Treatment pancreas

Treatment of pancreatic cancer - one of the most pressing issues. It is no coincidence, because the problem faced by a large enough number of people. But before we start talking about treatment, let us remember the course of the school of anatomy, to avoid unnecessary questions.

What is the pancreas? This is one of the most important organs in the human body, located behind the stomach and closely adjacent to the duodenum. The function of the pancreas - to develop specific enzymes that, getting into the duodenum, are directly involved in the digestion of food. And most importantly - that the pancreas produces the very hormones that are responsible for metabolizing sugar. Therefore, chronic pancreatitis is still dangerous and the fact that increases the risk of developing diabetes.


One of the most frequent pathologies of the pancreas is inflamed it. This disturbed the functioning of the gland - produces enzymes, rather than fall into the duodenum, remain inside. The process of self-destruction of the pancreas.

This is only half the trouble - can get into the bloodstream as toxins and pancreatic enzymes. And because of this can seriously hurt other vital organs - the liver, kidneys, heart, nervous system. That is why acute pancreatitis is a very serious disease that you need to start to heal as soon as possible. And in the case of the chronic form of the disease and it is not necessary to delay.

Pancreas becomes inflamed, usually dramatically and unexpectedly. Most often, inflammation is caused by blockage of the bile ducts by gallstones. In cases of very severe inflammation of the pancreas may significantly swell. A sick person is experiencing relatively strong pain in the right upper quadrant bearing the surrounding character.

In addition there is a blockage of the bile ducts are a number of reasons that can lead to the development of acute pancreatitis:

  • Long-term alcohol abuse.
  • A number of different drugs.
  • Wrong diet - too much spicy and greasy food.

Chronic pancreatitis is a form much more common. Causes that can lead to chronic inflammation of the pancreas, are the same and in acute pancreatitis. Moreover, such may affect the patients' human diseases, such as atherosclerosis, liver disease, gastritis, and chronic colitis. And, of course, that finished the cure acute pancreatitis can also go into a chronic form of the disease.

 Drug treatment pancreas

Treatment of acute pancreatitis

As is clear from the above, pancreatitis is an extremely dangerous condition. So leave it untreated is simply unacceptable, otherwise the life of the sick person will be threatened. In this article you will only get a general idea about the treatment of pancreatic cancer medicines. But this information should not be a specific guide to action. The course of treatment should be selected by a doctor, and in the case of acute pancreatitis only in a hospital.

The first thing that will be sent to drug treatment - is the support of all vital organs and systems of the body, especially the liver and kidneys. Thus doctors insure the sick person from the development of possible complications. As a rule, all pharmacological agents infused intravenously.

How, by the way, and nutritional solutions. Intravenous infusion of nutrient solutions is very important in severe cases of acute inflammation of the pancreas, and can last from 3 to 5 weeks. This measure is necessary in order to completely remove the load from the pancreas. This comprehensive treatment usually brings very good results. But, unfortunately, not always - sometimes doctors are forced to resort to surgical intervention.

Once the symptoms of acute pancreatitis take place, it is important to understand what led to the development of the disease. If the "culprit" is detected, it will help to minimize the possible risk of re-recurrence of pancreatitis.

Treatment of chronic pancreatitis

Treatment of chronic pancreatitis - the process is time consuming and very long. And it consists of three things - medication, a healthy lifestyle and permanent compliance with a strict diet. The whole course of treatment also has to sign the treating physician, taking into account the individual characteristics of health and the nature of the disease.

For the treatment of chronic pancreatitis used drugs such as:

  • Digestive enzymes

Typically, in most cases, chronic pancreatitis causes the development of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Because of this, the body is very low in their own digestive enzymes. And so the body needs help - just for this sick man doctor prescribes medicinal enzymes.

There are many different types of these drugs - like the microgranules or capsules, tablets and classic. The doctor will select precisely those medicines that are needed in each case. After all, in different situations require different enzymes in different amounts. A single course of treatment with enzymes to bypass will not succeed - they must take three - four times a year.

