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Dress - is the most demanded and practical clothes for hot summer. Therefore, wherever you came: to work, to visit, to the beach or for a walk, a better option than a light summer dress you will not find. You want to know what fashion styles sundresses 2011 prepared us designers to present the fly?

According to spring-summer fashion show of the new season sundresses variegated, diverse and unusual assignment for a style. So, what constitutes summer sundresses? We invite you to see the most current models of fashionable sundresses 2011 on the photos published on our website.

Trends of the season

The main trend of the fashion sundress summer 2011 - photo catalogs illustrate this well - femininity and lightness. This season, erased a clear distinction between summer sundress and dress. Maxi style never goes out of fashion. So this summer sundresses long again at the peak of popularity. Without fashion sundress 2011 summer unthinkable - this year without this fashionable little things that can accentuate the elegance and refinement of the female image, can not do no fashionista. Therefore, the favorites of the season became a fashionable summer sundresses 2011: photos of the directories summer collections are distinguished silhouette, style, length and color. This summer, the relevant models of different lengths as to the floor and to the knee, and a mini. Designers offer this summer wearing sundresses as an independent type of clothing, and in conjunction with the top, blouse or T-shirt with short sleeves.

The new collections of world brands are represented as simple sundresses fashion for everyday life as well as more sophisticated models that have been successfully able to replace evening dresses. Look in fashion magazines and on our website photo trendy sundresses summer 2011 and choose the most suitable style for your figure.

  • Maxi and Mini

 trendy sundresses 2011

Despite the fact that the very short summer sundresses allow to show the beauty of shapely legs covered with tan this summer is still the most popular maxi sundresses will be used, rather than a mini. However, do not worry about this, because not long models look less sexy in the female figure. Many women opt for sundresses and maxi dresses just because they give their image a touch of romance and sexuality. In addition, the floor-length sundresses are able to visually increase the growth and make the shape more elegant, light and airy.

Extreme ultra maxi and mini - these are two extremes to be particularly popular among fashionistas this summer. Choosing Floor-length sundress, any woman will feel it is natural and comfortable. After the maxi style is almost all women without exception: it can be worn by women of all ages and many different shapes owner. Also in the new season will be important cross - model 2011 fashionable styles sundresses, short in front, gradually turning into a long train behind.

  • Classical models

Sitting on a figure clearly classic office model can have both a direct long flowing skirt and a long pencil skirt to the knee straps with various style.

  • Evening models

 trendy sundresses summer 2011

Elegant sundresses evening - the most suitable for any occasions. They are ideal for dining and nightlife, to go out and resort vacation. Extraordinarily beautiful look trendy sundresses 2011, photos from fashion shows good cover it: the model of "sleeves" with lush skirts and high-waisted, made of smooth or pleated chiffon and long sundresses with a different cut of the bodice and flowing skirt, tight shape with a narrow neckline and is gathered skirt. No less attractive to look slim figure short sundresses with multilayer train of tulle. As evening dresses this summer will be especially popular plain tunics of lace, silk and satin. In summer 2011 collection also contains the model wedding sundresses, including pick up a dress will not only bride and her many girlfriends.

  • Youth model

 Fashion 2011 summer sundresses

Judging by the photos, trendy sundresses summer 2011 for youth - is a huge variety of styles. This ultra-length sundresses free cut, some of them reminiscent of underwear with very short skirt with corset lacing and lace trim, are also popular summer dresses with flared skirt and cut to a style bottle. The present trend of the season - summer dresses of chiffon, which are worn on top of narrow knitted leggings.

  • Sport models

Sundresses sporty in this year's distinguished by the presence of lightning, pockets and buttons. Such models sundresses are perfect for an active summer holiday.

  • Models with high waist

 Trendy summer sundresses 2011

Trendy sundresses 2011: The summer will be held for expectant mothers comfortable and convenient. This style of light dresses, which is considered a truly Russian outfit will make a noticeable protruding tummy. This model is ideal not only for pregnant women, but also for those who want to visually increase the length of the legs.

  • Fitted model and the free cut

Favorites of the season - the "robes" and form-fitting models as narrow, and with a fairly wide straps, with buttons or smell. Particularly fashionable in this year will be rolling smoothly straps v-neck.

  • Straps

Another interesting trend of the season - unusual straps. Straps cling to many trendy sundresses summer 2011, photo illustrates this. In addition to the classical version straps designers offer intricate asymmetrical straps, straps criss-cross, "loop" around the neck and many other ideas.

