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  • Do you want a girl - starts to ovulation calendar
  • How to conduct ovulation calendar
  • How to conceive a girl, knowing the date of ovulation
  • General recommendations for the conception of a girl

In modern society, young parents are more conscious approach to family planning, for the birth of a child - is a very important event, which should be carefully prepared. Many people prefer to first firmly on his feet, and then begin to think about the replenishment of the family. Most couples do not care what sex the baby will be, but sometimes parents really want their little girl was born. The reasons may be different. For example, in the family already has a son, and now like a daughter that can dress up and pamper.

It happens so that the conception of girls is no less important for medical reasons, because some genetic diseases, such as hemophilia, are transmitted only to boys. Blindness, in which a person can not distinguish certain colors of the spectrum, and occurs predominantly in men. But in this case, to conceive should be treated very seriously and seek professional help from the experts. Our science has reached such heights that the artificial insemination in the uterus can be podsazheny embryos of a particular sex.

In the same article we will focus on how to calculate the conception of a girl using an ovulation calendar.
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Do you want a girl - starts to ovulation calendar

There are many methods by which parents who dream of a daughter may conceive a girl. This popular superstitions, and certain diets, and specific postures, but most of them are without any scientific basis. This is just your choice - to trust this untested techniques or not.

And yet, at the future parents who want to bring home from the hospital was a girl, there is a good chance. Of course, 100% guarantee of success nobody will give you, but try their luck still stands.

The method of conception girls ovulation calendar is based on scientific observations, and therefore trustworthy.

 Ovulation Calendar

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How to conduct ovulation calendar

Ovulation - a way out of a mature egg from the ovary. It usually occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle, and on this day a woman is able to fertilize. With regular cycle to calculate ovulation date is easy: for this there are many online calendars that can help with both the conception in the planning and in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.

It is more difficult to calculate the date of ovulation to women who have irregular menstrual cycles. In this case, it is recommended to schedule the basal body temperature. To this should be carried out daily measurement of rectal temperature. This is done in the morning without getting out of bed after not less than 6 hours in a state of rest, that is, at night you can not even get up to the toilet. During ovulation the rectal temperature is 37 ° C, and to its occurrence is within 36 6-36 9 ° C. After ovulation calendar will be drawn up, you can start planning conception of the girl.

Do not miss the ovulation in difficult cases, the procedure will also use ultrasound or special tests.
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How to conceive a girl, knowing the date of ovulation

Scientific fact: the sex of a child is determined at conception, and is completely dependent on his father. Namely, from what the sperm will fertilize an egg: if containing X-chromosome, it will be a girl, and if Y - a boy. It is proved that sperm with the X-chromosome are less mobile, but more viable: they may after intercourse to fertilize an egg for another 3-5 days. At the same time the sperm with Y-chromosome are more active, but the die is much faster for 24-48 hours.

It is on these scientific data and based method of conceiving a child of a particular sex. If you want a girl, you should make love, not later than 3 days prior to the expected date of ovulation. In this case, to survive and fertilize the egg will have a chance only sperm with the X-chromosome. Then for 2-3 days is better or absolutely refuse sex or use condoms, as already 2 days before ovulation increases the probability of conceiving a boy.

 general guidelines for the conception of the girl
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General recommendations for the conception of a girl

To conceive a girl, it is recommended to follow certain rules:

  • posture during intercourse should exclude deep penetration: the best is considered missionary position (face to face);
  • after sex a woman should relax and lie down on your back, knees pressed to his chest;
  • it is recommended to adhere to a certain diet. Eat the following foods: juices, milk, chicken, pork, veal, boiled fish and seafood, grapes, apples, cheese, yoghurt, unsalted cheese. Avoid sausages, smoked meats, spicy cheeses, soft drinks, tea and coffee.

And, of course, do not forget that the important thing is not what sex the baby will be a future. Parents are responsible first and foremost for his health, so it is very important before planning to lead a healthy lifestyle and give up bad habits. Equally important is the emotional background, because children born in love, grow beautiful and smart.

 The scientific method of conception, ovulation calendar girls

 early signs of pregnancy


  • The first signs of pregnancy before menstruation
  • The first signs of early pregnancy
  • The first signs of pregnancy after a delay
  • The result of a pregnancy test as a sign of successful conception
  • Signs of pregnancy after a month, which are visible only to the gynecologist

Sometimes there are situations when you need to be aware of the possibility of pregnancy before the period when it can show the ultrasound.

In such cases it is very useful to know what are the early signs of pregnancy and when they occur.

