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Affair with a married man. After reading this sentence, some women complained shrugged (his wife), someone chuckled floated, we know! (mistress). Either way, the relationship with a married man familiar to many. Who is on the same side who is on the other, and someone just witnessed a love triangle. And this question is so delicate that it is impossible to say unequivocally: a good wife and a mistress - a bitch.

It's not always the same. And if the wife's position was considered by psychologists than once (or blamed her for what nedodala something to her husband in marriage or spared), today we will try to explain the behavior of his mistress in the novel with a married man. What motivates her? What is the reason to be a woman to step over public opinion? Are mistress so heartless and arrogant as it is described in many TV series?

The relationship with a married man for love

In these networks get everything from seventeen young girls to mature women. Why is that? The answer is simple and banal: I want to love and relationship with a married man is quite able to meet this need. A young girl, unable to leave the school, dreams of becoming an adult. But how? Fall in love. Her peers seem obsessed with sex, stupid (naturally, because they, too, had just got out of school) and insecure.

But the mature man wins at first glance. It does not giggle nervously at every joke, does not try to climb to kiss, it does not save her money. Plus, he has held the man who struck his judgment and intelligence. The very realization of a dream. And one in a series of miserable minus the benefits - he is married. But that slippery moment neatly sidesteps the man himself. He either does not speak about his marital status from the start (as long as it realizes that the girl has matured), or justified by the fact that he was married before meeting his dream (or forced).

A married man is transformed into a real psychologist in order to justify before the girlfriend blue stamp in the passport cover and love affairs to his wife. The very same girl torn between feelings and social norms. After all, every mother teaches her child that love affairs with married men up to no good arguments. But love does its thing: every evening she is going to give a loved one with the forces of the gate turn, he sees it - and can not bring himself to part with him. Plus the man himself begins to "feed" the girl promises and stories of unhappy family life.

Affair with a married man at the young girl continues, usually short-lived. Then either:

  • girl matures and tears relationship itself;
  • for it do parents who noticed daughter in filthy communication (lie-she, like her partner, has not learned);
  • man himself interrupts the connection when he sees that she is too much in love and will soon begin to make demands and to do silly things;
  • she still makes the stupidity, the wife finds out about the relationship of husband and puts it before the choices he made in favor of the existing family.

It is the most common variants of the completion of the novel with a married man from a young girl. But every rule has its exceptions, and a relationship with a married man can make a couple of completely different direction.

As for the mature woman, it is pushing for an affair with a married man hope to be loved. As a rule, a divorced woman (about the relationship with the married ladies will be discussed later), which is desperate to find happiness. And here it is - the handsome and clever. And anything that is married. So, do not have to wash socks. Very often these relationships come women who themselves had previously been deceived spouses. It does not matter who put an end to the marriage has run its course - the husband, who went to the other, or wife, holding the door of the traitor.

After some time, the woman begins to think how good it was that bitch-mistress! And the money to her love and affection, and I was just dirty pots and the smell of fume. A little more, and a divorced woman will no longer seek to marry. She wants that sweet life without problems, which lived razluchnitsa. A stamp in your passport? What for? Again, wait for the wrong night? Listen clumsy excuses and wash out from the collar of lipstick? No sooner said than done. How long to seek an unfree man, tired of marriage?

As a rule, such a love affair with a married man could drag on for years. The woman is quite happy with the status of a mistress, because whether or not confident, or from personal experience know that it is better to be in this role, when a man comes to you-shaven, in a good mood with colors. A disease, stubble and leaves a bad mood legitimate half. A man such a relationship is also quite satisfied. A divorced woman does not need furs and diamonds. Always waiting. Yes, and talk to her there is something, as opposed to random girls shot in the bar.

Now let's look at not less common, but more "thoughtful" love affairs with married men.

 relationship with a married

What to do if you have a relationship with a married man?

Communication on the calculation

Oh, those greedy woman! What they just do not go for profit! They often think that having an affair with a rich man - the easiest way to make money. Especially if we are talking about a very wealthy man, who can one credit card to solve all your problems. And the fact that this "wallet on legs" Married - do not worry. And in these cases occur affair with a married in all genres of Mexican soap operas and romance novels. Insidious seductress snare. Man gets pleasure in them. Well, if "exemplary family man" falls in love with his mistress. Then there is a profitable mutual settlement.

