the Siberian dumplings recipe

Dumplings in Siberia for centuries harvested after the establishment of strong frosts - for future use. The workpiece is usually attended by all members of the family, young and old, and the process took several days. It is understood that the dumplings were procured whole bags. In this volume, any culinary "freaks" would only slow down the workpiece, which is why the Siberian ravioli recipe is so simple.

Prepare the dough

To prepare the dough using only flour and water, everything, and no salt. Flour on the table slide in the middle of a small depression in which slowly by gradually stirring, poured into ice water. This is very important in Siberia, a bucket of water specially exhibited in the cold and was used only when the top crust of ice appeared thickness of a finger. The dough is kneaded until the point where it is itself beginning to lag behind the hands, ie very cool. Knead, leave the dough to rest for an hour, having covered it with a towel.

Prepare stuffing

Siberian dumplings made of three kinds of meat: beef, pork and sohatiny. As a rule, harvesting ravioli directly dependent on the successful hunt - for the first severe frosts Siberians hunted moose. This had an impact on the composition of meat. Nowadays, almost impossible to get a moose, except in a zoo, so replace sohatinu for mutton.

So - beef, lamb, pork, salt, and again no. Value meats equal, one-third each. Pork must be chosen so that the fat is not more than ten percent of the total weight.

Mandatory, no, just an iron condition - minced meat must be chopped. No meat grinders! Cut the stuffing for ravioli - work hard, usually the men were doing. Pieces of meat must be sufficiently small and uniform in size - this is the main secret of the real Siberian pelmeni. Siberian dumplings - recipe without implying onions, and spices in which any part of meat. This is a modern invention, adversely affect the taste of dumplings. Bow appears later on the table, as a filling ingredient.

 Siberian dumplings recipe

Lepim dumplings

Dough roll out the thinnest! As they say Siberians "dough only need to ensure that the meat in a pile was." Glass "cut" circles, put on a circle of dough a substantial portion of meat, so that you could twist and zaschepit corporate dumplings "eye." We spread the finished dumplings on the board previously floured and the cold, in our case in the freezer. There also store up to cooking.


Boiled dumplings Siberian not anyhow, but the steep beef broth, it is clear that it is possible and in the water, but let's leave this method to store semi-finished products. The broth should be well with salt - remember, we have not put any salt in the dough or the stuffing? In no case do not use bouillon cubes - broth cubes broth can not be by definition. Once surfaced dumplings, waiting for the broth begins to boil again - a couple of minutes and it's time to take out. We take out the ravioli completely ottsezhivaya broth. In Siberia feed ravioli "with yushkoy" will be regarded as disrespectful, if not an insult.

On the table dumplings are traditionally served in a large deep bowl - a tribute to the tradition, because the owner as it demonstrates its friendliness to the guests and the desire to hold them longer. In our time, this method of delivery may be inappropriate for many reasons, and so it is best to file in small dumplings flavorful portions, lightly watered with melted butter. But as a unit to the dumplings must be submitted no spoon and fork! Prick with a fork dumpling, is blasphemy!

 Siberian pelmeni

Filling in dumplings

Siberian dumplings do not eat "dry", they served a variety of filling.

That was the turn of the bow:

  • Marinated in the juice of cranberries chopped onion rings;
  • Finely crumbled onions soaked in cranberry juice;
  • Onions and finely chopped pickled mushrooms, mixed with sour cream;
  • Fried onions in sour cream.

Naturally - cream:

  • In its pure form;
  • With grated boiled carrot;
  • With finely chopped garlic, etc.

Next is guided by the tastes and preferences of the guests and household. In any case, once you try these dumplings in the Siberian, you will never buy in the store a miserable semi-finished product, illegally carrying the name - dumplings.

Enjoy your meal!

Recipe succinctly:

  1. The dough - flour is mixed to the consistency of a very steep cold water, no salt, eggs and other things;
  2. Stuffing - three meats, very finely chopped, no salt, onions and spices, in any case ready for the future do not freeze minced - can be just a little cool;
  3. The ratio of the test to mince about 1: 5, molded very large;
  4. Cook beef to be sure, well-salted broth;
  5. Onions and any spices only in gas stations.