Fortunately, today there are many ways to learn about the ensuing pregnancy on the earliest of its terms. In this article you will find out on what grounds it can be assumed that you are expecting a baby.
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The first signs of pregnancy before menstruation

Regardless of whether a woman plans a child or not, she wants to quickly learn about a pregnancy or not. And this is quite understandable. First, let's look at how to show signs of pregnancy before the delay and what it involves. Let's start with the fact that sooner than a week after fertilization possible to learn about a pregnancy or not. it is simply impossible. So we have to be patient and wait for the due date. During this time, if the egg is fertilized, it attaches to the uterine wall. Actually, this is your future baby. From that moment, your hormones change, and the body begins to show signs of pregnancy to delay.

By the early signs of pregnancy before menstruation include, first of all, subjective feelings of women. Apart from these, are:

  • changes in the mammary glands. This may be increased sensitivity or soreness, increase or heaviness in the breasts - every woman these changes are of a different character. But at the same time keep in mind that the same symptoms in many women appear before menstruation, therefore trust only this symptom is not necessary;
  • spotting during pregnancy that are associated with the implantation of the ovum. If you have a stable and regular menstrual cycle, then it may be a sign of pregnancy, but in the case of irregular menstrual cycle it can talk about the beginning of the month;
  • changes in mood, nausea, fatigue. Again, if you usually before menstruation feel well, these symptoms may indicate the onset of pregnancy. If you do not know firsthand what the premenstrual syndrome, which is often experienced by women for a week to a month, similar ailments may be just his signs;
  • rise in basal temperature is more accurate characteristic that can diagnose pregnancy. Unless, of course, it is not associated with a certain disease. The temperature usually rises to 37 degrees or rises above $ 37, 2. If you use this method to determine pregnancy, you need to correctly measure the temperature. This is done only in the morning, immediately after waking up, getting out of bed. Temperature is measured in the rectum, the same thermometer to eliminate errors in measurement.

These are very early signs of pregnancy before the delay. It is not necessary to dismiss another method - own intuition. Many women make assumptions about conception even before any signs of pregnancy were to delay. Some feel that they have become pregnant, the very first days.

 morning sickness in early pregnancy
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The first signs of early pregnancy

Over time, the signs of pregnancy appear more, they become more precise, and you are more convinced that the pregnancy has indeed occurred. Let's look at the first signs of pregnancy experienced by almost every woman.

  • The advent of heavy discharge

In this case, you must make the amendment that it is not about bleeding, which we discussed above. If you watch your women's health, then you know that vaginal discharge, which are colorless and odorless, it is normal. And you probably know that the amount of discharge varies depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle (ovulation). However, the amount of bleeding increases and pregnancy. So if before ovulation is still far, and has more discharge, observe the fact whether you have still any signs of pregnancy. If, for example, it appears that the increased basal temperature, you can be pretty sure that the pregnancy.

  • Headache

Usually women do not attach importance to this feature and do not associate it with the possibility of pregnancy, but in vain, because the hormonal changes that occur in the body, it can cause headaches and migraines. Especially, if the headaches are not commonplace to you, be sure to pay attention to it, because they may indicate a pregnancy. If you are planning a pregnancy, pay attention to all the pain and discomfort in the body, and not self-medicate, even if you do not know until fairly, pregnant or not.

These may be early signs of pregnancy before menstruation or after. Every woman's body reacts differently to changes related to childbearing.

  • Menoschesis

This is the first sign by which we can assume pregnancy. Of course, the delay may occur for various reasons, but the first thing that comes to mind of every woman, regardless of whether she is planning a pregnancy or not, it is a pregnancy. After a delay usually begin to look closely to other signs.

However, the basis of trust that is 100% worth it. First, the delay can cause stress, exhaustion, nervous stress, inflammatory processes in the genital organs, change of climate or place of work, hypothermia, etc.. In addition, if you can not boast of a regular menstrual cycle, the more this method can not considered significant in your case. However, a delay - this is a sign of the imbalance in the body and should not ignore it. In any case, you need to see a gynecologist.

In addition, there is a very important point, which relates to the lack of menstruation during pregnancy. If the pregnancy is normal, then this attribute must be present. If in the future you are diagnosed with a pregnancy, which was confirmed by a gynecologist and ultrasound, and bleeding you do not stop, this is a bad sign, as it shows the threat of miscarriage. The fact that these are not the menstruation bleedings in the literal sense of the word. So never ignore the bleeding, and immediately call the "fast" or consult a gynecologist - thus you will increase your chances of keeping the pregnancy.

The most dangerous in this respect, those weeks when a woman, in the case of non-occurrence of pregnancy would have to start menstruating. During this period, you have to be very careful to avoid stress, stress, etc. Some women wonder: How many of these signs of pregnancy appear? In the normal course of pregnancy month absence the whole period, while you are carrying a child, and a period as long as breastfeeding (possible irregular cycle).

