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Spring is coming, and it certainly means that it is time to prepare and update your wardrobe for the coming pore. Models of any dresses fashionable in 2011, particularly in the spring? It seems that all designers have decided to play it safe in case if the spring is delayed, and add up to bright colors on their own. Therefore promises to be very bright trendy dresses Spring 2011 - Picture in many prominent publications about it constantly repeat. A fashion shows convince us that this season will be relevant as ever feminine and elegant outfits.

The most fashionable dresses of spring 2011 - the trend:

  • As promised Fashion 2011 model white color will be the most popular.
  • The hottest trend of the season will be the styles with delicate cut-outs. Take a moment and be sure to buy such exclusive thing, and if you like crafts - it's time to test their strength and make those cuts themselves.
  • The most fashionable dresses, photos that are common today - it is lightweight chiffon, is the most ideal choice for hot weather.
  • Some designers want to hit the audience glittering metallic fabrics, shiny clothes because we, too, take a mental note.
  • What dress in fashion in 2011 yet? It will dress in shiny satin or silk.
  • Again in fashion designers are knitted creations of different styles.
  • It is extravagant and fashionable look this spring short white styles, very reminiscent of old lingerie and ladies' petticoats.
  • Fashionable Dresses Spring 2011, the photos of them already appear on the cover - a long dress in a floor. They look very sexy and noble.
  • If you need the spring of 2011 luxurious evening or festive toilet, be sure to pay attention to their silk dresses, because they look very beautiful and elegant.
  • This spring will be the most popular dress of velvet and brocade.
  • In addition to the dresses of velvet, in the early spring to the forefront of cashmere, wool, mohair and leather.
  • The spring of 2011 will be very democratic fashion styles dresses - will always be able to choose the one that is more suited to your type of figure.
  • In accordance with the fashion of 2011, the variation with tassels, fringe, with floral prints, models rustic also become very popular season novelties.
  • Fashionable this spring can also be called a dress, sweater and dress-up box.

Knitted dresses 2011 - fashion returns

 most fashionable dresses 2011

Back in fashion this spring and all kinds of models of knitted dresses, 2011 promises to be very fashionable things crochet. Knitted dresses spring machine knitting, as well as variants with inserts of knitwear, too, will be no less relevant. If you love to weave macramé or crochet, then this fashion trend Spring 2011 may inspire you to perform the feat, and to make tie for myself fashionable dress.

Things with openwork patterns, crocheted or woven from threads - it is one of the most fashionable dresses, photos of which can already be seen on the pages of glossy magazines. So if you have somewhere deep in the closet is still forgotten your knitted garment, it's time to get it and start to wear. Knitted dresses of 2011 - this is one of the most fashionable trends not only this spring, but also the coming of the summer season.

Short dresses 2011 - Spring fashion trend

 most fashionable dresses 2011 photo

Spring - the best time to show off her shapely legs. Therefore, it is necessary to do hair removal, sign up for fitness and, most importantly, to choose the most beautiful short dress! And what dresses fashionable in 2011 when it comes to short-models? Of course, sexy mini dress, as always, remain indispensable. No exception and this spring, after all particularly pleased to wear them in warm weather. By the way, fashion 2011 wedding dress too, "captured" into his arms, and in the collections of many designers can be found in addition to the traditional as well as wedding and short mini-dresses.

Short dresses 2011 - this model with romantic ruffles and flounces, chiffon color model imitating reptiles and exotic animal prints. Among the short dresses 2011 will be relevant as a mini-dresses, tunics that can be worn even over narrow trousers, and a variety of short sundresses very saturated bright colors.

Fashion Spring 2011 - long dresses

 trendy velvet dresses 2011

Fashion 2011 - the dress, the image of which has been repeatedly flashed in the catalogs of famous shops. A long dress, as you know, always looks luxurious. So now, in the spring of 2011, they are once again in vogue. When choosing a long garment should pay attention to the model, made of transparent fabric with a floral coloring on loose-fitting styles, sewed of light fabric, long plain things in pastel colors and options with fringe. Such long cuts - a fashion 2011: dresses, photos of which probably have repeatedly come across your eyes. After all, they look romantic and very comfortable in the warm season.

 Spring 2011 fashion dress photo

Fashion shows spring-summer 2011 showed a huge amount of light long dresses for every taste, so at least one of them, you definitely will like.

Transparent dress - the new trend in 2011

 fashion casual dress 2011

Fashion Spring 2011 gives us all this newfangled trend is pretty clear and easy things. Among these are transparent fashion models dresses 2011:

  • models with a variety of lace;
  • transparent clothing with a variety of prints, such as a flower;
  • long dress with a very full skirt;
  • frank and transparent sexy dress with a plunging neckline;
  • styles with beautiful frills.

