Traditional recipes treatment of angina

Spring brings not only warmer weather, but also a variety of diseases. And in particular - angina. Usually, at the first pain in the throat of people rush to the drugstore and purchase a variety of pharmacological agents. But is it always justified? Very often traditional recipes the treatment of angina are not worse, and sometimes more effective drugs of all kinds.

This is what will be discussed below. Let us first recall what is angina. After all, not every throat, redness and pain indicate this disease. Angina - is an extremely contagious disease in which the inflammatory process extends to the tonsils. The reason for this inflammatory process is the introduction of different pathogenic microflora, often streptococci.

They fall into the throat of a variety of means - in contact with a sick person, in the use of unwashed products using dirty dishes. And in some cases, the cause of the disease may become even those bacteria that reside on the surface of the tonsils. They can trigger the disease in the light of adverse conditions - a sharp hypothermia, temperature variations. For example, sometimes simply wet feet or eat ice cream.

In addition, the development of the disease to a great extent can contribute to any irritating substances, such as alcohol, dust. In addition, some chronic diseases - tonsillitis and adenoids, because that is often observed violation of nasal breathing. By the way, very often a sore throat may be a consequence of the presence of diseases such as sinusitis or dental caries.


Typically, the disease starts suddenly. The patient man sharply and significantly deteriorating health:

  • Significantly increased body temperature, sometimes up to 39 - 40 degrees.
  • Headache of varying intensity - mild to pronounced.
  • Discomfort in the throat - dryness and feeling of constriction due to slight edema.
  • Increased pain and certain groups of lymph nodes.
  • Increased redness and inflamed tonsils. Depending on the variety of angina may occur purulent plaque or ulcers.

Typically, the average time of the disease is about 7 - 8 days, followed by a complete recovery. However, in some cases, may develop complications such angina as peritonsillar abscess. It begins very suddenly - on the second or third day after all signs of the disease disappeared completely.

At first glance it may seem that the recovery was complete. But there it was - the body temperature rises rapidly to very high numbers, there is a strong pain in the throat, in no way associated with swallowing. Again, very swell the lymph nodes - a sick man could hardly turn his head, refusing to eat. In severe cases, perhaps even difficulty breathing.

Treatment of angina

In order to avoid the development of all sorts of complications, must be very strictly comply with all the recommendations and requirements of the attending physician. This will help overcome the disease as soon as possible. All drugs must be selected strictly physician individually in each case. If a sick person will engage in self, to no good it will not - can significantly worsen the condition, so the risk is not worth it.

However, there are a number of recommendations which must be followed in all cases without exception. And we start a conversation with the power of the sick person. The diet should be as rich, containing high amounts of vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Of course, all food should be gentle - steam cutlets, liquid porridge, jelly, soups, fruit drinks. The food in any case should not be sharp, hot or salty - it will be only an additional irritant to the tonsils.

Due to the fact that the sore throat is a very contagious disease, it is important to remember safety precautions. In the sick person should be a separate dishes, towels and other hygiene items. Dishes must be washed and stored separately from the rest. And the thing is also desirable to be washed separately. Caring people should as often as possible to wash your hands. Children in the room of the sick family member to let strictly prohibited.

 People's treatment of purulent tonsillitis

The secrets of traditional medicine

It's time to go to the main topic of this article, and tell about people's treatment of purulent tonsillitis. But be sure to remember that all of the following recipes can serve only as a supplement to the treatment prescribed by the doctor. And in any case, do not use a particular recipe, without first talking to your doctor.

  • Garlic broth

Garlic decoction is very effective at the beginning of the disease, when a sore throat just announced itself. To make it 6-7 pre-chop peeled cloves of garlic, sprinkle in them in an enamel bowl and pour a glass of milk. Bring the milk to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for about five minutes.

The resulting broth of garlic sick person should drink in equal installments within 12 hours. As a rule, after 6 hours the pain is significantly blunted and a day, and general condition of the sick person is greatly improved. However, remember that this tool - a kind of "first aid". Therefore, in any case, do not stop treatment prescribed to you by your doctor.

