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  • About the tradition of celebration
  • Folk customs
  • Gift husband on their wedding day
  • The gift to his wife on their wedding day
  • Gift couple on their wedding day

Wedding Anniversary - always a pleasant event in the life of the spouses themselves and their family and friends.
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About the tradition of celebration

The tradition of celebrating the anniversary appeared about 200 years ago, so it has pleased the people that has acquired all sorts of rituals, customs and rituals. In particular, it concerns the names of anniversaries. Traditionally, they come with a very fragile material, such as paper, up to the solid and precious (gold, diamond, oak). These names represent the strengthening of marriage young, which every year becomes more and more strong and unbreakable. 3 years spent together are called leather wedding. Interpretation of the name of the anniversary of the two:

  1. Leather is more durable material than paper or cotton, it is not easy to break, although this is still possible. The skin is elastic, can stretch or shrink, changing its shape. So the couple have learned over 3 years to be more flexible, to control their own ambitions and desires commensurate with the needs of the second half. With proper care, the skin becomes an attractive sheen, but without the attention and care it can dry up, deform or break. Similarly, marital relations require efforts to preserve peace and love in the family.
  2. Past years have rallied spouses learn to appreciate and understand each other, trust, and to make joint decisions with the search for a way out of difficult situations. The mutual attraction transformed into a spiritual relationship, when the thoughts and desires of the second half are clear and without words, as if feeling their skin.

Of course, not everything was rosy. For 3 years of accumulated baggage of mutual claims, insults, quarrels and household details. Psychologists do not just determine the third year of marriage as one of crisis. So, before the celebration of the anniversary, it is desirable to try to leave all the troubles in the past, they have already experienced. Many therapists recommend that couples ask each other's forgiveness for voluntary and involuntary problems or grievances. Needless to reconcile with family if the relationship was given a crack. Specialists recommend bioenergy venture spring cleaning:

  • fix a leaky clothes
  • ventilate the room,
  • discard cracked dishes,
  • get rid of everything unpleasant or inconvenient,
  • wash the mirror,
  • view the contents of cabinets.

 a gift to his wife

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Folk customs

About the same advisable to do with relationships: discard coating and boredom of everyday life, briefly forget about everyday worries, to experiment, to return the paint and exciting experience. It should be remembered that loving heart to cope with all the troubles and crises, so do not be afraid of them. The number "3" is associated with ruby, blood-red and pink flowers, so it is logical to put them on the day of the anniversary. It is also good to have on the spouses themselves something leather: a jacket, shoes, belt, skirt and handbag. Suitable for both leather and suede. Wearing a leather thing better than a day.

The table in honor of the wedding, what should it be? Necessarily the presence of a loaf of rye bread. From his wife break off a piece each, and eat in the sight of the guests. The first dish - "bread soup". It is an ordinary broth, which crumbled rye bread. This dish symbolize a strong bond between the spouses, their relatives and friends. If someone from the family could not come to the feast for health or other reasons, according to the ancient custom of sending a couple of them a gift of some red fruit, usually apples, but allowed others, such as grenades. Red symbolizes loyal love and true friendship.

Necessarily considered breaking dishes and the young, and it is desirable that the pieces were as finely as possible - then the family will be rich and happy. Loud noise from spouses distills the evil spirits. The first dance traditional dances heroes of the occasion. At the end of the couple showered with grains of rye. The third anniversary is considered to be a fun and happy time, when life is filled with optimism and inspiration, not for nothing that the triple is considered sacred, so it is worth celebrating. This jubilee opens a new page of life together, young together to learn the wonderful world of family.

 a gift to her husband
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Gift husband on their wedding day

Wedding Anniversary: ​​what to give? Without answering this question can not be left. Traditional gifts are associated with the name of the anniversary, therefore considered appropriate to give a leather (leather or suede)

  • gloves
  • purse,
  • purse,
  • portfolio
  • belt,
  • folders
  • slippers,
  • leather key chain,
  • glasses case,
  • decorated leather flask,
  • cover for a passport,
  • Coin,
  • money clip,
  • notebook or diary,
  • watch with a leather strap,
  • cigarette case.

The gift may be more practical: a leather jacket, shoes or other products, if it is accepted in the family. It is important not to forget to put a coin in a purse or wallet so that they were carried out there all the time. Give empty purse is not only ugly, but even rough. When choosing what to give, should take into account the tastes of the person. If it takes a solid position, it is unlikely he will be thrilled with bunny ears on the gloves. If confidence is not, it is better to stay on the classic - a win-win situation.

If the leather can not afford a gift or a husband - an active participant in the movement for the rights of animals, it is better to move away from tradition and do not thematic gift. Think, can my husband broke down player, and he likes to listen to music or to the city of his favorite band is coming, maybe it's time to think about a new phone? Three years spent together certainly possible to study his tastes and preferences, so decide what to give, will be a snap.

 a gift from a friend
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The gift to his wife on their wedding day

Assuming the name anniversary, it is clear that to give his wife have also leather goods. Rarely what the woman refuses to:

  • leather designer handbags,
  • leather coat,
  • skirt or a jacket made of genuine leather,
  • shoes or boots.

If your budget is limited, you can stay on leather clutch bags, wallets, cases for your phone, belt, purse, bracelet or accessory from the skin.

Now you can find leather postcards, pins, ornaments. They can buy or make yourself at special workshops - the delight of his wife would be no limit. The main thing is to come to a choice of gift responsibly, because the wedding and subsequent family life have changed a lot in life.

When choosing what to give the second half, in any case, we should not forget about the bouquet. Be sure to pamper his wife a bouquet of her favorite flowers, because women can never have much. Valued for women and romantic gifts: Dinner at a restaurant voucher for two, the fireworks in her honor. Even with the modest budget, you can light a candle at home and cook their own dinner. Most of all she appreciates the attention, especially from her beloved husband. so feel free to dream and to implement the most courageous ideas.

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Gift couple on their wedding day

Traditionally, parents of spouses give more substantial gifts to their children than other families. A good option for the third anniversary can be a leather sofa or chair. Think they might have finished repairs in the living room and had not yet had time to acquire the furniture? Or until the desired set they can not afford. If the financial opportunities allow, and the wife is not against leather furniture, a gift will be received with enthusiasm. An alternative is a leather chair in the office, on the corner of the kitchen or the leather bed. This stylish and impressive thing decorate any room.

Among the less cumbersome options can be:

  • Photo album bound in leather,
  • stylish suitcase or travel bag,
  • picture from pieces of skin,
  • decorated leather box,
  • wall or desk clock,
  • Photo frame,
  • leather decorated vase
  • housekeeper in the hallway,
  • book or book-safe bar
  • set of glasses in a leather case.

There will never be more than a bottle of premium alcohol. If you have a couple of fairly warm relationship, we can make a photo collage or presentation with comments about their three years of living together, to order the release of stylized newspaper or genealogy book. If a couple is quite democratic in clothes and has a good sense of humor, you can give the paired t-shirts with funny slogans or pictures. Try to focus on the fact that the spouses enjoy, and you can easily pick up the best gift.

 Third Wedding Anniversary: ​​gift options