thong panties

The fair sex always have a special place in his underwear wardrobe, because it is important for women to feel comfort that does not go against the sexual seductiveness .  It is in this regard, thong panties have become an indispensable part of the female wardrobe, it provides attractive and practical for everyday convenience .  But lingerie managed to move away from conservatism and puritanism, which awarded only give sobriety to such frank and calling underwear? Women's thong panties, they are often still referred to as the tango, is a kind of underwear style which does not cover women's buttocks .  This graceful panties, formed with the help of tiny triangles, as well as narrow strips of tissue that hold the underwear female hips .  With this openness, they deserve a lot of popularity among the fairer sex and do not hand over their positions in the fashion world for a very long time .

Current models of underwear originate from the mid-80s, starting their way in progressive America and the most liberal in Europe. Leading fashion designers instantly dubbed them very aptly: panties, which are not. But by virtue of which it became necessary to change the traditional underwear on so unchaste option and extravagant cut? Everything is explained simply: the new tight-fitting styles of dresses, as well as delicate, thin, transparent Textil demanded that the panties did not create the focus in the area of ​​the thighs and buttocks, that's what minimalism is justified in developing a model of strings. As proof of the incredible popularity of strings or thongs can be called eloquent figure: 70% of the world women prefer a style that is intimate wardrobe.

Paradoxically, but the prototype of this type of pants was the loincloth from personal toilet men, and now successfully migrated to the modern woman's wardrobe, this underwear is beginning to find many adherents among males. After all, everyone wants to find the comfort, but it does not lose its sex appeal, thong simply designed to combine these important requirements.

Women's thong panties - how to choose?

By choosing such intimate details of the toilet as lingerie, must be approached very responsibly. It is recommended to pay attention not only to manufacturers, the price category of strings, and carefully identify the material that would be trusted with sensitive area, it is important to remember that the fewer seams, the more comfort and convenience to ensure they can and give. But today's young girls are guided in choosing the linen mostly on beautiful thong panties, seductive and original designs, sacrificing quality. However, the wide range and a wide range of models made it possible to combine both quality and attractive design with optimum price index. In this abundance of products, you can easily get lost and buy a product totally inappropriate for a particular type of figure, so you should make a reservation on models thong panties:

  • The so-called cuts "T", such a definition was formed based on an analogy with the letter "T", which is created by fabric strips on the female body, these models are more likely to carry a second name - Underwear tango. It is said that this frank and erotic model is almost never used fabric base.
  • Women's panties Model G, which is characterized by the presence of a small triangle of exquisite textiles from the buttocks area. This style of underwear is often adapted to the beach fashion, creating swimwear Fused made in this style decision.
  • Another very common model is the product of V-shaped style, they, like previous models, also have a rear triangle, but it is a cross-cutting rather than solid, that is formed by three straps - thin bands. It may be noted that the design minimalist tailoring of women's thong panties does not involve a large field for experimentation.
  • But the following type of laundry noticeably out of the general stylistic direction that pleasantly pleased. This is a C-thong, a particular style, which has no fastenings and no fixed any woman's waist or the hip area. The uniqueness of the design is the special silicone rods, they ensure the integrity of the original form of lingerie. Of course, such a specific shorts are not suitable for everyday wear, as an experiment, they can be put on a romantic date - a woman, dressed in a linen, will be left without male attention. It is worth noting that the underwear is often featured on the pages of men's magazines, photo thong panties this style is very erotic in its frankness, which immediately manage stress in the category "adult".

Ideas regarding design are not limited to the above. Big name brands that specialize in the production of lingerie, constantly improve production technology panties, trying to make them even more comfortable and safe for delicate female zones. It is in this connection there was a special tandem, a kind of duet: a combination of short shorts and strings - sewed a special insert in the front of the product. That is what allows you to play with fabric texture: alluring openwork lace, translucent explicit material, intriguing delicate silk, like lingerie is not only beautiful in itself, but also significantly advantageous and extravagant looks at the background of his predecessors.

