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Human society, as we all know, is composed of representatives of the weak and the stronger sex. They are constantly in contact with each other in various fields of life. We have to communicate to men everywhere: on the street, in school, at work, at home and in person. It would seem that nothing special about it - we are all human and are able to speak the language. But no! Many girls, going on a date, have a rather vague idea about what to talk with a guy and how to talk to him. A lack of such skills creates significant difficulties of communication, often impeding the development of future relations. How to be? How to learn how to communicate and how to find topics for conversation with a guy, if the experience of such a dialogue is very small?

How to talk to a guy

The conversation with the guy does not look like twittering with a girlfriend. Women are able to understand each other perfectly, so we are in their conversation may consist of hints and staccato phrases. Men - they are different. They perceive the world differently than women, and the conversation with the representatives of the stronger sex is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. In order to understand how to talk to a guy, you need to know some of the features of the male perception of dialogues.

To begin, let us remember that in a conversation need significantly less in men than in women. So the conversation the girl and the guy can not be empty too long. Man, tired of the stress, will simply cease to perceive the meaning of speech and deepen in their own thoughts. If you really like the young lady to talk with a young man about trifles, it must be pre-warned about this. Then he would react to the conversation correctly, will not strain, trying to catch the deep meaning where there is none. The guy just accept it as a pretty girl, no noncommittal chatter.

In a serious conversation with the guy should try to keep in mind the purpose of the conversation. Talking with my friends, we can afford to be distracted by extraneous threads and then again back to the main. Men also like the way the dialogue is given with difficulty. They are trying to compare ten different directions of the conversation, to find a logical connection between them and unite the whole pile of information expressed in a harmonious whole. I agree - it's not easy.

How should you talk to the guy, so he knew all right that we want to say? It should be clearly and concisely as possible to formulate phrases most relevant topic of conversation. They should be clear, without a hint and unnecessary interjections. The guy you need to understand all the words at once, instead of guessing about what is at stake.

Girls tend to be discussing among themselves anything can in the course of conversation to make any final conclusions. The peculiarity of thinking men is different - they get their information first, and then build from it a logical chain and only then draw conclusions. Therefore meaningless chatter of confusing and annoying. How to talk to a guy not to cause irritation in him unconscious? It is desirable that it was a girl coherent and understandable. And in communion with him she did not jump from one topic to another.

 interesting topics for conversation with a guy

Topics of conversation

In order to know how to learn to speak with the guys, you should have an idea of ​​not only how to speak, but also to talk about. What is interesting to young people? Certainly not the discussion of new things, home affairs, fashion magazines, girlfriends and relationships gossip about the lives of celebrities. For men such important topics seem to us just talk about anything. Men love to talk about sports, politics, cars. ... In short, something real, practical, cause excitement and raise the level of adrenaline.

But we know nothing about football, politics and cars! What to do? We think about what guys like to talk more. Most of them have great pleasure in discussing their own success. So try to talk about these successes, if you them know something. If not - then learn to listen carefully or at least pretend to listen. Men like it when women enthusiastically heed their speeches.

Sometimes a girl is very difficult to just start a conversation. First, you need to drop all your fears. Do you like him? Then go ahead! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Think about what you would like to know about this man. Ask about his job, hobbies, plans for the future. Here are a few phrases with which to start a conversation and eventually put it back on track.

  • You know, last I read on the Internet ...
  • I listen to the news, going to work (in the Institute), and there ...
  • My brother said that ...
  • Are you computer savvy? I have a problem ...

Breaker, so you can show his best side and interest the young man.

 pleasant topic of conversation with a guy

What you should not talk

To avoid falling into an awkward situation, you also need to know what topics of conversation with a guy is not acceptable:

  • It is not necessary in a conversation with a young man to engage in self-criticism and to tell him about some situations in which you were not up to par. On their own failures better to keep silent;
  • In no case can not discuss other people's shortcomings and failures. Men are extremely negative attitude to such conversations and can radically change its attitude towards women, suspecting her to treachery and envy;
  • Never talked about himself, especially on a first date. A man must feel in you a riddle;
  • Do not complain about life, and especially on health. It will not add interest to you;
  • Do not talk about the past relationships. Put yourself in the place of men. You, too, would not like to hear about his ex-girlfriend and listen to the details of their sexual lives.

That is the main points of the construction of the conversation. In conclusion we give a few tips:

  • Start a conversation with a guy you need to specifically not trying to prepare him for the topic. If you start to go far away, he stops to listen to you;
  • Pondering what to talk about with a guy, choose only those topics in which you are competent. Home, discuss them confidently. He must perceive you as a man of solid, capable of independent conclusions and decisions;
  • In a conversation with a guy, strictly adhere to the logic of the narrative, clearly outlines the facts;
  • In a conversation with a young man how to eat less conditional phrases such as: "Is not it true? "" Could it be? " And so on. Avoid the subjunctive mood ("would like" "to recognize" "I would wait" and so on). Many probabilities in the conversation the man seriously perceive;
  • Use in conversation tough tone, if need be. Contrary to popular belief, men are able to perceive a tone quite adequately. But lisping and deliberately soft tone irritates them.

