periodontal disease treatment

Of course, everyone would like to have not only good looks, beautiful figure, but charming smile. How nice to look at someone who smiles charmingly, not knits his eyebrows discontent. Smiling man want to answer the same kind and sweet smile.

But unfortunately, not everyone can afford to smile, as they say, in a mouthful. And the reason for this - the poor condition of the teeth.

Today we talk about periodontal disease, sluggish disease, which gradually destroys the tissue around the tooth. And this process leads to a lowering of the gums and expose the necks of the teeth, but the teeth are well documented.

So, consider the features that characterize the disease itself:

  • a small amount of dental plaque;
  • itching in the gums.
  • the neck of the tooth is slightly exposed.
  • Breath is minimal.
  • in severe periodontal disease is a violation of loose teeth, since the roots are exposed by ½ and more. But there is no purulent discharge and gums, bleeding and inflammation of the gums is not observed.

Until now, medicine can not say for sure the cause of the disease, but what a huge role in this is played by heredity and a number of diseases that contribute to the beginning of periodontal disease - that's a fact! Diabetes, disorders of the endocrine glands, diseases of the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract, as well as some of the chronic diseases of internal organs - this is the first cause of periodontal disease.

The initial stage of periodontal disease is going on inside, under the gum. Inflammation destroys bone, gums gradually become thin and fragile, and because it would settle or sink. At the root of the tooth is exposed, so there is increased tooth sensitivity to temperature changes. Erosion of tooth enamel is also visible, as it changed color.

And if you do not respond to these signs, then, eventually, you can lose one or more teeth.

In order not to put in our lives diagnosis - "periodontal disease", should be:

  • oral hygiene;
  • quit smoking;
  • excessive consumption of coffee;
  • pay attention to your diet.

Prevention of periodontal disease is thought out food, which should include more fresh fruits and vegetables. In the diet, it is desirable to introduce as little as possible of sweets, but fruits and vegetables eat more often, especially those that are both clean and massage gums, such as carrots, apples, mangoes, etc.

Gymnastics for teeth is a good preventive measure to strengthen the gums and the teeth themselves:

  • tear off a sprig of fir and nibble on her (at first very cautiously) two weeks, every day;
  • holding a sprig of fir front teeth, jaw movements do alternately - forward backward, right and left. Exercise perform three weeks;
  • firmly holding one side of the branch in his mouth, the other - in the hand and pull his teeth, as if trying to tear off part of the branch.

"What gives us this gym? "- You ask. And the answer is very simple: biting needles, the juice is released, which actively penetrate into the blood and, in particular, into the tissue of the tooth. Its healing ingredients provide therapeutic and preventive effect. During razzhёvyvaniya conifer branches, jaw muscles tighten, thereby creating a flow of blood to the salivary glands, gums and teeth.

 Treatment of periodontitis

The Healing Power of Plants

Juice plants - yarrow, rub the gums to strengthen them and prevent and treatment of periodontal disease occurs, if it already exists. It is important to know what it tastes very bitter, with a strong smell of wormwood.

Also for prevention of periodontal disease and to strengthen the teeth can be prepared from a mixture of 30 g of dry roots calamus, Gulf of 0, 5 liters vodka and other utensils simultaneously prepare infusion of 30 g of propolis and 0, 5 liters of vodka. Within two weeks, the two components are infused separately, then filtered, and applied according to the principle: 1 teaspoon of tincture of propolis mixed with 2 teaspoons of tincture of sweet flag. Rinsing of the tincture for a few minutes a day. This tool has the ability to not only strengthen the gums and teeth, but also the cure for periodontal disease.

But if, nevertheless, came in a dental office, you will hear from the doctor that you have periodontal disease - treatment to delay is undesirable because it can lead to unpleasant consequences.

In this situation, you can come to the aid of recipes of traditional medicine. Consider a few of these simple and useful tips.

  • 20 g of honey, 10 g of salt, even better if the salt pre-calcined in a skillet. Stir until dissolved, put in a small portion of the gauze, rubbing it means in the gums;
  • High-quality brandy to warm to room temperature and rinse their mouths twice a day. Of course, that such a procedure is not very pleasant, but help in the treatment of periodontal disease is noticeable;
  • Rinse gums (to strengthen them) decoction of oak bark;

For the removal and treatment of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity and apply successfully used this herb is Salvia officinalis. And the effectiveness of this recipe is amazing. Connect: 3 parts Potentilla goose and toadflax, part 2 - woodlice and sage, 1 part - St. John's wort, and horsetail. Carefully grind and mix. Take 2 tablespoons prepared for brewing collection, pour boiling water (1, 5 cups), wraps and insist 1, 5-2 hours. After this filter. Warm broth type in your mouth and hold from 5-15 minutes, then repeat the so-called bath, again. If time allows, it is desirable to do this procedure 2-3 times a day for 20-40 minutes each time. The course of treatment - a month after a two-week vacation to make repeated again.