As decorative elements on a beautiful thong panties can be seen sequins, beaded embroidery or special rate, a combination of different fabric textures, the use of decorative thread. Such decisions are quite common in elite collections of brands such as Lormar, LaPerla and lingerie line Sielei. These labels produce linen, consumer-oriented, in this regard, women's magazines are often placed on the pages of the photo - thong panties takes pride of place in such reports. However, a recognized leader on the part of women's underwear, which sets the tone and dictating fashion in today's market is the label Victoria's secret models with its elite women's panties.

Of course, these candid lingerie models are extremely popular and affect a wide range of style decisions, but as far as practical and safe thong panties everyday wear?   Is there any special recommendations or restrictions that impose its "taboo" for the use of the intimate details of the wardrobe? On this issue worth investigating more closely.

 photo thong panties

Thong panties, and health risks. Myth or reality?

We believe that many have heard that the experts are sounding the alarm: the daily wearing of strings can cause considerable damage to women's health and to award the possessor of linen a whole bunch of fungal diseases. But is this the truth?

The big disadvantage of this weightless, elegant style of shorts is that they are made mostly of synthetic materials, using non-natural fibers, precisely because it does not get out of shape all products .  But synthetic materials affect the retention of moisture in the sensitive areas of the woman, and moist environment is the excellent place for all kinds of bacteria and fungi .  It is impossible not to mention that thong panties because of their special cut and the presence of crashing ropes, do not prevent the spread of infections .  The original form of underwear because of its minimalist bad protects the required fields, can cause irritation and damage to the areas of the zones, which adjoins the laundry, because the delicate female skin needs only a natural, eco-friendly fabrics, comfortable tailoring, which is rather vaguely fit with shaped modern strings .  In view of these objective reasons should abandon the idea of ​​wearing this type of underwear every day, alternate with more comfortable option, for example, female boxers .

But let's say a few words in defense of this indispensable underwear. Every woman wants to feel irresistible, be confident in her femininity, these tasks Thong cope at 100%, without false modesty. They are particularly relevant in the hot summer season and are indispensable in conjunction with tight, sexy outfits that do not tolerate foreign accents. This type of underwear is able to give a sense of comfort when wearing them under jeans, pants, as well as in sports. Needless to say that no other romantic panties will not play the role of an aphrodisiac rather than graceful and candid thong. Of all the shows that wearing them optimally in a large number of cases, it is because of these advantages is the underwear must fall into the category of musthave every modern woman who wants to be beautiful.

 Thong panties - seductive with the convenience!

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 safari style clothing


  • The color scheme and traditional shades
  • Silhouette
  • Fabrics
  • Fashions and cutting
  • Safari and accessories

Over the past few seasons, colonial style, otherwise referred to as the "safari", is a favorite among women. Safari style clothing gives hints of exoticism, this image blends harmoniously into everyday reality and brings bright color to the street fashion. Safari - it's a great help for experiments in connection with the colonial image has taken a leading position among the fashion industry. Women's clothing in safari style, in spite of constant innovations and improvements designers retained the original flavor, which currently states expressively.

What explains such a high popularity of this trend in the clothing? First of all - a bright uniqueness that dilutes the typical street clothes. Clothing made in the tradition of the colonial style, uses sand tones and shades, but in spite of this, rich fabrics and an abundance of accessories create a unique aura.

The color scheme and traditional shades

The colors that form the image, different calmness, they are characterized by high usability, they are in perfect harmony with nature. Women's clothing in safari style is easy to recognize on the sand scale, matte shades of beige tones. Generally in this area it is very difficult to find a shiny material and playing overflow, you can find more light linen, natural brown and muted greens. It is very common all variations of yellow color: mustard, terracotta, olive scale. In short, the woman who chooses the style of safari, replenish your wardrobe restrained opaque outfits.

