Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy is one of the most common nuisance expectant mother trouble. Hemorrhoids occurs in about every other pregnant woman, but, unfortunately, very few of them are turning to the doctor, feeling a strong sense of embarrassment. However, this is not the best option, because the disease can take so much running and complex form of flow that will transform the life of a woman in sheer torture. And to cure it will be much harder - most likely need surgery.

More recently, doctors thought that hemorrhoids is nothing else like varicose veins located in the anus. However, the latest research shows that there is an expansion not veins and cavernous cells - choroid plexus located in the opening of the anus.

Usually, hemorrhoids begins its development just like that, without the presence of certain triggering factors. Such factors provoke the development of hemorrhoids is not so little - these include:

  • Sedentary lifestyle man wearing medical name inactivity.
  • The presence in the diet of fatty and spicy foods, drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Overweight is a sick man, he had the presence of liver disease and gastrointestinal tract.
  • Genetic factors - genetic predisposition to the disease.
  • Heavy physical work, especially related to the heavy lifting.
  • Pregnant women, especially in its second half - after the fifth month.

Very often, hemorrhoids never been harassing a woman for the first time makes itself felt it during pregnancy, usually in the second half, when the size of the tummy expectant mother begins to increase rapidly. And in the case of hemorrhoids made itself felt, and before pregnancy, it certainly will be felt with a vengeance. By the way. Doctors say that the woman became pregnant again about five times more often than the nulliparous, felt by all the "charm" of the disease.

The causes of hemorrhoids in pregnant women

Very often pregnant women ask the doctor a question about why are they so susceptible to the development of hemorrhoids. Their question is not meaningless - there are a number of circumstances and physiological features of the body of a pregnant woman, which makes her very vulnerable and prone to the development of hemorrhoids. What are these reasons?

  • Increasing the size of the uterus

As soon as the child grows, the uterus increases in size. Because of this, the blood flow in the lower body, and primarily in the pelvic organs, substantially more difficult. As a consequence, developing blood stasis, the tone of the vessel walls is reduced. Of course, the vascular plexus, located in the anus, will not hesitate to expand. This explains the fact that most of hemorrhoids makes itself felt in the second half of pregnancy, when the uterus becomes big enough.

  • Constipation

As is known, one more very critical issue for pregnant women is constipation. They are found in more than half of all pregnant women. This constipation is a major factor in provoking the development of hemorrhoids. Due to the accumulation of feces is a strong hyperextension of the walls of the rectum, there is a constant irritation of the walls of the vascular plexus, which are located directly beneath the mucosa.

It is through this constant mechanical irritation stool and begins the expansion of the cavernous cells. Thus begins the development of hemorrhoids. If you continue to progress constipation, hemorrhoids, respectively, continues to evolve. The course of the disease in women begins to worsen.

  • Sedentary life of the pregnant woman

Another factor in provoking the development of hemorrhoids is the sedentary lifestyle that leads the majority of pregnant women. Because it also greatly reduces blood flow to the pelvic organs, and without that hindered him constantly pressing on the uterus are increased in size. Incidentally, a sedentary lifestyle during pregnancy is fraught with so many negative consequences. Remember that pregnancy - is not a disease, and move the expectant mother is still needed, though without much fanaticism.

  • Tension during the attempts

Sometimes it happens that a woman throughout the pregnancy successfully managed to avoid the development of hemorrhoids. And the final point of the pregnancy - during labor, hemorrhoids makes itself felt. Generally, in all cases it is in bearing-down period of pregnancy. During attempts repeatedly increases the pressure inside the abdomen.

At a time when the baby's head passes the birth canal, the vascular plexus of the rectum exposed to strong pressure, and sometimes even injury. And pay attention to the following pattern - the longer the period of attempts - the higher the risk of hemorrhoids. Needless to say that is especially hard for those young mothers who are faced with this disease before or during pregnancy.

 treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a fairly insidious disease - and it is the main danger is that in the initial stages, it does not manifest itself. And it was in the early stages of the disease treatment brings the most positive effect. However, to detect it in the early stages only by chance during the next scheduled inspection of the doctor - a gynecologist.

But as the disease progresses she begins to notice the early symptoms of hemorrhoids, gradually intensifying in the event that the disease is not diagnosed immediately, and did not immediately began the necessary treatment. In order to suspect the presence of hemorrhoids and immediately consult your doctor, who will select the optimal treatment, a pregnant woman needs to know what are the symptoms of this disease:

  • Pain during defecation

One of the earliest signs of the disease usually is the occurrence of pain in the anus, at first during a bowel movement, and as the disease - and at rest. Especially strong is the pain in the event that the expectant mother suffers from constipation - every trip to the toilet for a pregnant woman becomes a kind of test of strength.

  • The appearance of hemorrhoids

Immediately after the onset of pain develops another striking characteristic sign of hemorrhoids - hemorrhoids in the rectum, both internal and external. Moreover, it is much more likely to develop internal nodes which are located in mucous membranes. Almost after every defecation these units appear from the outside, but after a while again being drawn in.

