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  • Alcoholism - a sentence or not?
  • How do medications for alcoholism?
  • Drugs to reduce the craving for alcohol
  • Drugs that cause mistrust of alcohol
  • Medications that neutralize the effects of alcohol
  • Medicines, relieves symptoms of hangover
  • Features of treatment of alcoholism

Many people around the world have already hit the "legs" of alcohol dependence, from which suffer themselves and hurting their friends and relatives. That alcohol dependence often leads to various quarrels in the family and divorce as a consequence. Alcoholism - this is really a terrible thing, because the dependence of the person pushing the terrible things, forcing him to put in the first place is not the moral or material values, family, children, work, and alcohol.

For most alcoholics, there is only one problem: what to do to get uninterrupted access to the "bottle". Ultimately, such behavior makes a person suffering from alcoholism, to sink lower and lower. It is simply impossible to describe what the family is experiencing stress, which has an alcoholic.
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Alcoholism - a sentence or not?

Many believe that the problem is simply the usual harmful, but the leading psychologists and doctors say drug experts pathological craving for alcohol disease. Currently, the number of people suffering from alcoholism, is increasing every day, and the victims of this "habit" becomes a smart and experienced people adults and teenagers who want to look older.

According to psychologists, the increase in the number of people with alcohol dependence, due to the specifics of modern life, because people are looking for in alcohol outlet from stress, with time getting used to this drink and its effects starting to think that without such doping life will be terrible.

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How do medications for alcoholism?

The problem of alcoholism is not only psychological, but also health, so at the moment there are a number of drugs that are widely used for the treatment of alcohol dependence.

Action medicines for alcohol dependence may be different, and that is based on the way the impact of these medications can be divided into the following groups:

  • Medications designed to reduce cravings for alcohol;
  • Medicines that cause rejection of alcohol;
  • Drugs, alcohol helps neutralize and eliminate its decay products;
  • Medicines from the hangover.

The main thing to remember when choosing a drug for the treatment of alcohol dependence, it's that some drugs are incompatible with alcohol, others - is strictly forbidden to use it. That is, in one case, treatment with drugs can be carried out only with the consent of the patient, otherwise you can use the tablet without the knowledge of suffering from alcoholism. Basically alcoholics do not believe that they are dependent and can not cope on their own, refusing the help of psychologists and drug treatment, so the family of such a person has to act without his knowledge.
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Drugs to reduce the craving for alcohol

The medications for alcohol dependence require this type of people who do come to the conclusion that they are dependent and sick, so in need of medical treatment. Drugs that reduce the craving for alcohol, contribute to the removal of a person from the "binge" and reduce the psychological burden in the refusal of alcohol. When you receive this type of drugs the patient experiences less stress due to lack of bottles, but in the end, these drugs are only using the power of the will of man. The medicines of this type are Litonin, Biotredin, Glycine and some other drugs.

The action of these drugs aimed at reducing the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that occur after a sudden cessation of alcohol. The composition of such drugs include components aimed at the normalization of metabolism, vitamins, and in addition, substances that have a sedative effect on the central nervous system, which eventually leads to the fact that the man did not so much feel all the burdens of deprivation has become habitual dose alcohol. Medicines that reduce the craving for alcohol, are ineffective in cases when a person is not willing to undergo treatment and to give up their addiction.

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Drugs that cause mistrust of alcohol

The second type of drugs include those used to generate patient mistrust of alcohol. Drugs of this type are powerful and are quite aggressive action. If the person who will take this kind of medication, consciously or not, and then drink at least a small dose of alcohol in his body vigorous reaction occurs. As a rule, in the combined use of alcohol and drugs that cause rejection of alcohol, have alcoholics appear bright symptoms of alcohol poisoning. Most often it appears confusion, vomiting, rash, abdominal pain, diarrhea, thirst, and other discomfort. For drugs of this type is Esteral, furazolidone, Teturam disulphide, Alkofobin, Antabuse, Refezal, Tetradin and so on.

All of these drugs are powerful drugs, so appointed as a last resort when other means have not yielded the desired result. These drugs produce with prolonged use of alcohol intolerance at the body, so a person is called a persistent rejection of the smell and taste of alcohol. With long-term use of these drugs in patients develop an allergy to alcohol and they can no longer use it physically. Drugs that cause rejection of alcohol, are at times the only way to make a person, not recognizing its dependence, to refuse to accept alcohol, so these drugs are usually mixed into the patient's family to eat or drink.
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Medications that neutralize the effects of alcohol

There are a number of drugs that are potent detoxifier. These drugs are designed to remove a person suffering from alcoholism, from a prolonged binge. Medication-detoxicants not only help to rid the body of alcohol available, but also allow the fastest in terms of output decomposition products of alcohol and accumulated as a result of long-term abuse of slag. In fact, drugs of this type are optional and not basic, that is, they are used to help a person recover more quickly from prolonged alcohol abuse.

It is worth noting that the use of self-detoxification of drugs is not always possible at home and mostly these drugs are widely used in specialized clinics and institutions. It may seem that these drugs can quickly sober up a drunk person, but it is not, in fact, detoxification is slow enough, but it shows all the toxins that hinder the metabolism and impair the operation of all systems of the body. For drugs that have detoxifying effects are Matadoksil and Limontar.

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Medicines, relieves symptoms of hangover

Drugs that fight the symptoms of hangover, do not treat the underlying problem, ie, alcohol, and in some cases even exacerbate the matter, as the dependent people stop discomfort from drinking alcohol, which allows them to feel the need to quickly get to drink. Drugs of this type, there are many, and mostly they can get rid of the symptoms of alcohol poisoning and its decay products. These drugs include Allohol, activated carbon sorbents based on lignin Pikamilon, magnesia, Meksidol and so on.

These drugs are effective in the treatment of poisoning, but to cure alcoholism to, alas, is impossible. Such drugs are good to have people in the family who have a person suffering from alcoholism, because there are situations when a person is in urgent need of urgent medical attention due to alcohol poisoning. Furthermore, such tablets, in combination with sedatives, can be a great help to the person wishing to give up alcohol alone. Of course, in this case, you will need willpower and support of loved ones, but, in general, it is possible. The specialized institutions such drugs is an additional means to combat alcohol addiction.
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Features of treatment of alcoholism

Alcoholism - a disease that affects not only the human body, causing a break-up in case of failure of the use of alcohol, but also psychological dependence that is even worse. In order to relieve the patient from the craving for alcohol, you must first change the distorted view that it is simply impossible to do without his assistance.

The path to healing always begins with the awareness of the problem encountered by the patient.   To really help your loved one get out of the bondage of alcoholism, you must convince him to turn to the experts, because only in specialized institutions person can get professional help of a psychologist, psychiatrist and other necessary specialists. In order to completely cure a person in institutions shall be appointed immediately a number of drugs that have a comprehensive impact.

The problem of the treatment of alcoholism is now worth so sharply because of the fact that the patient should be treated comprehensively: both physically and psychologically. The outcome of this case depends not only on medical devices, but also on the willingness of a person having a relationship, which is why at the moment there is no pill that can completely rid of human alcoholism.

 Treatment of alcohol dependence using modern medicines