Selection of fabric

Chiffon, silk, satin, lace, cotton and linen, as well as crochet and knitted fabric are the most suitable materials for fashion summer sundresses 2011: photos of models from the world of fashion shows look in catalogs summer collections. Actual for the summer season, flowing fabrics, highlighting the curves of the female body to attract attention and excite the imagination of the stronger sex. Thus giving the possessor confidence and their own attractiveness.

Colors and prints

As for the color for fashion sundresses summer of 2011 - photos in the catalogs illustrate well the fashionable color scheme, relevant for the current season. This year will be dominated by deep blue, blue, beige and pink colors, and neutral colors - gray and olive. Also still in the fashion classic colors - white and black. On a hot summer day in a white sundress you will feel comfortable and at ease.

As you probably have already noticed, the classic summer sundresses different restrained tones. Then as evening options presented in the summer collections in red, emerald, burgundy, gray, gold and black colors. Youth model sundresses all designer collections are presented in bright juicy colors, dominated by yellow, pink, orange, lemon, coral, peach, burgundy, white, gray, pale green and pastel shades. Also in vogue this summer, vegetable, flower, sea, animals, geometric and abstract prints on fabrics.


As a finishing fashionable summer sundresses 2011 photos which can be viewed here, designers use an unusual cut bodice and strapless, asymmetrical bottom, fringe, drapery, decorative fabrics, as well as the combination of a single model several different colors and textures of fabrics. Very unusual and interesting to look best in this year's straps in the form of "loops", decorated with feathers, beads, embroidery, fringes and fabric flowers.

 Trendy sundresses 2011

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 Marine style of

Vacation time is coming - you, too, feel it, and reviewing wardrobe anticipating a wonderful vacation? Then among your things exactly have a couple in a nautical theme - rather to get them, because in the coming beach season, it will be one of the most popular trends.

This style is experiencing is not the first the revival: to the peak of success, he often climbs because it is associated with leisure and related experiences. For every girl's trip to the sea shows a promising vacation, new acquaintances and pleasant emotions, of great experience away from urban dust, noise and bustle.

Relaxing holiday is complete without the sunny beaches and cozy outdoor cafes, shops and distinctive without good restaurants - going to visit each of these places, a real woman tends to emphasize its delicate taste and look perfect. To do this, and created clothes in marine style - it is always appropriate, as in a walk along the waterfront, and during a romantic date with a young man.

This is also presented in Milan the new collections of world famous designers, so reach for his cap and vest - in the coming beach season, they will be at a premium.

Modern marine style

 Marine style of photo

Of course, fashion is back - this is known even to people who do not particularly understand all of its laws. But with each turn, with each wave of success in fashion comes something new - it is constantly enriched and become classic elements are complemented with modern touches and nuances. To see this, just look at the characteristics of marine style clothes 2011 season: it contains a combination of both, well known to our mothers and grandmothers, and new developments.

But first things first: let's look at the "classics of the genre" - traditionally present elements.

  • Combinations of blue and white - it seems that the well-known "vest" is not never go out of style, and it's wonderful. In conjunction with the short shorts, they look very tempting - 50 years ago this outfit was provocative daring, today it is almost a classic.
  • No less popular is the combination of white with red, although it is mostly found in the lungs of dresses all in the same "sea" strip. Thus today a style of dress can be anything - before the fashion was quite free models, but what is now often choose tight.
  • Another classic element - white shoes: sneakers, ballet flats and even shoes that color, not just perfect to vest, they are also great stress tripping girl. However, a very popular and striped shoes, but in combination with a monochromatic clothing - along with white, blue or red dress, it looked unusual and elegant without exaggeration.
  • Naturally, you need to say a few words and flared trousers, which are well known to everyone - they have always been slim and long-legged choice of girls who want to emphasize their exquisite beauty. They have long been synonymous with style and the sea are always popular - these things should be in the wardrobe of every one of us.

And now let's look at the elements that are only now gaining popularity and to determine that the new they bring.