A little bit less, but still there are also external hemorrhoids that are located in the skin around the anus. By the way, they bring the expectant mother much less discomfort than the internal components. As the disease hemorrhoids significantly increase in size, the size of a pea to the size of a large plum.

  • Itching and burning

Another characteristic feature of having enough of a pregnant woman hemorrhoids is the periodic occurrence of a strong sense of burning and itching in the anal area. And most of these uncomfortable feelings can be magnified in the case if a woman consumed a sharp products. Although they are without hemorrhoids are not the best food for the mother - they should be completely excluded from the diet of a pregnant woman.

  • Hemorrhage

In that case, if a pregnant woman noticed on toilet paper or underwear traces of red blood, it should also be worried. This is a fairly widespread symptom of hemorrhoids. And the larger the scale at the hemorrhoids, the stronger will be the bleeding. In no case is inadmissible to ignore this problem, because it will continue to progress. Doctors know a lot of cases, when a similar bleeding in the expectant mother has developed iron deficiency anemia.

  • Violation of the intestine

Hemorrhoids often entails some disruption from the intestines. Expectant mother may complain of a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bowel, flatulence, bloating and other discomfort in the abdomen.

  • Thrombosis hemorrhoids

One of the most dangerous complications that can lead to hemorrhoids - hemorrhoids is a blockage of blood clots. This is a sharp sealing units - feels they are very tight, the slightest touch to them causes severe pain, the skin around them becomes red and swells. Besides all this, it may be quite a fever body worse overall health and well-being of the pregnant woman.

In severe cases, hemorrhoids can fall and diminished. This phenomenon is dangerous development of necrosis and is called acute hemorrhoids. In such cases, the expectant mother should be, do not hesitate for a minute, to see a doctor - a surgeon who will provide the necessary in such cases, emergency medical care.

 Hemorrhoids pregnancy treatment

  Hemorrhoid treatment expectant mothers

Of course, in any case not allowed to leave the problem of hemorrhoids without attention, because otherwise it will poison the life of the expectant mother, not only while waiting for the baby, but also after it. Too many women refuse to treat the disease, fearing for the health of your baby, because people mistakenly believe that the use of certain pharmacological agents can harm him.

However, doctors say unequivocally that the treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is not only permissible, but just vital. However, the treatment a woman awaiting the birth of the baby, has its own specifics.

The first thing you need to pay special attention - it is the diet of a pregnant woman. Meals must be such as to prevent the possible development of constipation as the main key to successful treatment of hemorrhoids - the timely bowel movements. This factor must be considered, making the menu.

The main part of the diet should ideally be those products that contain fiber in large quantities - they have a normalizing effect on the gut chair. These products include wheat bran, fruits and vegetables. However, try not to abuse a variety of cereals - with the exception of only rice and buckwheat, which can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

Equally useful properties have and milk products such as yogurt, kefir and yogurt. But the use of any varieties of cheeses, on the contrary, is extremely undesirable, as they cause severe constipation develop. No less useful dried fruits such as apricots and prunes.

Another important point that needs to be paid attention - these are the rules of personal hygiene. Doctors advise expectant mothers to abandon the use of a conventional toilet paper and purchased in a pharmacy special wipes. In that case, if the expectant mother appeared external hemorrhoids, doctors recommend at least once a day at bedtime, do sit-bath with a decoction of camomile.

However, it should be noted that all these measures are good only as a preventive and in addition to the basic treatment. For the treatment of hemorrhoids, doctors use a variety of pharmacological agents - usually a candle and cream. The following will describe the basic scheme of the treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, but do not forget that all this information is given for guidance only - a treatment still has to appoint a physician.

In the event that it was not possible to eliminate constipation using diet adjustments need to resort to using medicines candle. For the expectant mother the most optimal and safest option would spark with glycerol or Dufalac. These medicines are safe for both the mother and for the baby. They can be safely consumed as while waiting for the appearance of the crumbs into the light and during breastfeeding.

In that case, if the expectant mother is experiencing acute pain, to reduce them can use ointments or suppositories, which include any anesthetic, such as drug containing lidokoina Anestezol. But beginning with the second semester of pregnancy swelling and inflammation can be eliminated by using such a drug as Gepatrombin, he is absolutely harmless for pregnant women and for nursing mothers.

In the case of hemorrhoids takes quite advanced forms and is difficult to treat, the doctor can decide on the appointment of the drug Detraleks. This drug is largely normalizes blood circulation in the blood vessels of the pelvic organs, and also tones the walls of blood vessels. Its application is possible both during pregnancy and during lactation.

In the event that all of the above measures do not help, or a woman asked for help too late and the doctors diagnosed the presence of acute hemorrhoids, you may need treatment with antibacterial drugs, and in severe cases - immediate surgery. However, to the extent such doctors prefer to be resorted to only as a last desperate case. In most situations doctors try to do everything possible to relieve acute symptoms and postpone the surgery at a later time, when the child is born.

In conclusion, I would like to once again remind expectant mothers - if you find yourself hemorrhoid treatment during pregnancy is not only possible, but necessary. And do not postpone the trip to the doctor for an indefinite time - the sooner you get the necessary treatment, the sooner get rid of hemorrhoids.

 Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

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