The organization and carrying out of weddings

The wedding ceremony and the most important event in the life of every woman. To this event became an unforgettable fairy tale, it is necessary to make a thorough plan of action, think through all the details of the holiday, because in such cases there is no detail. Every girl dreamed that when she grows up, it will come a wonderful time, and when she put on her wedding dress will be the most beautiful bride in the world. In our time, to be the most beautiful bride in the world is not so difficult.

Build an entire industry to help weddings. Even if you forget about any - any accessory for the wedding, the bridal salon in Moscow, that is, its employees, be sure to orient you in the required detail. And not only here you can help with issues such as the wedding procession, which will be decorated according to your requirements. Every bride wants to underline its perfection and individuality, using wedding accessories. It is not just the unique beauty of the wedding dress, but also a bouquet that will emphasize your image. It should be made individually, taking into account the characteristics of your appearance, the color of your dress and length. Of course, very important colors of the bouquet, but still the most important factor in choosing a bouquet - this is what he must like the bride herself.

The same applies to the bride's jewelry: necklaces and earrings, shoes and other accessories. And they are not few. For example, wine glasses for champagne from them, will drink the bride and groom. Their decoration must integrate harmoniously with the whole bridal ensemble. It is necessary to take care of the wedding invitations for guests, where you can place all the necessary information, even specify a location map of the restaurant. The whole image of the bride and groom should be harmonious. And of course you need to be sure to capture this momentous event. Take time out to find a good specialist who specializes in wedding photography. Make a plan in advance of its preparation for the celebration, and you can all the time to prepare for the wedding.

 The organization and carrying out of weddings

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 bridal accessories with your hands


  • Album wishes
  • Chest for money
  • Wedding glasses
  • Accessory Reviews
  • Wedding Candles

What is a wedding, they know everything, but to understand all the difficulties and complexity of preparing for it can only those who have once passed this way. Each pair would be desirable to make guests were delighted with the celebrations and remember it for a long time. In order for your wedding to be a stylish and memorable, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. Just think about the style of your wedding and stick it in every detail. After all, even the most elegant wedding dress will look bad if the pillow for rings or groom's boutonniere not in harmony with it. We offer you a hint-a list that will help you understand how important the little things we can not ignore, and how to make bridal accessories with your hands.

Album wishes

Immediately after the wedding, and a few years later, you will certainly be pleased to read the greetings and wishes of guests. You can save them in an album for the wishes. Provide a sufficient number of sheets that everyone could unsubscribe. In the pocket, which can be an album, it's great to store dried petals wedding bouquet, postcards and telegrams. At the wedding party to the wishes of the album can be placed on a separate table, and placed in the same pen.

If you're familiar with the basics of scrapbooking and kardmeydinga, the production of congratulatory album will bring you lots of pleasure from the process and satisfaction of the outcome. After the wedding album - is not just a masterpiece of scrapbooking, but also an occasion for the realization of creative ideas or retro trends.

Chest for money

The sensitive issue of giving gifts to the aid will come a great accessory - a chest for money. It will make the process of bestowing young stylish and elegant, the young do not have to stand with the envelopes by hand or with a tray filled with these envelopes. This useful, original thing will be a wonderful decoration of the wedding, and the groom is useful witness. And to make the bridal chest for money is very simple.

The first version - very simple. This will require the usual standard box set of glasses, where they were placed six pieces. This box - almost ready chest that just need to refine, giving it a kind of solemn wedding and making the cover slot money. Paste inside and outside the box beautiful textured wallpapers (vinyl, for example) the right color and decorate the chest with lace, ribbons, beads and artificial flowers.

The second option is more complicated. For this you will need a shoe box with the cover. Take cover and cut out the middle of the top of it, stepping on each edge of three or four centimeters. Then we increase the cover, giving it the shape of a dome. The most convenient way to do this from corrugated cardboard, which is easy to bend, but not pomnetsya while. But even fit a normal drawing paper. First, cut a rectangle of width equal to the box, and the length - height of the dome cover. In the middle of the rectangle do notch to lower the money and the master side of the cover. Draw two parts in the form of a figure with straight bottom corners and rounded top. The width of the rectangular base must be equal to the width of the side of the box. Across the rounded side of the allowance do two to three centimeters.

