Trendy Skirts

Skirt - an indispensable element of a woman's wardrobe, which has always been a permanent attribute of the fairer sex, the maximum expression of the inner face of each of us. For the current year, leading designers have developed new models of fashionable skirts, intended for any season. We will hold a brief overview of these models.

Pencil skirt   - A skirt that can be worn in winter and summer. In addition to her perfect and warm sweaters, blouses and light. These skirts are included in the most fashion collections this year, emphasizing the strict and elegant style of women's business. They are made of tweed, wool, leather, denim, cotton, suiting fabrics, velvet. Pencil skirts worn with high heels. They perfectly combine strict blouses, jackets, turtlenecks and transparent, decorated with ruffles, blouses.

For office clothing options are the most suitable pencil skirts with high waist. Women can wear them with any type of shape - such skirt smooth curvy shape, and at length a little above the knee, they visually lengthen legs. This year is particularly relevant model with visible seams. Waist on skirts can emphasize a narrow strap.

Skirt balloon   - This is the trend of the current season's clothing. This skirt can be volumetric or slightly narrowed down. This year's fashionable short skirts balloons.

Mini skirts   in 2010 it is also very popular. They have a soft texture and a finish decorated with frills, flounces and ruff. Worn these skirts combined with blouses in a romantic style.

Maxi Skirts Effectively retain the heat, are more suitable for cooler seasons. They look excellent, but not always comfortable.

Almost all the world's leading designers have included in their fashion collections skirts   of any length. Particularly relevant short skirts, reminiscent of tutus.

Fashionable this season and the most advanced down skirt-year . The most fashionable skirts are high-angle expansion.

Very unusual and interesting to look fashionable nowadays skirt in a folk style . They are decorated with various elements of folk art.
As for the glamorous fashion trends, here in the height of fashion skirt from expensive fabrics - brocade, silk, velvet and others. These skirts are decorated with luxurious fur trim, rhinestones, feathers, jewels and may mimic expensive antique tapestries. These skirts are complemented by a belt in a contrasting color, made of patent leather. In addition, designers recommend to wear them with soft berets.

 Trendy Skirts


 Features selection of car seats for children

The choice of children's car seat - not such a simple task as it might seem at first glance. An important role it plays in the age of the child, but this is not the most important criterion. Children of the same age may be very different from each other by growth, weight, activity and so on. Therefore, when choosing seat must, first of all, to focus on these parameters.

In general, children's car seats are divided into five groups. First, the zero group is designed for children weighing less than ten kilos and age from birth to six months. This chair autocradle with the fastening system of automobile seat belts and the internal system designed to secure the child in the chair. These car seats can be used if the child is in the initial period of his life was in its infancy. And for children in the sliders more appropriate group 0+ car seats, designed to carry a child aged from birth to one year and up to thirteen kilograms.

This children's car seats with cup-shaped body. They are equipped with internal seat belts, designed for three or five attachment points. These seats, to reduce the load on the neck of the child during heavy braking of the car, set just upstream of its movement. Do not hurry to turn over the baby in the seat, designed for the older age group, even when he was able to sit well. Freer seat it would be necessary only if the child grew up, and his head began to be higher than the edge of the existing seat. And he took the chair of Group I.

Car Seat Group I - is child car seat for children aged one to four years and weighing from nine to eighteen kilograms. They focused on the already well seated children and equipped with internal safety belts for five attachment points. These belts are typically three levels of height adjustment, allowing to transfer a car seat in the sleeping position. Chairs of this group are used as long as the child is not the whiskey will be at the edge of the car seat. Then they are replaced by children's car seats Group II.

Chairs of this age group are designed for children aged three to seven years and weighing from fifteen to twenty-five kilograms. They have no internal seat belts and have a small range of adjusting the angle of the backrest. Car seat belt is tacked in these chairs over the shoulder of the child and through his thighs and upper legs. Guides governing the position of the belt is located in the headrest of the child seat or armrest. In these chairs can be transported to the children as long as their growth will not exceed one hundred and fifty centimeters.

For children taller than designed car seats Group III. It is very easy and comfortable seat without backrest with seat belt, belt guides which are located in the armrests.

