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  • Customs at the feast
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To mark the 20th anniversary of the wedding, as well as other anniversaries, first to the Germanic peoples in the Middle Ages. Directly on the wedding day at the feast was attended only by relatives of the newlyweds, after a few weeks the happy event was celebrated with friends. A year later the young family invited to share in the fun of their mutual friends. After two to a table called everyone, even the most distant relatives and acquaintances hardly acquired. So I went the custom to celebrate wedding anniversary.

In the East, too, it was made to celebrate those years together, but they are guided by other considerations and the matter came to the view point of numerology. Only two of the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary every 11 years during the same multiple of 4, it was decided to convene a large company.

In Russia, such a practice has arisen relatively recently, only in the 19th century and took over much of the eastern.

 gifts for 20 years of wedding
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Customs at the feast

20th wedding anniversary is called a porcelain reason. How beautiful vintage china skilled craftsmen, so beautiful union of two hearts.

How fragile this stuff, just vague marital happiness, and only caring treatment can preserve it for years to come in safety.

Usually twenty years of marriage decided to celebrate with the family. Invite only the closest relatives and friends. The main dish should be something uncomplicated, symbolizing the family comfort. It can be baked poultry or pork. Well, if it's signature dish of the family, bring to the table for years. However, this should not be something exotic or newfangled. Due to the fact that the Eastern tradition has roots well to the table at least one national dish of the East. However, it should not dominate, but only set off the usual traditional food, as the holiday is intended to demonstrate the stability and continuity of generations.

But the main drinking traditions of the 20th anniversary is a tea party. Therefore, a full mistress of the table that day becomes pastries. All kinds of biscuits, cakes, pretzels, cakes, pancakes filled and unfilled. It is important that they are not baked heroes of the occasion, and their children, as a sign of commitment to tradition.

The table serves only new porcelain. Well, if you will take pride of place utensils donated by parents or children. This custom is linked to the fact that for 20 years of a happy life together had to be interrupted all the porcelain for crockery beats for happiness. Therefore decided to update the dishes as a sign that the past (though happy) behind and in front of a lot of new and bright.

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Developments of our time

Despite the fact that the 20th wedding anniversary is usually accepted to celebrate in private, in recent years, a new trend - to celebrate with the whole breadth of the Russian soul. And no wonder, because now not every family is able to hold out for so long. Therefore, such a happy accomplishment is simply impossible to hide from people. In addition, over the years the family has had time to acquire as close relatives who have grown up and probably already married children and many friends. Sin is not to invite them to the feast.

Now often wedding anniversaries, including porcelain, noted in a cafe or a restaurant among many people. The symbolic meaning of this: to set an example and encourage others to preserve the family as long, building his fortune laboriously, working on it every day.

Color porcelain wedding - white. Well, if the guests in their finery use at least some part of the color. It is the color of purity, loyalty and sincerity. On this day, he is not only a symbol but also a kind of talisman, bringing good to the family. You can pre-warn guests about the desired colors and attire, and you can do easier. Because someone can not be a white festive attire, get yourself some accessory, such as a white ribbon, and give it to all the guests at the entrance.

Himself should also be dressed in full, or at least in part, in white. The hall is decorated with festive balloons and garlands with a predominance of white. You can stock up on crackers and give their guests that "blew up" during their toasts. This will add a festive mood to all the guests.

Regardless of where and how you choose to celebrate the 20th anniversary of living together, a genuine elation should fill your home. To do this, you may want to consider pre-event program with dances and competitions. If you are invited to the wedding china, necessarily zagotovte some interesting and festive toast. On this day, toasts should be pronounced more often than any other.

Like any wedding, porcelain also has acquired its own customs and rituals. Owners of the house have to put in a porcelain vessel of a lot of coins. When guests arrive, they each take on the coin itself. Thus the abundance and generosity of the family will return a hundredfold.

Spouses must find the house, the oldest porcelain cups and in the presence of all the guests are drinking, to break ground. Did any of the guests just have to give two new dishes to the old took all the bad luck and the house was always new.

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What do you give a man my dear?

Give jubilee made porcelain (dishes, vases, souvenirs, dolls), kitchen utensils or anything east. For example, it is possible to present the so-called "bamboo happiness". In fact, this plant is not bamboo, and Dracaena braunii. In Feng Shui, this plant brings happiness wherever growing.

These days, everyone wants to give useful and necessary gift. To keep the tradition, it is possible to make a small souvenir, such as a Chinese cat happiness. You can also donate money tree as a plant, and a souvenir. If it is in a clay pot, your gift you kill several birds with one stone. The fact that in ancient times it was customary to give on the 20th anniversary of the wedding of clay crafts, full of himself. Today, this tradition has survived in part. Therefore, it is quite possible to replace the porcelain gifts on clay.

In its anniversary the couple should also make each other gifts. If significant dates in the family decided to make expensive gifts, we can make them a little souvenir, such as a medal her husband "20 years of happiness" in a porcelain mug. Gene can be presented in a porcelain jewelry box. Thus, they will be respected and popular, and family traditions. If, conversely, the couple decided to exchange souvenirs, porcelain cups and saucers with pictures of each other or the whole family will fall just in time. The flowers on this day give only white.

Parents can give children tea set with a box of sweets for tea to sweeten their lives, or porcelain dish with the image of the city, who played in the life of the spouses significant role. For example, the city where they were born or where they met. Perhaps there is a city with which they are associated both an unforgettable experience.

Children, along with a porcelain dish, which is prepared baking them, parents can give the album with the most favorite photographs, or make a collage.

It is important to not only comply with all customs, promising peace and longevity of the family, but also to be on this day of joy and fun, thanks to the life of the mind that it was held next to this man, and then happiness will always be with you.

