the causes of warts on the labia


  • What papiloma (human papillomavirus)?
  • Why removing papillomas so important?

Papilloma genital lips are formed in contact with the skin or mucous membranes contaminated with infection. For example, sex in the vagina, rectum, slightly less during oral sex. Infection of the newborn at birth.

To cure papilloma primarily on the time necessary to stop sex life. Treatment of the disease takes a small amount of time.

 surgically removing papillomas
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What papiloma (human papillomavirus)?

Let's start with the fact that HPV virus has some special features. It is an infection that can indefinitely remain in a latent state, i.e. in sleep. At this stage, the disease is contained in the skin depth, so contamination unlikely others as well as the detection of an infection, then treatment impossible.

Treatment to be most effective, we must first figure out what type of HPV is an infection. They are distinguished into two types: "high risk" and "low risk". The first cause disposition of the cervix (the displacement of the uterus from its normal position in the pelvis), which increases the chance of the formation of cervical cancer. The second cause genital warts, which subsequently do not lead to cancer.

Genital warts in most infected people (by any HPV type) does not appear, because they are under the control of the immune system.

The appearance of the papilloma is only 1-2% of people who have been infected with HPV. They appear on the labia for the following reasons:

  • reduction of natural protective immunity;
  • smoking;
  • promiscuous sex, frequent change of partners;
  • stress;
  • vitamin deficiency (lack of vitamin A, C, folic acid);
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • pregnancy. The development of the embryo and safety require a huge effort on the part of the woman's body, that it negatively affects the level of protection of the natural immune system.

Papillomas and warts on the genitals appear in the form of warty formations of pink or flesh-colored. The size ranges from 1 millimeter to several centimeters. Rashes may increase and grow with time, acquiring the form of cauliflower.

Women are affected the following areas of the skin:

  • frenulum of the labia;
  • the clitoris;
  • large and small labia;
  • vestibule;
  • the external opening of the urethra;
  • Cervix;
  • vagina.

In the formation of warts and their further development is dependent only on the human immune system. They can gradually withdraw yourself, grow in size and number, as well as a long and indefinite period of time remain unchanged.

May attend the following complications:

  • injury and bleeding sores;
  • obstruction of sexual activity;
  • evocation of psychological discomfort;
  • prevents the normal delivery.

 laser removal of papillomas

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Why removing papillomas so important?

Skin growths on the labia that have been injured, can be transformed into a malignant form. Moreover, self-removal of papillomavirus likely to cause inflammation at the site of the skin. At the same time, this action will not cure a person, but only to kill time, the outward manifestation of the disease. A man who is not a dermatologist, can not make an accurate diagnosis, so be sure to check with the experts.

If you do not attach much importance the resulting build-up, it may increase in size and go to the external genitalia, and there is the possibility of closing the entrance to the vagina or rectum. A benign tumor - is not only a defect in the skin, but also the risk of direct infection of the sexual partner.

  • Thus, treatment of HPV infections. Currently, there are several medical treatments papillomavirus. The surgical method is the basic and most common. Removing the build-up is done in just a few minutes, all of which will be completely painless. Also no trace after the operation remains.
  • The following method - a cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen. The idea is that the warts on the low temperature, after which there is a removal. Pain is not felt, and tolerated the procedure well. In rare cases, scarring may occur.
  • Another method is called laser therapy. This removal by laser papillomavirus. In this case it requires anesthesia. Laser therapy is a fallback treatment. Removal is not necessary to begin with this method.
  • Podophyllotoxin - a drug which is an extract from a plant podofilliuma. It causes necrosis of warts and papillomas. Hit the drug on healthy skin undesirable. Treatment prior to a full recovery, but no more than 5 weeks. Pregnant podofillotoksina use is prohibited.
  • Electrocoagulation. The essence consists in exposing the sores by heat. This procedure requires anesthesia. There is a possibility of scarring.

As already mentioned, there are many treatments for HPV infection, but none of them can not be considered more effective than another. Each has its pros and cons.

The treatment, which completely eliminates the infection itself has not yet been invented. Now it is at the design stage. And perhaps a few years there will be more drugs and vaccines effective against HPV virus.

If the body has been found to be infected, then completely remove it will not succeed, but it is possible to prevent the re-emergence of the disease.

First of all, strengthen your immune system, be sure to use condoms during sexual intercourse.

Good luck and all the best!

 Treatment and removal of papillomas

 causes of discharge from the sour smell


  • Diagnosis is made by means of special studies
  • Causes of white discharge
  • Treatment of white discharge with an unpleasant odor
  • Speed ​​and especially the spread of candidiasis

Any woman should normally be not abundant, mucous membranes, low odor vaginal discharge (possibly whitish), which do not require the use of sanitary napkins. But underwear should be changed every day, and to monitor the cleanliness of the genitals.

From the middle of white discharge cycle becomes a little more abundant, especially during sexual intercourse when a woman excited. This, too, is the norm.

The reason for the appeal to the gynecologist can be quite heavy white discharge with odor of sour milk, accompanied in some cases, itching, discomfort, and even change tsveta.Takie allocation indicate inflammation of the vaginal mucosa. The doctor inspects the genitals, takes a smear on the flora and on the results of the study indicate the cause of the stroke selections. Upon detection of an inflammation of the vagina gynecologist will determine the appropriate treatment.