But often quiet home husband looks on a background of bright and bold lover of fresh and uninteresting. The man unwittingly begins to compare his two women and opts for a new passion. He was so eager explosion of passion, instead of faded dressing gowns laced gowns, heady wine instead of tea with mint and full hours of sex instead of sluggish performance of marital duties!

And she begins to toss the hero of a love triangle like a horse on a leash. That his wife (there is habitual, you can go unshaven in the family shorts stretched for hours lying on the favorite sagging couch), then to his mistress (for the regular portion of heavenly love, passion, and confidence in their own superiority). This situation is even like him. Both women to please him, trying to prove that it is - the best. A man and happy to try. After eating pies wife, goes to his mistress, and vice versa.

The situation is turning when ...

  • The wife of patience comes to an end, and it exposes the traitor with things outside the door

Her husband runs a brisk jog mistress defensively in front of him that he did not throw anybody. He was expelled, so the responsibility for divorce lies only wife! In the first months of life, it seems like paradise. It is often not recognized as a man's mistress, that his departure was initiated by the wife. He states that he left for the big and bright love. Therefore passion perceives the situation as a personal victory over his wife loved, and blessed in every way a man waiting for the completion of the logical relationships - hike to the registrar.

However, the percentage of one hundred and seventy such stories with married men end up returning prodigal spouse home. Mistress of ethereal fairies transformed into a full-earth woman with wrinkles, pimples, bad mood, critical days. Man is increasingly homesick, cabbage pie, that never learned to cook a new passion. According favorite sagging couch, repeats the shape of his body. According to his wife, who took it for what it is, which does not need to involve the stomach and constantly sound smart and strong. All unearthly passion now seems far-fetched, and it superfluous. The man just got tired of the hustle and returns to where it is warm and cozy. Although there are exceptions to the rule. Sometimes, new families are strong, and the man left with his mistress.

  • Mistress decides to reverse the situation and get in touch with the wife of a man starts telling intimate details, to put pressure on the psyche

In this case, it all depends on the wisdom and patience of his wife. Enough of her strength not to respond to provocation? The man will remain in the family. Starts hysteria? Provoke divorce. When entering into the struggle of two women, in the course are any funds. Especially loved ones - a pregnancy. And not necessarily pregnant mistress. Wives also like to keep a man in the family in a manner than is subjected to an opponent in an incredible shock: her lover said something that had not slept with his wife, but in fact it turned out that very awake, quite regularly.

Another weapon - the children. The wife asks you not to leave the family until they grow up a son or daughter, so as not to traumatize the child's psyche. Man remains. The passion for the mistress eventually dies down, and everything falls into place.

  • A man decides to get away from family

This happens when the change was preceded by disappointment in the former partner. Register once for divorce man does not have the heart, the more that everything they say that love is in the family is not important. So he starts a hobby on the side. And in most cases, falls in love with a new passion with all its consequences: a divorce, a new marriage. It happens that the affair is the detonator of a divorce, but a new marriage, he never ends. Man, having tasted freedom, I decide not to create a family with his mistress, believing that such a family life is not much better than the old one.

 a married man and a married woman relationships

What to do if you meet a married man and a married woman? Relationship to continue or stop?

Roman married woman

If there are a married man and a married woman, the novel, as a rule, it takes place quietly, lasts a long time and is no threat to their families is not. These relationships are the most honest of all the above. Partners do not lie even to each other. They have family people, and, as a rule, from the new bond they only need variety. No one plans to ruin someone else's family, to earn money for a sexual partner. A married woman helping her lover to hide traces of the recent visits, advises how to make a gift to his wife on March 8, and birthday.

This connection is usually only strengthens families. And if one of the partners (for example, a man) decide to terminate the relationship, the married woman is guaranteed not to run for a lover or tell his wife of adultery details revenge. Maybe she wanted to do it, but an affair with a married man, and it casts a shadow. Perhaps that is why many men are looking for a mistress of women who are already married.


Of course, many may argue, saying that everything is very cynically described. Where's feelings? Passion? When love all three members of the love triangle and can not divide the roles? Yes you are right. Affair with a married - is primarily a relationship. And it is very difficult for those who enter into them. Agree, it is difficult to remain indifferent, when you know that, having parted with you, your favorite goes to another woman. And it will embrace, kiss, and at night go to sleep in one bed. It is not easy to spend all holidays and weekends alone. To hide his relationship with a married man from his family and colleagues. See how your favorite out on the balcony to talk to the legitimate wife. And trying to believe that he loves you, not his wife. Although the facts indicate the opposite.

 The relationship with a married man. Who needs it?

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