These are the signs of pregnancy, which can help you make an assumption about the conception or refute it.

 Analysis of hCG pregnancy
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The first signs of pregnancy after a delay

If the delay has come for a longer period than you have it usually happens, it may be a more reliable sign that pregnancy could occur. However, to be sure until the end, listen to your body: it is capable of many things to tell you, feeding the appropriate signals. Usually there are such signs of pregnancy after a delay.

  • Toxemia

We can not say that morning sickness comes in all pregnant women, but the majority - that's for sure. Common symptoms of toxicity believe morning sickness, vomiting. But in fact, evidence of toxicosis more symptoms: sensitivity to smell and taste, preference for certain products and the rapid rejection of the other, a change in the gastronomic tastes - they are also signs of toxicity. So if you have, along with other signs (or any one) have appeared and this, it gives almost 100% guarantee that you will have a baby. How manifest the signs of pregnancy is uncertain. Someone they go after the 12th week of pregnancy, someone later, at the 14th week, and there are women who do not suffer from toxicity at all.

  • Frequent urination, constipation

Usually, these symptoms do not appear immediately, although a lot depends on what a woman eats. If snacking on sandwiches and food from fast food, the constipation may appear at the beginning of pregnancy. But in fact there are locks on the growth of the uterus, where it begins to compress the bladder and intestines, which leads to such inconveniences. But it does not mean that you need to treat it as the norm. Be sure to revise your diet: no snacking on the go, no heavy meals. If you change your diet more rich in fiber (vegetables, fruits, dried fruits), will drink plenty of fluids, constipation stop.

  • Breast Augmentation

Almost every woman in this period increased swollen breasts. Women wonder how many show signs. They can appear long before the delay monthly, and can later. It may even be allocated colostrum, but it happens very rarely - it usually appears in 5-6 months or does not show up until the birth itself. These features are enhanced with pregnancy.

 breast enlargement in early pregnancy
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The result of a pregnancy test as a sign of successful conception

There is another way that you can apply at home - a pregnancy test. Now more and more women and gynecologists trust the results of the tests, even though they are not always reliable. However, this does not prevent you from further use and in this way. However, you should not rely solely on the result of the test, because it really can give an incorrect answer to your question. The test can be an additional method, but not the only one.

As they say manufacturers typically test, they can use just the first day of delay. But the best time to sustain, because the more the delay, the more reliable is the result of the test. But no matter how anxious you learn about their situation, to use the test earlier than 7-10 days after the alleged conception makes no sense, because the result will be incorrect. It is better to do the test in the morning and a few hours before do not drink alcohol, and spicy foods. Buy better very sensitive tests, some of which can be used within a few days after intercourse.

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Signs of pregnancy after a month, which are visible only to the gynecologist

Before that, we looked at the characteristics that every woman can observe at itself and the presence of which can make an assumption about the pregnancy. If you suspect a pregnancy, it's time to see this, in consultation with your doctor, who can either confirm your assumptions, or refute them. This is not the first signs of pregnancy, and techniques that will give you a reliable answer to the question.

  • Blood test results on HCG

Analysis can be done 10 days after possible conception (of sexual intercourse). This method allows you to not wait for the delay menstruation: the test is absolutely reliable. Normal pregnancy test also gives result depending on the presence of the hormone hCG, which is present in the blood of each pregnant woman (the presence of this hormone and said second strip on the test). But the test would not have such a high precision as blood.

  • Result ultrasound

It sometimes happens that a woman suspects that she is pregnant, but the signs did not appear as such. In this case, it is sent to the US, which will give absolutely correct and accurate result and the answer to the question of pregnancy. In addition, the results of ultrasound can be seen that at an early stage in the development of fetal pathology is not observed if the fertilized egg in the uterus is located. It makes sense to do ultrasound 10 days after the delay, then it will reliably start of pregnancy.

  • The increase in uterine

In the first weeks gynecologist will not be able to tell you clearly, you are waiting for a child or not, but about a third week after a missed period when viewed from the doctor can ascertain pregnancy, based on the size of the uterus. It is at this period it increases slightly, and the cervix and the vaginal cavity acquire bluish tint. Earlier, before the delay menstruation, such examination will not work because the uterus before menstruation is also slightly increased in size.

These are the first signs of pregnancy, allow an unambiguous conclusion about the coming conception and make a choice in favor of continuing the pregnancy, or vice versa. Note that the signs of pregnancy to delay yet more subjective than a month after the (alleged).

 How do you know about the pregnancy at the earliest timing