

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Disease prevention

Trichomoniasis can prevent infection by following preventive measures, similar to other sexually transmitted diseases of the sexual sphere. These include

  • being faithful to one partner;
  • proper use of protective equipment during casual sexual contacts;
  • timely access to a doctor.

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The consequences of running trichomoniasis

If trichomoniasis not promptly treated, it can not avoid a very dangerous consequences for the woman. First of all, this woman could face infertility, cancer tumor. Also, the disease seriously violates the body's immune system. In very advanced cases, trichomoniasis can cause oxygen starvation, severe exhaustion, anemia.

 Trichomoniasis in women: symptoms, treatment and prevention

 causes the rash appears on the body


  • Causes of rashes on the body
  • A little about the diseases that cause a rash

Anyway, all we have ever faced with such manifestations in the skin, like a rash. Under rash understood diverse in type and origin skin rashes, not typical for a normal healthy skin.

From a medical point of view, a rash on the body may be a manifestation of a variety of skin diseases or diseases of internal organs or carry infectious or allergic in nature.

Medicine does not stand still: a huge database of information collected, which describes the various forms of skin rash completely different diseases.

The rash itself is not a disease. This is only a manifestation of some other disease or reaction to a stimulus. Treatment of scars, of course, depends on its cause. For starters, let's see what they can still be.

 Scabies Body
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Causes of rashes on the body

When determining the cause of a rash on the body, as a rule, it turns out the nature of lesions, their distribution in the body, localization, order a rash, rash, and the existence of its sharpness. Based on the analysis of these parameters is necessary to conduct differential diagnosis with all previous eruptions factors and possible genetic predisposition sick. First you need to determine is whether the rash of infectious or non-infectious nature of the occurrence.

Eruptions infectious nature

  • measles, chicken pox, measles, scarlet fever (more common in children on the body, but in rare cases in adults);
  • infectious mononucleosis, a sudden rash, abdominal or typhus, meningococcemia, infectious erythema, herpes infection, herpes zoster, and so on. d.

The rash is not infectious nature:

  • hives;
  • diseases of blood vessels and connective tissue.

Diseases limited only manifestations on the skin or primarily affecting it.

About the case of the infectious nature of occurrence of a rash on the body may indicate symptoms such as fever, general weakness and malaise, nausea or vomiting, headache, itching. This rash may itch. Also in this case the probability of similar symptoms and loved ones, relatives or colleagues who had direct contact with the patient.

Allergic reactions rash on the body - not a rarity. When the infectious signs still have not been discovered, you should think about the stimulus (allergens) can cause a similar effect. As a rule, the main sources of allergies can be pets (cats, dogs), certain medications, foods (eg, chocolate or citrus), airborne allergens are pollen, paint or solvents. In order to prevent allergies, it is absolutely necessary to pass special tests to identify predisposition to it. Besides allergic rash on the body can be accompanied by a parallel malaise and other symptoms (nasal congestion, angioedema, sneezing, sore throat and so on. D.)

Rashes associated with diseases of the blood vessels appear on the 2nd reason: disruption of the normal functioning of platelets or decrease in the amount of. The appearance of a rash in this case has expressed views hemorrhage (large or small), triggered, for example, any trauma or fever during the common cold.

To diagnose the nature of lesions in medicine used primary morphological elements scars formed on previously intact healthy skin. Secondary elements, respectively, are formed after evolution of the primary either after their complete disappearance. The diagnostic regard to consider the size, shape, shape, color, nature of the surface of tumors, the presence of itching and so on. D.

In this subgroup of primary morphological elements are included such as the formation of pustules, blisters, blisters, spots, bumps, nodules and others. Sometimes there are several different elements of the rash, although the disease is only one. So, varicella can be observed with the liquid bubbles and combed the crust formed after opening pruritic vesicles.

 treatment of scars on the body
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A little about the diseases that cause a rash

As mentioned above, the nature of the lesions may be quite different. Consider a few common diseases, some of which can be symptoms of a rash.

