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If you meet a former classmate on the street and she tells you that you have not changed, it is not always a compliment. Often, such a phrase means that the same short bob you were in the tenth grade, and your pleated skirt disposed in fit. No, we're not trying to hurt you. Just want to explain that over the years, not only the date on the calendar. Over time, the need to change and styles of clothing, hairstyles and makeup that you wear. So do not rush to spend polzarplaty new spinning for her husband. It is best to update your wardrobe that you did not recognize the street former classmates and colleagues to elicit the secret of your appeal.

Of course, developing from a young woman in punk yarkovolosogo not necessary, but to choose a different direction in the clothes can be quite. Let's first understand, what kind of clothing styles are.

 fashion style

Clothing styles

  1. Business style

    Do not confuse it with the classic, although most of the clothes borrowed from there. Business dress code is present in the statutes of all the major companies and called the dress code. Identify some common features is difficult, because each head of their demands to the way it should be dressed staff. One thing is certain: in a business-style no-frills, all strictly and ... modest. So you can put frilly blouse to better times. By the way, bright varnish also have to erase. But strict dress will be very useful. Especially since that is what we will mention again in the following description of style of dress.

  2. Classic style

    If you immediately come to mind are strict jackets and prim England, then you are thinking in the right direction. The classic style of dress is headed by the strict English suit. If you are confused by its clear form, do not worry. Regular classic jacket can be turned into a work of art by adding accessories and colors. Moreover, the suit does not have to be gray. Red shades also have the right to exist. But with thingies again will have to wait.

  3. Sport style

    It's what you would normally put on a run, or before school fitness (you do your figure, right?) But now in women's clothing styles blended so that the jogging suit is appropriate not only on the track but also on the city sidewalks. Plus, you can mix two different styles (like thousands of women in our country), creating a unique image.

  4. Country

    This style is dedicated to all those who are ardent fan of westerns incendiary. From now on, all others can themselves become the heroes of the Wild West. (By the way, feature films vividly demonstrate different styles of clothing, so that from time to time to be distracted from the story, to draw attention to the costume characters). But back to our country. In order to comply with this style, you need to put on plaid shirt, jeans, a simple cut with bright inserts and leather boots. Supplement ensemble can suede jacket, colorful decoration of the fringe, and, of course, the cowboy hat (the dream of many women of the last century).

  5. Military

    Here, the fair sex is slowly but surely transformed from cowboy to soldier seductive. Shoot them, of course, do not have (except eyes), but to dress up in clothes, vaguely reminiscent of the uniforms can be quite. And do not say that these cuts do not paint modern girls. So says the only one who did not see military style on the streets. Especially that from a military uniform in this direction have only the color (gray, all shades green, brown, yellow-sand), simple tailoring, and freedom of movement.

  6. Style "Vamp"

    Here are all the women in the image based on the contrast. Therefore, if you are not afraid to be bright, feel free to wear clothes of a fatal divas. Suitable everything: smooth skin, "animal" print, a deep neckline, all shades of red, the abundance of jewelry and dizzying heels. After all, the main task of the style "vamp" - to draw attention to the woman.

  7. Romantic style

    This line is designed for girls who have grown up on the fairy tale "The Scarlet Sails" and seriously believe in the existence of the prince. They are alien to clean lines and bright colors. Therefore, in the romantic style of these features you will not find. There are only shades of soft, lace, ruffles and flounces (you already got out of the closet to your favorite sweater?) Do you want to stay even for a moment the princess? Choose a romantic style!

As you can see, the styles in women's clothes are different. But this does not mean that you have to choose just one thing. Take a few areas of style in her wardrobe and every day be different. Feel free to combine jeans and a blouse with ruffles. Or a strict jacket with a flared skirt. The main thing - that you like the way you're dressed. And if you like others.

 These different styles of clothing

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 Choosing a swimsuit, do not underestimate its capabilities

Despite the fact that the swimsuit - it's just a small piece of tissue, it can not only hide figure flaws, but also beneficial to emphasize its advantages. How to choose the model and color of the bathing suit? Which swimsuit perfect your figure?

