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  • Signs of missed abortion in the early first trimester
  • Signs of missed abortion at a later date
  • Signs of fading in the second trimester of pregnancy
  • A bit of prevention

Under a non-viable pregnancy to understand one type of miscarriage. This misfortune may happen more often in the early stages, but in some cases, fading occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy - after 14 weeks.
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Signs of missed abortion in the early first trimester

In this case, the development of the fetus is terminated at a very early stage of pregnancy and symptoms of fading can be even perceived a woman. The most common pregnancy to 3 weeks is not yet diagnosed, and about it nobody suspects. Spotting seen as the next menstruation. In this case the alert can be only one - abundant compared with conventional, separation, and longer bleeding.

Missed abortion in early pregnancy almost painless, a woman does not experience stress and depression over the loss of a child. This is the easiest case.

 the first signs of missed abortion
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Signs of missed abortion at a later date

To establish that the woman is pregnant, often fails after 4 weeks - due to the absence of menses. By this time, there are other accompanying pregnancy symptoms:

  • and an increase in breast tenderness,
  • increase in basal body temperature,
  • severe manifestations of toxicity.

But even then, when the fetus suddenly stops the development of these symptoms may persist and are manifested early signs that his death and starts rejection of the fetus:

  • dragging pain in the abdomen and lower back,
  • bloody issues,
  • increase in temperature more than 37, 5 ° C.

If a woman does not experience nausea or pain in the breast - it should not be a cause for concern.

Pregnancy all proceeds differently. We should start to worry if in severe toxicosis he suddenly passes.

The emergence of pulling pain in the abdomen at this time may not be a sign of trouble - in the early stages of pain, such as pain during menstruation can occur due to the fact that the blood rushes to the uterus, are stretched and swollen ligament. These unpleasant feelings pass quickly, if you lie down and relax. And do not be overly worried about it.

Cheerleaders have pain that persist even after taking medicines. If they are combined with the appearance of bleeding from the vagina - should call an ambulance.

Self-determination of missed abortion, as follows from the above, it is practically impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to abide by the terms prenatal visits, which will establish a doctor. Only in this case he will be able in time to determine the symptoms and signs of missed abortion in the first trimester:

  • Termination of the fetal heart - with the help of ultrasound;
  • Stop the growth of the embryo or blighted ovum - also show only ultrasound;
  • Inconsistency size of the uterus expected term of pregnancy - is only possible when gynecological examination;
  • HCG levels - to determine only a blood test.

The definitive diagnosis can only be set for the integrated results of all studies, so do not panic if it seemed that something was wrong. You just need to see a doctor.

 Uzi when missed abortion
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Signs of fading in the second trimester of pregnancy

After 16 weeks expectant mom may notice slight stirring in the lower abdomen - it begins to move her baby. First, it is very light tremors, blurred sense of touch from the inside. Such bumps are repeated up to 10 times per day.

At this point, the most obvious symptoms of disease - cessation of fetal movements in a single day. In this case, an urgent visit to the gynecologist.

Other signs of impending disaster:

  • Breast is soft, has a familiar tension suddenly disappear and appear in the form of allocation of colostrum. Education colostrum can be quite normal sign of pregnancy, but consult your doctor would be superfluous.
  • On examination, the doctor found that the size of the uterus does not correspond to the term of pregnancy. The symptom may indicate incorrect due date, but can also denote fading pregnancy. More accurate diagnosis the doctor can only do the next visit - a week. If the uterus does not increase, it indicates that the fetus is not growing.
  • To clarify the diagnosis will need to be tested for HCG - this time in the normal course of pregnancy its level is the highest, and reducing its unmistakably indicate pathology.
  • US confirms with precision what happened.

Not attending physician at the time suspected of missed abortion, she put herself in mortal danger. In some cases, rejection takes place, and the process ends fetal abortion. But sometimes the dead fetus may remain for some time in a woman's body, provoking the development of intoxication. This is evidenced by fever, abdominal pain and increasing weakness.

These symptoms indicate the need for urgent hospitalization. Special drugs prescribed by the doctor to cause uterine contractions that lead to miscarriage. Then the uterus is cleaned from the remnants of fetal places and woman after a brief treatment will be able to get pregnant again.

Missed abortion in the second trimester - a lot of stress for the woman. But if diagnosed in time, it is hoped to avoid the threat of miscarriage. You should not get depressed and afraid to get pregnant again - next time will have to pay attention to their health before conception and during pregnancy.

