Travel to Ukraine

Soon will start the holiday season and not everyone can afford to travel to a foreign resort. But do not despair, you can relax on the territory of Ukraine, where there are plenty of interesting places. Things to keep in Ukraine traces of several cultural and historical epochs. For example, in the Zaporozhye region of the primitive communal system were ancient stone sculptures, unique remains of dwellings from the bones, a child refuses to see a home? From the Sarmatians and Scythians, numerous settlements and burial mounds, and in the Crimea, you can visit the ruins of the Greek settlements. In Kiev, Chernigov and preserved ancient Russian architectural monuments.

  • Kiev is the capital of Ukraine

Kiev is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Many landmarks - St. Sophia Cathedral, the remains of the Golden Gate, Church of the Savior on Berestove where in 1157 he was buried the founder of Moscow Yuri Dolgoruky, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, always busy main street - Khreshchatyk, old quarters of the city, historic museums and theaters, all these places will leave a lasting impression on visitors.

  • City of Lviv

In Ukraine, Lviv - one of the most beautiful cities. He remembered the tourists a variety of cathedrals, ancient buildings, fortress towers. The streets of the small town of Uzhgorod will leave a lot of vivid impressions. Painting and cozy old town of Chernivtsi. In the city of Lutsk, who established the Prince Vladimir, Westminster has a castle of the XIV century, as well as many churches.

  • Odessa - mother

The picturesque southern city of Odessa located on the Black Sea. In the center of the city are typical of buildings in the classical style. In the suburbs are located spas, lake and estuary mud. A special treat you get to visit the famous Odessa market.

  • Crimean peninsula

Crimea is a natural and cultural region of Ukraine, the world-famous resort area. This includes the Yalta settlement Gurzuf, Alushta, Livadia, Sudak, Planerskoe Koreiz Foros and Mukhalatka. In Crimea, made the best Ukrainian port wines and wines. In Yalta, there is the Museum of the Institute of viticulture and winemaking "Magarach", which was founded in 1828. You can ride the cable car up the mountain Darsan, an array Ai-Petri. Be sure to visit Massandra and Alupka Palace museum, suburbs Gurzuf, Gaspra, Simeiz, Frunze.

For lovers of skiing in the south-western part of the country are the mountains of the Carpathians. In the north-east of Ukraine interesting city Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Poltava. In Dnepropetrovsk, founded in 1776, has architectural monuments such as the Cathedral of the Transfiguration (XIX c.), The palace of Potemkin (XVIII c.). Kharkiv city arose at the confluence of three rivers, as a defensive post against the raids of Crimean Tatars. It is famous for the Assumption and St. Basil's Cathedral (XVII-XIX cc.), Great Catherine Palace (XVIII century.). The ancient city of Poltava is known that underneath Peter I defeated the Swedish army, and was erected in honor of the "Column of Glory."

 Travel to Ukraine

 Holidays abroad - affordable paradise

If you think holidays abroad bourgeois privilege, it only indicates that you just do not know about it. Paradise pleasure can be obtained for real money. The main thing - to approach the upcoming rest with the mind, and then you relax and cheap and cheerful.

First, rest and medical treatment abroad can be selected based on their financial capabilities. A trip to the Asian country today can afford any ordinary Russians. With regard to service and maintenance, even the middle-class hotel, always (but sadly for Russia) on the bar above the best Russian hotels and resorts. And, as a rule, the price of foreign trips of more than a third lower than any of the domestic holiday trips. For shoppers the best option will be China. Proponents of privacy, relaxation holiday will be delighted by Thailand. Temperamental, bright personalities will suit Turkey. Landscapes Indonesia will delight fans of exotic.

With regard to safety, it is worth to pay attention to the following points .  If you eat on the ticket, that is responsible for your safety travel agency .  If it is not firm one-day, you can be quite confident that everything will be done to make your stay in the vacation spot as much as possible in a safe and comfortable .  If the resort is in a zone of armed conflict or in the midst of natural disasters, hotel guests immediately out of the country .  Often the tourists themselves put their lives in danger, without going to the resort at will, walking through resort towns during demonstrations and rallies (this situation is happening now in Egypt) .  In this case, it is our excessive curiosity and disregard their own safety is able to spoil the holiday, or even become a life-threatening .  Another bane of Russian tourists - the incivility and ignorance .  Rest abroad, especially in countries in which there are any religious or political cults (Thailand, India) can be completely overshadowed by the severe punishment for the desecration of holy sites or disobeying traditions .  Therefore, going on holiday in a country, and not too lazy to check in advance with the local traditions and customs .