Thick, white discharge from the sour smell most often occur in the thrush can be in the form of cheesy plaque on the outer labia, inside the vagina, and be accompanied by itching, pain and sharp pain during intercourse and urination. The mucous genitals while covered with small cracks.

Urogenital candidiasis, or just thrush - an inflammation of the genital organs of women and men, pathogens which are yeast-like fungi species Candida. These fungi exist in the normal microflora of the vagina, colon, mouth and many otherwise healthy people.

White discharge in pregnant women who have a sour smell, in some cases, a very negative impact on the developing fetus. That is why expectant mothers should be carefully watching their health.

Causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of white discharge with a characteristic sour smell - thrush.
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Diagnosis is made by means of special studies

  1. Examination under a microscope unstained smears from the vagina
  2. Examination under the microscope stained smears from the vagina
  3. Mycological research method - certain species of fungus, yeast provoked.

Tutor treatment for this infectious disease is impossible. After may be multiple causes of white precipitates and odor, for example, a plurality of candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis. Treatment should only be performed by a gynecologist, based on the results handed over analyzes.

 on examination, the gynecologist
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Causes of white discharge

  1. The weakening of the general and local immunity, for example, due to a sharp change of climatic conditions when moving residence, frequent reception of the impact of broad-spectrum antibiotics, which leads to the destruction of beneficial bacteria along with harmful.
  2. Hormonal modifications occurring in pregnant women in the vaginal flora, are often observed in the last months of pregnancy.
  3. Infection during intercourse by a partner, while a man can be a carrier of these fungi, not even knowing about the disease and without feeling discomfort.
  4. Stressful situations.
  5. Diabetes, HIV infection.

Although yeast can also be transmitted during sexual intercourse, the disease does not belong to the group of sexually transmitted diseases, they only have similar clinical pictures.
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Treatment of white discharge with an unpleasant odor

There are two main methods of treatment of candidiasis, accompanied by a white discharge and odor: medication and use of traditional medicine.

  1. Admission medicines
  2. Sure, first of all we should start treatment with antifungal therapy, this will facilitate the state already after a few hours. Important: it is necessary to treat both partners, otherwise there is no effect.
  3. Treatment of folk remedies: douching and washing away.

The most popular herb for thrush - chamomile. 1-2 tablespoons of dried flowers to pour boiled water with temperatures up to 50 degrees and about half an hour to insist. This infusion to wash at night. But herbal therapy - a lengthy process and provides only short-term effect.
Most of the benefit will douching ordinary baking soda. This product has the ability to restore an alkaline environment inside the vagina, it destroys drozhzheobraznye fungi Candida.

To date, there are a lot of modern, efficient and safe for the health of women of medicines for the treatment of thrush.

When pregnancy is not recommended to welcome domestic antifungal agents is better to use external solutions, consisting of the same components as tablets, vaginal suppositories.

It is desirable to self-medicate when a white discharge from the vagina, because candidiasis is often confused with another very unpleasant disease - vaginosis. When the disease also occurs itching and white discharge with a greenish tinge. Surely distinguished from yeast vaginitis is possible only by means of laboratory tests. And visually, they differ only in the smell - the smell vaginosis inherent rotten fish.

Methods of disease prevention:

Prevention of candidiasis in most cases not very effective. It is impossible to say for sure that the disease no longer appears, but still recommended to follow certain preventive methods sometimes give good results:

  1. Simultaneous treatment of both sexual partners in order to avoid subsequent infection thrush from each other.
  2. Receiving strong antibiotics and antifungal agents.
  3. Daily hygiene of the genital organs.
  4. Once every six months is necessary to visit the gynecologist and the Pap cytology and flora of the vagina.
  5. Make breast ultrasound, pelvic organs is desirable 1 once a year.

 folk remedies for treating thrush

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Speed ​​and especially the spread of candidiasis

The disease often goes very fast. Small white cheesy discharge after only a few hours grouped across the mucosa external genitalia, highlighting an unpleasant sour odor and unbearable itching. The acidic environment irritates the tissue, resulting in the mucous membranes formed many microcracks that are not delayed until such time as all the fungus is completely destroyed.

Without medical treatment of thrush will take place only after 2 weeks, and the mucosa is swollen genitals, with a lot of sores, and healing will take some time, too.

In many cases, the velocity of propagation of the disease, as well as the subsequent healing of the vagina, depending on the immune system of the woman, as well as additional negative factors such as the regular reception strengths drugs podmyvanii means of personal hygiene, in which many flavors, and an unbalanced level of pH, frequent douching.

Normal white discharge, which are of all women do not have an unpleasant, pungent smell.   Therefore, when a discharge sour, specific odor, accompanied by discomfort, should immediately seek medical attention. It is not recommended to treat yourself, this can subsequently make it difficult to define the diagnosis of a specialist.

If it made the right choice of medical procedures, there may be a high degree of positive treatment outcome (90%).

 What are the selection of white color with a sour unpleasant smell?