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  • Poultry: The easiest recipe
  • Chicken with beer in honey-mustard sauce
  • Chicken with a side dish of potatoes and vegetables

By its nutritional value chicken is very satisfying and useful bird. No wonder experts have long recorded it in the category of health food because its meat is incredibly tender, a little fat in it, so the medium-sized bird, for example, baked in the oven, is ideal for any stomach: both adults and children. If America on Thanksgiving hostess traditionally prepared turkey, the vast expanses of Russia on any one big holiday such as Christmas or New Year is complete without chicken. She added to salads, scaling down from it rolls starting their vegetables or dried fruit, and baked in the oven. If we talk about the latter method of cooking foods, it has several varieties.

The most "clean" option - to put the carcass in the arm, sending it into the oven. Some prefer the more traditional recipes, so the baked chicken on a spit or on the bottle. Today we propose to study the basics of classical cooking and consider all stages of the preparation of crispy golden bird "grandmother" way. To add some "spice up" the dish and give it a "flavor", add the vegetables. And if you want to deal with the preparation of the meal as quickly as possible, it is advisable to take note of the recipe with potatoes. Indeed, in this way you get tender meat with a delicious side dish. Let's begin our first lesson.

 chicken on the bottle in the oven

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Poultry: The easiest recipe

To prepare the first dish you will need a medium-sized domestic chicken - Pick up the carcass weight of no more than 1, 5-2 kg. Of course, if you have to feed a large number of guests, you can buy a large bird, but be aware that it will need a lot of preparation time. To save precious minutes, we strongly recommend that you purchase multiple kilogram carcasses and bake them on the bottle in advance. For example, in the evening or early in the morning. The first recipe, which will be discussed, considered the most economical - you need at least the products, however the result will be very appetizing. If you do not believe me, try to make their own meals.


  • homemade chicken
  • salt and pepper (take black or red - white is best used for cooking other dishes)
  • 8 dried leaves of laurel
  • 30-35 ml of olive oil
  • raw garlic head (we recommend adding the young)
  • fresh herbs - to feed

Cooking method:

As you have seen from the section title, today we speak about the traditional method of roasting a bird, for which you will need a small bank, but still better to prepare the carcass on the bottle. Thus, the chicken should be gutted and thoroughly washed. When the deal with this, let it drain. Then, in a separate bowl pour the olive oil, salt it, here is pour a few pinches of black or red pepper. You may want to use both products. Mash the ingredients with a fork and wash bay leaf.

Home chicken must first be a good brew, but in this case it will turn out tender and juicy. Therefore, treat it with the mix of external and internal parties, bay leaves should be pre-crush hands and add it to the butter. Cover the bird with foil and store food in a cool place for 1, 5-2 hours. Shoplifting chicken, ie broiler carcasses famous, do not require much time, they just stand up and about half an hour. Even so, poultry, cooked on the bottle in the oven, will quite soft and very delicious.

By the way, do not forget the garlic: it can grate or chop special press, after mixing with the other ingredients for the sauce Shrovetide. However, if desired, you can cut the vegetables into large chunks and put them in the bird. They give the meat a distinctive flavor. Now take the average bottle (at the very least fit and small banks), fill it with water up to the top, roll into a few bay leaves and a couple of garlic cloves. Top chicken is pushed and the whole structure is placed on a baking tray, which also added 30-40 ml of water.

The dish is baked in the oven at very high fever, so set the oven temperature to 220-225 degrees. After about twenty minutes when the bird has lightly browned, reduce heat to medium and continue to cook. Half an hour later you can remove the dish, but before feeding the chicken should be well cool. Do not remove it directly from the bottle, wait until it has cooled down sufficiently. Then cut it into portions, put them on a large flat dish and sprinkle with finely chopped greens.

We have presented readers probably the easiest recipe of all. However, there are plenty of different options and ways to cook the bird on the bottle. For example, the meat came juicier, some smeared carcass special sauce. Lovers of sweet and savory notes of doing it out with melted honey mustard, no less appetizing mix are the cream or sour cream with Provencal herbs and tomato dressing. In all these cases, the chicken turns out to be surprisingly tasty and incredibly juicy.