  • Milk and honey

Another very well-known way - it's hot milk with honey. Preparing this recipe is as follows: Boil one cup of milk, add the one teaspoon of honey, butter and half a teaspoon of baking soda. All components mix thoroughly and let the sick person to drink before going to bed.

Note - This recipe is contraindicated for people who suffer from allergies to bee products and any of the various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Very often the question arises - is it possible to give it the means to children? In principle, contraindications for children are the same as for adults. But if you manage to get the child to drink this beverage, which has a very specific taste?

  • Onion and honey

For adults, a very effective means is the following mixture. Press 100 grams of onion juice and mix it with two tablespoons of any of honey. Dampen a cotton swab the resulting mixture and how to grease the top of his lungs. Remember that you do not need a wand - it can not double dip into the solution so as not to contaminate it with bacteria.

Immediately after the soak in the mixture of two mustard plaster to be applied to the soles and leave for an hour. It is advisable to spend the time in bed. After the legs must be steamed in hot water and put on woolen socks. At this time, it would be useful decoction of lime, which is necessary to drink tea instead.

  • Cranberry and Honey

And all the usual candy, designed to reduce the pain in the throat, can be successfully replaced by the following means. Chop half a glass of mint cranberry. And it can be used as fresh berries and ice cream. Of course, pre-heated to room temperature. Mix berries with half a glass of any of honey. It is necessary to once an hour thoroughly dissolve teaspoon of this mixture. By the way, it not only reduces pain, but also very effectively relieves inflammation.

  • Tea and Honey

To rinse, you can use the following recipe. Boil half a cup of strong black tea. It is necessary to add one tablespoon of honey and apple cider (!) Vinegar, and mix thoroughly. The sick person must obtain a solution to gargle every two hours during the first day of the disease. In the following days only three - five times a day.

  • A decoction of chamomile and celandine

To prepare the broth chamomile and celandine, you need to put in an enamel bowl a tablespoon of dry raw materials. Fill in the grass with one liter of water and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat, cover the pan tightly and simmer, cover about 15 minutes. Ready cooled broth can filter using gauze cloth - otherwise grass particles can cause very unpleasant sensations during the rinse.

Gargle necessary as often as possible. Typically, the pain recedes after the first rinse. A stable positive results were observed after the first day of treatment. Contraindications to this means no other than, perhaps, are hypersensitive.

  • Dewberry

In that case, if you can find blackberries - both fresh and frozen - we recommend you try the following recipe. 200 grams of fruit pour 0, 5 liters of boiling water and cover. Let sit for about three hours, after wrapping a warm towel. By the way, if you can not find the berries, you can replace them with dry leaves blackberries, which are sold in pharmacies.

This infusion can be used to rinse and oral. Gargle is necessary every three hours - blackberry is very good relieves inflammation. And inside the infusion can also be taken - 5 tablespoons before each meal. Blackberry perfectly mobilizes the immune system.

  • The broth blueberries

Another excellent way to gargle a decoction of blueberries. It is prepared as follows: mash half cup of berries to puree the state. Place it in an enamel bowl and pour one liter of boiling water. Let sit for hours on low heat bring to a boil. Then add one tablespoon of honey and mix thoroughly.

According to the broth should begin gargling immediately after came the first pain. Rinsing is necessary as often as possible - at least every hour. Relief comes after three - four hours.

  • Sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil is also very effective in angina. The course of treatment is as follows. In one cup of warm drinking water, dissolve one teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil. Gargle is necessary every 20 minutes until the pain disappears. Typically, this occurs in a day.

Very effective compression with sea buckthorn oil. Wet gauze in it, put it in his throat. Over napkins, place plastic wrap and secure with a bandage. Duration compress - 2 hours. If you do it in the evening, it can be left on all night.

  • A solution of iodine and salts

In cases of severe inflammation of the tonsils is very effective gargling solution follows. In a glass of warm boiled water Stir in half a teaspoon of baking soda, salt and a few drops of iodine. During rinsing possible extremely unpleasant. However, in most cases already after the first rinse retreats even the most severe pain.

All these folk cures purulent tonsillitis are very effective, so do not ignore their existence. But the need to see a doctor promptly forget not worth it. And remember the most important thing - not all do not use these recipes for the treatment of children.

 Traditional recipes treatment of angina

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