  • Mutton meat can be replaced by a rabbit or a large bird such as a turkey or goose;
  • In some parts of Siberia in a small amount of stuffing cranberry or cranberry juice, add the berries - blueberries and cloudberries. These additives give the dumplings a unique aftertaste.
  • If you do not want to chop the meat, then as a compromise - the largest lattice grinder. But beef, dumplings and therefore, will not be so rich, in fact, any chopper "squeezes" the meat.
  • Siberian dumplings need to sculpt so large "that would be placed in a spoon."
 These Siberian pelmeni

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 how to cook crisp rice

Boiled rice - is the most common dish on the planet. To make this popular side dish is often required friability of rice. And if you turn rice into a sticky mess can even a child, it is not every woman knows how to cook crumbly rice.

So the question sooner or later, all the chefs are given. Not follow, rice slipnetsya or foothills, you withdraw from the fire before the rice is moist.

Therefore, when cooked rice need to follow some important rules:

  • Water is always required two times more than planned to cook rice;
  • Mortgaging rice only after the water comes to a boil;
  • Before cooking rice is washed several times with flowing water, so it is washed off with the accumulated dust;
  • The water never add seasonings, rice to cook for themselves;
  • Be sure to cover the pan with a lid, better transparent, so you can control the cooking process;
  • Cook rice only need a small fire, and never open the lid, you can not let off steam;
  • On fire pan with rice should spend exactly 12 minutes, another 12 minutes the dish should stand, walk.

And only after all these steps, you can open the lid and add the rice flavor seasonings. Only now you can add the oil, salt, pepper, or to add fillers.

A great many varieties of rice, some varieties are simply not designed for cooking crumbly, or is difficult to prepare.

 cook crisp rice

Consider some rice varieties more:

  1. Brown rice cleared only from the upper cladding layer. Its beans contain peel bran. This is the skin of the rice and called it a shade of brown. Gourmets all over the world say that brown rice differs incredible flavor and aroma. Boil crumbly brown rice is much more difficult for the necessary cooking twice more water than for ordinary rice cooking. And be patient, brown rice is prepared about forty minutes.
  2. Basmati rice is different flavored walnut and soft texture. As a rule, a complex prepared national dishes that require increased stickiness of the product. Basmati is not possible to cook crumbly.
  3. Jasmine rice is very tender and has a specific flavor. At the end of cooking, it always turns sticky and very airy. Jasmine rice is cooked crumbly.
  4. Arborio risotto, already the title it is clear that the main purpose of this variety of rice, cooking is a favorite Italian dish - risotto. This grade is designed for the preparation of thick rice porridge. One grain Arborio absorbs five times more fluid than it weighs itself! Cook Arborio crumbly can not even cook Italian.
  5. Paella Valencia, another sweet rice variety is used exclusively for cooking paella. Loose is not brewed.
  6. Black rice found in our supermarkets is difficult and for the price it is several times more expensive than usual. Black rice has a specific taste of grass. It is used in the preparation of oriental treats. Loose is not brewed.
  7. Red rice. This rice variety has a pronounced nutty flavor. He strongly fall apart and used for preparation of various Asian salads. Loose is not brewed.

In our country the most famous rice dish - a pilaf. To prepare crumbly pilaf cooks come up with hundreds of recipes, this pilaf each grain lives his life. How to cook crisp risotto? Proceed in the same way as in the recipe for cooking the rice separately without bringing rice until cooked, remove from the heat, without opening the cover. Removing risotto from the heat, let it stand, he has steamed in their own fragrances. Currently, this pilaf will be scattered on the plates of your guests.

Modern mistresses are increasingly asking the question, how to cook crumbly rice in the microwave? And is it possible? This is possible, but you need to stock up bakeware. Proceed on the already well-known principle, first wash the rice well, then boil the water, and only then pour the rice into the container. Put in the microwave mode average power and wait for the result 12 minutes. Taking rice from the microwave, let him walk, and then add the spices and serve.

Bon Appetit!

 How to cook crisp rice?

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