  • Antispasmodic

As with acute and chronic pancreatitis with the sick person feels strong enough pain. Therefore, relief of pain is also included in the complex treatment of pancreatitis. To eliminate the pain, doctors prescribe various antispasmodic drugs.

 treatment of inflammation of the pancreas

Therapeutic diets

During exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis observe starvation, until until no pain. The next day you need to start eating on the therapeutic menu:

  1. 1 day. A sick person can drink slimy concoctions, such as rice. But watch out for, so that the portions were quite small. At lunch you can enjoy a cup of unsweetened tea, eat a cracker.
  2. Day 2. On the second day in addition to the concoctions you can add vegetable broth. And you can eat crackers 2 - 3. Drinking regime is not limited - you can drink as much as you want. For ordinary non-carbonated drink good drinking water.
  3. Day 3. On the third day in a diet sick person can introduce rice and buckwheat porridge. Cooking porridge necessary to dilute milk (ratio of 1 to 1), then rubbed through a screen or milled using a blender. You can also steam cook protein omelet.
  4. Day 4. On the fourth day of the sick person can eat buckwheat and rice porridge, cooked on whole milk. Also, the menu can vary fat-free cottage cheese with milk, and all the same crackers.
  5. 5 day. On the fifth day a person can eat vegetable soups, simply boiled vegetables except cabbage. The soup can be added about 10 grams of butter. But watch out for, so that the portions were small.
  6. 6 hours. The diet can introduce lean meats and fish. They need to use only boiled or steamed. Max - 200 grams.
  7. 7 hours. On the seventh day the menu can include steamed meatballs or burgers. For the stuffing, you can use lean meat or fish.

In the second week of the menu of the sick person can be a variety of fruits, vegetables, jelly and juice. However, juices and fruit should not be too sweet, since this creates an unnecessary burden on the pancreas. And after a bout of pancreatitis will take about dietary restrictions in any case not be forgotten.

Strictly forbidden foods:

  • Meat and mushroom broth.
  • Any animals and cooking oils, margarine.
  • Onions, garlic, cabbage, radishes and sorrel.
  • All kinds of legumes.
  • Coffee, cocoa, chocolate, carbonated beverages.

Recommended products:

  • Rye bread baking yesterday.
  • Vegetable soups and cereals with the addition of butter or sour cream.
  • Steam cutlets, souffle and meatballs of lean meat.
  • Low-fat varieties of fish, steamed.
  • Low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, milk, dairy products.
  • Vegetable puddings.
  • Apples - both raw and roasted.
  • Jellies and compotes of fruit, broth hips.


As you can see, in the event that a person has inflammation of the pancreas, treatment should begin as soon as possible. And it must be done under strict medical supervision. Only in this case the state of human health will not be threatened. Therefore, when the first signs of sickness, you must immediately seek medical help.

 Treatment of pancreatic cancer. Is it possible to recover?

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 stye how to treat

Today we talk about the phenomenon as a stye, how to treat it and it becomes a cause of the disease. Certainly, almost everyone experienced this unpleasant phenomenon. And some people even less lucky - they are faced with barley fairly regularly. Generally, looking in the mirror and seeing the barley, the man shakes his head sadly and ... waiting for when the problem will disappear by itself.

In most cases it does so. But, alas, not always. This is not surprising, because the barley - it's not cold. Barley is nothing else as a purulent inflammation of the sebaceous glands, or hair follicles lashes. And any inflammatory process, and especially purulent, is to the human body a very real danger.

Typically, barley localized on the surface of the upper or lower eyelid. However, in some cases, the infection can fall into the meibomian gland. And then the focus of inflammation located inside the century. This type of barley brings the greatest discomfort. And much more amenable to treatment difficult. Therefore, doctors are internal barley serious ailments. Therefore, you must immediately consult a doctor - an optometrist, who will select the appropriate antibiotics.

Causes and symptoms

First we need to understand what causes the development of barley. More precisely, what - is quite clear: a variety of pathogenic microorganisms. Incidentally, most of the causative agent becomes Staphylococcus aureus. And introducing it into the body themselves sick people - dirty hands, towels. Any violation of the rules of personal hygiene can lead to infection.

The most commonly barley develops in children and women. And this pattern is explained very simply:

  • Barley a child

Children - creating fun and unpredictable. For them, rubbing eyes with his hands, which had just sculpted sand castles, or embrace a street cat - a perfectly normal phenomenon. And all your exhortations, usually fly past the child's consciousness. And not because they deliberately ignore the words of the parents, but because they simply forget about it. Then, they are children. As a result- barley.

