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Let's remember how usually take our holidays. Probably the highlight of a six-foot table, crammed full of treats on which day and night pored hostess. And now her efforts not only visible on the table, but also in appearance: circles, unfinished manicures and hastily arranged hair.

It is doubtful that your photos with this holiday, she is proud to show to friends and colleagues. And the guests are tired of this kind of domestic activities. After all, they all have one common scenario: You drank, ate, danced, again sat down, smoked, danced again, dessert ... And yet, what are we? Dessert usually carry with them, as the stomachs of guests are not dimensionless.

That's why owners who have already realized that the feast - is not necessarily a meal, are increasingly satisfied with the unusual party at home. Of course, holding such celebrations imposes certain responsibilities, because you need to take into account the age of the guests, their social status, as well as try to find a subject close to all invited parties.

Do not be afraid to move away from stereotypes and apply new ideas for home holidays. The experiments in this matter are essential, because they bring to our everyday life such a welcome diversity allows us to experience hitherto unfamiliar feeling, to experience joyful emotions. They - like a firecracker, splashes of champagne, fresh sea breeze after a hot day. And be able to draw inspiration from magazines, popular films, or drawn from his own head.

Eden theme parties for large youth companies

Unusual in its format a holiday can be arranged for any occasion. Birthday, wedding anniversary and New Year's - all these important events will only benefit if you go to their organization the most trivial way and use original ideas. Guests will be pleasantly surprised by the novelty of the atmosphere and always will inherit your example. Even an ordinary meeting friends at home at one of these gatherings will turn into a funny, if it becomes the subject, for example, first love, funny stories from his childhood, vivid impressions of holidays and so on.

Ideas for unusual holiday soar everywhere. You can have a party in the form of a detective story, think of a "crime" and its disclosure to captivate visitors. However, for these thematic meetings will require careful preparation and the help of someone from friends. You will have to select the plot to hide the evidence, and make it more interesting and not dull. So first consider whether the very idea like guests? If most of them are close to the great Sherlock Holmes, and on shelves dominated by detectives home libraries of various authors, such contingent invited pleased to participate in a dream you entertainment.

On the street - summer sun and it's time to leave? Theme parties with a hint of holidays in hot countries - is very important. You will need to arrange something like a pool, do not have to fill it with water, is not it possible to flood and neighbors. An excellent option would be special balls as in the children's playroom. As for the dress code, everything is clear: girls wearing swimsuits and men - colored Hawaiian shirt and swimming trunks. Do not forget to prepare exotic cocktails with umbrellas and straws, prefer a light seafood appetizer and a dessert fruit post.

To create the right mood, decorate the room with posters with the image of the Hawaiian Islands and other summer resorts, welcomes guests indispensable greeting "Aloha! "And they wear bright paper beads. Entertainment you can choose a variety. This game is a tightrope, called "Limbo" and a quiz with questions about Hawaii, and competition for the most incendiary dance. Eden tells you imagination and desire to make a present for friends revelry.

Another option of theme parties can be a masquerade or a carnival. In this case, can not do without costumes and masks. For entertainment, you can offer visitors to play episode from the well-known movie or literary work. And even more interesting is if invited split into two teams, one by one will show such scenes, and guess where they are. You will need to create a likeness of the stage house and auditorium. In an impromptu intermission invite guests to "buffet", where will be served buffet table.

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Girly gatherings anew

If you plan to invite friends and chat about life while sitting on your sofa, why not give your new notes of the meeting? Ideas for Women theme parties can be gleaned from all the beloved TV series "Sex and the City." Look to what they drank the heroine and her friends Treat cocktail "Dry Martini" or "Cosmopolitan" and post a small settee. Do not forget to include the soundtrack of the film, and friends can call the names of its main characters.

It is impossible to ignore the popular pajama party in the United States. The basic idea for the organization of similar theme of the festival is the comfort and warm atmosphere of trust, which is only available long-standing and very good friends. Therefore, evening makeup, glamorous outfits and hairstyles fine - this is not what you can do. But cute pajamas or comfy robe immediately forced to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones.

Let one of you will work to remove the operator and video friendly gatherings. Arrange fun singing contest, impromptu fashion show, experiment over the images of one another, or do a manicure, look through old photo albums, remember, dreamed about and see some romantic movie. In general, loans are generally cute girlish things and whispering.

Drinks, champagne or other select nekreplenoe wine, you can cook, "Margarita" and prefer "Martini". Light salad, pizza and delicious desserts perfectly satisfy your hunger. And closer to the night it was time for a frank conversation on the most exciting topics, the discussion which will be delayed until late. It's time to go to the balcony, looked up at the starry sky and make a wish, which is bound to hear the universe.

An excellent alternative to the pajama party theme is coffee. Agree, there is nothing more comfortable than the smell of freshly made coffee and appetizing French croissant. To get started you need to create a unique home fragrance that morning enticing calls us into the kitchen. You can arrange how to use the air freshener, and spread out in a small handful of ground capacity "Arabica" and spread them around the room. Fortunately complement the interior and thick candle with coffee beans. Pay attention to the serving table, as beautiful dishes for radiant purity tablecloth set of fragrant spices, a variety of desserts and sandwiches with red fish are unlikely to leave your friends indifferent.

