allergy treatment


  • Why is an allergy
  • Diagnosis of the disease: how to determine allergies
  • How to get rid of allergies
  • Traditional medicine: self-help

Asthma, headache, dermatitis, anaphylactic shock, nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, runny nose - do you put up with the above listed symptoms of allergies? Are you willing to suffer all the symptoms, giving up a normal life? No? Then we gather strength and begin to deal with this scourge. The sooner you decide on this, the easier it will get rid of this problem once and for all. But, as with any other illness, allergy treatment should be supervised by your doctor.

Why is an allergy

Whether it's food or drug allergies, only one reason - regular or occasional effects on the body of a foreign protein (allergen), which just reacts to the human immune system. In the first two or three times no reactions may not occur, so it is not surprising that before this you were not.

Allergy can manifest in different ways. Someone will be only tears to flow, and someone will have to provide first aid. As you know, everything depends on the human body, and the circumstances. In any case, if you have found the disease, do not dismiss it, hoping to chance. Even if you now "slightly" bad in the future may still end up sad until death.

 Allergy treatment

Diagnosis of the disease: how to determine allergies

So, if you first encountered the manifestations of allergies, your doctor may refer you to the commissioning tests. This is necessary in order to determine whether or not you have this disease, and to determine on the body so that it reacts violently. And only after the results he may appoint a full and comprehensive treatment of allergies.

  • Skin tests

If you are allergic to pollen, vegetation and other similar elements and substances, it can be identified by making skarifikatsionnye sample. For this small amount of the allergen or injected into the skin (or the back of the forearm), or jetted to an open wound (special comb the surface with a sharp object). After'll have to wait about half an hour. Thirty minutes later, we will see whether or not you have an intolerance of certain substances.

The skin reddened, inflamed and started to hurt, and in this area there was a rash? So - the result is positive. If left unchanged, will have to find another agent (the allergen). But with the test to be careful, because they can be very unpleasant consequences. Sometimes it happens the same deterioration of the patient, not immediately, but after a few hours. So be sure to ask someone from the family to be with you in the next couple of days.

  • Blood test

This is a more gentle method that helps define hazardous substances in your body. Once you take blood from a vein, it will be sent for analysis to a special laboratory. There conduct tests, and then you get an answer to your question. Unfortunately, in this case, the accuracy of the results slightly lower.

How to get rid of allergies

The first thing you have to try as much as possible less and less contact with the allergen. For example, if the reason is a cat - give time to her family, and is a good clean apartment. If you're sick of pollen, take on spring or summer vacation. Drive close to the sea or the mountains. Just be sure to know beforehand if there was hazardous to your health plants.

Household chemicals, you can either not use or acquire a life. Fortunately, in our country you can buy this, just need to work hard. And do not forget the house to use special filters to clean the air, but without flavorings, naturally.

But, constantly avoiding contact with the allergen, and fear that you will one day is very bad, not everyone wants to. Therefore, you also have to undergo medical treatment of allergies. Of course, by this disease at a time not so easy to get rid of. But to reduce the risks and symptoms of manifestation - easily.

  • Immunotherapy

The patient is given an injection with an antigen, gradually increasing the amount thereof. If you do everything right, then, in the end, you will be able to get rid of hypersensitivity. Or at least your body will not react so violently to the allergen. But do not rejoice too soon, because here, too, has its risks. For example, can develop an anaphylactic shock. So trust your health you need only an experienced specialist who is not confused, if you suddenly become ill.

Note: injections are made only in the presence of the attending physician. The dose of the drug itself, and assigns it too. All it takes quite a long time, so please be patient. Once you pass the course of treatment, you still have to go to a specialist.

  • Medications

Note: seasonal allergy treatment can not always be. Therefore you, for example, may prescribe antihistamines, which block the action of simply allergens. Despite the fact that they are quite efficacious, they are recommended to use as little as possible. For long-term treatment are not suitable. By the way, people whose bodies are too reacts violently to any kinds of foods, insect stings, plants, it is best to carry a special medical kit to surrounding able to administer first aid.

  • Droppers

During an exacerbation you can put a dropper, to "wash" your body. Due to this concentration of allergen, which is the cause of poor health diseased person in the body decreases. As a result - are headaches, nausea, rashes, itching, etc.

 correct treatment of allergies

Traditional medicine: self-help

There are many ways to get rid of allergy symptoms yourself. Some of them are completely safe and pretty good to help cope with the problem. But to resort to folk treatments for allergies is possible only after consultation and doctor's permission.

  • Drink plenty of fluids

Herbal teas are permitted if, of course, you do not have allergies to them, green and black teas weak sugar, fruit. Shop products (juices and sweet water) it is better not to eat, because they contain a number of supplements that even healthy people are not always normal after them himself feels. What can we say about the people who have such problems.

  • Wash with a solution of salts of the nose

Per liter of water is taken teaspoon salt. All this is well stirred to the bottom was not precipitate. With the help of a special nozzle, which you can buy at the pharmacy, wash nose. Pre do not forget to check how your body reacts to such a solution. By the way, this tool is recommended when a bad cold, swelling and inflammation.

  • Proper nutrition

Try to eat as many foods rich in vitamins and minerals. It is desirable that they have grown it in your area. But exotic delicacies are best avoided, as they most often are allergic. In an extreme case, first try a small piece, and then, if all goes well, a few days later, repeat the reception.

So now you know what an allergy and how to fight it. The main thing - not to delay until recently, when without the help of drugs and long-term treatment can not be dispensed. And never put a diagnosis on their own, do not drink tablets and teas without first visiting a doctor.