Chickenpox or varicella

Chickenpox is a fairly common disorder, occurring usually in childhood. The causative agent of the disease is the human herpes virus (type 3). Chickenpox get sick once in a lifetime, after which a person acquires lifelong immunity to the virus. In children, the disease is transferred quite easily, mainly limited to a rash that itches. Chickenpox is transmitted by droplets through the upper respiratory tract and mucous membranes of the eyes (hence the name).

The average age of cases - children under the age of 10-12 years attending kindergartens and other educational institutions. One has only one child sick, like the rest of the kids, as if by contagion, pick up this dangerous virus. Basically, the detection of this case quarantine regime in a group or class of educational institutions in order to avoid the further spread of chickenpox.

The incubation period is 1-3 weeks. After that, almost at the same time it covers the body itchy rash and sharp temperature rises to 39-39, 5 ° C. Sometimes accompanied by headache and general weakness. The rash on the body is reflected in the appearance of small pink spots, which will eventually become more prominent, gradually filled with liquid, forming bubbles.

It is unpleasant that this rash on the body itches badly. Therefore, you should avoid any scratching at an itch, so as not to put on the wound infection. Moreover, when a rash on the body itches, children, without realizing it, begin to comb formed bubbles, thereby leaving a small scar itself.

Usually it does not require any specific treatment. Nevertheless, as a general guideline prescribed bed rest (about one week). Habitual lubrication spots rash brilliant green is not so much healing and relief from the penetrating nature of the bacterial infection. In addition, it reduces the characteristic little itchy. Adults can lubricate the rash with a weak solution of manganese that is not too obvious and unsightly. As the antipyretic recommended in appropriate doses to take Nurofen or ibuprofen.

For most children with proper care and the implementation of all recommendations of the doctor over the age of 1 year chickenpox passes without any complications.

Scabies is caused by scabies

Scabies belongs to the category of skin diseases, communicable. Infectious itch mite (skin parasite) can be transmitted to humans through the elementary handshake or through objects, things belonging to the sick person. This disease is characterized special itch moves (channels) on the body where the female parasites lay their offspring.

In these channels, itch mites postpone not only the larvae and eggs for further breeding, and their waste products, thereby inducing a state of hypersensitivity, allergic and itchy rash with signs of inflammation. Therefore, itchy rash on the body.

The main symptoms of scabies - a specific rash, and its accompanying itching, worse at night or after taking a shower with hot water. Rash with scabies looks like a lot of twisting thin strips (3-15 mm long), with at the end of a small vial.

This so-called itch moves. But sometimes there are lesions in the form of papules or plaques. Favorite places rashes are usually areas with thin skin (feet, hands, buttocks, genitals, interdigital spaces, face and so on. D.)

Treatment must necessarily take place under the guidance and supervision of a dermatologist. It is generally recommended to use Antiscabietic ointments containing lindane, sulfur, benzyl benzoate and others. Linens and Things, which contacted the patient should be carefully boil, erode within 5-7 days in the fresh air and then ironed.

Simple herpes (herpes)

Herpes is considered to be fairly common viral disease of the skin. Provoke the herpes virus may contribute to this condition certain: acute respiratory infection, stress, exposure to direct sunlight. Eruptions are a group of vesicles located on the mucous membranes and skin (face, mouth, genitals and so on. D.). The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets by direct contact with sick or infected with HIV. A person with herpes disease can experience pain, itching at the site of inflammation and rash.

This skin disease is cured spontaneously. But to reduce the symptoms of the disease are often used oxolinic ointment (2-3 times daily, lubricating affected sites), or a cream with viroleksom (acyclovir). To minimize itching to rub sore areas 1% menthol alcohol.

These are some of the possible causes of the rash on the body. In any case you should visit a doctor and follow its recommendations clearly.

 Causes and symptoms appeared rash