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  • Lace or Landysheva wedding
  • Whether to believe superstitions?
  • The tradition of celebrating
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13 years of marriage - a significant date. Hand in hand they went, the wife, spent them in sorrow and in joy, learn to understand and appreciate each other like no other. Symbols 13 years of marriage - lace and lily of the valley, so this anniversary is called a lace or Landysheva.
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Lace or Landysheva wedding

Create a relationship for 13 years of living together can be compared to heavy, requiring a great deal of patience work lace, which for several months and even years to weave their lace products. Their work turns out delicate, thin, fragile. So relations between spouses over 13 years acquire ease and finesse. Now husband and wife should be especially careful to treat each other: how, breaking a string, can spoil the whole lace pattern, and one careless act easily disrupt family harmony.

The second symbol of the 13th anniversary of the family life is the lily of the valley. It is incredibly charming and delicate flower with a subtle fragrance embodies all the sensual relationship that the couple carried through many years of living together to this day. In addition, the lily - a symbol of fidelity and love. All these feelings remained a couple, despite the problems and failures in life, and will be present in the relationship further.

 lace wedding traditions
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Whether to believe superstitions?

Lace or Landysheva wedding - the anniversary of the most mysterious. In the view of the number of 13 people it is usually shrouded in mystery and secrecy. However, do not assume that everything that is connected with this number, scares, and link 13 anniversary of the time the family discord. For thirteen years of marriage, the couple had checked sense of strength, and strength, and the power of love for each other only increases.

According to the traditions of this day, the wife of the head to tie a lace handkerchief or a tape and the neck itself, her husband and children covered lace collar, as the most vulnerable places of the human body were considered the head and neck. Thus the family to protect themselves from the impact of the demons that could be confused all plans for that day. Specific selection of patterns on clothing strengthens the protection of, for example, drawing with birds bring happiness into the house, the flowers retain the comfort of home, the warmth of the sun filled relationship. The women used as a talisman, and even a wreath of nettles, and men were made aspen twigs that get out of the house all the strife and trouble.

Follow or not ancient custom, the couple decide.

However, the number 13 has magical significance, so to celebrate their wedding anniversary should be subject to some traditions.
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The tradition of celebrating

In accordance with the old tradition of this day, from the clothes of husband and wife need to take the threads that tie should be on their toes. So the couple "linked" to live together in love and harmony for many years. The custom of celebrating 13 years of marriage requires the day to pay attention to homes. The warmest place in the house, such as near the battery to put lace handkerchief, and put on him a bowl of milk. It is believed that it helps to appease houses that protect the family from harm.

13th anniversary of marriage celebrated in the quiet family circle. From the guests - only close relatives and friends, be sure to children. This is the most relaxed and "home" anniversary, so to attract attention and call a lot of guests it is not necessary. On the festive table you need to lay the lace tablecloth and napkins. The more openwork and lace, the better will be transferred to the atmosphere of the day.   Lay the table can be different wicker vases, baskets, dishes with filigree ornament. Even food can be issued symbolic: on salads with mayonnaise draw lacy pattern, desserts decorate air whipped cream, bake delicate pancakes. A vase with a bouquet of white flowers is required. Let your table in this day will be gentle and easy, as the mood of the audience.

 symbolic gifts from guests
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Gifts woman and man

Given the symbolism of the 13 anniversary of the wedding, you can give different lace products, as well as flowers. If the anniversary is celebrated in spring, giving bouquet of lilies of the valley, and if they can not get it to this day you can use any white flowers: chrysanthemums, roses, lilies, carnations. The woman in this day can present a set of lacy underwear, stockings or tights. If you think this is too intimate a gift, give a lace scarf. He will make a fashionable and unique every woman. Perfume with the scent of lily of the valley are perfect as a gift. They will add tenderness, romanticism and fragility culprit celebration.

You can make a gift that will be useful and necessary for the whole family. Lace tablecloths, napkins, tulle handmade boxes with lace trim, statues in the form of lilies of the valley, such as a crystal, a picture of these colors - all this can give spouses of 13 anniversary of their wedding. If funds permit, you can buy wicker furniture, it fits well in almost any interior style. When thinking up a gift, you can use the number 13 and give, for example, the service for 13 persons. This service, of course, will need to prepare themselves.

If the anniversary of you, you probably are thinking, what to give her husband. At first glance it seems that choose a gift with a "lacy" or "Landysheva" theme for a man difficult. However, even here there are plenty of gift options for this day. Tat and knit - similar sessions for handy people. Therefore, if you know, you can tie her man sweater, mittens or a scarf. If the product you will embroider a flower lily of the valley, such a gift would be doubly symbolic.

