anti-inflammatory treatment of cystitis candles


  • Cystitis: symptoms of the disease and its causes
  • Treatment of cystitis: especially important moments
  • Candles - an effective tool for the treatment of cystitis
  • Pros and cons of the use of candles: for or against?
  • How to use a candle: the basic rules and tips
  • The importance of early treatment: risks and complications
  • Prevention: what to do in order not to fall ill cystitis?

Cystitis - an inflammation of the bladder, in particular, its mucosa. This disease can be attributed directly to the two areas of medicine to urology (since it affected the urinary system) and gynecology (often the reason lies precisely in a purely women's issues). This phenomenon is extremely unpleasant, so you should start treatment immediately. One of the most effective means - candles from cystitis.
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Cystitis: symptoms of the disease and its causes

Before starting the treatment of cystitis, should know how this disease manifests itself, because of which it arises.

Let's start with the symptoms, we list the main ones:

  1. Perhaps the first thing you will notice - it is frequent urination.
  2. In addition, there may be a constant feeling that I want to use the toilet "in a little." Even if urination occurred recently, the urge may occur within a few minutes. And it gives discomfort.
  3. When urinating often arise itching, burning, pain in the bladder area.
  4. Since most of cystitis occurs because of gynecological problems, accompany it are symptoms related to diseases of the sexual sphere: abundant and abnormal discharge, itching and burning in the vagina, pain in the lower abdomen, pain and dryness after sex.

Now a little about the reasons, because it is what caused the disease, will depend directly on his treatment. So often cystitis occurs because of contact with the bladder of pathogens, such as staphylococci, Chlamydia, E. coli, or any other. To get all these "bad things" are both from the anus and the vagina. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the urethra women are very wide and short, so that the bacteria penetrate through it more easily. Typically, the trigger for acute cystitis are the factors such as hypothermia, weakened immunity, violation of personal hygiene, and others.

 selection of candles from cystitis
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Treatment of cystitis: especially important moments

What should be the treatment of cystitis? What means most are appointed? Of course, immediately after the first symptoms should visit your doctor, so that he appointed on the basis of analyzes and their results confirmed (or denied) diagnosis. Only after that should be assigned to a specific treatment.

It is important to observe the regime. So, it is better to limit the exercise, and rest in bed for 2-3 days. In addition, different from the usual power will. For example, it is better to give up salty, spicy, fried and canned. Consumption of dairy products is also limited. But the need to drink as much as possible, but plain water is best. Strong tea and coffee are contraindicated. Be sure to be appointed anti-inflammatory drugs, which after administration of the state should improve within a few days. But to completely eliminate the use of the disease should continue for at least another 2 weeks. Help alleviate the condition and heater attached to the lower abdomen.
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Candles - an effective tool for the treatment of cystitis

In most cases, the treatment involves the use of suppositories cystitis, since it is the most effective method.   Which are effective? They may be different depending on the effect and function. It should list the main kinds of suppositories.

  • Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory that is candles. They may be rectal (ie those that are inserted into the anus) and vaginal (used for vagina). These drugs help with the inflammation, kill bacteria, prevent infection develop. It is best to use a NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), they do not have such a negative impact on a woman's body and her hormones as steroids, the effect of which is based on the activity of hormones, steroids. One of the most effective tools in this group - candles Palin.
  • Treat cystitis can and using suppositories, relieves spasms and pain. Since the disease is often accompanied by painful muscle contractions of the bladder, it is sometimes necessary to remove a spasm. In this case it is necessary to try pain relievers candles, containing an extract of belladonna. Effective tools are based papaverine.
  • Another type of funds - are drugs that improve blood circulation. If you experience cramping, they may affect the vessels, and it will complicate the disease and slow the healing process. So improving blood circulation, the disease can be eliminated quickly. In this case, the funds on the basis of papaverine extract or peel or seeds of red grapes.

 correct spark cystitis

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Pros and cons of the use of candles: for or against?

Like any tool, candles for the treatment of cystitis have their advantages and disadvantages.

We must start with the pros. Thus, unlike pills, suppositories active ingredients are absorbed into the blood more rapidly because it does not pass through the liver. This makes the treatment more effective suppositories. Also, do not suffer from digestive system, because some oral drugs can cause nausea, stomach pain and other symptoms. Candles also in this respect are harmless. Furthermore, suppositories are often not contain such a large amount of auxiliary components, such as tablets.

