English style in interior

Traditional English style in the interior - a combination of "flavors" of different eras, called in our time classics. This style is perfect for creating a cozy, elegant and eludes the changing fashion trends of the interior of the house where the family will live with average income. For the grand and pompous suburban residences and villas large area it is absolutely not suitable, because for them it is quite modest and calm. The key features of the style are:

  • Solid-colored carpets and rich residential interiors with spectacular patterns - in the living room.
  • Wood burning stoves with wood carved decor and fireplaces made of limestone or marble, and placed them on mirrors in gilded frames.
  • Lots of natural light combined with chandeliers, wall sconces, frosted lamps and floor lamps.
  • The use in the decoration and finishing of various parts of the interior gilt, brass and crystal.
  • Wooden furniture of dark tones - from bog oak or mahogany with curved legs.
  • The application in the design of the windows volume with folds of drapery cords and tassels, swags and insert pads for those who like to sit on the windowsill.
  • A large number of colored fabrics with intricate designs and rich texture - velvet, chenille, damask, as well as the skin.
  • Use the finishing floor mosaic parquet or wood patterns on the tiles in kitchens and hallways.

Is this your style?

This style is uniquely suited to you if you are a flaming passion for antique shops and enjoy antique furniture and prefer the rich warmth of dark wood in the interior. If you are the owner of the buildings of the past era and miss the atmosphere and charm of the classics, the English style is created just for you and your home.

However, if you currently live in a modern apartment, prefer to air and light, can not stand colorful fabric bust color and plinths and friezes considers unacceptable throwback to past times, you will in any case can not select the style for the decoration of their habitats .

 interiors in English style

The color palette style

The color range consists of English style with warm, deep and rich colors that can fill the interior of the house cosiness and comfort. For a room with a small amount of daylight is well suited color dark red wine, mustard and deep green. For bright interiors with pretensions to consistency and perfect order fit pale colors - ivory, cream and gold.

In the time of King George (1714-1837) painted the walls only in one color - it could be either white or darker shades. Against this background of smooth wooden carving in the decoration of borders, skirting boards, doors has been particularly visible and legible. Choice of color is often dependent on the other side of the world, which came out of the window of the room. The warm golden or pale pink shades used in the northern areas, azure and saturated green - in the south.

In the era of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) were the dominant warm terracotta shades. The most common color schemes use three walls in accordance with the division into three parts: the first level was considered from the floor to the basement of the conventional rim, served as the second segment of the wall from the side to the edge of the frieze, and the third had a portion of the edge-to-ceiling frieze.

 Interior country-house in the English style

"Little things" in the English style

Interior country-house in the English style primarily consists of wall decoration. Heavy embossed wallpaper, paint bold colors and wood paneling will fall could not be more welcome. However, one should always keep in mind that the walls should be in harmony with the rest of the interior, but not to be the main dominant in it.

English-style interior is unthinkable without textured floors with a variety of patterns and geometric patterns. Particularly relevant in the interior of this style will be solid and sturdy carpets, for example-rich Persian border with dark and lighter ornament in the center. Suitable as a dense floral design in the decoration of carpets, but the shades in this case, better to choose a creamy cream.

Black and white tiles in a checkerboard pattern is a fixture in the English style and is particularly relevant in the kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. Another excellent option floor in the spirit of the Victorian era can be colored terra cotta floors and slate tiles.

One of the most important components in the formation of the English style is a pattern. You can link together a variety of fabric colors and patterns, such as fabric with stripes of another color will be an excellent companion damask floral ornaments with two tones. Damask, due to the three-dimensional effect is generally very expressive material created by the contrast of matte and shiny areas draperies. Curtain is better to choose velvet and chenille.

For stylized traditional English interior textiles primary option could be two-tone fabric with broad stripes alternating with narrow strips of color, contrasting to the core. Fabrics with a large padded style Paisley ("cucumber") rich brick, golden, blue and green tones give the interior houses some eastern shade, and with the help of colorful calico in color shades of sage, cream and gold can be issued more than pale interior.

 Traditional English style in the interior

 wall decor with their own hands

And let's you and I try to transform your house? And not just to transform, and to surprise the guests and even yourself! That, they say, what I am dreamer, restless inventor and kreativschitsa! And help us in this wall. They will become for us, as a blank canvas for the artist, a place of creativity, a place of realization of ideas for transformation of the house. The decor of the walls with his own hands without the use of sophisticated finishing techniques and building secrets. That is what we will deal!

What do you need? Fantasy (well, that we do not do it!), Free time (also found), humor (there), materials and items for decoration (shall find, produce, prepare to build). Well, if all in abundance, then - go ahead! Make way for creative ideas!