Here, perhaps, and all. Nothing complicated in science communication with the opposite sex is not, however, best to stick to the foregoing. Otherwise, you run the risk of being misunderstood or not understood at all. And your first date will be the last.

 Topics of conversation Boy design features a conversation

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 love triangle


  • Love triangle: its features and prospects
  • Out of a love triangle. Where is he?

In our so rapid and unpredictable, many of us without a break and rush forward without looking back, trying to make a career, and at the same time quite often forget about their personal happiness. Meanwhile, it is very desirable ... Very. And we are in a feverish rush still keep looking for her prince, and finally find! And we find out that he is married. But we love it, love, and not to blame for being late! He reciprocates. We brushed aside all doubts, telling myself that everyone has the right to happiness and decided to become the mistress of a married man. Temporarily, of course. Because he promised to divorce his wife. Then the happiness will be complete and unbreakable, because it is true love. And the current marriage, he said, just a mistake.

Therefore, we are ready to jump into the arms of a loved one, in the maelstrom of his head ... The result is a love triangle - what to do, what to expect next? Stop. Before you forget about everything and drown in these arms, try to pull myself together and imagine what lies ahead of us, and not reckless whether the decision we make. Love triangle - a thing is not so simple and attractive as it seems at first glance. How to be? Let's see what advise mistresses of married men, those who have experienced all the "charm" of such relations in themselves.

 love triangle that do mistress

Love triangle: its features and prospects

Husband, wife, mistress - a classic love triangle. Such love "figures", unfortunately, is not uncommon. Get tired of being alone and his only expectation, many women and even young girls without any hesitation agreed to be the mistress of a married man. The bulk of them really fell in love with this man and genuinely believes that he will divorce his wife. And while certainly marry his mistress. After all, the ratio of men to his mistress is sincere, it is sublime!

I must admit that this happens. But rarely. Most of the fairer sex, "chayano" or accidentally fallen into the ranks of lovers, so they remain not received the coveted status of his wife. "So what?! "- We argue -" After all, there are mutual feelings, and what could be more beautiful than this? "In all likelihood, not be. However, this happiness - a fragile thing. Here it is, only that it was in his hands, and now departed after sweet that just went home. And we are gradually getting used to the status of a mistress, once again we remain alone, and moved to the memory minutes of the meeting, and look forward to the next, and all the more sad to be alone ...

Hard? Absolutely. "So what? "- Again tell someone -" After all, this is love! For it is possible to wait as long as you want! " Yes of course. And then, a woman who has years is called a mistress - it's almost a wife! Only here for a long time you have the strength to be in this position? After waiting - only a small part of what will have to make, deciding to be the mistress of a married man. You have to endure a lot - and the fact that he is in our presence will respond to the calls of his wife, calling her seal, and that the loved one will spend the holidays with his family, and the fact that a meeting with him in private will be short and infrequent. Nothing can be done - it is not free. And we knew what they were. Therefore we have to keep quiet and pretend to understand it all, hiding the confusion and anguish. What to do - love triangle ... If we agree to such a relationship, it means that our behavior must conform to the behavior of his mistress unfree man.

The woman who became the mistress should be prepared for the fact that the favorite, meeting her, would nervously glancing at the clock. And the fact that unscheduled calls to him, and a leisurely stroll through the streets together taboo. And besides, he suddenly disappear without warning, went on holiday with his wife. From all of this we can not escape, because in this, and are, in fact, especially a relationship that dictates a love triangle.

Another negative aspect of such status - the condemnation of others. No matter how we tried to hide their relationship, sooner or later And this secret relationship becomes apparent. And we will condemn everyone who only can - neighbors, colleagues, men, women, and even family and friends. After all, the mistress of a married man is always perceived as razluchnitsa, regardless of whether it requires from him a divorce, or even dream about it dares. Strangely enough, but such condemnation is more severe, the more love between a single woman and unfree man. For such relations, based on the benefit or a sexual attraction, for some reason, society is more sympathetic. Maybe because if the relationship between a married man and his mistress are based on estimates, they are available understanding of others than some ghostly love ...

But, in turn, if we are only looking for profit or just want sex, you are unlikely to be too concerned about the opinions of others. But when it's love - a love triangle as a break, nobody knows ... Loving people vulnerable and defenseless, because he is in the heavens and does not think about the mortal world. But the mortal world was watching him intently, studying and evaluating. And then, when it deems that the love of two people is forbidden, this world will not hesitate to substitute their bandwagon. There will be in it and those who will do everything to his wife learned of her rival and her husband will notify the men, and those who will be mocking smile behind his mistress, pereshёptyvayas behind her.