Today we reveal to you some secrets beachwear

So ladies with small breasts is preferable to select a separate bikini with ruffles and lace on the breast, which usually give a visual volume.

If you dream of a beautiful and even tan, opt for the fashionable model Bando (strapless swimsuit split). Unlike other models, this swimsuit has a big advantage: after sunbathing on the shoulders remains treacherous white stripes.

Busty girls will approach both fused and separate bathing suits with thick cups. Also, large breasts very effectively looks in a swimsuit with cups, interconnected by a wide belt and a deep V- neck.

Ladies curvaceous look will be perfect in the tankini (bathing kit from top with cups and panties). This swimsuit is not only reduces the waist, but also emphasizes the great chest. This is not entirely unusual swimsuit model is also suitable for young mums who do not have time to bring their post-pregnancy figure back to normal.

Owners of narrow shoulders and wide hips help balance the shape color accents: light top and dark bottom split swimsuit. This option will help to visually reduce the thigh.

To find the unique swimsuit for your figure do not be afraid to experiment, combining bra and panties various color combinations of different sets of bathing.

Remember that plain closed swimwear visually reduce the figure and wide strips and a major figure on the contrary, increase.

Women with wide waist is to abandon the separate bathing suits with shorts. This model makes the figure "square." Owners of such a figure should prefer Strapping swimsuit. This fashionable novelty, pulling a figure in the waist, making it slimmer.

Girl with perfect figure suggested to try on the most fashionable this season fused swimwear model - monokini and planzh.

What are these models swimsuits?

Let's take a closer look: monokini - a joint swimsuit that is very similar to a bikini. This model is not suitable as a swimsuit sunbathing on the beach, how to search for adventure. Among monokini swimsuits meet extreme models, consisting essentially of shorts topless, which replaces the long thin straps are fixed to the neck. Planzh is fused leotard with wide open back and seductive neckline in front.

 Choosing a swimsuit, do not underestimate its capabilities

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 apple body type

  • What is it - figure type "apple"?
  • Choosing the right clothes
  • How to hide figure flaws?

Choose clothes for her figure is not so simple. As a rule, the process of selection we are faced with many nuances. Every time I look at Hollywood beauties from the covers of magazines, never ceases to surprise them ideal parameters. However, in fact, no woman can boast of an ideal figure. Simply, many are very sensitive to your body and, given the characteristics of the figure, are able to correctly select items.

What is it - figure type "apple"?

In this article, we will look wardrobe women with body type "apple" and will try to determine exactly what kind of things can hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of "apple." The main thing - to feel in harmony with your body, then you are in any situation will look perfect, and feel accordingly.

This figure can not boast a wasp waist, and the emergence of 2-3 extra kilos is immediately noticeable, and it is in the abdomen. For the most part, "apple" women have big breasts and shapely legs - this is their trump card.

 wear the type of figure apple

Choosing the right clothes


Very attentive to the choice of one-piece dresses. If you are tempted by just such a fashion, then stop at dresses, jewel cases or sleeveless dresses with a little over waist. Excellent will look outfit, having an oblique cut, and dress with belt emphasize the waist is not too noticeable. Better to stick to plain colors and avoid light, flowing materials which tend to scatter when walking and create extra volume.

Shirts and tops

Choosing a dress for the top, try to adhere to the following rules:

  • It is better to give preference to knitted and crocheted things, because they are perfectly retain their shape;
  • You do not need to stop your eyes on too tight tops - such things absolutely do not fit "bullseye". However, as too baggy. Stick to the golden mean;
  • Cut-shirt can be any "boat», V-shaped, high collar, cut-outs. Do not hesitate too open neckline - you have beautiful breasts, and there is no need to hide it;
  • Avoid shirts with puffed sleeves;
  • Good will look tunic, tight chest and loose around the waist;
  • Try to choose things, length below the waist;
  • A good addition to the blouse will vest. He will emphasize the waist area, making it more slender.

Pants and skirts

Choosing bottom to dress, remember the most important rule: only dark shades! Skirts should be of high landing - this style will hide the tummy and accentuate the waist. Skirt trapeze helps to visually create a form of "hourglass" and skirt the sun combined with the adjoining semi-topom make your figure slimmer and sleeker.