Now the drawbacks. Some substances and components of candles can cause irritation of the mucous membranes, which can cause itching and burning in the vagina or anus (depending on the area of ​​application). However, this side effect was not all funds. Also described symptoms often occur due to individual intolerance of certain substances.
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How to use a candle: the basic rules and tips

Treatment to be effective, it is important to observe the simple rule. So, if you are using a rectal suppository, then insert them after the enema is best (because the candles can have a laxative effect when filled intestines, making the treatment useless). If the vaginal suppositories are used, it is necessary to begin the change. Rectal suppositories are administered after a bowel movement, after the introduction you need some time to lie down. Vaginal suppositories is introduced as deeply as possible into the vagina after the procedure needed rest.
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The importance of early treatment: risks and complications

Why is it important time to begin treatment? The fact is that cystitis can give complications. If the infection is resolved in a timely manner, it will spread to the kidneys, and this is extremely dangerous. Therefore, immediately after the first symptoms of the disease symptoms should see a doctor. If a fever, blood in the urine was found and started a lot of pain, you should immediately call an ambulance.

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Prevention: what to do in order not to fall ill cystitis?

To avoid infection, it is necessary to focus on prevention, namely, not supercool, good personal hygiene, to abandon the tight clothing and ensure timely release of bowel and bladder. Eating too is correct, for example, salty, fried and spicy can provoke an aggravation of cystitis.

In conclusion, we can write that cystitis - is quite common that there is a large proportion of women at least once in their lives (sometimes asymptomatic and remains virtually unnoticed). And if the treatment is started in time, the symptoms disappear after only a week. However, sometimes you need to take drugs longer to the infection has been eliminated completely. Prescribe medication, and the doctor has to diagnose.

 Treatment of cystitis using candles

 treatment of genital warts in women


  • How long is the incubation period of the disease and complications
  • Diagnosis and getting rid of genital warts
  • How to avoid a recurrence?

Warts - it growths on the mucous membrane of the external genitalia, which can be placed singly or in groups, to merge into one big warts. It is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by a virus.

Warts in women may be harbingers of cervical cancer. Causes of warts known - the human papilloma virus, which is almost everyone in the body.

In addition to the appearance of warts, HPV can cause warts, which may be flat, simple and plantar. One of the most serious diseases is cervical dysplasia, and increased risk of cancer of the cervix. HPV virus is an intracellular, he gets into skin cells, there multiplies and causes the above diseases.

 on examination, the gynecologist
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How long is the incubation period of the disease and complications

From the moment of infection until the first warts in women may take a few months. Initially even no changes are evident, however warts can be attributed to the latent infection. The first signs are small rash of pink color, they grow slowly and increase in number. Growth rates of genital warts in women will depend directly on the state of its immunity: the weaker the immune system, the more rapidly growing warts. Because of the long incubation period and latent disease-current diagnosis and treatment difficult. Causes of warts - is not only unprotected sexual intercourse, the infection can occur in the transmission of the virus from mother to fetus.

If the disease is not detected in time and do not start treatment, you can earn significant complications. Warts in women may be an obstacle to the intimate life because women often complex from a cosmetic defect. Warts may itch, cause a burning sensation, and sometimes start to bleed if they are injured. In any case, it is a disease that must be treated immediately, immediately after the discovery. If time does not begin treatment, or do not bring it to the end, possible relapse - the emergence of new genital formations. It may also happen festering processes, the emergence of ulcers, which over time will begin to bleed.

Genital warts - is the formation of the epithelium, which rises above it and have a pointed shape. Most often, the formation is located on the stem, at least on a broad basis, foot warts supplied with blood. First, the formation of fine and soft, they gradually grow, increase in size and may even merge into a group. Papules may be in the groin, in the area of ​​the vulva, small and large labia. If a woman finds a self-formation data, it often refuses treatment. Therefore, the process may be delayed, warts will grow further and cause more discomfort steady.

 at the doctor
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Diagnosis and getting rid of genital warts

Treatment of genital epithelial outgrowths carried out only after confirmation of the diagnosis. Since the causes of the disease - a virus, the simple methods do not detect it. For diagnosis using PCR - is the discovery of fragments of the virus. After receiving the results of the analysis by the attending physician appointed by the full, consistent and effective treatment.

You must be treated by a doctor, a gynecologist, who all procedures and appointments will correctly and in full. Self-treatment is contraindicated, because it can lead to complications.

Treatment education can be carried out in different ways

The most common treatment is the formation of liquid nitrogen, which is applied to the affected area. This method does not cause pain, they can be processed quite large areas simultaneously.

We often become used a laser to remove the build-up, but this method requires additional analgesia, can remain scars that does not speak in his favor.

The possible impact on the warts using products that contain acid in concentrated form. They sear directly affected areas, treatment is carried out courses. At the same time the doctor prescribes drugs that will support the immune system of the patient.

The method of removing warts female doctor selects individually for each. Sexual partners are also required to be treated to avoid re-occurrence of the disease.

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How to avoid a recurrence?

The most reliable way to prevent re-occurrence of warts in women is the use of a condom during sexual intercourse, as well as the presence of a regular sexual partner.

 Genital warts: how dangerous it is and how to treat the disease?