radiowave treatment of coagulation


  • Description of the procedure of radio wave coagulation
  • The nuances and limitations
  • Advantages of radio wave coagulation
  • Laser coagulation

Almost every woman will sooner or later face the problem in the gynecological field. Here diseases of the cervix occupy a leading position. Radio wave coagulation - a quick and non-traumatic way to end the pathological processes based on the use of high-frequency magnetic radiation.

Radio wave coagulation of the cervix is ​​able to relieve women from such ailments as:

  • erosion;
  • endometriosis;
  • ectopia;
  • hypertrophy;
  • leukoplakia;
  • cysts;
  • polyps and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia;
  • ectropion eroded;
  • scar deformation of different origin.

In addition, coagulation of the cervix allows a biopsy, histological examination, and remove a variety of education, such as warts or polyps.

All manipulations are performed using such devices as "Surgitron" (produces the American company «Ellman International») or "Nadiya-2" (produced in Ukraine). These devices are used for radio wave surgery generally consist of a body and the electrode and work in four modes:

  • coagulation;
  • incision;
  • coagulation and incision;
  • fulguration.

The device is equipped with a variety of electrodes, which makes the procedure very precise and allows you to configure the machine individually for each patient.
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Description of the procedure of radio wave coagulation

This method of treatment of cervical disease operates as follows:

  1. radio wave radiating devices is converted into energy that accumulates on the electrode;
  2. electrode is directed to the desired area of ​​the mucous membrane or a body;
  3. under the influence of highly concentrated energy tissue is heated and vaporized.

If the impact of this manipulation takes place exclusively at the required level, the lower layers of tissue are not damaged or injured. The main feature is the lack of radio wave coagulation of bleeding, and it promotes rapid healing of wounds and prevents the formation of large and rough scars.

The procedure is performed in the first phase of the menstrual cycle, preferably from the 4th to the 7th day. No special conditions are required, radiowave coagulation is carried out in the usual antenatal and lasts from 2 to 5 minutes. Since the method is considered to be painless, additional anesthesia is not used, and used anesthetic ointment (a topical application). An exception may be a severe form of cervical dysplasia, in this case, the anesthesiologist will provide anesthesia for 5-10 minutes.

After the performed manipulation portion, which worked, it becomes white. A week later, he begins to be torn away, and in its place appears healthy tissue. Total healing usually occurs within 6-8 weeks, but the final estimate gives only a doctor after the final colposcopy study. Terms of recovery depend on the complexity of the diagnosis and physiological characteristics of the patient's organism.

 radiowave device for coagulation
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The nuances and limitations

In each case, a gynecologist will give individual advice, but there are general rules to be followed in the postoperative period:

  • 1-2 months refrain from sexual intimacy;
  • do not take a bath;
  • not to engage in heavy physical labor, eliminate stress;
  • not to swim in the waters;
  • do not use tampons during menstruation.

Since the radio wave after coagulation of the cervix in patients observed sukrovichnye allocation, it is recommended 2-3 weeks to use sanitary napkins.

This method nevertheless has contraindications. Some of them are strict, and the other, rather, the relative:

  • acute inflammatory processes in the pelvis;
  • exacerbation of chronic inflammatory processes in the pelvis;
  • the use of a pacemaker patient (this nuance requires additional precautions);
  • categorical refusal of the patient from the treatment of radio wave coagulation.

To prepare for the coagulation is necessary to make a smear on the flora, hold onkotsitologicheskoe and histological study area with pathological changes, undergo a thorough examination by a gynecologist. If there is such a need, the doctor may prescribe additional analyzes on the latent infections.

 indications for radio wave coagulation
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Advantages of radio wave coagulation

Method of radio waves for the surgery of cervical disease has a number of advantages. For example, this method of treatment has been successfully applied for adolescent girls and nulliparous women. Here the decisive factor in the choice of the method is to eliminate the scarring tissue, which means that at birth the future cervical canal is normally open. If you want to eliminate severe forms of cervical dysplasia, the coagulation is carried out even pregnant.