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A bit of prevention

Among the common causes of fading pregnancy in the first place there are various infections. Defenses during pregnancy significantly reduced and even ordinary ARI can be severe. Then the fetus threatens not the virus itself, but the reaction of the mother's body on him, causing the fetus does not receive the necessary nutrients and oxygen. Typical missed abortion when infected with Toxoplasma, which can be transmitted from animals; among dangerous for a pregnant woman infections - chlamydia, cytomegalovirus and herpes.

A few common risk factors:

  • The negative effects on fetal development have alcohol and smoking, drug use.
  • Frequent stress and antidepressants can cause fading of pregnancy.
  • Hormonal disorders in the body - a lack of estrogen and progesterone, the violation of their balance affect fetal development.

If the worst happened, there is no reason to despair - after passing the examination and treatment of the disease by getting rid of bad habits, a woman can get pregnant again, carry and give birth to a healthy baby. Take care of yourself and be happy!

 The terrible diagnosis: missed abortion

 causes headaches during pregnancy


  • Headache: causes
  • Preventive measures
  • How to get rid of headaches without drugs?
  • What else to do?
  • Migraine - a sign of the disease?

Pregnancy for any woman - a rather difficult period, which brings not only joy, but also a lot of problems. Among these negative situations should be noted severe headaches, which are often particularly concerned about during the second, third trimester. Often, to get rid of pain is difficult and drugs contraindicated at this time. Why is a headache during pregnancy and how to lower the frequency of its occurrence?
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Headache: causes

To effectively deal with the headache, it is necessary to understand exactly what the reasons for its cause. This will allow the right to take measures to carry out a set of preventive measures that will minimize headaches during pregnancy, to make attacks less frequent and strong.

Thus, the main reasons for which may be quite a headache:

  1. Hormonal changes. During pregnancy, the female body undergoes hormonal changes quite strong, especially in the first 3 months. He needs to get used to new conditions, but until that happens, a woman worried sick.
  2. Low pressure. Progesterone begins to dominate over other hormones, and he has a general relaxing effect, including the walls of blood vessels. They greatly expanded, the pressure begins to fall, the brain experience oxygen starvation. Because of this, there are migraine attacks.
  3. Increased pressure in the last trimester. Causes pain - is to increase the volume of blood circulating in the body and thereby increase pressure. In this case, it requires mandatory supervision by a doctor.
  4. Preeclampsia, i.e. Generalized vasospasm, also causes the appearance of protein in the urine, edema. Treating headaches during pregnancy in this case it is assigned to the complex, which is aimed at addressing the causes and not just the pain itself.
  5. The increase in weight.
  6. Hunger, thirst, lack of vitamins.
  7. Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  8. Stress, emotions, overexertion, fatigue.
  9. Changes in weather conditions (often by changing the temperature outside, rain, extreme heat). It can occur in anyone, but during pregnancy is significantly more.

Treatment of headaches

Treatment during pregnancy should be very careful, because the reaction of the body can now be unpredictable, and the future baby pills can only hurt. Therefore headache during pregnancy, the safest thing is not removed medicinal methods, which talk a little lower. Acceptance of various painkillers and other chemicals must be limited, and in many cases completely eliminated. But what if you can not be treated by other methods?

There are a number of drugs that may be used, although it is recommended to pre-consult with the attending physician. Thus, treatment is not allowed by a conventional aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be used, but only in accordance with the instruction. All other drugs for the treatment of headache can be used only if prescribed by your doctor!

 causes of migraine
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Preventive measures

To headache disturbed as little as possible, the need to perform a complex of simple preventive measures which can not guarantee the full disposal of migraine, but will reduce the probability of its appearance many times. Among these preventive measures should include:

  • Try to avoid stressful situations. They are not only harmful to you, your unborn baby, but also often causes severe pain as the result in muscle tension. If you continue to work, try not to be late in the evening, recycle.

    At home, try not to be nervous, completely avoid it is unlikely to succeed, as the pregnancy itself and the related changes are already some stress for the body, but these symptoms can be reduced.

  • Try not much change the schedule, as it is often it causes headaches. Pregnancy - is not the reason that makes now sleep all day. On the contrary, some activity makes you feel much better than immobility;
  • some foods during pregnancy can cause not only migraines, but the overall feeling bad. Talk to the attending physician, identified a number of products that you some time would be extremely desirable to have;
  • bright lights, loud sounds can cause extreme pain, so try not to be in those places where such reasons can find you. Talk with your loved ones, so they tried to shield you from such noise and light effects, they understand you;
  • if you practiced before pregnancy, do not stop training, just turn down the intensity of the load. It is best to consult with a trainer, the attending physician that prompt exactly which exercises will now be very useful, and what to avoid.

 relaxing bath during pregnancy

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How to get rid of headaches without drugs?