You can give a pillow, blanket or towel, again with an embroidered lily of the valley. A great gift for your husband will be your joint picture encased in a frame openwork, which also complement your interior. But remember, no matter what gift you neither presented that day, as long as it was made with love, tenderness and care!

 The thirteenth wedding anniversary: ​​the symbols and traditions of this day

 Wedding Anniversary


  • From the first year until the centennial
  • Priority weddings
  • Round anniversaries
  • Anniversaries after fifty
  • What to give at weddings?

Wedding anniversary - a significant date in the life of any family that would like to mention all the kith and kin. But exactly how and when decided to celebrate such anniversaries? What kind of gifts made to give and when? These questions are relevant as ever.
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From the first year until the centennial

Green wedding is not in vain so called, is the first day after the wedding. The family is still very young, she was just beginning to gain strength a beautiful, sustainable oak, how it can become to eighty years.

First year - calico wedding, which is still not very strong, but beautiful and delicate. Big celebrations normally do, invited only the closest friends.

Weddings up to five years are usually called gaining strength. This paper wedding for two years, leather - three years of marriage, linen - for four years. Gifts must match the names the date, not to be too expensive.

First anniversary - the most long-awaited, wooden wedding is no exception. Among the values ​​of weddings over the years, wood takes pride of first place. This is the time when the family learned to understand each other. It is believed that the name comes from a belief that the tree after five years of growth becomes very strong, resistant to any wind, like a real family. Give the best small wooden statues, carved boxes, furniture.

Among the values ​​of weddings for years, cast iron - the first "metal" wedding. Its name suggests that feelings become stronger, and the family hearth - strong. List of gifts includes cast-iron cooking utensils, pans, pots.

The name "Copper Wedding", which is celebrated in the seventh year, symbolizes beauty, prosperity, strength. The name itself says that all the troubles passed but for the complete well-being still have to go. Wedding gifts - coins, brass candlesticks, figurines.

Eight years - this time updates relationship when the couple learn to not only understand, but also to take all the shortcomings of his pair. The values ​​of weddings over the years often indicate what should be avoided in this case tin wedding - this update, the need to avoid sharp corners. Giving should be a celebration chocolates in tin boxes, decorative metal cups and plates, embossing, candlesticks.

Faience - nine years. Meaning of weddings over the years often displays real relationships that exist in the family. Devyatiletie marriage, so-called faience wedding simvoliziruyuet fragility of relations between the two people. Here we have in mind that marriage is fragile as well as pottery, but also beautiful. List of gifts on this anniversary is associated with faience. You can give the dishes, dishes, plates and other beautiful.

The first big date - pink wedding. At this time it is believed that the couple had "grown up", together they have gone through many hardships and are prepared to further continue their relationship. The guest list should include only those who were present at the wedding.

Wedding gifts for the tenth anniversary - bouquets of roses or any items with the symbolism of this flower.

 calico anniversary

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Priority weddings

The name "steel wedding" knowingly associated with the metal. This first decade of the life of the spouses, such anniversaries represent a strong, united family, which successfully fights with all the odds. Wedding Gifts - trays, sets of pots, cutlery.

Part anniversary - wedding is nickel, which is marked in twelve and a half years from the date of the wedding. The symbolism of this date - a bright, shiny objects that characterize the brightness of the Union. Give accepted nickel-plated dishes, the best wedding gifts - beautiful and fine cutlery.

The number thirteen is considered unlucky, but it does not affect the thirteenth marital relations. Such anniversaries testify that the family is strong enough, the relationship at this time of delicate, fragile, but very beautiful. Wedding gifts include lace, clothing and household items with lace pure white, as a symbol of love. If the season, it will be a great gift lilies. The guest list can be extensive, but it is best to celebrate the anniversary in the family circle.

Agate wedding - fourteen years. This anniversary means that the family is growing, gaining the fortress. Wedding gifts are given only between husband and wife, the husband usually presents to his wife some jewelry with this stone. Guests usually give small statues and figurines of the color of the stone.

Glass - fifteen years of marriage. This wedding anniversary like talking about the bright, clean family relationships, who are willing to step over a fifteen-year milestone. The best wedding gifts at this time - Glassware.

Dates that do not say: sixteen - nineteen.

Porcelain - twenty years. This wedding anniversary has several meanings, one of them - dishes, presented to the wedding already broken, then you need to give a new. According to a second value, a union that lasted for twenty years, is as beautiful as a real fine china. Wedding gifts on this date are associated with its name - decided to give porcelain cups and saucers, dinner sets.