Radio wave coagulation has the following advantages:

  • the speed of the procedure;
  • the accuracy of the effects on the diseased tissue and damage to healthy tissue;
  • efficacy of the treatment (often requires only one manipulation, but relapses are almost absent);
  • speed and painless healing process;
  • the absence of scarring in the cervix and the possibility of coagulation in nulliparous women;
  • no bleeding;
  • the ability to painlessly get the material for histological examination of tissues;
  • no need for additional treatment of surgical wounds (as the image of the natural fibrin film that protects the wound);
  • Choose sterilizing effect which provide radio wave during the procedure;
  • preservation of the original natural shape of the cervix.

 contraindication to radio wave coagulation

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Laser coagulation

For the treatment of diseases of the cervix is ​​also used laser coagulation. It is virtually identical to the radio wave, and has the same advantages and nuances. A special feature is the use of a laser beam, which affect the abnormal areas of tissue. During the procedure, the doctor colposcope (an optical device) controls the direction and depth of the laser beam. It is an effective and painless, but expensive treatment.

The main advantage of the method is the use of lazerokoagulyatsii in cases of serious pathologies that are difficult to other types of therapy. But there are risks: insufficient qualifications and medical malpractice can lead to very undesirable consequences: scars and burns. Also, laser coagulation of the cervix is ​​not assigned to women suffering from the following diseases:

  • renal and heart failure;
  • mental disorders;
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • abnormalities in the endocrine glands.

Radio wave coagulation - a reliable, fast and painless way to get rid of many pathologies of the cervix. By following all the recommendations and prescription of the doctor, after a month, you can return to the familiar life.

 Treatment of diseases of the cervix by radio wave coagulation

 water use


  • The daily body's need for water
  • The use of mineral water
  • Useful properties of water
  • Proper nutrition
  • Useful tips

Water - an important source of life on our planet, the guarantee of health and longevity of every living creature, a symbol of purity, wisdom and fertility. It works wonders, eliminating the human body from illnesses, cleansing and rejuvenating it. She worshiped in ancient times, and it is worshiped today by tying with its "name" the beginning and end of the universe, wealth and abundance. It is not difficult to guess that we are talking about the water - the main element of the body, is a major player of all its basic biological processes.

The use of water is clear, why it is so important to constantly nourish our body of life-giving water, because otherwise the water cycle in the body is broken and provoke a marked deterioration in human health. H2O drawback can lead to dehydration and the appearance of such diseases as autoimmune diseases, allergic, and cardiovascular disease, lupus and joint diseases.

The daily body's need for water

As a rule, each day the body needs an additional two to three liters of fluid. Their most of us to supplying food, vegetables, fruits and other foods, but the arrival of about one and a half liters, we must ensure that our body only as a pure and mineral-rich fluids. The use of water - a moisturizing, rejuvenation, regeneration, growth and many other factors, helps our body to function fully. Our ancestors used it useful properties to get rid of many ailments, and left us a legacy of such an effective method as hydrotherapy.

And today, people are happy to turn to contrasting capita for the return of morning courage and fortitude, treat colds, runny nose and other similar diseases, lowering his feet in hot water, taking a mustard bath, washing with water sinuses and applying various rinse throat. Equally important is water, and in those cases when a person is severely overworked or something poisoned your body, as well as the symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome. It is a unique material not only helps us to get rid of harmful toxins, and helps to restore energy and strength.

 about the benefits of water

The use of mineral water

The use of mineral water is also invaluable. However, carbonated water should not be abused, especially cold - otherwise it may begin problems with the gastrointestinal tract. And it is not only sparkling mineral water, but also for ordinary drinking. But let's try to understand everything in order:

  • Harm and benefits of carbonated drinking water

A glass of cold soda on a hot day - it would seem that could be better? However, such a large number of water can harm the body. We certainly are not going to say that drinking cold water can lead to a sore throat. But the damage to the stomach - a more serious problem. Very high probability of acute gastritis. The mucosa suffers from the effects of cold water and carbon dioxide.