Fashion does not stand still, and designers are increasingly resorting to the extraordinary decision on the part of the color. Now you can find a bright accent in dresses as a purple item or turquoise. Very relevant is the animalism - print bright, repeating pattern of some animals. This model is very extravagant, is able to attract views, but it is to wear and with care not to get involved in a combination of accessories.

 beautiful style safari odezhdekrasivy safari style clothing


Model clothes safari is subject to special rules, which obliges to comfort and ease, simplicity does not affect design decisions and cut, style, stitching and textures. But modern women would not settle for comfort, so experts have to excel and create clothes for travel yet elegant. Do not forget that it was originally designed specifically for comfort while traveling. Most often used in the form of safari free cut, which does not restrict the body and movement. You can find plenty of trouser outfits are very popular model with shorts, dresses somewhat rarer.


Modern fashion world is in a dynamic development of innovation in the textile industry, reflected in the safari style. For classical image were taken as a basis for natural fabrics, to bet on convenience. Most tissues have a dense texture, but that did not stop the body to breathe and experience the ease. The classic version is considered to be cotton or linen - they optimally satisfy all the requirements.

But designers converge on the idea that you need to stand out from the conservative framework that sets the classic safari style. Therefore, there were options along with colorful drawings and non-traditional textiles. Previously wear this trend did not provide any shiny material, you now have clothes made in this vein.

Fashions and cutting

Apart from the fact that during the evolution of tissue changed direction and introduced new colors, there was a radical renewal of shapes and cut. Frames classic and conservatism have been destroyed, but in order to avoid loss of colorful and designers left the most typical elements, try to figure out what is usually referred to them.

  • Nowhere can not meet this enormous abundance of pockets of direct and asymmetric cut, as here. Very often present cuffs on the sleeves and trousers, collar, massive buttons. Sleeve length can be varied, but most of all - to the elbow, pants and trousers are also performed in various versions;
  • A typical model for this is the way of dress safari, this model certainly is decorated with decorative breast pocket. They are characterized by the presence of stand-up collar and short sleeves;
  • As for skirts, they cut most direct and concise, often found trapezoidal pattern - always with pockets. Usually this outfit reaches knee level or below, the mini is not included in the concept of style;
  • Pants this area have the widest stylistic decision from hiking for recreation trousers to elegant wide models. The latest collections were presented and narrowed style. Generally, such variants have cuffs. You can find trousers with smoothed arrows, which are very relevant and in an office environment. And for the young and active girls summer there are models available shorts with pockets;
  • At the peak of the popularity of safari jackets are as well as their variations - jackets. Both models include plenty of other pockets.

 fashionable style safari clothing

Safari and accessories

As mentioned earlier, a rare style of dress can boast such an extensive range of accessories. In many ways, they set the tone and connect the whole image, filling it with unique touches. Most often used circular cap, is a poor means of protection from the sun, as the field they are very small. It is rather typical accessory designed to add all manner of femininity.

At the peak of the popularity of handbags special cut - over his shoulder. It is roomy, great products, they moved away from the original functionality, but have not lost their convenience, because a lot of departments and retained the classic pockets. Bags safari sewn from leather maloobrabotannoy not to lose the desired effect and the authenticity of the present.

As for shoes, there is no consensus even among professional designers. Some are calling for comfort and convenience, which means the absence of any heel - preferably completely flat surface of the sole. Such experts are inclined to give practical and recommend choosing natural leather shoes or even linen. Such models can hardly be called feminine, but they are perfectly in tune with the broad short shorts and elongated jacket.

The other camp design focuses on the female population more extravagant shoes - model high, wide heels. This heel guarantees stability, convenience, and serves as a decorative element. On the heels of such a model can see the different patterns and prints - leopard coloring style, for example, which harmoniously complements the image.

A special role is given to construct the image of various kinds of scarves and shawls Neck. Earlier this piece wardrobe was carrying a well-defined task - protection against insects and their bites, but now it has lost its relevance, and modern women can taste the charm of scarves, dresses in the corresponding direction. Typically, such products shade unassuming matte colors, sand and pastel clothes and accents using garish colors.

Thus, if a woman wants to optimally correlate comfort and convenience, but for her important indicator is the femininity and elegance, while the safari style - just the option that is needed. Any woman, dressed in a similar outfit, doomed to success and attention from others, and the abundance of possible combinations offered by this area, allow it to be always charming and unpredictably different.

 Safari style in clothes - simulate Closet

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