ovarian cyst treatment of folk remedies

Despite the fact that modern medicine has a fairly high level, often people, especially women, still prefer to use the recipes of traditional medicine. However, traditional medicine can harm if used uncontrollably and her recipes are illiterate.

The most commonly used traditional medicine in gynecology. In this article we will talk about such diseases as ovarian cysts, treatment of folk remedies which gives good results. However, it is impossible not to take into account the fact that the treatment of folk remedies is only advisable if a woman has a functional cyst.

The functional cysts, doctors are those cysts that are amenable to therapeutic treatment - medical, without surgery. Doctors refer to this type of cysts are follicular and corpus luteum cysts. Typically, these cysts resolve within two months maximum. Otherwise, operative intervention is almost inevitable.

Along with traditional treatment, which appoints the gynecologist, you can try the treatment of ovarian cysts folk remedies. However, in any case inadmissible completely abandon the traditional treatment, relying only on traditional medicine. And besides, before use of certain traditional medicines, the woman needs to make sure that it has not previously been allergic to a particular component.

Recipes of traditional medicine

So what are the tools offers a traditional medicine for the treatment of cysts? This will be discussed below.

  • Tincture of raisins

A very good therapeutic effect on ovarian cyst has a tincture of berries raisins. For the preparation of tinctures, you will need 400 grams of raisins, preferably without bones, as well as half a liter of vodka. Raisins should be placed in a glass container, pour vodka and close tightly. Infuse vodka must be made within 17 days in a warm place, protected from direct sunlight.

Then get a tincture of a sick woman to be taken three times a day, about 15 minutes before a meal, one teaspoon. The treatment should be continued for 21 days after that requires at least a three-day break. Typically, after two such treatments the cyst dissolves without a trace.

However, note that in any case, unacceptable to use this recipe in case if a woman is expecting a child, or suffering from such diseases, in which the consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden. And do not look for that alcohol in this method of treatment is used in very small quantities - it is not enough to cause the feeling of intoxication. But in order to degrade within a disease, it is quite enough.

  • Juice mug

Another very effective treatment for almost all types of cysts is the fresh juice of an ordinary mug. The recipe itself quite simple - you need to squeeze the juice from fresh leaves or burdock root. You can do this in several ways, depending on your abilities and desires.

You can finely chop them, wrapped in a gauze cloth and carefully squeeze the juice, but you can with the help of juicers - the main thing, then the juice cleanse impurities from the raw materials. You can prepare the right dose at a time, and you can - just for a few days. Keep burdock juice in glass containers must be tightly closed lid, and certainly in the refrigerator no more than one week.

Take the juice of burdock sick woman to be every two hours, two teaspoons. Of course, except for night-time - Service start definitely not worth it. The course of treatment should last at least one month - then be sure to go to the US. Usually, cysts or resolves completely or largely reduced in size. If the cyst started to decrease, but not yet fully resolved, treatment after a week's break can be repeated one more time.

By the way, the recipes of traditional medicine is very effective in improving the skin - smooth fine lines, in case if there are any - or rash, they almost completely disappear. But in that case, if the woman has any - any problems with the stomach - gastritis, or even more so a stomach ulcer - from the use of this tool is to abstain.

Juice mug without problems and the loss of effectiveness of the treatment can be replaced by ordinary gruel of young leaves of burdock. To do this, simply twist in a meat grinder and fresh leaves of burdock. Take it should be on exactly the same pattern as burdock juice, one tablespoon. Store the finished raw materials needed in the refrigerator, not more than three days. And in any case, not in a metal container.

  • Tincture of acacia flowers

No less effective in different species of acacia flowers and cysts. The cure is to use alcohol infusion of acacia flowers - both fresh and dried. 500 g fresh or 300 g dried inflorescences pour half a liter of vodka, only in a glass container and place in the refrigerator and push about three weeks.

After this time, the infusion should be carefully drain. Store it in the course of treatment must also be strictly in the refrigerator. Take tincture must be as follows: the first day - one spoon at breakfast and dinner, the second day - one and a half tablespoons of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Third day - two tablespoons of 5 times a day. After that - one day break and repeat the treatment regimen. The complete course consists of five such cycles.

After completing the course of treatment is necessary to make an ultrasound treatment to evaluate the effectiveness of traditional medicines. If the positive effects will be expressed quite significantly, you need to repeat the treatment. As a rule, after the second course absorbed the largest and "capricious" cysts.

By the way, the combination of this with the previous method of treatment gives much better results even in very advanced cases. But then again - in any case we must not forget that this also means is unacceptable to apply to pregnant women, as well as those who have a disease in which the consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden.

  • Herbal pickings

No less effectively promote resorption and various herbal teas. For example, the next infusion of the small size of the cyst resolves in about three weeks, a little surprised that the doctors - gynecologists.

To make this miracle brew woman will need 1 tablespoon of fresh or half tablespoon of dried raspberry leaf, and one tablespoon of nettle. Raw materials must be crushed, placed in an enamel bowl and pour one liter of boiling water. Dishes should be tightly cover, wrap a thick towel. Infuse must be at least three hours, then carefully strain using gauze fabric.

Take the infusion must be a hundred grams before each meal, but at least three times a day. Acceptance of this tool is to last at least one month, after which it is necessary to visit a gynecologist and do an ultrasound to find out exactly whether this method helps the treatment. In that case, if the cyst started to decrease in size - to disperse, you can safely continue treatment. Take a five-day break and repeat the course once more.