In no case do not buy a pencil skirt, it will only aggravate the situation. And try to avoid small, the ideal length for you to the knee and mid-calf. If you are wearing a skirt with belt, avoid too flashy colors of this accessory.

You are contraindicated jeans and trousers with a low-slung - choose high or medium. It is this cut will not open "rollers" in the waist area. Incidentally, pants with pockets on the priest perfectly suited to you - they will balance the figure, and it will look harmonious.


"Apple" suit coat classic style, with a knee-length. Good things will look with original features, such as large beautiful buttons. You can also afford to wear jackets, down jackets, most importantly, choose the right style - semi-fitting.

Drawing on clothes

The diagonal cell, vertical bar, as well as any elongated vertical pattern visually make the figure more slender. Horizontal stripes and curved figures, on the contrary, emphasize fullness.

Avoid multi-layered outfits

Asymmetrical layered skirts, dresses with ruffles and drapes to visually "break" figure. Therefore, if you want to look slimmer, avoid these styles, as opposed to choosing a minimalist and elegant things.

Correct length

How to determine the length of the shirt or blouse, which is ideal? It is not difficult. Locate on their hips broadest and withdraw from him five centimeters higher and lower as much - two lengths and will be the most optimal. Skirt length is usually dependent on the height of the heel.


Try as little as possible to wear shoes without a heel. Of course, sandals flat shoes are indispensable in the heat of summer, but Ballet preferably replace pumps at a modest heels. Remember that shoes, like a round and a square nose visually shorten the leg, and a sharp nose, on the contrary, extend them.

Important details

We advise to exclude from his wardrobe wide bracelets and belts, fishnet tights, big bulky bags and beads. Be careful with the choice of clothing color: beige, white and pink - these are the colors that are full figure, and brown, black, red and blue, on the contrary, make it slimmer.

 nice apple body type

How to hide figure flaws?

Full shoulders and arms

Hide completeness of the arms and shoulders to help flared sleeves and three quarter sleeves. It is necessary to abandon the lush puffed sleeves, voluminous shoulders, but decorative straps on the contrary, are welcome. Choose items with original finishes: bright pattern or embroidery on the chest, which distract attention from the full hand.

Visually balance figure in the broad shoulders and narrow hips will help a little flared at the knees and hips tight skirt. But blouses owners of such a figure is recommended to wear an oval cut. Turtlenecks and tapering to the bottom of the skirt, on the contrary, it is better to eliminate from their wardrobe.

Too large breasts

Avoid clothing printed pictures and applications, to give preference to a monochromatic fabric. Ladies with big breasts is also suitable ensemble consisting of a dark top and bottom of the lighter. Shallow triangular or round shape cutout on blouses and shirts are perfect for your figure. Avoid too tight or, conversely, too free styles to use the accent on the waist belt.

Poorly expressed waist

To emphasize the waist line can be like using a belt and a belt, and the other bag of tricks. For example, properly combining the top and bottom of dress contrasting textures and colors. To achieve the desired effect can be through a combination of dark gray trousers with a fitted jacket beige. Also, a good result is obtained with a combination of silk blouse straight woolen skirt. Avoid too tight blouses and dresses, you no longer fit sundresses and tunics loose-fitting high-waisted.


Loyal assistant women of short stature are close-fitting styles, with an emphasis on the waist, as well as vertical stripes and patterns. Visually increase the figure will light shoes and platform shoes or high heels. Straight pants with a high waist and flared from the knees jeans give a figure slender. Whereas the skirt above the knee in conjunction with short tops or, conversely, the long skirts in combination with elongated blouses can visually reduce growth.

Again, the figure "apple" categorically does not fit:

  • Too tight things;
  • Things of a material with a large pattern;
  • Too tight skirts and pants;
  • Too big lapels.

That's all the wisdom. By following these recommendations, you without problems and will pick the perfect wardrobe will look stunning regardless of the type of your figure!

 Body type apple: the rule of proper choice of clothing

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