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  • A little about the causes of disease
  • Symptoms and diagnosis of the disease
  • How to cure a disease?
  • Non-pharmaceutical products

Fibrocystic breast disease - a benign breast disease, caused by a hormonal imbalance of the female body. Diffuse fibrocystic breast disease also known as fibrocystic disease, and just fibroadenomatosis breast mammary glands. The fibrous cystic breast disease - a widespread disease, but the cause of the disease are not well understood. We know that it affects more than 60% of women, most often fibrocystic breast disease seen in patients aged 30-50 years. During menopause the risk of breast mastitis is significantly reduced.
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A little about the causes of disease

Fibrocystic breast disease is most often seen in the imbalance of sex hormones and thyroid hormones, ovarian diseases, liver, endocrine diseases.

Mastitis breast difficult to diagnose because of the ambiguous symptoms, which vary according to the severity of symptoms. Symptoms of mastitis of mammary glands in women are different in many ways: possible weaknesses or, conversely, very painful feelings associated with the menstrual cycle and do not depend on it, visible or hidden. Self-breast examination - mandatory preventive measure, but it is not 100% guarantee detection of mastitis. Fibrocystic breast disease exactly can be diagnosed by a specialist-mammologist.

Fibrotic breast strikes breasts. The only biological function of the mammary glands, known to science is lactating and feeding the baby. To advance the possibility of pregnancy in the female body as a whole and in particular the mammary glands, each menstrual cycle is a huge number of hormonal changes. Nature conceived production of progesterone and estrogen, that a woman could conceive and bear healthy fruit.

These two hormones directly affect on breast tissue by stimulating the cells to grow and divide. It is good for pregnancy, but if she does not come? Unlike the lining of the uterus, the body can not simply withdraw excess cells from the body. They remain, so the body starts the process of apoptosis - the programmed decay. The latter does not always go smoothly, in mammary glands can occur inflammation, scarring, and, as a consequence, fibrous breast.

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Symptoms and diagnosis of the disease

Cystic breast breast manifested in a number of signs. This primarily breast pain. Cystic breast disease may manifest as during the menstrual cycle, and independently of him. In the early stages the pain can be not strong, aching, before menstruation disappears. Sometimes it may be more intense, pronounced, with the return in the back, underarms, shoulders, neck. Mammary glands swell nagrubayut, can be released fluid from the nipple. The second and most obvious feature - it nodules, seals in the mammary glands. Cystic breast disease may be characterized as multiple small formations (diffuse form), and distinct single seals (nodular form).

The greater risk of developing cystic mastopathy of mammary glands are women who give birth for the first time after 25 years, leading an irregular sexual life and breastfeeding for less than 5 months. Development cystic mastitis breast promote conflict and stress in the family and at work, dissatisfaction with sexual life. These factors lead to a breach of the hormonal balance of the female body, so increase the risk of cystic mastitis. Gynecological and sexually transmitted diseases, abortions, diseases of liver and biliary tract, chest trauma and heredity also actively influence the emergence and development of cystic mastitis.

The first method of diagnosing the disease - the primary independent inspection. Every woman should regularly inspect and palpate the breast, follow the changes in the form and structure, sensation on palpation. Diffuse fibrocystic breast disease is well detected in the early stages, so in the interest of women's health to regularly go and see mammologu, at least once a year for routine inspection.

In the event of danger signs of gynecological and hormonal diseases better deal extra visit. The fibrous breast disease is detected as a mammogram, ultrasound and puncture. The most appropriate procedure the doctor advises. Mammography - a chest radiograph. It allows you to identify even the smallest compression, which is not detectable. Ultrasound helps track changes seals breast. Puncture is used when a nodal mastopathy, this piece of breast tissue sampling a special syringe.

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How to cure a disease?

Cystic breast disease is not life-threatening, it is not a precancerous disease, but nodular form of the disease can stimulate breast cancer. In addition, cystic breast disease significantly reduces the quality of life, so it is necessary to treat it. Run the disease in any case impossible. Prompt surgery is appropriate only if there is a distinct nodular form of the disease, which causes serious suspicion of cancer. In other cases, surgery is not necessary, surgical treatment of breast disease is not required. Disease-causing hormonal imbalance, so you need to treat it. When mastitis medications help:

  • regulating the activity of the thyroid gland,
  • progesterone (prozhestozhel)
  • oral contraceptives as regulators of the menstrual cycle,
  • eliminating the effect of estrogen (FARESTON, tamoxifen)
  • vitamins (A, B, C, E) and means to improve the liver (CARS essentiale, legalon)
  • Homeopathic (EDAS, mastodinon).

Remember that reception of the drug and treatment must be preceded by a full diagnostic testing, identifying the particular hormone that causes the disease, and the appointment of a doctor's prescription. Breast varies among women may be due to disruption of thyroid cancer, an increased amount of estrogen, liver disease or testicular complications in pregnancy and many other reasons. Treatment to be as effective as possible, it is important to identify the specific factor. Make it can only certified specialists mammolog or gynecologist, who will appoint the best medication and treatment. Take seriously to the choice of a doctor, because the health of you have one.

A few words about dietary supplements (Badakhshan), are not drugs. They may be useful in diseases, because they contain vitamins and minerals. But, first, not all doctors approve these drugs, so you should definitely consult a specialist before taking to avoid trouble (eg, increase in dose of the active substance or, on the contrary, the effect of the drug nivelyatsiya supplements). Second, the market of dietary supplements found a huge number of fakes, so be careful and cautious.

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Non-pharmaceutical products

In addition to the prescription prescribed by your doctor to speed recovery or prevention of disease can be useful to the general recommendations. And the first acts diet. Women 20-50 years smoked is better to avoid fatty foods, coffee, chocolate, strong tea. Instead, they enrich the diet of fruits, vegetables, especially containing vitamins A and E, to improve liver function and iodine for the thyroid gland. It is necessary to stop smoking, and minimize alcohol intake.

It is not necessary to use and chips, cola, crackers and other "junk" foods. No junk food you will better yourself to feel and look good, you feel a surge of vitality, and the body will run like clockwork. By all means try to avoid a sluggish bowel, saturate the body with fiber. Simple exercise will help to cheer up, to lose the stress and vitamin-rich healthy food will give energy for the whole day. Do not let any chance of a bad mood, apathy or depression.

Pay attention to your underwear, namely bra. Properly selected, it not only gives your breast firmness and height, but also protects against diseases. Bra should always be comfortable, do not pinch or squeeze the chest, the right size and shape. Take vitamin complexes, even if you eat right.

Vitamins promote the equalization of the hormonal balance, normalize metabolism, antioxidant effect on the body, stabilize the nervous system, strengthen the immune system, normalizes the function of the adrenal glands, ovaries and thyroid. When mastitis most needed vitamins A, E, C and B, especially B6.

If you have swelling of the hands and feet, use homeopathic diuretics as herbal tea. It is necessary to limit the intake of salt. As the aid can be used to compress the breast with cabbage, honey, beets, carrots and sea buckthorn oil. They help relieve the pain. Try to fill your day enjoyable moments, spend more time with friends and family, get out into nature, rest more often. Stress shorten our lives, so they should not give in.

 Treatment of diseases of the mammary glands: fibrous mastopathy