 Traditions porcelain wedding

 leather wedding


  • The old tradition of a 3-year wedding anniversary
  • Original gifts woman
  • Unusual gifts and useful man
  • Cimvolichnye we launched and their meaning

The wedding day has long been customary to celebrate with the family. This is the first family holiday every newly-made couple, so the couple celebrate their date of formation of the union every year. On this day, not only to view wedding photos and films recall the brightest moments of the wedding ceremony and amusing curiosities that happened during the celebration, but also evaluated once lived together a year, to determine for themselves the most important details and outlining its future joint projects.

For each family the day of their wedding - a special date, so the custom of couples exchange gifts. Some adhere to traditional definitions of wedding dates and presented in their half of the symbolic gift in the spirit of our ancestors, others follow modern fashion and choose the adopted standard in our time: jewelry, fashion accessories, travel packages and even cars. Regardless of the level of security, all the families in this day in common - greeting each other with another year of living together and sharing pleasant surprises.

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The old tradition of a 3-year wedding anniversary

As usual wedding anniversaries are the names of different fabrics, depending on the number of years lived together and the degree of strength of the relationship. 3 years of marriage compared with a solid, but also capricious and demanding skin, for which needs constant care to keep its shape and shine, so this period of cohabitation and called leather wedding. Based on the name, on this day the couple are advised to wear clothes and accessories with leather elements.

The traditional part of the holiday table is considered rye bread, from which the husband and wife should be the first to eat a piece. The feast officially begins only after this procedure. The main dish, serve it in the first place is a meat broth with slices of rye bread or crackers from it. This bread - a certain attribute of proximity between both heroes of the occasion, and all those present at the table.

The couple exchanged gifts as usual leather and give away items that symbolize comfort in the house and wealth, but that definitely will be used in the home. It can be made of leather slippers, leather-bound photo album, or even a whole skin of the animal.

Another custom leather wedding ceremony is whipping dishes: the couple should break up the plate on the largest possible number of fragments. The smaller they are, and the more they get, the richer and happier in the future should be a family. It is from here and went to all the familiar expression of breaking dishes.

 Original gifts for wedding leather
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Original gifts woman

Often, the male half of the population in choosing a present is not creative. Gifts for women are leather wedding bag, shoes or gloves. Of course, it's better than nothing, but showing quite a bit of imagination, you can find a lot of interesting choices of gifts that will delight your loved one.

Lovers of exclusive undoubtedly will appreciate handmade leather jewelry. It can be bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches and many other things handmade with great popularity in our time. Owners of a large amount of jewelry can also be safely present box for storage made of leather. All this can be bought in specialized stores or ordered over the Internet for private craftsmen.

The young lady, loves to read, is to present favorite book or a collection of poetry bound in leather. This will bring joy and will indicate the focus to men half their preferences. Any donated item relating to the hobbies of women, clearly underline the fact that the man in the course of her hobbies and endorses her hobbies. And there is nothing that binds the Union as respect for personal space to each other.

And, of course, no girl will not give up a gift related to the maintenance of beauty and youth of your face and body. Certificate for a number of cosmetic caring services, massage course and the spa will delight and give unforgettable moments of happiness of its owner. In this case, even indirectly, will be observed the old traditions as a gift is related to skin care, and so it too can be considered directly related to this holiday.

It is possible to present gifts to share leisure: tickets for a concert, a rare theatrical performance, balloon flight, parachute jump or a trip to a rest home for the weekend. In this regard, there is no sign of attention to the traditions of leather, but joint activities will surely unite even more and give the opportunity to enjoy each other's company.

 Unusual gifts for leather wedding
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Unusual gifts and useful man

Leather wedding - the 3-year mark of living together, which is passed, a couple literally fused into a single body and feel each other's skin. In the list of gifts that are often portrayed her husband, there is nothing unusual, they are united by one thing - they are made of leather. It agendas, wallets, card holders or portfolios. But to date to remember, you need to make a unique gift. Any object can be single-piece gift, if you make it an exclusive sign or engraving.

Business men who value their free time, you can give a luxurious watch with a leather strap, the owners of cars - leather cases in a salon or leather seats. Fans watching the world of football and hockey games will be enjoyed by new leather sofa with built-in bar and lighting. An original and unusual gift for the wedding will be personalized leather massage chair, made of leather.

Fishing fans will be pleased to receive a ticket to a special tourist trip for fishing spots, and you can make a weekend stay for two in some colorful and lonely place.

Whatever the gift, it is important to one thing - this is a special sign of attention loving person, and attention to each other - the key to a strong union and unconditional mutual long.

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Symbolically we launched and their meaning

Over the years, emotions are modified so that after a couple of years, you were surprised to see each other and really do not understand what makes being together as different people. The feeling of euphoria and a heady sense of novelty relations are in a year of living together.

Only the truly wise and loving people are able to maintain their fragile little world, and yet to reach a new level of consolidation of the relationship. Not the least role in this played a minor courtesies provided to a married couple to each other, because everyday manifestation of special feelings is very important at the initial stage of building relationships.

The tradition to celebrate each wedding anniversary can play a great role in promoting life, to create a unique model of family with their customs and rules of conduct. In addition to the annual training emblematic of gifts to this date, it is possible to agree about several options for holiday. This can be a joint trip to a certain restaurant that was once an acquaintance couple cooking special dishes, 4 hands and elevation to the rank of first family tradition. The main thing is to repeat from year to year, these actions are all carried the same meaning and retain the same value of 2 loving hearts, reminding them and confirming all that they are still a family with a capital letter.

Gifts for the wedding anniversary can be expensive and symbolic, serious and funny, ordinary and creative - a lot of options. But whatever the choice, an indispensable element of surprise must be love, care and attention.

 Leather Wedding: what to give?