 Treatment of allergy: how to get rid of the disease

 white spots on the face


  • Milia: what it is
  • Why the face appear whitehead
  • Getting rid of milia

Any self-respecting woman with awe about his skin. She follows her condition constantly moisturizes, making nutritious masks, scrubs professional use. The modern representative of the fairer sex is able to keep in shape, whether it is visiting beauty salons or engaged in it all by yourself. So to all, even subtle changes, it is extremely wary.

But despite the modern advances and innovations in cosmetology, almost every fifth woman at least once in his life faced with such a problem as whiteheads on your face. Get rid of them yourself, as you know, is quite difficult. In the course of going and people, and medical methods that remove these tumors. But are they effective? And what should be done for women who first encountered this problem?

Milia: what it is

Milia (popularly called footcloth) - white dots on the face. They appear as a result of metabolic disorders in the body. There is a blockage of the sebaceous glands, which begin to work much faster. The reasons for the emergence of the problem today may be many: poor environment, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, etc. But the result is the same - on the face of large whiteheads.

Rash manifests in different ways. For example, the primary whitehead can appear at any time, enough for half an hour longer than soak up the sun or visit the tanning bed does not use cream to protect against UV, etc. As for the secondary, they occur after serious diseases, skin inflammation, injury (bruising, scarring or other damage).

Now let's examine how these look like acne? It is some small white dots on the face (sometimes, however, have a yellowish hue), the size of a grain of rice, usually round. This spot is quite clearly be felt under the skin, where it presses a finger.

Place of dislocation - the eye area, temporal area, cheeks. Often, pimples may appear on the nasolabial folds and on the nose girls. Usually they are not very much, so at first they did not even notice. Then, it increases to 2 to 5 mm. Only in very rare cases, the fair sex is strongly sprinkles. Hide creams data education will not succeed. And this is good, because otherwise the ladies did not start to be treated, but merely masked defects.

Note: squeeze pimples is not necessary. Despite the fact that the white dots - is clogged pores of which can not go sebum, picks open the needle or tweezers is not necessary. Until the skin is inflamed, the danger to your health is not. This is only a cosmetic defect. But once to get microbes begin the process of decay. And then it may even need surgery and a serious, long-term and expensive treatment.

 nasty white spots on the face

Why the face appear whitehead

As mentioned above, certain factors result in sebaceous glands start to work properly, which leads to clogging of the hair follicle. The facial skin is covered with the white formations. But before you begin to struggle with retention cysts, find out why you had this trouble. In other tumors will continue to constantly appear on the face.

  • Wrong Skin Care

Often women ignore elementary rules of hygiene: wash rarely, do not wash off makeup at night, using ordinary soap, skin touched with dirty hands. In this case, the white spots - the least of the fair sex is waiting.

  • Poor cosmetics

Save on cosmetics - harm to your health. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford expensive mascara, foundation, powder. And if the ladies solid age understand what such experiments may end, the young girls to forget about it. In fact, better to buy one, but a good thing than a decade that clog the pores and prevent sebum normally come out.

  • Malnutrition

Eating greasy, salted, smoked, spicy foods may cause this problem. Of course, this does not mean that in the future you should eat nothing but fresh soups. However, it is advisable either to time off from such "goodies", or dietary diversity. Eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as dishes, steamed or in the oven.

  • Health problems

If you have no reason, no rhyme or reason began to appear white growths on the skin of the face, not only to consult a dermatologist, but also to a gastroenterologist. Since this can be a sign of serious illness. Perhaps you have something wrong with the gastrointestinal tract. By the way, often whitehead occur due to malfunction of the liver.

 White dots on the face treatment

Getting rid of milia

Dermatologists advised not to self-medicate, and immediately sent to them. You will need to pass tests, undergo tests to determine the cause of and to develop treatments for the disease. With regard to the removal of whiteheads, then it is better to refer to the beautician. It makes no sense to wait for the new formation will take place, as they are in this case may be left on your face forever.

At home, you can not get rid of it, because you can carry infection. A cosmetic products (creams, ointments and tonics) are not able to cope with it. Today, there are many modern methods of how to clear your skin of acne. You can choose one of them, after consultation with a specialist.

  • Mechanical method

First, the skin is treated with a special solution, then special education beautician punctures with a sterile needle. All contents carefully removed and the wound - disinfected. Many ladies may wonder: why is it impossible to do the most. Firstly, it is unlikely you will be able to purchase a liquid which does kill all germs. The alcohol and the hydrogen peroxide does not always help.

Secondly, you do not know where exactly you need to do a puncture, so as not to harm the skin. Otherwise scars on his face and scars. Did you know, for example, that at a time can be removed no more than 8-10 formations? Otherwise, the treated areas may become inflamed, damaged, leading to even more of the sebaceous glands.

  • Electrocoagulation

The principle of treatment of the skin in this way is quite simple: to affect the formation of an alternating electric current of high frequency. After the treatment the skin appears thin crust, which, in other quite quickly. But a few days after the procedure is necessary to lubricate the face with an antiseptic.

  • Laser coagulation

Perhaps it is - the most popular and painless way to remove white spots on the face. The only negative - a fairly high cost, which is not every woman can afford to be. The period of full recovery - two weeks, during which the need to avoid sunlight and high temperatures, chlorinated water, etc.

Consult your beautician or not - to solve certainly to you. But only an expert will be able to advise you than it is for your skin type better care. And if you listen to his advice, after the appearance of white spots you will not be bothered. Otherwise ladies have to be treated more than once.

 White spots on the face: the nature of the appearance of tumors on the face