On sale is a universal and children's car seats that combine several groups. For example, the model seat Concord Transformer T is designed so that it can also be used for children of various age, height and weight. This model is very convenient and economical, because it can be purchased once and do not spend money on the purchase of children's car seats.

Child car seats - the key to the maximum safety of the child in the car. So buy them not only reasonable, but also extremely important.

 Features selection of car seats for children


 Small-sized apartments - construction and design

All of us would love to live in spacious homes with well-organized space. However, lucky in this respect is not everything. Many have to live in small apartments a standard layout, that change for the better, at first glance, is quite difficult. But this is only at first glance. Construction of apartments spent using some proven, techniques, can greatly improve the quality of small-sized housing, making it more spacious. It is only necessary to organize the space and rooms in small apartments will become much more cozy and comfortable.

The first step is to get rid of unnecessary things and abandon lush decor in the form of velvet draperies, bright carpets, chandeliers and other heavy. They are only suitable for large premises. Tightness in the room and creates a cluster of small parts. Therefore, all the extra stuff in the apartment must be eliminated, after which it immediately free a lot of space. If some of the little things to throw a pity, and no place to put down, you can allocate space for dressing or isolate light drapery some corner and to put these things. The rest of the space to take only what is necessary and pleasing to the eye.

It is not necessary to overload the room large objects, which in small quantities - one or two things, no more, - are able to visually balance the small size of the rooms. If such things more, they will clutter the space, making it even less.

Good reception correct organization of space in small apartments, - changes in the functional purpose of the room. Thus, under the living room traditionally assign the largest room, and a bedroom and children - the youngest. However, this is not quite rational, because it turns out that the biggest area of ​​the apartment is almost never used. It is better to devote to the living room is the smallest room. A large room, for example, to place a small bedroom with dressing room and equipped in the corner of a home office.

Dressing in the apartment as a whole - in general a great option to save space. For small apartments it all is almost the only way to escape from narrowness. If they equip dressing, eliminating the need for bulky awkward cabinets, and therefore exempt several meters of space. Under the dressing room can accommodate an older compact furniture wall or rack.

Do not try to free up additional meters, getting rid of the closets, pantries and subsidiary premises. Without them in the pantry or closet will inevitably become one of the rooms. Crannies, cubbyhole, corridors, too, are suitable in small apartments, because they create a sense of a large property.

Do not install in small apartments housing cabinets. They may well replace dressers with not very deep drawers occupying much less space.

Apartment space can be used not only horizontally but also vertically, creating in it a few levels. For example, in narrow hallways or corridors can make a mezzanine, to which you can add up some things. In the corners of the small apartments is conveniently placed angular furniture and equipped kladovochku.

Design small bedroom is totally dependent on the imagination of its owners. For example, one can block the corner diagonally bed, and between it and the angle to arrange the cache. The diagonal layout is able to visually expand the space, so look so posed bed is excellent.

Optically increase space and homogeneous floor coverings, and the same color of the walls in adjacent rooms. Excellent effect of the expansion of space provide a mirror. To make a low ceiling seemed higher, it should be made lighter than the walls of the room. An important role in the expansion of the space small apartments plays and lighting. The best option in this case is the local lighting, creating a cozy and sex. If you still want to install ceiling light, it is best to choose a flat maximum approximate to the ceiling fixtures.

Curtains on the window in small apartments can not hang. Especially if these views a wonderful landscape. Without curtains, they will make the room bright and spacious, and everything outside the window, it will seem an extension of the room. And from the sun very well harbor blinds.

The most suitable variant of furniture for small houses - mobile and transformable racks, coffee tables, side tables, and more. They are easy to move and can perform several functions simultaneously.

Do not attempt to increase the space of the apartment by combining rooms, as instead of two, albeit small, but full of spaces can get one, not too spacious and uncomfortable. Retire to such a space can not be, and, as a result, in the time of His coming again something partition off.

In short, the design of small rooms may be such that they will seem spacious and comfortable. The choice of this design always remains with the owners of the home. Someone dreams of a bright airy space, and someone includes his house, keeping the family tradition. The main thing that this house was quiet, cozy and warm.

 Small-sized apartments - construction and design