  • Harm mineral water

Despite the fact that the use of mineral water is not disputed, the harm to the body, too, can not be underestimated. And first of all - the damage to the urinary system. Salts and minerals contained in the water, have the kidneys and bladder extremely high load. As a result, the formation of sand and stones. And for the cardiovascular system of a large number of mineral water is also harmful - perhaps a significant and regular increase in blood pressure.

Simply put, the use of mineral water for health is very high. But only when a person drinks the water in limited quantities. Moreover - if you want some water to drink mineral to improve health, ask you to let the doctor tell you what kind of water is suitable for you best.

Useful properties of water

Of course, this above is not a complete list of positive qualities that can "boast» H2O. So, of course it benefits those who want to rid themselves of excess weight. In this case, the ability of water in great demand, which burns fat "reserves" and lead to normal metabolic processes. Significantly reduces the feeling of hunger and an appetite blocks. Total glass of cold boiled water - and hunger go away for a while. An important role is played by the lack of water, calories, fat and cholesterol and low in sodium - health is very important.

Obvious benefits of water and for back pain: to minimize them as easy as moisturize your body. After the water filling the dorsal base of the drive supports about 75% of the weight and condition of the spine due to the hydraulic properties of water. It is impossible not to note the important role of H2O and in maintaining optimal body temperature through sweating. Cooling your body, sweat dissipates superfluous for him degrees (without water this balance would be violated).

Also invaluable assistance fluid of patients with asthma. As is known, histamine - the main factor regulating the processes of life and one of the "watchdogs" of protective functions of the body. Optimal distribution of this material is directly dependent on the amount of water we "refuel." With dehydration, the amount of histamine in asthmatics increased, thereby stimulating the defense mechanisms overlapping airways. Thus, asthmatic syndrome may be weakened if the patient significantly increase water consumption.

 the use of mineral water

Proper nutrition

Fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas - a good selection of drinks. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of tap water in your area, go to the one that sold in bottles - just choose such that it did not have too many minerals.

But what is proper nutrition? It is the consumption of foods with high water content, it is better fresh or raw. Eat more cucumbers, sweet pepper, tomato, onions, carrots, lettuce. And, of course, fruit - apples, oranges, grapes. Acidic fruits such as grapefruits and lemons, too clean our body, and it is difficult to digest connective fibers of citrus, will make the digestive system work: it begins to operate at full capacity.

The human body is made up of 3/4 water, so even if the food is out of it by 3/4.
Eat in a day at least three fruits and three vegetable dishes. Vegetables cook or bake for a couple, so they do not lose precious moisture. Better yet, eat them raw. If you want to arrange a holiday for the body and clean it from the slag, completely eliminating alcohol, cocktails, fizzy and sweet drinks too. Every day, take a walk and find time for exercise.

Useful tips

Finally, a few useful tips. Start your day with a glass of pure water, drunk on an empty stomach immediately as soon as you wake up. And to benefit from the water was clear, follow three simple rules:

  1. Drink only pure water, no other drink is not capable as it is, to accelerate the process of regeneration cells and deliver much-needed oxygen to them. It is useful to use natural water with the lowest salinity (not less than 0, 3 g / dm3, but better - 0, 05 g / dm3);
  2. Drink water on an empty stomach. During sleep, the body loses a large amount of liquid because the metabolic processes going on, and there is no flow of water. And if at first you will have a drink, and then (after 20-30 minutes) to proceed to breakfast, then you have eaten better be acquired;
  3. The water temperature should be equal to the temperature of your body. Eight hours of sleep in a horizontal position - and waste "in good faith" accumulated in the colon. Water, of course, help to remove them from there, but not cold, that is simply "annoying" our mucous membranes.

Of course, talk about the benefits of water all in one article is very difficult. However, a basic understanding you now have. Be healthy!

 The use of water - the main miracle of our planet!

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