causes of plantar warts in children


  • Causes of plantar warts
  • Features plantar warts
  • Methods of removing plantar warts

Basically the children observed a weakened immune system, and that is why the child is easily susceptible to various infectious diseases. Evidence of this are plantar warts in children who also belong to the viral disease. To the main causative agents of warts include certain types of HPV, or human papilloma virus.

Known types of warts:

  1. simple;
  2. flat or juvenile;
  3. pointed;
  4. Plantar.

The share of plantar warts accounting for about 34% of all known that infect humans. They look like a single, sometimes multiple flat formation on the skin. The place of localization of such tumors are the soles of the feet and palms of hands. Therefore, they are often called hand-foot. These warts are characterized by deep penetration in human skin tissue, so they are difficult to treat.

Externally similar to plantar warts are small growths on the feet. The child can be diagnosed, the disease is relatively easy. Around the rough and dead skin area on foot is clearly different kind of ring. In some cases, in the heart of the build-up there are small black dots - is a drop of dried blood.

Some plantar warts can be covered with a kind of grooves or buds that resemble raspberries and cauliflower. If the disease is run, these buds greatly increase in size and become a dirty gray color, becomes like a large plaque.

The most common plantar warts occur in children, but they affect adults of any age. Misperception that this type of wart suffer careless people who do not observe hygiene. Precipitating factors that create a favorable environment for the emergence and development of plantar warts, a lot.

 Treatment of warts with nitrogen
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Causes of plantar warts

  • damage to the skin on the legs and feet;
  • dry skin on the feet or, conversely, excessive sweating;
  • wearing tight uncomfortable shoes;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • varices;
  • diabetes;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • flat feet;
  • Activity HPV.

The most dangerous of all these factors is considered to be the human papilloma virus, because his lead until the end of the body is very hard, almost impossible. To catch these warts can be in the pool, in the bath, and when wearing someone else's shoes. Therefore, when visiting public places recommended to follow certain rules of personal hygiene and not to wear someone else's shoes.
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Features plantar warts

This type of tumors is not always painless. Most often, they bring the child some discomfort when walking and even pain. This happens due to the fact that they appear in a place that is constantly exposed to friction, pressure, and a certain load. Especially painful warts on the balls of the metatarsal and heel. Even flat warts do not cause as many problems as plantar.

Ways of removing these tumors, there are several. But the best way - one that will recommend attending physician. Experts advise warts appeared to provoke the emergence of new on the feet of children, immediately remove. Although there are other more lenient treatment of this disease.

 Treatment of warts ointment
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Methods of removing plantar warts

  1. surgical removal;
  2. removing with the electric current;
  3. removing with a laser;
  4. Treatment nitrogen;
  5. treatment based ointments;
  6. Treatment of folk remedies.
  • Radical methods of treatment:

Surgery does not always lead to the desired result. In particular, it concerns the removal of plantar warts, whose roots are deep in the skin layers, thus it is impossible to remove them completely. More effective removal of growths with an electric or laser coagulation. After such removal methods scars may remain, even though their presence in the area of ​​the foot is not so important.

To remove the build-up of plantar recommended cryotherapy treatment or low temperatures.

In this way, the warts are frozen, but in several sessions. This therapy is almost painless, and scarring on the feet after falling off the build-up remains. Therefore, cryotherapy today enjoys a certain success.

Parents should remember that children are very sensitive to any pain. Initially, therefore, it is desirable to consider how it might affect the psyche of the baby. Often, after the treatment of the child is an indentation or a scar, and he may be tempted to pick open it. And such actions on the part of the child can lead to infection.

  • Treatment with ointments:

Treatment of medical ointments plantar warts in children requires a long time, but this method is most suitable for kids and gentle. In most cases, selecting the way of treatment, therapy performed by using ointments, based attaching salicylic acid. Here the most important thing - to choose the right cream.

The solution to this problem is well proven ointment "Imikvinod", the effect of which is incorporated in the stimulation of the immune system of the child. With this product for boosting the immune system produces proteins that destroy the human papilloma virus. But the tool requires careful use, because it has side effects, both general and local character.

The best thing parents are advised to apply the ointment directly to the wart itself. Result treatment will be noticeable immediately, the first signs of improvement may occur after 2 weeks. Doctors recommend to use the same ointment for 2 months ahead. Otherwise, you want to pick up the ointment or other treatment option.

  • Folk remedies:

Traditional recipes, which are based on well-known medicinal plants and herbs are quite safe. And those who are not known for their application and operation, it is better not to use. It is strictly forbidden to carry out the thermal effect on the tumor, so as not to provoke a complication.

For the treatment of plantar warts by folk methods are widely used leaves of Kalanchoe that prior to use, wash, and then attach to the sore spot, securing the bandage. This bandage needs to be changed daily. You can also make a poultice of garlic finely chopped, mixed with lard. The resulting ointment will have good wet bandage and fix it on the foot. Fold change every day.

Good feedback is a simple and effective way, as a simple rubbing warts juice of celandine. This should be done in a day several times. Such treatment does not cause the baby any pain and does not require dressings. You can use either fresh juice of celandine and harvested for the winter. But what would be the treatment of plantar warts parents choose their child, it is highly recommended before starting therapy consult a doctor.

 Treatment of plantar warts in a child

 the causes of yeast infection in children


  • The causes of the disease and the consequences
  • In what form the disease is manifested?
  • Appointment of medicines
  • Folk remedies
  • Preventive measures

Women do not need to tell the audience the details of this unpleasant disease, as thrush. But there is a lot of questions when such disease that is considered to be characteristic exclusively for adults, found the child. In this case, the lesion is usually localized to the mucosal surface of the oral cavity.
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The causes of the disease and the consequences

Candidiasis (the scientific name of the disease) refers to fungal diseases and requires special treatment. It is considered a fungus pathogen genus Candida, which is present in small quantities in each organism. But inflammation develops only under the influence of certain factors that have a detrimental effect on the microflora of the mucous. The most common reasons for the emergence of thrush are antibiotics and decreased immunity.