However, a truly loving woman can bear and what the wife learns about the opponent, he tries to get rid of it by all means, and vile shёpotok crawling after him. What we just did not go for your favorite! And we wait we will, as necessary, and malicious rumors on the rack, and the threat of his wife and her scandals will survive. Only to see it at least sometimes, to touch his lips, inhaling the smell! And die with happiness in his arms ... As long as it will not mar the happiness of thinking about the prospects of these relations. And the likelihood that these thoughts arise, is extremely high. Because men tend to such relations are somewhat differently than women, and often says, "I love my wife and a mistress."

 love triangle what to do

Out of a love triangle. Where is he?

Usually unfree man, if in a conversation with his mistress it comes to his family and the causes of infidelity to his wife, recalls that the feelings for his wife has long gone out, that the marriage had long since outlived its usefulness and that the home him to go do not want to but a sense of duty to oblige. It sounds quite plausible, and we believe, and wait, and when he was finally freed from the hateful wife and settled permanently near us. However, the weeks, months and even years, and the beloved still spends with his family every weekend and holidays and can not eliminate the "long ago outlived itself" marriage. And we begin to slowly realize that cheating husband loves his wife and mistress at the same time. How to be? Where is a way out of this kind of love triangle?

If it's been quite a long time, and positive developments in relations between both was not, and no, it is necessary to think about how to destroy the love triangle. Because the romance - it's great just at the beginning, and only when we were still quite young. Years fly, and we polneem and notice on his face more and more wrinkles. Youth, alas, fleeting ... And the time would have to decide on the personal life and get a real family, not to be sad in the evening in an empty house, with the hope of looking at the phone.

No matter how we tried in this case, to convince himself that the lover - a very responsible person and can not leave the family because of the children, the sick wife, elderly parents and so on, to believe in it as before will not happen. Because the truth is harsh and merciless, and the answer to all questions is one: he did not divorce. And all his stories about himself izzhivshem marriage and sense of duty - no more than empty words. Because he and his wife really loves, and his mistress, and the status quo seems to be quite happy with it. Situations where husbands love of two women at the same time, are quite common. Oh, the psychology of the stronger sex!

Men often have mistresses to somehow diversify the daily routine, re-experience the amazing feeling of love and feel the adrenaline rush, secretly going on a date. It keeps them in good shape and allows himself to realize meaningful and relevant. Affair for such men - like a drug, without which it withers and falls into despair. He does not think divorce his wife, but also the release of a love triangle does not reflect. Why extra problems? After all, his love, and so. Whether it is necessary to think about how to get out of this situation?

And what to do in this case is a woman who is waiting for a divorce loved like manna from heaven? How to get out of a love triangle with the least damage to himself? Choosing her. If you leave with her lover did not have the strength, and life without it seems pointless, then, will have to wait further. It is possible that one day he really come into her home forever. That's just when this will happen - no one knows.

Well, if you hope for such an outcome had already died, and the thought of it no longer worry about, the answer to the question of how to break the love triangle, one from feelings of love and of man, his calling, you have to be released. Otherwise, even when cute and appear on the doorstep with a suitcase in hand, the joy of this fact not cause. So, and the future life with him is unlikely to be as happy as it seemed at first - relations have exhausted themselves and their development is hardly possible.

This is it, the love triangle. Become one of the parties is not difficult, but if we need it? Is of such a union with the beloved, we dreamed of? We would like to spend the whole year in an empty house, languishing on waiting in vain? No, of course not! But if it happens to become the mistress of a married man, it is desirable to follow some tips mistresses. Namely:

  1. Do not bury yourself in anticipation of meetings and try to go to parties, clubs, any meeting. Firstly, in a society longing is muted, and the time flies faster. And secondly, who knows, maybe somewhere and meet our true destiny, and it is - a miracle! - Would be idle.
  2. Do not torment yourself with thoughts of how to destroy a love triangle, and try to let go of a situation - let all formed itself. It is likely that after a while we realize that no damage is no longer required because the relationship had lost its former appeal;
  3. If the ratio is too tightened, and the prospects of divorce as it was not, and is not good to think about whether they should continue. Maybe our luck somewhere near, and we do not notice it, blocking all the light of the world itself not free men?

In short, it is whether or not the mistress - the choice is ours. It is possible that this kind of extreme someone very congenial. But own family - it is much more attractive than someone else, in which we mentally will always be present! So why spend time on it, and spiritual strength, and years of life? They are invaluable as our personal happiness is priceless!

 Life mistress: can bring happiness love triangle?

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