Treatment of headache during pregnancy is best implemented in such a way as not to use drugs that for the woman at this time may have a negative effect. Here are some techniques that will help alleviate the condition:

  • first you must correctly identify the source of migraine. If you have headaches occur often, it is best to start keeping a diary, with which you can easily see where there was a pain as it develops over time. The blog should be written down what you ate during the day, since pregnancy is often the products of the causes of the disease state.

    Among the products that are at risk, it should be noted MSG, sulfites and nitrites, which are often found in many dried fruits, bacon, salami and other products, all artificial sweeteners, beans and nuts, smoked fish, mature cheese, sour cream, chocolate, bananas, citrus, avocado, papaya, pickled foods, some types of sauces. In addition to products, the source of pain can be a cold, noise, bright lights, smoke. Write down everything that your assumption was the source of the headache, it is easier to help identify the source, and thus get rid of him;

  • Among the methods of treatment of migraine in the first place are cool or warm compresses that are applied at the base of the skull to the back of the head. Often it helps cold compresses that are applied on the forehead. This can take the clean towel is wetted just in water the required temperature, and then pressed;
  • in some cases, to quickly deal with the pain helps a cold shower or simply rinsing the face. Warm bath and shower to help assist in tenzionnoy pain;
  • headaches during pregnancy is often caused by hunger or thirst, low blood sugar. At this time, it encouraged to eat small portions, but not leading to the emergence of hunger. You can arrange a small snack with yogurt, crackers, eat an apple. But the sweet cookies, candy, cakes - all this should be avoided because of their sugar level rises strongly, but for a long time does not hold.

    Severe headache reappears? Revise the menu. It is recommended to drink on a regular basis, it is not a liter of fluid, but mineral water or natural juice will not be superfluous. If you have severe migraine with nausea appeared, it should drink small sips;

  • one of the best medicines at the time of headaches during pregnancy - is rest, rest, sleep. Most try to relax, do not overwork, because at this time your body is working for two people, so he gets tired a lot more;
  • in the third trimester of pregnancy, the pain can quickly retreat when performing a special set of exercises that are allowed at this late months. This exercise, which allows to maintain posture.

 relaxing massage to avoid headaches

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What else to do?

  • If you have a migraine persists, try different relaxation techniques: hypnosis, yoga. Many of these techniques have been specially developed to alleviate the condition of pregnant women. If you have time, get a coach who will teach you. These exercises will not only help get rid of headaches, but also improve the overall well-being, allow to fully relax;
  • Massage. If you are contraindicated, then you can go for a massage. These procedures will help to relieve the tension from the back, shoulders, neck. You can at home gently rubbing shoulders or back, to ask those around them to do so. But do not press hard;
  • But there is another method, which benefits for pregnant women is debatable. We are talking about acupuncture, which is recognized in the state of security, but the reaction to it is absolutely individual. Therefore, in this case it is recommended to consult only with the attending physician does not decide such matters on their own.

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Migraine - a sign of the disease?

Headaches during pregnancy are not only unpleasant, but can often be a sign of other problems, so they need to pay attention, and not just take a pill and forget until the next attack. If during the first trimester you are constantly worried about migraines that is quite hard to be removed by means of the usual, you should go directly to the attending physician to conduct the survey.

In the second, the third trimester are constants not passing headaches can be a sign of pre-eclampsia, that is a pretty serious syndrome, which is characterized by an increase in pressure, the appearance of protein in the urine. This syndrome is caused by pregnancy, but should contact a doctor, the more so at this time to drink medicines can not.

What if much and constantly headache during pregnancy? It is necessary to address urgently to the attending physician in the following cases:

  • If episodes of severe headache during the second, third trimester begin accompanied by sharp stomach pain, blurred vision, nausea, swelling of the face or hands, sudden weight gain;
  • when such severe pain that sleep is not possible. Also, if a seizure can not be overcome by any method available;
  • if the headache begins accompanied by fever, stiff neck (torticollis that is);
  • When there were headaches after a fall, an injury to the head;
  • if there is another simultaneously migraine pain (such as in the eye, teeth, other parts of the face, nasal congestion).

It is important in the event of headaches do not tolerate them, and try to remove them immediately using the available methods, except for drugs. But if such attempts are not successful, but it should go directly to the attending physician, as a migraine during pregnancy can be very dangerous not only for the health of the expectant mother, but also for the baby.

Headache unpleasant in itself, but in a state of pregnancy is often the result of a completely different disease. To get rid of a migraine at any stage, should not immediately grasp at the tablet, there are many other ways to safely eliminate pain. But if none of the methods does not work, plus there are other symptoms, it is not necessary to wait until "it itself will take place", you must immediately contact the attending physician, who will prescribe the appropriate treatment and research.

 Headache during pregnancy: prevention