If you have plenty of time, be sure to try out in reality one of the culinary instruction, which may be useful even for the nearest holiday. As a side dish fit boiled rice, buckwheat or traditional potatoes. In order not to waste time on cooking a main dish, bake in the oven carcass with vegetables: fresh tomatoes, peppers and potatoes, mushrooms can also be used. They take the place of the future, and a side dish. In addition, chicken, roasted in the oven on the bottle, perfectly combined with pickles such as pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut. So prepare wisely, eat with pleasure and serve meals with a share of fantasy. Then a gala dinner in your home probably will be remembered for guests for many years.

Bird this recipe can be done not only on the bottle. For example, if you are not alone there, replace it with a conventional tin cans or canned mushrooms, for example, seaweed. In such containers are sold many products. Typically, in such a way the chicken is baked in the oven with a light beer, which gives it an unrivaled flavor, or water. However, if desired, by any chance want to experiment, try a dish of wine. Only in this case we recommend the extremely dry white liquor, as is sometimes stained dark meat in the black spots.

 delicious chicken in the oven on the bottle

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Chicken with beer in honey-mustard sauce

Want to make a delicious and satisfying meal in the oven? Then we offer a versatile dish that is equally perfect for a quiet family dinner, and noisy feast for close friends. Usually a chicken cooked in a pan, in rare cases, the hostess used special brazier. A traditional recipe that has been in vogue even our grandmothers, eventually safely forgotten.

We offer justice and remember the old method of cooking the bird on the bottle. It is very simple and at the same time effective - the chicken turns golden, crispy, and if you add a little beer and grease carcass delicious mustard-honey sauce, then another, and insanely flavorful. Be sure the dish will take center stage on the holiday table. As a side dish can be boiled rice or mash. Followers of proper nutrition is likely to appreciate a light vegetable salad.


  • home or shop chicken (you will need 1, 5 kg)
  • fine sea salt
  • 500 ml dark beer
  • cinnamon - optional
  • 15 g melted honey
  • tablespoon grainy mustard tender (if not there, take the conventional product)
  • 1/3 small spoonful of coriander
  • three pinches of ground paprika
  • olive oil - 20 ml
  • five cloves fresh garlic
  • freshly ground cumin - at your discretion
  • Provencal herbs

Cooking method:

For this dish you will need a small bird, because of its smaller size, the faster it will cook. It is unlikely that you will want to spend the whole day at the plate, so it is best buy on the market mid-size domestic chicken, learn the recipe and feel free to move on to culinary creativity. If you purchased nevypotroshennuyu carcass, first clean it and remove any excess. Then pluck it, and put in a pot of brine. To prepare the mix in the last two liters of water 25-30 g of salt. Hold the bird in the resulting liquid about 60 minutes.

After this time, dry it with a paper towel and enjoy a sauce for lubrication. To do this, clear of a peel the garlic and chop it into small cubes, is another option - a special ingredient to crush press or rub it on a grater. When you manage, pour the product in a bowl with olive oil, add here the amount specified in the recipe of mustard, dried Provencal herbs and other spices and ground paprika.

In a water bath or in the microwave, melt the honey, then sprinkle in it a few pinches of cinnamon, cumin and coriander. Thoroughly mash foods with a fork to have formed a homogeneous mass. Mix it with olive-mustard mixture and again with zeal, operate a spoon. Now rub the chicken with salt first, and then the fragrant sauce. Handle the carcass should not only outside but inside. To the meat is well soaked, cover the bird and remove the cling film for a while to the side - 20-30 minutes should be sufficient. Turn the oven to 190 degrees and wait until it warms up enough.