Treatment of periodontal disease by traditional methods are: removal of tartar, cleaning gum pockets (at the advanced stage of the disease) and the appointment of a course of oral (taken orally) antibiotics, having directed action against the bacteria that cause periodontal disease can. Also apply the paste and high rinsing antiinflammatory action such as "Stomatidin" "Polimineral" et al.

You will agree that the treatment of periodontal disease at home with severe form of the disease will not bring success. So as soon as you feel the warning signs in the mouth that are described in this article - immediately, without delay, go to the dentist. Periodontal disease is diagnosed by X-rays, and there is no particular difficulty to identify the disease. Only a specialist can diagnose and help answer questions about your health. Stay healthy, so - happy!

 Treatment of periodontitis

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 diabetes symptoms

Diabetes in recent years spread at an alarming rate. According to doctors - endocrinologists, today diabetics are ill for more than one hundred million people in the world. And each year this figure is growing inexorably. And diabetes spares no one - neither young nor pregnant women or even children.

The name diabetes is a disease in which the level of blood sugar too high. There is increasing due to the fact that the work of the pancreas for some reason disturbed and, consequently, reduced, or even completely cease production of the hormone insulin, which is responsible for normal blood sugar. There diabetes due to failure of functioning of the endocrine system.

If not enough insulin or the liver or muscle man is not capable of the same volume to convert sugar, which enters the body with food, into glycogen. A tissue of internal organs, in turn, oxidized sugar and use it as an energy source.

Modern medicine divides diabetes into two subspecies:

  • Diabetes first type.

With this form of diabetes the pancreas loses the ability to produce enough insulin.

  • Diabetes Type II diabetes.

In this form of diabetes the pancreas produces enough insulin, but the liver and tissues lose their ability to absorb and process sugar.

Of course, anyone who has heard from the doctor that he had diabetes, the causes will be interested in is not the last. In fact, the causes of which are able to trigger the development of diseases, quite a lot. Therefore, only the physician is able to more or less accurately imagine what it was caused by the development of diabetes in each specific case. However, on the first place the following triggers:

  • Genetic predisposition.

As a rule, if the diabetes sick father or mother, the risk of disease in the child is about 30% if both parents are sick - the risk rises to 50%. And no prevention of diabetes will not help here. If you suffer from this disease more distant relatives - grandparents, uncles and aunts, the risk that the child will overtake diabetes, equal to about 5%.

  • Obesity.

As a rule, very often people with diabetes suffer from obesity. It can be assumed that obesity is also a precipitating factor, but it is often a consequence of diabetes.

  • Viral infections.

Common viral infection can sometimes lead to the most unpredictable complications, including the development of diabetes.

  • Nervous stress.

Despite the fact that diabetes is not a deadly disease, he gives the sick person a lot of problems. Once appeared, diabetes mellitus in most cases becomes, though unwelcome, but the faithful companion of man on the rest of his life.

Symptoms of diabetes

A feature of diabetes is the fact that its symptoms often do not appear immediately. The disease can be a very long time in the body of the sick person in a so-called "dormant" state in no way betraying their presence. Often, a person learns about the disease, quite unexpectedly, to see a doctor about any other disease. For example, people go to a doctor, eye doctor, who, after examination of the fundus may suspect the presence of a diabetes patient.

Modern medicine knows two kinds of diabetes, symptoms and effects of which also vary. However, given that the disease is still the same, common symptoms are also quite a lot. Diabetes has the following features:

  • Extreme thirst.

As a rule, a constant feeling of thirst occurs in all cases of diabetes. Most often, this symptom appears one of the first. But do not forget that thirst can be caused by a number of other diseases, so the physician in the diagnosis will not rely solely on this symptom.

  • Frequent urination.

For both forms of diabetes mellitus is characterized by symptoms such as frequent urination. However, again, it should be recalled that frequent urination may signal other diseases, such as malfunction of the urinary system.

  • Significant weight loss with increased appetite.

If a person wants to eat constantly, but its weight is reduced without reason, as it makes sense to guard and pass inspection, allowing to identify the presence of diabetes.