Oversize incision, bend at right angles and glued marginalia to the first part, bending its dome. Now get the dome is put on the cover of the box and glue them tightly. The lid of the chest is almost ready. It remains to decorate the whole trunk. Cushioning his satin cloth, landing it on the glue. Places joints close beautiful braid or cord, and finally decorate the entire chest, using lace and lace, tulle and satin ribbon, artificial pearls and flowers.

 Wedding accessories with their own hands

Wedding glasses

It is impossible to do at the wedding without wedding glasses. This accessory will keep love throughout his life together. Wedding glasses attract the attention of the guests at a banquet in the palace of marriage, they will remain in your wedding photos. Therefore, we must take a responsible approach to the issue of their choice and design. Give your celebration flavor and beautifully decorated glasses witnesses.

  • Creative glasses

For them, you need black and white lace, satin and guipure ribbon of the same color. From black lace we make glass for the groom and bride in white for. And to do that, too, is simple enough. Winding (turn after turn) glass braid. Free of tape leaving only a circular base of the legs and the top (three or four centimeters) glass. Glass bride decorate artificial pearls and lace. Somewhere in the middle of the foot put on the skirt of tulle and guipure. Black glass groom decorate sequins or beads, imitating the buttons on his jacket and bow tie satin ribbon.

  • Classic glasses

In the classic version of the glasses at the bottom of the bowl (at the top of the feet) decorated with artificial or real flowers or even a mini-bouquets. You can simply wrap the legs glasses beautiful braid and put on them ribbons of tulle or organza white flowers. Artificial butterflies, feathers, floral mesh and flowers of satin ribbons, rhinestones and pearls - all this will be an excellent material for decorating wedding glasses. And if you are good at drawing, it shall describe the contour glasses or stained glass paint, turning them into simple wedding.

Accessory Reviews

Most of the time the young is carried out in the banquet hall. Therefore it is necessary to provide for all the moments that a banquet was held at the "excellent". Accessories for seating guests to help them avoid the confusion and bustle, taking pre-allocation of seats. At the entrance to hang plan, which will be schematically arrangement of tables, their numbers, as well as the names of the guests.

On the tables set up the advance signs with numbers and cards with the names of guests. Recent help guests to meet and communicate. If you own the basics of computer graphics are able to draw well, or are familiar with this type of handmade creativity as kardmeyding, the exclusive nursery cards will be a pleasant surprise for the guests. These small but nice "little things" you show guests that you care and are thinking about them.

A main chip in the fashionable bridal accessories have today become sweet boxes - boxes with symbolic gifts for the guests. Give handmade candy boxes is generally considered good form. They can make fabric or cardboard. On scraps of beautiful fabric measuring approximately 25 by 25 centimeters put candy, intended as a gift, pick up the corners of flaps and tie up their satin ribbon. You will bonbonniere-sac.

With boxes and that is easier. It is enough to find a few different patterns like boxes, choose the best option and stock up on colored cardboard. Glue, scissors and decorations will help you make a fashion candy boxes with their own hands. And how satisfied are the guests!

 how to make bridal accessories with your hands

Wedding Candles

To comply with the ritual lighting of a home you will need the wedding candles that symbolize the comfort and well-being of a new family. This is one of the most touching moments in the wedding party. Naturally, the guests' attention will be drawn not only to the young, but also to spark. Therefore, the decoration of the wedding accessory is of great importance.

How can I decorate wedding candles with your own hands? Here special skills from you is not required - just a fantasy and creativity. As is the case with wedding glasses, candles can "dress up" the bride and groom. Just take for that thick, cylindrical candles that also decorate with the help of the braid, beads, ribbons and tulle. By the way, make candles and wine glasses in the same style - a very good idea. Well, all sorts of hearts, lace, faux pearls, gold cord, artificial flowers, ribbons, lace and other wedding decorations will transform ordinary plain stearin candles in the wedding indispensable accessory.

This list of important wedding details is far from complete. And you can add to it yourself. It is important to remember that all the necessary planning wedding accessories, you need to stick to one style selected, then your wedding will be refined and elegant, and always will be remembered by your guests. Especially, if you apply to the manufacture of wedding accessories your hands, imagination and good humor.

 Wedding accessories with your hands, or such important stuff