Then remove the paper from the beer bottle labels and pour off from it about 1/4 of the drink. Now, the remaining liquid carefully so that the foam does not burst out, sprinkle in a tablespoon of dried Provencal herbs, or other favorite spices. Chicken had already soaked, so remove it and put it on the prepared container. Then put it on the lowest shelf in the oven pan, pour a little water and beer. They should completely cover the surface of metal utensils. Your delicious creation takes place exactly in the middle of the pan. Leave the bird for 50-60 minutes, if you see that it is undercooked - the skin is covered with a brown crust, the meat looks dryish, - Reduce the heat and wrap the carcass foil or a special paper.

When the dish is ready, remove it from the oven and cool slightly. Chicken, baked in the oven on a beer bottle, will remove much easier if pre-cut to her belly. Just before serving, chop it into portions, arrange on plates with side dishes: rice, steamed or fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes - and sprinkle with fresh, chopped herbs. If you know that your house will meet a lot of guests and do not want too long to bother with cooking dinner, try one of the little tricks.

Proceed as follows: Put the chicken on the middle shelf in the oven and under the bottom of the pan define a second, pre-treated vegetable oil. Spread an even layer of it cut into fine strips potatoes and whole vegetables, such as slices of tomatoes, sweet peppers, chopped onions rings. In the process of baking the said products will drain chicken fat and juice. In the end, you get two full meals: meat and side dish. Thus you will save time and, and guests will not go hungry.

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Chicken with a side dish of potatoes and vegetables

Just above it mentioned that there are some culinary tricks that help the hosts to lead a full life, to feel like a real woman and still be caring keepers of the hearth. In the piggy bank every lady should have at least a couple of quick and tasty recipes that do not take much time and does not take away all the power. Described below dish falls into the category of food. Especially for a large company once baked chicken with vegetables: potatoes, tomatoes, onions. At the same time the hostess does not require too much effort; most importantly - cut products, put them in a bowl, and send in the oven. Last do everything himself: and bird browned and vegetables bring to readiness. Let's see what happens.


  • whole chicken carcass (of course, plucked and gutted)
  • 250 g gourmet mayonnaise
  • Dried basil, rosemary or other special seasonings for poultry
  • Six potatoes
  • three tomato
  • 150 g of white onions
  • 1/2 head of fresh garlic

Cooking method:

Eviscerated poultry rinse and dry necessarily good for this you can use a paper towel or kitchen towel. Peeled garlic grind press, and then connect it with herbs, spices and a few grams of salt. At the end of the same here enter mayonnaise, following fork mash ingredients, the resulting mixture abundantly grate carcass, both internally and externally. When you manage to hide it for 2-3 hours in the refrigerator for impregnation.

In order not to lose time, remove the peel and chop the onion into thin rings. Potatoes cut into large cubes of equal size, in the same way to cut and tomatoes. If you want to garnish went perfectly gentle, be clear in advance peeled tomatoes. It is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. Just top notch vegetables, then pour over it alternately hot, then cold water. Due to the extreme temperatures lag behind skin from the pulp and get rid of it is no longer difficult. Chop the tomatoes into slices and go to the final stage of preparing a delicious chicken.

Take the brown bottle of beer (mind you, the glass should be thick), fill it with purified water, the top Push the pre-marinated poultry. Put the pan in the middle of construction, spread out around the rest of the potatoes and vegetables. Recent necessarily drizzle with olive or vegetable oil home. If desired, pour the remaining mayonnaise them, for flavor, you can use dried herbs. Send your dish in a preheated 200 degree oven. After about 45 minutes of the match pierce the chicken. If it stays dry, and the meat itself to give off juice, which means that it is time to remove the dish from the oven.

Chicken is considered a very dietary product, method of preparation, there are many. The easiest and most satisfying option - Boil the bird: If you add a little broth and noodles browned carrots and onions, you get a gentle soup. The traditional festive dish considered a bird, baked in the oven. If you want to do it with a side dish, with chicken lay on a baking sheet (required pre-lubricated with oil), potato wedges or fresh vegetables. It can be strong tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cauliflower, potatoes.

The bird on the bottle turns out juicy and incredibly delicious. Feel free to choose interesting recipes and experiment to your heart's content.

 Traditional recipes of chicken in the oven on the bottle