On summer vacation transparent sundress will be very relevant, especially in the event that it will be put under a swimsuit. With fashion Dresses 2011, photos of which were on the brightest pages of the women's press, for example, revealing transparent outfits become very relevant. Therefore, you can safely in the season spring-summer 2011 buy a transparent thing, even for the evening, because the fashion designers all women are advised not to hesitate to show beautiful lingerie.

White dresses - very fashionable in 2011!

 fashion model, dresses 2011

Usually white dress shop for wedding, but in 2011 the white color makes the most popular for everyday wear. The fashion trends for spring - summer 2011 will be white light cotton items. Particularly fashionable to be a model in the style of Provence with French lace. In 2011 fashion dresses, pictures of which fall into the catalogs of the largest clothing stores. For example, long white cotton dress with a fluffy skirt made of a large number of lace frills.

Another latest fashion trend this spring - white dress-shirt. It's laconic minimalist model, very loved by many designers in recent years. They may have a smell like a kimono or buttoned. Styles such strict dress very diverse: from men's shirts and wide to the eastern silk shirts.

Fashion Spring 2011 - bright dresses

 fashionable knitted dresses 2010 2011

Bright, cheerful and vivid colors are very fashionable in the season spring-summer 2011, it is one of the main trends of this year. Modern fashionable thing can be bright yellow, bright orange, turquoise, emerald or pink - this is the most fashionable colors of spring and summer of 2011. At least one bright dress should necessarily purchase for themselves every woman in spring-summer 2011. It is the most fashionable casual clothing season, because in it you will be able to rest and walk around the city, and go on vacation.

In addition, the bright monochromatic outfit - is the best option for all parties. But it is necessary to select accessories or decorations calm in tone, which should look very stylish.

Silk dresses in fashion this spring

 fashion dress, 2011

Silk in the spring-summer 2011 season is very popular, and thanks to the fashion trends in very bright and bright colors it is particularly relevant. Silk things in any period look luxurious and elegant. Trendy fashions this spring are sewn from shiny silk satin or glossy.

Fashion model in silk dresses 2011:

  • Particularly fashionable spring dresses 2011 neon hues: orange, bright blue, turquoise, bright green, yellow, etc.
  • Silk clothing with bright colors and prints are also very popular in this season, and the things of matte silk are no less enchanting.
  • Beautiful dress made of silk with oriental-style floral prints also offer wear fashion designers.
  • Also beautiful elegant model with drapes of silk.
  • Very convenient option of silk for everyday wear, short cuts and models of free breed.

Chiffon dress in the fashion 2011

 fashion dress 2011

Lightweight chiffon things - the best option for sultry metropolis and for the exotic beaches. The most important thing - it is to choose a suitable for yourself. Of particular relevance in 2011 will be very bright variety of fashionable casual dresses of chiffon. The most popular color for them: red, fuchsia, deep blue, yellow, orange, bright green and turquoise.

 fashion knit dress 2011

Models with geometric prints or flowered too are fashionable this year. The mod will light chiffon dresses in neutral shades, such as the color of the powder, lavender, pale pink, white, beige, pale turquoise and gray. This is a great option for exploring the city or business dinner.

Fashion Spring 2011: dress with tassels, feathers and fringe

 most fashionable dresses 2011 photo

Such tendencies fashionable spring of 2011 as a garment with tassels, feathers and fringe could be called original and interesting. At the fashion shows spring-summer 2011 can be found a lot of very beautiful models with fringe, which became in vogue right now.

To the category of fashionable styles of dresses this season can be attributed to things and tassels. Brushes can be seen everywhere, on dresses, on belts, on bags and even shoes. Also in vogue in the spring-summer 2011 season along with feathers, which are often used in the past in the design of clothing. Feathers - a natural material, and all natural materials are fashionable trend of spring 2011.

Fashion Spring 2011 - striped dress

 Fashion 2011 Dress Pictures

What kind of dress in the fashion of 2011, in addition to all of the above? This wonderful dress with stripes, which also came into fashion for spring-summer 2011 and are the current fashion trend this year.

Fashion 2011 - Spring dress - striped patterns:

  • Relevant options are in marine style, that is, white and blue color scheme.
  • Trendy styles - a short mini stripes.
  • Popular things are tight and stripes.
  •   It can be bright, colorful patterns.
  •   It is also fashionable and easy to cut.

Striped dress - a very interesting fashion trend spring 2011, which will be able to add your image something original and new. If you decide to buy such a thing, then choose accessories to it should be quiet and plain, so that the strip itself - it is a bright part of the female image.

 The most fashionable dresses of 2011 - spring season

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