One of the misconceptions is the myth that Russian always cheat on foreign markets and excursions. Local traders are trying to establish itself well among immigrants buyers directly depends on their income, so it is not beneficial to artificially inflate prices. If you think that the price of the item you purchased is still quite high - bargain. Trading is appropriate in any market, this simple art will help to save on almost any purchase. If you are a fan of excursions, choose the services of local tour operators. They are much lower in price compared to those that offer our local guides, and the quality is absolutely the same or even slightly higher, as the locals could not be better aware of their cultural heritage and local attractions.

Many people when choosing a place of rest there are questions about the acclimatization and the harmful effects of air travel. It is a healthy person can not particularly worry about it. Getting used to the change of zones takes 1-2 days. If you have problems with pressure, you should choose a country with neutral and mild climate - China, Bulgaria, Croatia. To relax with health benefits, do not neglect the main rules: Drink plenty of fluids, use a barrier cream with a factor of at least 30, does not light up in the sun. These elementary measures is enough for a pleasant and healthy recreation.

 Holidays abroad - affordable paradise

 10 things you need to take on vacation

We decided to remind you of some things that will help avoid minor troubles and make your trip as comfortable as possible. Especially these tips will be useful to those who organize their holidays themselves.

Laptop or iPad

A small laptop or iPad will occupy very little space in your bag, but will benefit from them more than it might seem at first glance. The Internet is now everywhere, it does not matter, will your stay in the Lazarev or the lost islands in the Pacific Ocean, you can always get in touch and be informed about the latest developments. In addition, you'll be able to navigate the terrain, find a hotel room, buy a bus ticket to another city, to learn what the best restaurant kitchen and what sights a must-see. And pass the road watching interesting films.

Travel SIM card

Travel SIM card will allow you at times to reduce the cost of telephone calls. All incoming calls are free maps and outgoing much cheaper than you were talking in their normal communication. Travel SIM cards work in 180 countries of the world and if you wish, you can configure call forwarding to travel with your usual number.

Charger for camera

If you can not imagine your vacations without a camera, and the new images, be sure to take the road with a battery or a battery charger for your camera. On forgetful tourists like preying owners of souvenir shops, everyone knows that the batteries in any tourist town are five times more expensive!


Everyone knows that the English - the international language. But any waiter, hotel employee or seller in the gift shop always appreciate your modest knowledge of his mother tongue. This means that you will find a good attitude, and discounts!


In the early days of leave your sunscreen should be a high level of protection SPF 30-50, for the second half of the cream with SPF 10-15. Do not forget to bring the cream after sunburn, as well as a sunscreen for the skin around the eyes and lipstick with SPF-factor. Even if you have the nature of dark skin, and you do not burn in the sun, all that you need. It has long been proven that UV radiation - the main cause of premature skin aging.

 10 things you need to take on vacation

Medical insurance

In most countries, health care is very expensive, and in uncivilized countries, professional medical assistance is available only if you have insurance. So even if you go to a visa waiver country or your policy does not require a mandatory basis, be sure to stock up on medical policies for traveling abroad. You will need it in the first place.


It's the same with drugs. For example, in Europe without a prescription, you can buy aspirin alone, therefore, as well as a cure for headaches, intestinal disorders, from colds better to take your own. Just do not forget medicines for allergy and travel sickness. After all, we do not know how your body will react to the new climate and food.


If you are traveling to an area inhabited by many insects, then grab a remedy against mosquitoes and gnats. Before the trip, you will learn the specifics of the selected region, such as the Amazon jungle or Karelia need very strong tools.

Driver's license

Even if your program of entertainment in the journey already laid out, bring your driver's license. Who knows, maybe you'll want to rent a car for the day and explore the area on their own, or take a trip to a nearby town.

Gift Bag

In spite of all the laws of physics to the end of the journey our luggage has a habit to grow significantly. Therefore, if you are partial to shopping, grab a bag for new things and souvenirs. wishes you a great holiday!

 10 things you need to take on vacation