  • The upcoming beach season meet us brightness and saturation, recalling that the sea are not only blue, white and red colors of vests. As part of the style will be in harmony paint yellow sand, palm trees green, purple sunsets, colorful butterflies - romantic natures offer a wide scope for the imagination.
  • Stylish addition modernity began prints because they can decorate your favorite thing because, as you want it and at the same time to sustain the marine style in women's clothing. Damage pattern can be almost anything, from fish and ending with gulls: every girl gets the opportunity to be creative and to enrich your wardrobe really exclusive thing - hand-made is always appreciated, do not forget about it.
  • In 2011, great attention will be paid and hats, with a very unusual shape - they will take a worthy place alongside the already familiar his cap, baseball caps, and caps. The original model can be seen in the collections of many famous fashion designers - such headgear adds a touch of elegant austerity unusual and exciting in the image of resting girl.
  • Stylized trouser suits - that is very popular in summer: even on vacation businesswomen will look stressed strict and elegant, not forgetting the notes of a romantic mood. Design houses rely on this combination - Fashion Week in Milan is clearly shown.

Someone like a graceful composure and pedantic accuracy, while others prefer a full looseness and in some cases even lazy negligence - that is, in the coming season, all the girls will be able to enrich the wardrobe as they want, and do not keep up with fashion .

Time Freedom

 Marine style of 2011

Many fans of this direction attracts a variety of options and images. Having tried a forward skirt and snow-white blouse, highlighting the slender waist by a corset, tied a bandanna and complementing shape ornaments, she could easily turn into a passionate, and wayward pirates, who noticed even a blind man. A simple wearing striped dress and white sandals, wrapped in colorful coat with gold buttons, the fair sex appears as a gentle sailors, with bated breath waiting for the return of the beloved captain of the long voyage.

Boats, waves, islands, dolphins, starfish and sea gulls on blouses, sundresses, bags - did not complement the prints face resting girl? They add brightness and originality, talk about the wonderful combination of romance and looseness, freedom and faith in the fairy tale.

With today's popular seaside style in women's clothing is doubly convenient it wonderful compatibility with other directions and trends, its ease and unobtrusiveness. In many ways, therefore admirers can appear to us in different images: like the sea itself, is quiet and smooth, the restless and even raging, they do not get tired to amaze.

Charm of freedom and variability helps girls to win the hearts of men - this is one of the reasons why the vest, bell-bottoms and prints will enjoy great popularity in the coming beach season.

Attention to austerity

 trendy style of marine

Its advantages in this direction will find not only the lovers of bold and innovative solutions, but also fans of high fashion and fashion parties. They prefer stylized vest and a dress with a modern style all the same horizontal stripes. By the way, these items of clothing are perfectly combined with simple sneakers and a variety of bags, backpacks up to - the beach in the evening you will meet a girl dressed in a similar way.

A huge variety of stylized embroideries, prints and thematic applications in the coming season we will see T-shirts with tops - these things more clearly and fully felt the impact of the youth, which is good.

Those who prefer the warm Baltic countries, too, will be able to create your wardrobe with the help of marine style of clothing: a photo collection presented in Milan, tell them about a variety of long knitted wool dress and divergent straight from the waist combined with juicy and very short shorts. It is quite elegant and at the same time is very seductive option, which only emphasize the dignity of all women and men charm. There is another "win-win combination": already familiar striped top, combined with all the well-known bell-bottoms - you can feel free and comfortable to look stylish, modern, attractive and not afraid to freeze during cool climate of the Baltic Sea.

The designer will be pleased with us?

 Marine style in women's clothing

The last week of fashion in Milan, responded to this question, among the many collections presented were those who came close to the topic of recreation - they are what we want to draw the attention.

As always incomparable Coco Chanel design house: in summer they come to light dress light pink, white, gray and even black shades, decorated with themed prints, fur, lace, knits and transparent chiffon. The furore caused short shorts with a high waist and tiny jackets: looking at the marine style of 2011, can not help recalling the 60s - a decade of style and elegance . Coco Chanel Collection perfect elegant woman with good taste who appreciate things at the highest level.

Pleasantly surprised and design house Dior, emphasizing the 40s and the extraordinary popularity of the US Navy. Walking on the podium girls dressed in bermuda pants and striped sailor blouses, their graceful heads adorn cap and beret - a retro appearance attracts attention and can not but admire.

Fashion returns, tell us about it her legislators, successfully combining the classic with the contemporary, each giving you the freedom and continuing to shape the rules of good taste. Summer promises to be bright and original - it is possible to say with confidence, looking at the most sensational collection representing the maritime style of dress: photos of models Dior and Coco Chanel are the best proof of that - look at them, and we think you will admit.

 Marine style of

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