Opal, bronze, beryl, Satin - 21-24 years of life together. These wedding anniversary almost celebrated, information about traditions, accepting gifts survived to this day very little.

 especially wedding anniversaries
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Round anniversaries

Silver anniversary - twenty-five years together. The celebration of the silver anniversary of the fortress like talking about relationships. This is the first anniversary, which reached the precious metal - silver, so the wedding gifts should be associated with this symbol. Couples can exchange wedding rings made of silver, the guests - to give jewelry or silverware, plated objects. This is the first wedding anniversary, which can be re-celebrate at the registry office, held a grand ceremony.

Jade wedding, mahogany, velvet - 26-29 years of life. This choice is usually not observed.

The first big anniversary - pearl wedding, which represents thirty years of married life. Wedding gifts should be associated with these stones are suitable decorations, furnishings, clothing. The husband gives his wife a pearl necklace of thirty pearls - one for each year lived together.

Swarthy wedding, amber - 31-34 year marriage. After the thirtieth anniversary wedding anniversary is not marked, it is best to arrange a celebration instead of a little rest, to take a trip.

Coral (linen) wedding - thirty-five years of marriage. This anniversary is still the name of linen wedding, it represents peace, tranquility, comfort in family relationships. Coral, which gave the name of jubilee, means health, the strength of the relationship. Wedding gifts accepted to give is not very expensive, it is better suited for this coral jewelry, towels, napkins, bedspreads, garments.

36-39 years of marriage - these dates are not marked, they take it easy during a period of family relationships, which do not require additional evidence.

Forty-year anniversary - these are the dates that are the most durable. It is believed that destroy the family can no longer do. Usually, at this time in engagement rings can be inlaid gemstone - ruby. Wedding gifts can be very different, but it is best to include a red color. Great crystal interior.

In the 41-43 year wedding anniversary is not celebrated, 44 years old - topaz wedding 45 - sapphire (is rare, it is usually a small celebration in the family), 46 years - lavender wedding (great gifts in the form of live lavender in a pot or dried songs from her). 47 years - cashmere wedding 48 - amethyst, 49 - Cedar wedding.

Wedding anniversaries are the most diverse, but stands out the golden wedding, that is, the fiftieth anniversary of the family, friendly life. There have been such anniversaries widely, at this time the couple exchanged new wedding rings. As the gifts are suitable interior, gilded and gold ornaments.

 Wedding anniversaries
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Anniversaries after fifty

Dates from 51 to 54 year was not observed in 55 years - emerald wedding. The name symbolizes the eternity of life, the husband can give his wife jewelry with emerald, this anniversary is not widely celebrated.

Sixty years of marriage. Such anniversaries celebrated in a big way! The very name of this date was given for good reason - very strong family relationships are like a diamond, which can not destroy anything. On this anniversary the husband must give his wife jewelry with diamonds, guests also can do a gift of crystal that perfectly symbolizes this significant date.

After fifty years, say, as a rule, anniversaries, such dates as 61-64 years old is not idle. Iron and stone wedding, which symbolize the fortress relations can be marked with the close family circle.

Significant anniversaries are celebrated rarely, since few couples have achieved, for example, seventy-year anniversary. The name itself - grace - says that this family would have received like a blessing from above. Expensive gifts to give at this time is not accepted, it is best to do with flowers.

Crown wedding - seventy-five years. The name "crown wedding" means that this day was seventy-five years from the date of the wedding. Such anniversaries celebrated very solemnly, but expensive gifts to give is not accepted, as well as household items.

Oak - eighty years of marriage. At this time decided to give products made of oak, which is a symbol of fidelity, immutability, the strength. Prior to such date, not all reach, but if this happened - give symbolic oak rings, which will mean loyalty and a strong family.

The name "Red Wedding" Agayev gave the triumph of the spouses who have celebrated this event is the only time (other centenarians who celebrate this anniversary today, unknown). No tradition of celebration and gift giving at the moment.
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What to give at weddings?

The traditional question - what to give to your wedding anniversary? The answer is very simple - pay attention to what to call the date, choose gifts according to this. For example, on the first anniversary best to give otrez calico or a beautiful kitchen apron, and leather - a purse, a small handbag.

But what to do when the date referred to metal and names of gems? It's all too easy - beautiful bouquets of flowers with similar shades, crystal, high-quality cutlery will be a great, welcome gift on any anniversary! You can also give inexpensive but exquisite jewelry of silver with enamel, pearls, gold-plated cutlery, candlesticks.

 Wedding Anniversary: ​​how to celebrate and what to give?