  • Fatigue.

The emergence of chronic fatigue syndrome, drowsiness - all of these symptoms accompanied by a huge number of different diseases. And diabetes is no exception to this rule.

  • Blurred vision.

Many people with diabetes complain of such things as a clear picture, the white "veil" in front of his eyes.

  • Problems with potency.

Men - the emergence of problems with the sexual life - impairment or complete disappearance of erection. By the way, the signs of diabetes in women include the phenomenon of excessive dryness of mucous membranes of the vagina.

  • Violation of the normal process of blood circulation in the limbs.

Numbness and tingling in the hands and feet of the sick person, the appearance of cramps in the calf muscles - is an occasion to take a blood test to determine the level of sugar content.

  • Reduced ability to regenerate tissues

Any damage to the skin, even a simple scratch, heal and very very long time. Often there are oozing wounds, and even ulcers.

  • Low body temperature.

As a rule, people with diabetes, the body temperature is lowered and the ranges of 35, 5 - 36 degrees.

The degree of severity of a particular symptom depends on the individual characteristics of each individual patient's rights. Someone you have all the above symptoms, and expressed clearly enough. And some people have almost all the symptoms of a highly lubricated, or even non-existent. In addition to the individual characteristics of the organism to the severity of the symptoms of diabetes affects the stage of the disease - the more disturbed the normal secretion of insulin, the stronger the symptoms.

Seeking medical help

In case you notice yourself or your loved ones, two or more of the above symptoms, try as quickly as possible, seek medical help from a doctor - an endocrinologist or, in his absence, to the therapist. Only a doctor will be able to reliably determine whether a person has diabetes. Because diabetes can produce symptoms and are not typical.

Diagnosis of the disease today is not absolutely no difficulty. Doctor visual inspection of the sick person, listen to his complaint, and then appoint some research:

  • Laboratory examination of blood.

The aim of this study is to determine the level of sugar in the blood of the sick person. Blood analysis is made strictly on an empty stomach, so in any case, do not eat breakfast before going to the clinic.

  • Laboratory examination of urine.

This study is performed with the same goal - to determine the presence of sugar in urine.
Based on all the data the doctor will assess the state of the sick person and accurately determine whether the ailments related to his diabetes. Of course, anyone who has heard from the doctor that he was sick with diabetes, panic, not knowing how to live on. However, the panic - the worst ally in the struggle for diabetes. First of all calm down and remember that diabetes today is not a sentence, although, of course, and greatly complicate the life of the sick person.

Treatment of diabetes

Treatment of the disease should begin immediately as soon as the patient is a person learns about the disease. Unfortunately, he will have to accept the fact that today is completely impossible to cure diabetes. Diabetes now become not just a disease, but a real way of life. Besides the fact that the sick person must radically change their lifestyle and eating habits, diet and daily routine, it is for life comes under regular medical supervision. And in some cases, the sick person should rest of your life to inject insulin.

Of course, do not despair, as doctors try to do everything possible to facilitate as much as possible the life of a person suffering from diabetes. In addition, modern medicine, too, does not stand still - are regularly conducted research of the problem of diabetes. It is quite possible that very soon scientists will be able to find a treatment that will help to get rid of diabetes once and for all.

Those treatments for diabetes, which offers modern medicine today, first of all it is based on the introduction into the body of the sick person and saharozamenyayuschih insulin preparations.

This article will not be called drugs for the treatment of diabetes, as all pharmacological agents, the treatment regimen and the dosage must choose a doctor - an endocrinologist. Any regimen chosen strictly individually, taking into account the characteristics of the disease, evidence of blood and urine, weight and age of the sick person. Self-medication in diabetes poses a real threat not only to the state of health of the sick person, but even his life.

Therapeutic diet in diabetes

Needless to say, that diabetes affects the whole life of the sick person, but primarily on its diet. The slightest violation of the menu with diabetes - and the deterioration of the state will not hesitate to remind myself. First and foremost, the motto of all people with diabetes - "Life without sugar! ".

The official medicine, there are certain types of therapeutic diets, each of which is designed for people with a certain group of diseases. All diets have numerals. That diet is prescribed to people with diabetes has been on the list at number nine. Of course, the diet may be slightly different in different sources, but the principle of it remains unchanged - about it you will learn a little lower.

The objective purpose of this diet is to bring back to normal carbohydrate metabolism, as well as early warning of possible resulting in diabetes fat metabolism disorders. Another challenge facing the medical diet - the definition of the amount of carbohydrates that the body is able to absorb each person with diabetes.

