Trendy hairstyles for short hair 2011

To create your individual image of a woman using not only beautiful clothes, trendy makeup and stylish hairstyle. It may be short hair or long hair most importantly, to complement the image of hair and in harmony with the overall style.

Short haircuts have undoubted advantages - hair dry faster, easier to fit and allow you to change the image most. And while making a short cut dare not every woman, but they look very feminine. Properly selected short hairstyle can transform a woman very much for the better - it can help to hide the flaws of the face and emphasize its appeal.

Trendy hairstyles for short hair 2011 - it's convenient, bold, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing . They expressed confidence in the women themselves, and they never go out of style. Even the most short hair every day can create a new trendy hairstyles. Short haircuts decorate perfectly round or oval female face. They can be recommended for women with a square face. Those who prefer haircuts on short hair can easily make your image coquetry and playfulness, femininity and sexuality.

The most fashionable this year is the haircut "a boy" with a minimum length of hair. It is usually placed in a tousled locks. Perfect and haircut "Bob" with a ragged fringe, parted and a small fuzzy negligence. Bob can be smooth or volume, classical or asymmetrical. Classic short "bob" with long hair to the ear is ideal for fashionistas, confident in his charm. Today stylists recommend short hair and women with curly hair. Naughty curls give hair volume, making a woman more pretty and sophisticated.

 Trendy hairstyles for short hair 2011 Photo

Short haircuts are ideal and owners of fine hair, because they make it easy to size and shape. It is possible to leave a long bangs, which can be variously fixed by styling products. Trendy hairstyles for short hair 2011 - photo attached, no doubt, will be "square." It is also suitable and women with curly hair. The only thing that the square styling takes a little time, because it will be necessary to straighten the hair.

 Trendy hairstyles for short hair photos

Kare may be asymmetrical with long hair - on the one hand shearing line extends at chin level, and the other at the cut ends of the ear. Bang in this case almost comes to eyebrows. Another option bob haircut asymmetry can be oblique fringe.

Selecting a short haircut, depending on the type of person

But when choosing a hairstyle should not forget that it must come to a certain type of person. For the trendy hairstyles for short hair - Photos offers a number of options will be a perfect oval face shape. However, for women with a round, square or rectangular shape of the face can be corrected shearing person giving the desired proportions using strands of different lengths, asymmetries, and the like. Women and girls with a round face fit versions with volume on top, allowing visually lengthen the face. This effect creates a short haircut cascade. A good choice is the classic bob, bob, reaching the cheekbone. Most stylists specifically left flowing on the cheeks strands, creating a fuzzy outline of the face. Asymmetrical haircuts elements as well distract attention from the rounded shapes.

 women Trendy hairstyles for short hair 2011

Haircuts for round face type

Choosing Trendy hairstyles for short hair - a photo, which is attached below, women with a square face should be borne in mind that the best option for them would be cascading and multi-layered hairstyles, creating volume in the top of the head. Thus, a person visually stretches. Perfect and short hairstyles with curls around her face. The stylish asymmetrical haircuts will also help to hide some flaws. But in any case it is impossible to use direct and long bangs or completely combed back hair. Good will look skew partings, half-open ears and slightly wavy hair.

 Trendy hairstyles for short hair 2011 hairstyles photo

Haircuts for square face type

For women and girls, with a triangular type of person would be the ideal option haircuts with a trapezoid shape, and it is the widest part should be at the level of earlobes or pass through the center of the ear. If short hair is made in the form of a square, it is desirable to twist the ends of hair out. For a triangular face perfectly wavy bob or bob with thick fringe.

 Modern Trendy hairstyles for short hair photos

Haircuts for triangular type of person

Women with a rectangular type of person recommended a thick bangs to her eyebrows, ears and covered with wavy hair. Bangs can be a straight line, ragged and asymmetric. You can use it to shorten the face and give the image of lightness. Perfect cascading haircut with a big part on the eyebrows and converging to "no" in the mouth. This type of hairstyle will help smooth the rectangular shape of the face, visual form oval. Too short haircuts are contraindicated.

 Trendy hairstyles for short hair 2011

Hairstyles for a rectangular face type

For Trendy hairstyles for short hair 2011 can pick up such accessories that will always look stylish in any environment. The special style of short haircut will give hairpins, decorative combs, headbands, small hats. Today, these haircuts and hairstyles are helping women to change how by magic - it can be a way of tender and passionate, fragile and strong, rigorous and refined woman. Short haircuts are recognized and one of the manifestations of the sexual female image. With their help, she will emphasize the beautiful neck, chiseled profile, the ideal shape of the head.

Trendy hairstyles for short hair 2011 - photo attached, allow at any time to look well-groomed and stylish, as are required for creating hairstyles in minutes. An excellent option would be short hairstyles for women's business, set itself the aim of career growth. Graded short haircuts, asymmetrical elements, different bangs will help to look young and beautiful all day long.