For coffee theme parties important selection of drinks, so decide that offer its guests. If it is alcohol, prefer a good quality brandy or liqueur. But the coffee is prepared several kinds: usual strong, cinnamon and pepper, chocolate and caramel, cappuccino, glace. Do not interfere, and hot chocolate, especially if you plan to organize a party in the winter.

Guests can have fun with the music quiz. Pick-backing soundtrack songs that mention the coffee, and let friends try to guess the titles and performers. Ideas for other attractions will tell you the coffee grounds. It can be used as material for face-art. Why not try yourself in the role of the artist and paint the face girlfriends fancy patterns? By the way, then they are transformed into a natural and useful scrub. And, you can tell fortunes from coffee grounds, but let this be fun entertainment, so let's just good interpretation of the figures at the bottom of the cups.

Movie-party - a great idea for uneven companies

Agree, if among the guests expected are older than thirty-five years, they will feel very uncomfortable listening to fiery music with a glass of mojito in hand, and even in his home pajamas. The same applies to so-called Hawaiian party, the dress code on them are swimwear. All this is fine, but at a certain age and, perhaps, only with close friends.

But what kind of theme parties can be arranged at home, if the guest is not only young people but also older people? Or if you invite friends and friends of note next Friday, but the above-mentioned subjects have been used previously? Now you need to find something new, but that the idea caught each guest.

Think about what is interesting to people of all generations? What is certain is, in any apartment, but still not in one instance? Of course, television. Here, undoubtedly, tastes, guests can also diverge: some can not stand Hollywood productions, but someone in my life looked at only one Russian films, "Irony of Fate", for example.

But you know who are calling for a visit, and if you really get that prefer invited here so completely different movie, organize a movie party. And if they taste converge, the theme for the party may be a specific example, the triumph of Hollywood-style feast, or on the grounds of domestic films.

How to start a theme party? Of course, with appropriate invitation. Send out small cards, business cards, where you offer your potential guests to bestow "the red carpet" with their presence. The main thing here to create a mysterious atmosphere, let your family and friends for the time being only to realize that you have chosen as an idea for a holiday. Most likely, then you will still call up, discussing the upcoming event, then all the details and explain, as long as you need the intrigue.

Now, about the design of the apartment. Since the invitation was summoned to the "red carpet", it needs to be and to organize. Here much depends on the house and porch. If possible, try to lay a long track on the same flight of stairs, if not - at least under his door lay a red carpet. This immediately gives your guests the opportunity to feel like real VIPs.

Interior details will depend on what kind of a theme for the party is chosen: a movie or a more narrow focus. In any case, the room should be a lot of pictures of different actors and actresses in the image, and in life. Find out, if possible, any movie star like your guests, and then look for, copy, print out the images of their heroes and hang in frames throughout the apartment. In the gift shop you can find cheap statuette "Oscar" and other film awards. They will be useful not only as decoration but also as a prize in a competition. Now some specifics.

 Topics for parties

Important nuances of movie parties

Lay chic table of a large number of homemade dishes - it is time consuming and tedious. And the main topic is more appropriate reception. Alcohol is selected based on the tastes of guests, but do not forget about those who are "behind the wheel" - the juices and mineral water must be present on the table. Among the appetizers are popular tapas: You can make fruit sticks, and can impose slices of cheese, olives, ham. Also, do not be superfluous land. It all depends on the time and desire: if you want to show off culinary skills - prepare yourself - if not, you can always order in a restaurant.

If the theme of the party was a movie, it is based on the fact, in what images come to your guests, you can easily understand that for the films they prefer and on what the characters want to be like. Maybe some of your friends and without make-up as two drops of water similar to Marilyn Monroe or Bruce Willis? So guests easier, because you can do little - just to make the appropriate hairstyle, dress appropriately, and enter into the role of skillful seductress or brutal macho.

But most likely, many will want to try on a particular image of your favorite movie. Get ready for what comes to you, Jack Sparrow or cool couple, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich, or the vampire Edward. Believe me, all will try to stand out and over the images to work for the glory. For starters, you can arrange a fashion show where everyone will walk around the room, and the rest of the audience will guess what kind of character.

Also worth in advance to pick up a few frames from different movies, show them to guests in the form of slides that all together to guess the name. A similar competition can be arranged with the soundtrack, and with well-known phrases. Gradually entering into the role, guests will actively communicate, participate in quizzes, compete for prizes.

Do not forget about the camera, because the theme party - a good excuse to shoot. Each of the guests will want to capture the scene in a unusual way. Well, where else, if not in your home, Dr. House will be able to take a picture Count Dracula? The finishing touch can be watching a movie or a news film, which like all your guests.

In preparing such a party themes, show a little patience and imagination. Believe me, you will be sure to arrange an unusual celebration with the award "Oscar" for best roles, and the memory will remain a decent stack of pictures that adorn the family album.

You have already got a desire to organize something similar in your head, like a kaleidoscope, one idea after another? Take the time to select the most attractive themes for you, think for the number of guests, their age, lifestyle and hobbies, that is, approach the issue with all the responsibility, do not forget about the little things. It was then that a holiday in your home will be a sensation in the circle of friends and get them to include fantasy. Well, maybe you will become the founder of a series of theme parties, fun, memorable and fun!

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