Creative kitchen wall

Here we need first of all kitchen utensils. For example, bakeware. Now on sale weight of various molds: for biscuit and cake pans and cookie. Circular or rectangular, with holes in the middle and with a shaped bottom. And, maybe, and it does not have to buy, and need only to dig into "storage areas" - there simply there is something suitable.

What are we gonna do with them? The walls are decorated! Rather than keep them hidden in a closet, hung on the wall. By playing with the size, color and shape of the utensils, we get the original, delicious and creative decoration of the walls with his own hands. I do not like molds on the wall? Okay, let's leave them alone, and turned his attention to the inner contents of the drawer for cutlery.

Take a tray, paint it in the appropriate color, it is attached to the transverse strips (like stripes on the vest, but not so much). A strap is placed under the forks, spoons, knives - wonderful mural done! Hoisting a tray onto the wall, and next to it - molds for baking (well, really want to see how they look on the wall). Okay, okay, do not touch the molds.

And what's that? The old lid on the pan? The material is not for decoration? Get them, take a brush and paint (and it is possible and napkins for decoupage), we turn the cover ... well, for example in multi-colored cap, or painted cover, and have them - on the wall. Here you have a creative décor, and who's to say it is not? Perhaps these ideas naveyut you and any other use of kitchen utensils to decorate the walls? If "yes", do not forget to share with us. And we, having finished be creative in the kitchen, move the living room.

 wall decor in the apartment with his hands

Creative living room wall

Here, of course, kitchen utensils well, not in the subject. But it is "subject to" all kinds of foam molding simulation. No, no, do not be afraid to use it for its intended purpose, we will not. Leaving this possibility to the boring and not very creative people. Themselves to buy a variety of polyurethane sockets (which are mounted under the chandelier on the ceiling). Take these rozetochki, and so that's nice (and most importantly - creative) mounted on the wall. If the walls are white, the outlet can be put under the contrasting foundation itself or polyurethane paint in a different color. As you are such an idea?

A blind you've been changed in the living room? If yes, then it's time to do it, and along with materialchik prepare for wall decor. In general, curtains drapes, and for us it is more important walls. So we take the same cloth (preferably colored and patterned), from which we sewed curtains, pulls it on a frame or on a wooden hoop, or a round frame for a mirror. And you can all at once, and then the resulting panel (or several panels of different shapes and sizes, but one color) use for decorating the walls. Say uncreative? You do not say!

No excess tissue from the curtains? No problem! We are doing the same panel from any other scraps of fabric. By the way, even if your "zagashnike" these patches are not there, they can be very cheap to buy at fabric stores. So we make colorful and diversified panel of fabric stretched over a frame - voila! Creative panels in the living room ready.

 wall decor with their own hands

Bedroom also need creative

And here it would be appropriate to demonstrate their own handmade achievements. Crochet or knitting needles? Perfectly! Tie a few small openwork fabrics of bright yarn. Attach them to the contrasting dark basis and put in a frame. These are the creative paintings can decorate the walls in your bedroom. Instead syazannyh "pictures" for decoration of the walls, you can use any other handmade paintings. Which technique you own: Quilling, origami, textile sculptures, stucco? Do not hesitate to flaunt their creations, making them the objects of interior design.

Crafts are not your thing? Well, that used to decorate the walls in the bedroom, for example, a collection of hats or ties with belts. They successfully replace panels or become creative material for its manufacture. Arrange on the wall similarity showcases jewelry store by hanging on hooks beads, chains, bracelets, necklaces and other your "jewels". Remember, wall decor in the apartment with his hands - it's not necessarily expensive materials or architectural delights. This is a "two in one" - your imagination and sense of style.

Children's room - a springboard for creativity

Talk about what a wonderful and simply indispensable decoration of the walls in the children's drawings and crafts will be your children, we will not. This is because everybody knows and, alas, no longer creative. But it is you think you are? And not afraid to experiment? Then ask your child to decorate the walls of their own. Just give it to this real paints for mural painting and approach the process seriously.

Discuss the concept, sketch, draw, discuss the stages of realization. Believe me, even if the result is a painting not meet your aesthetic needs, it's worth it! Your child will remember these moments as one of the best, it will be honored by your trust and will answer the same.

But there is another, less extreme, but no less creative option. Take colored paper and cut out of it different figures (fish, birds, butterflies, men). Then place them on the wall as it is pleasant to you or your child. In general, do not forget that it is to live in this room, and his opinion should be considered. And nakreativite so upset that (at least) their child.

In general, you probably already understand the basic idea of ​​a creative wall decor. Nothing standard, all just exclusive: either the idea or the materials or method of wall decor with their own hands. So do not stop the work of his "ideological" generator. Invent, dream, ironic.

 The decor of the walls with his own hands - the way creative ideas!

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