  • Softwood tincture

No less useful in a variety of brushes and tincture of pine needles. And it can be used as pine, fir and pine needles. Prepare infusion is very, very simple - just got needles - five tablespoons - put in a thermos, pour one liter of boiling water and cover. Insist the broth must be within one day.

Take the broth must be as follows: the first day - in the morning on an empty stomach, three tablespoons of the infusion, at lunch, the food - half a cup of broth in the evening before going to bed - even half of broth. So take three days, after a break for 2 days, and then repeat the above diagram. There should be 7 approaches.

As you can see, if women have some form of ovarian cysts, treatment of folk remedies can be quite effective. But forget about traditional medicine in any case can not - be sure to regularly visit your doctor and follow all its recommendations and destination.

 Treatment of ovarian cysts folk remedies

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 vegetative dystonia treatment

Vascular dystonia. This diagnosis is for a day in the office at the doctor - the therapist and neurologist than once. The disease is very common in people of all ages. However, few of them fully understand what constitutes the disease.

That's about it, you can learn by reading the information below. With some knowledge, sick person or his family will be exactly know what they had to face - because vegetative dystonia treatment requires serious. And in any case it is impossible to ignore them.

Strictly speaking, vascular dystonia is not a separate independent disease. Its presence indicates that the person is present in the patient or that disrupt the normal functioning of the autonomic nervous system. Her work is very, very important - it fulfills in the human body is very important functions:

  • The constancy of the internal environment. This autonomic nervous system is responsible for ensuring that the internal environment has been a constant and stable: heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, metabolic rate, the process of sweating, body temperature. Violation of the work of the autonomic nervous system will inevitably lead to a breach of the normal range of vital processes.
  • The body's ability to adapt. The central autonomic nervous system is responsible for the full mobilization of all vital systems of the organism in adverse conditions. In other words, thanks to the proper functioning of the autonomic system of the body has the ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions, physical and mental stress, to stress, change of weather, and even the climate, time zones.

Features of the disease

As already mentioned, vascular dystonia is one of the most common diseases of the central nervous system. With such a violation is facing up to 70 percent of all people. And about half of those in need of counseling, treatment and follow-up of the disease.

Most often the earliest manifestations of vegetative - vascular dystonia observed even in adolescence. And sometimes there may vegetative dystonia in children. A more pronounced disease manifests itself between the ages of twenty to forty years. And doctors say that the vegetative - vascular dystonia twice as often seen in women.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the development of the disease. But the most common vegetative - vascular dystonia caused by such factors as:

  1. Emotional stress. The rhythm of modern life is quite high, and the favorable call it very difficult. Man lurking around a lot of variety of stressful situations. Sooner or later they will, unfortunately, have an effect, leading to the development of vegetative - vascular dystonia.
  2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In that case, if the person regularly experiences a mental, emotional or physical stress or suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome, the risk of vegetative - vascular dystonia had increased several times.
  3. Changing climate zone. Many people mistakenly believe that the frequent sharp change of climatic zones there is absolutely nothing to worry about. And often abused on vacation trips to tropical countries. But such actions often lead to the development of vegetative - vascular dystonia, and other complications.
  4. Hormonal disorders. The disease can also cause hormonal disruption in humans. Most often this happens during puberty, menopause or pregnancy.
  5. Hereditary factor. In the development of vegetative - vascular dystonia is not the last role played by such factors as genetic predisposition. If at least one of the parents suffered vegetative - vascular dystonia, the child is two times more likely to be faced with the disease than in other children.

 vascular dystonia

Symptoms of dystonia

Vascular dystonia can not proceed without any - any consequences. The disease has a number of signs and symptoms that will help the doctor suspect vegetative - vascular dystonia. The sick person will be a necessary examination, by means of which the doctor will put the final diagnosis.

If a person has vascular dystonia, there may be significant variations in blood pressure - in large, and in the smaller side, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, or fainting.

Another very clear evidence of the disease is the presence of a sick person psycho-emotional disorders: the internal tension, depressive mood, decreased performance. And, besides, vascular dystonia and panic is almost always go hand in hand. So if you or your loved ones appeared unwarranted anxiety - seek medical advice.

Treatment of the disease

Vegetative dystonia, with proper treatment passes quickly enough. However, please note that the key word - "correct". Self-medication or treatment on the advice of friends can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Treatment should appoint a doctor. As a rule, after a series of surveys, and assessing the overall condition of the body of the sick person and the doctor assigns the necessary therapy. In addition, the sick person should be completely rethink their way of life and daily routine.

The sick person should get enough sleep, spend enough time outdoors. It is desirable at some time to completely abandon coffee, alcohol and smoking - these factors are largely aggravate the disease.

In addition, if vascular dystonia occurs against the backdrop of an underlying disease (and this happens quite often), the doctor must prescribe a course of treatment. Otherwise, get rid of disorders of the autonomic nervous system is almost impossible. And do not hope that you will be able to get rid of vegetative - vascular dystonia very quickly - typically, the treatment lasts for two - three months. And no wonder - because the combined effect is needed on the entire nervous system.

However, if the sick person will comply with all recommendations of the doctor and live a healthy lifestyle, vascular dystonia necessarily recede. However, do not forget about the fact that it can very quickly go back to if reappear triggers.

 Vegetative dystonia - treatment and prevention

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