The sick person should eat fractionally: food must be taken in small portions, but after a short period of time. It is unacceptable situation where the person with diabetes experiencing hunger - skip meal times can turn into big trouble for him. If you have diabetes, nutrition is very important for you.

For consumption is recommended about the following diet:

  • First meal.

All soups must be low-fat - do not boil them on pork, it makes more sense to prefer beef, chicken or rabbit meat, which contain much less fat. Also very useful mushroom broth with vegetables, but be very careful to avoid food poisoning inedible mushrooms. Use the broth for cooking mushrooms, which are sold in any supermarket.

  • Main courses.

As a second course in diabetes can use oatmeal cereals such as: barley, barley, buckwheat, wheat, oat. It is also very useful to a human patient wheat bran, filled with milk. Also in diabetes can be the following products: low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat and unsalted cheese, vegetable oil and butter, add to the dish.

  • Vegetables.

People suffering from diabetes, doctors are allowed to eat vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, pumpkin, zucchini, cabbage, eggplant. All these fruits contain less than 5%, so they will not have the body of the sick person is no negative impact.

  • Fruits diabetes.

From fruits are people with diabetes can eat figs, raisins, bananas, grapes, figs. No other fruit has no worth, because they contain too much fructose, which can cause the deterioration of the health of the sick person.

  • Drinks.

Because doctors are allowed to drink coffee with milk, tea - of course, without sugar, milk and any unsweetened dairy products, juices from fruits and vegetables allowed, strictly without added sugar, broth hips and mineral water.

 diabetes symptoms

Strictly forbidden foods

There is a range of products that are strictly contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes. Prohibited products in diabetes mellitus:

  • Meats, especially smoked.
  • Any canned.
  • Oil-rich fish.
  • Fish roe.

Furthermore, from the diet is necessary to completely eliminate any fat - both plant and animal, mayonnaise, margarine, sour cream. Sharp and salty foods to eat and not worth it - salted and pickled vegetables, mustard, pepper, horseradish.

Sample menu for people with diabetes

At first glance it may seem that the diet in diabetes is very strict, the diet is very meager and monotonous. However, in reality this is not so. With a certain fantasy and desire, the menu can be quite varied. Below is an example of the possible menu for one day, perhaps, he will serve as a source of inspiration for you:

  • The first meal - low-fat cottage cheese, milk.
  • The second meal - buckwheat porridge with vegetable oil.
  • Third meal - soup with beef, cooked in vegetable oil.
  • The fourth meal - a banana.
  • Fifth meal - steak and vegetables boiled fish, tea with sweetener.
  • Six meals - one glass of kefir.

Perhaps the first time a sick person will experience some difficulties in complying with such a diet, but over time it will cease to weigh it as an integral part of life. After diabetes - it is one of the few diseases in which life depends on the diet of the sick person.

Traditional methods of treatment of diabetes mellitus

People with diabetes, clinging to any method to improve their health. And many do it with the help of proper treatment, diet and all recommendations of your doctor. However, there is another way to alleviate the disease - some recipes of traditional medicine. It is about them and will be discussed below. However, before we talk about them, it should be recalled - diabetes treatment folk remedies should not replace traditional treatment. If you have diabetes, herbal therapy can be a great addition to the basic treatment.

And another very important point - if you want to use non-traditional methods of treatment of diabetes, be sure to tell them your doctor and get his consent. After all, the main goal of treatment - to achieve improvement, and to prevent deterioration. So, traditional medicine - the treatment of diabetes:

  • Berries black chokeberry.

Berries black chokeberry is extremely useful for people with diabetes, because they contain a huge amount of sorbitol, the most favorable impact on the patient's body. It is best to cook the berries as follows: thoroughly rinse berries, put them in a pan, lightly mash with a fork. Then pour boiling water per one part berries four parts water. The pot should be tightly cover and let the berries to infuse for 5 hours. The resulting infusion of a sick person should drink during the day, and you need to eat fruit on an empty stomach.

  • Infusion of Hypericum perforatum.

To prepare you will need one tablespoon of dry grass Hypericum perforatum, and one liter of boiling water. Place the herb St. John's wort in a thermos and fill it with boiling water. Thermos close and leave for a day. At the end of the day, strain the broth and place in a glass bowl. Store in the refrigerator must broth. The sick person should drink every three hours for a hundred grams of infusion. The course of treatment should last for a week. Repeat treatment every month is necessary.

  • The infusion of nettle leaves nettle and blueberries.

The infusion is ready for use.