  • Barley woman

Women are almost always become "victims" of their own beauty. Yes, it is a beauty. Remember how you typically impose makeup? That's right, it is often necessary to correct fingers. And it always this carefully before you wash your hands? That's it…

And besides, too many women neglect simple rule - cosmetics, like a toothbrush, should be strictly individual. It is unacceptable to use someone else's ink, shadows and other things. And your makeup, too, can not be given under any circumstances. No one, even the best friend. It does not matter whether or not it is healthy, because the pathogen, peacefully living in the body of one person can trigger the development of disease in another.

At the beginning of the disease people often experience unbearable itching century. After some time on this site redness is formed, which is quite painful when pressed. After some time the redness is compacted and becomes convex eye swells. All - the result is obvious.

 than to treat stye

Treatment of barley

In case you notice the barley in the very early stage, you can try to stop its further development. Make it not so difficult - you'll need the most common and brilliant green cotton swab. Prizhgite redness by holding zelenke moistened cotton swab for about 20 seconds.

You should not be afraid of what will be on the morning of brilliant green eyes - per night, it will completely disappear. In most cases, only one procedure, but in some cases it is necessary to repeat it two - three nights in a row.

There are several very effective recipes that have a very long time to get rid of barley to help a lot of people. So:

  • Compress with a decoction of camomile

Once people notice that appears on the edge reddened painful swelling, he can try to make a warm compress with a decoction of camomile. Place in an enamel pan three tablespoons of dried chamomile blossoms, fill it with one liter of water and boil for 15 minutes.

Then strain the broth using a gauze cloth. Cool to room temperature, wet gauze and apply for 15 minutes to the affected area of ​​the century. Note - the water in any case should not be hot, since in this case can only worsen the condition. Incidentally, immediately wash the other eye using a clean cloth. This will help prevent the possible spread to a healthy eye. Such compresses should be done every three hours, until complete recovery.

  • Flax seed

A good agent can become flax seeds. Prepare a gruel of them and apply to the affected eyelid every three hours. Preparing it in the following way: on a hot saute pan-third teaspoon of flax seed lodges, for 3 minutes. After carefully chop up mushy state. Cool to room temperature, mix with a drop of iodine. The procedure should be carried out prior to recovery.

  • Lotions with aloe juice

Aloe juice is also excellent relieves inflammation. Cut off one leaf aloe, put it for one hour in the freezer. Then press the juice out of it, warm to room temperature and soak a cotton ball in it. This tampon must be applied to the eyelid to 15 minutes, every five hours. By this method of treatment it makes sense to resort only to the first two days of the disease.

  • Infusion of St. John's wort

To a large extent accelerates the healing process, and the infusion of hypericum. It is prepared in the same way as an ordinary tea - three tablespoons thyme pour a glass of boiling water. Steep it at least 20 minutes. The broth must be cooled to room temperature, after which you can wash out the eye. Remember that for each eye you need to take a new cloth or a cotton pad to keep the infection from patient to move in a healthy eye.

  • Garlic

One of the old proven ways on how to treat stye is an ordinary garlic. Just one clove of garlic, clean and lubricate it struck eyelid. But it is strictly followed so that the garlic does not hit in the eye.

  • Tansy

Purchase at the pharmacy tansy. During the illness you need to eat every three hours to 5 baskets tansy, squeezed it with boiled water. Drink it should be up to the healing of the sick person.

But do not forget that all of the above methods on how to treat stye, in any case, should not become the main treatment. A visit to the doctor - ophthalmologist necessarily in any case, as the joke with your health not worth it. Therefore, all the traditional recipes can only serve as a supplement to the treatment prescribed by the doctor. And his consent, and approval is also required. After all, only he can say, than to treat stye.

In addition, note the following fact. In the case of barley you experience more than 3 times a year, there is a serious cause for concern. Most likely, your immune system suffers. Therefore, in addition to the doctor - an ophthalmologist is very advisable to visit immunologist. For barley - it is the first alarm "bell".

 Than to treat stye?

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