If a woman has never made a short cut, then it is best to consult a hair stylist, who will choose the ideal is for its type of person.

 Trendy hairstyles for short hair 2011

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 the normal level of testosterone in women


  • Why women testosterone?
  • Excess testosterone
  • Normalization of testosterone levels

The hormone testosterone in women is produced in the ovaries and ensures the regulation of fat and muscle tissue, as well as libido.

According to research by experts, the level of testosterone in women may be different, depending on age.

The girls who have not reached puberty, the blood contains about 10 nanograms per deciliter of blood - a rather low figure for women of childbearing age. At the same time after the first month, this figure rises to 70 ng / dL. It is noteworthy that at the first signs of menopause testosterone levels in women increased. Pregnancy also strongly affects the testosterone levels in the blood: the concentration of the hormone could increase by 4 times! What explains such fluctuations? The fact that testosterone is an essential hormone female reproductive system.

 MRI to determine the level of testosterone
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Why women testosterone?

Thanks to testosterone is the development of follicles in the ovaries, the hormone is involved in the formation of the skeleton, regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, affects sexual arousal and even improves the mood of girls.

Quality muscle mass, too, depends on it. Low levels of the hormone causes the muscles are depleted, the body becomes flabby, and the volume increased due to the formation of fat in the body. If the hormone is normal, optimal metabolism, and exercise and proper nutrition will lead to the formation of beautiful and elastic muscle, not fat.

Bone health depends largely on the level of testosterone. At the same time the female hormone - estrogen - a protective function, prevents damage and broken bones, and testosterone in women affects the skeletal structure, strengthening it. For this reason, it is the prevention of osteoporosis. This disease is in most cases overtaken women in menopause, when their bodies lose the lion's share of testosterone and estrogen. It should maintain the level of these hormones in normal bone tissue to maintain strong and healthy.

Testosterone - a hormone good mood. This hormone allows the girl to feel cheerful cheerful, fight fatigue, fatigue. Even at regular intake of vitamins, good nutrition and good rest girl may feel weak and lethargic - it is possible the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. It is possible that this condition is caused by a shortage of testosterone in the body, so it is necessary to increase.

The work is not possible without sexual receptors of this hormone. That it activates sexual attraction by acting on certain areas of the brain. It also allows to improve his property brain activity as a whole, and also to prevent depression and distraction. The girls, who are constantly in a bad mood, feel insecure, you should check the concentration of the hormone in the blood.

Adjust levels in the body is possible by hormonal drugs. However, you must first pass the relevant tests and consult a qualified medical specialist, who tells in detail about the norms of hormones.

 a manifestation of the increased testosterone in the female body
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Excess testosterone

Despite all of the unique positive properties of testosterone for women, an excess of the hormone can lead to even more unpleasant consequences, rather than a deficit. External symptoms improve its women are masculine signs: increased hairiness of the skin, the absence of a pronounced waist and hips. There is excessive greasiness of the skin, the appearance of acne. Many women fail to notice the menstrual cycle, if not the absence of menstruation, which may also be a sign of increased testosterone.

Hair can fall out, and in the chest and abdomen fat is deposited. This woman may suffer from insomnia, unreasonable mood swings, pain in the lumbar region and ovaries. To confirm or deny his suspicions about the high level of this hormone helps blood. The normal ranges of testosterone in women under 0, 45 3, 75 nmol / l. This rate may vary depending on the age of women during pregnancy and menopause. Excess testosterone in women may indicate disease of the reproductive system: polycystic ovarian tumor in the adrenal glands and others. Help diagnose the disease more research: ultrasound, MRI, etc.

Factors contributing to the increase of testosterone in women can be hormonal drugs, chemical additives. The reasons for this phenomenon are: genetic predisposition, prolonged use of specific drugs, poor nutrition, diseases of the endocrine system, hormone levels leading to a deviation from the norm.

Increased male hormones in women can not be ignored in order to avoid further health complications. Hormone excess leads to dysfunction of the ovaries, provoking failures during the menstrual cycle. The lack of timely control over the rate of testosterone may lead to the development of diabetes in the elderly, and other serious diseases. Violation of ovulation, is inextricably linked with the activity of the ovaries can lead to infertility and recurrent miscarriage. With increased testosterone in women due to a malfunction of the pituitary gland may develop obesity.

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Normalization of testosterone levels

Unfortunately, increased testosterone in women today is considered one of the most frequent pathologies of the endocrine system. However, early detection and treatment of diseases minimize the unpleasant consequences of this imbalance of hormones and bring it to normal. Qualified endocrinologist select appropriate treatment through the use of anti-androgen drugs.

A woman can take measures to facilitate the bringing to normal hormonal levels as a whole. Should adjust the power to give preference Dietary and organic foods, avoid alcohol, and bad habits. Then increased testosterone in women may be adjusted.

 Testosterone in women