Due to underdeveloped immune body's resistance to viruses and bacteria candidiasis occurs in infants.

Most pick up a disease from the mother during childbirth. In this case, it does not matter as they were: the natural way or by means of surgical intervention (cesarean section). Neglecting personal hyena baby badly washed and sterilized pacifiers and bottles - a direct path to his infection.

Candidiasis can get sick and children after a year of life. The cause of their illness usually become antibiotics that simultaneously with the destruction of pathogenic bacteria destroy useful, and various types of hormonal preparations. Frequent illness and decreased immunity supplement and accelerate the development of thrush.

The oral cavity - a place where most often localized candidiasis. But it can occur, and the diaper, which are often formed diaper rash. If you do not start early treatment, the disease will grow into a chronic form. As a result, it will serve as the backdrop for allergy and various inflammatory processes.

A belated visit to the doctor, late diagnosis and incorrect treatment regimen chosen system contribute to exacerbations of the disease. As a result, this will lead to the defeat of the internal organs of the child. There are cases when a fungal disease has led to blood poisoning.

The hardest part has to premature babies with weight shortfalls that have lowered immunity due to immaturity. The development of these candidiasis can lead to serious complications and death. As for infanticide, for them thrush in the vagina often cause adhesions (splicing of the labia).

 Diagnosis of the disease
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In what form the disease is manifested?

Thrush in the mouth can be recognized by the white fly in the sky such as curd, gums and tongue, which can be mistaken for the remains of the mixture for feeding or breast milk. But if you remove the stain, you can see underneath the surface of the inflamed mucosa red. This type of disease is called thrush. It can be severe, moderate and mild forms.

In mild, except the presence of the white plaque in the mouth, there are no symptoms. A general condition of the patient does not change, the kid feels well, it is active and eats well. To cure this form of candidiasis is quite simple. And subject to doctor's appointments are all symptoms disappear within a week.

Moderate disease can be accompanied by raising the temperature to 37-37, 5 ° C. The child begins to refuse food, it becomes restless and moody. When removing the white plaque in the mouth from the wound acts as blood. This form of stomatitis requires complex treatment. Doctor addition assigns oral antifungals for ingestion. The kid feels healthy after 2 weeks.

In severe candidiasis temperature may rise to the level of 38 ° C. The child is difficult to eat, he was constantly crying and complaining of pain. The raid on the mucosa is more like a continuous film that covers the entire mouth, moving to the throat. To cope with the thrush, you will need more than two or three weeks.

With the defeat of the fungus skin disease called candidiasis dermatitis. Its main localization: inguinal folds, buttocks, neck, arms and legs. Breeding contributes to moist environment of high temperature, which is formed by the diaper. The resulting rash can look like moist spots or small pimples with a white tip. Regardless of this, they cause pain and discomfort to the child.

The manifestation of the disease in children older than one year is considered a sign of reduced immunity. Plaque usually appears on the mucosa in the mouth, but if the child has a habit of sucking her fingers, symptoms may occur on the skin around the nail plate.

 treatment of thrush in children
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Appointment of medicines

Drugs that can get rid of thrush, a lot, but more common are:

  • Nystatin;
  • Candide;
  • miramistin.

Nystatin. Doctors often prescribe it to treat the drug. Its release in the form of tablets, ointments or suppositories. Nystatin main feature is that the fungi of the genus Candida extremely slowly adapt to it. Write out the drug under the threat of severe thrush. This refers to premature and newborn babies suffering from advanced forms of candidiasis. The ointment should be applied 2 times a day to the affected areas, and to use pills, following doctor's orders and instructions. The course of treatment is about 2 weeks.

Candide. The preparation according to the principle of action is similar to the previous one. It is administered as a solution. Kids should wipe the oral mucosa with a cotton swab dipped in medicine. The procedure is repeated several times a day for about 10 days.

Miramistin. The drug has a broad spectrum of action and can be used as a remedy for thrush. It is produced in the form of solution and ointments. Typically, lubricate the affected areas using a piece of gauze moistened with a solution. As a rule, administered in combination with anti-fungal medications.

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Folk remedies

The most common treatment for candidiasis is rinsing the mouth with soda. To prepare the solution you need a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of warm boiled water. Infants can wipe your mouth this lineup. Procedures performed at intervals of 2-3 hours.

Coping with thrush help flax seeds with honey. To prepare the seeds (1 hr. L.) Is poured boiling water (100 ml), insist about an hour, followed by addition of honey. Means lubricate the mucous membrane several times a day.

You can wipe the raid and tincture of calendula flowers. For the preparation of dry flowers (1 tbsp. L.) Pour boiling water (100 ml). Insist, wrapped container per hour.

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Preventive measures

Preventive maintenance will help to prevent the development of thrush. To this end, future mums should prepare for childbirth and cure candidiasis. This will minimize the risk of a newborn baby. In the future, we should take seriously the rules of hygiene: to monitor the cleanliness of clothes, bottles and teats.

Breastfeeding increases the child's immune system, normalizes the intestine and reduces the likelihood of the risk of fungal diseases. It is also important to monitor the hygiene of the breast, monitor the condition of the nipples. It is also often necessary to change diapers and hold the baby air baths, to prevent the development of yeast in a moist and warm environment.

 How to cure candidiasis in children?