Winter shorts female models

Today, it is no surprise that the subject of women's clothing such as shorts, had ceased to be an attribute only summer wardrobe. With the onset of cold weather, they have not lost their relevance and continue still to please the modern fashionistas who do not want to leave with fond memories of last summer. What shorts Female winter in store for the ladies fashion designers for the coming winter 2012?

Women's shorts included in their new collections of many leading designers. All presented their models are perfectly combined with various items of winter women's wardrobe. The collection of fashion designers can meet a variety of models Winter female shorts. This is the classic shorts, knee-length, mid-thigh and just above, capri pants, below the knee length, shorts, bermudas and shorts-breeches, the length of which ends at the knee.

In order to find out which ones are most relevant this winter, we suggest to familiarize with the fashion trends of the new season.

Fashion trends winter 2012

  • First place in the fashion shorts, undoubtedly belongs to the black leather shorts. This is not surprising, because in them any girl always looks very attractive and sexy. On the catwalks of the world of leather shorts are presented with all sorts of accessories in the form of lightning, pins, rivets and other decorative elements that make them stylish and spectacular. Wearing shorts this winter fashion designers offer over warm tights with a short leather jacket or a fur vest, and to keep warm in cold weather, under the cloak can wear a warm knitted pullover or soft sweater. Very good leather shorts look combined with a white shirt and a variety of leather goods, such as the corset and black leather jacket. This option is perfect for work, unless, of course, allows the dress code.

 Female winter shorts

  • Shorts with pockets and lapels - another fashion favorite of the season. In cold weather like shorts look very natural and fits well into a fashionable sporty style, the style of safari and military.

 Female winter shorts classic

  • It is also relevant for women with a high waist shorts. This model looks just great with short transparent or top volume. Ideal - blouse with many ruffles. Welcome bright, unusually shaped belts with original buckles. In addition, these models look good with almost any outerwear.

 model with a high waist shorts female winter

  • Equally popular in the winter to come loose, not constraining movements of short shorts model.

 Shorts women short winter

  • Very stylish and elegant look winter classic women's shorts with a narrow strap. Shorts strict cut well with light blouses and elongated jacket. Such an ensemble no frills and decorations is perfectly suited to an office dress code.

 Female winter shorts with strap classical

  • Knitted shorts and fur - is perhaps the most unusual trend of the new season, which will appeal to many women of fashion. They go well with the chosen tone in cozy sweaters. With a wardrobe of a fashionable and stylish little thing, you will not go unnoticed.

 Model winter knitted fur and women's shorts

  • Not going to give up their positions in the current season and skirt-shorts. Silhouette of shorts should be as close to the classics. They can be made of silk or satin and decorated with lace trim.

 Female winter shorts skirt

Trendy colors and fabrics of the new season

For this year's fashion shorts designers used a variety of fabrics, the most suitable for the cold season. This winter is very fashionable unusual combinations of different textures of fabrics such as fur, knitwear and silk. Also relevant tweed, denim, leather, satin and silk.

As for the colors fashionable shorts for cold season, designers are advised to give preference when selecting calm tones. This may be the classic white or black, dark gray, dark blue, brown and discreet and all its shades. We should not think that fashion this season is boring and monotonous. The designer collections on a par with the dark palette and vibrant present model. By choosing to party crimson, yellow, purple or red with sequins or metallic sheen, you will attach your image of glamor and chic. Designers are advised to wear fashionable tight shorts over tights. They may be black, and any of bright colors.

With its arsenal a couple of trendy shorts, you can every day to create new fine ensembles, which favorably distinguish you from the crowd.

 The most fashionable models of the winter 2012 women's shorts

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 wool coat female

Demi coat made of natural wool - one of the most important things in the wardrobe of every self-respecting woman. This item is the top women's clothes for many years did not leave the fashion catwalks this fall resolutely climbed to the peak of fashion. In the new season without a fashionable and stylish gizmos in his arsenal can not do none of the modern fashionista. What is the woman's wool coat in the collections of the season autumn-winter 2011-2012? This is what we know right now, make a short trip behind the scenes of the fashion catwalks.

  Women coat: fashion trends of the new season

The change of seasons always pleases the ladies, giving them the opportunity to update your wardrobe with trendy and stylish novelties. The onset of this fall was no exception, and be able to please women and girls fashion outerwear - bright collages of the new fashion season. It is an effective and stylish women's woolen coat, coats and capes, mesmerizing the audience at the last fashion show.

In the autumn-winter 2011-2012 there is a pronounced mixture of styles, cut, color and accessories, and it can not fail to delight our contemporaries, living in different corners of the globe. This winter, designers are offering us to try on several different styles of fashionable coats this season and choose the most suitable option, which allows comfortable and feel confident in the new season. Meet the most fashionable styles of autumn-winter 2011-2012:

  • Short form-fitting knee-length coat with big buttons and belt - unfading style of distant fifties and sixties of the twentieth century again in triumph back in fashion. Fitted mini-coat most collections of contemporary designers represented in the soft "Autumn" colors from caramel to mustard. The main decoration of such models are the two rows of buttons of contrasting colors. Although this fashion trend is primarily intended for younger audiences, he liked many respectable lady. This is not surprising, because this model is like no other allows you to demonstrate to others slender beautiful legs.

 wool women's coats

  • A variety of woolen cape, long and short coats, capes in a romantic style and ponchos - all these things are incredibly popular this fall and winter. Either option is good in its own way and each of them deserves your attention. This kind of women's coats have to taste the many fashionable women who appreciate a free elegant style clothing. You can be sure - giving preference to any of them, you will not go unnoticed. Color fashion coat, capes this season can vary from pale yellow solar panel to the "classics of the genre" - chocolate brown. As for accessories, the handbags, umbrellas and hats, designers are advised to choose matching shoes, jeans or dresses.

 woolen coat female

  • Wool coat length to mid-calf or completely covers the legs to the feet - another fashion trend of the new season. Of course, this kind of outer clothing not exactly practical, but for special occasions, this option is simply irreplaceable. Luxury classic coat of fine cashmere fabrics perfectly match with high heels is a good option to go out, whether it's going to the theater or restaurant. Colours such style coats are usually maintained in accordance with the traditions of style - saturated with both light and dark colors.

 wool coat female

  • Autumn and winter coat-hybrids - a novelty this season, had time to win the hearts of fans of exclusive items. The effective union of different fabrics - leather sleeves, fur and wool, silk inserts and cotton - allow to realize the most daring ideas of fashion. Unconditional trend autumn winter season - fur accessories and decorations in the form of decoration - allow modern designers make extensive use of collars, sleeves, coats and scarves fur of various animals.

 Fashion wool women's coats

Advantages of a coat of natural wool fabrics

In addition to the attractive appearance, elegant wool coat women have a lot of advantages, which are very difficult to overestimate:

  • They perfectly retain heat;
  • does not prevent the penetration of air, thus providing a comfortable temperature during the socks;
  • little rumpled;
  • repel dirt and good to clean;
  • very light and soft.

Which would be a style you may preferring the autumn or when choosing a winter coat, you can be sure - even in the rainy days outerwear made of natural wool fabric reliably protects you from the cold, protect against colds and give a good mood for the whole day.

 Women's wool coat - a favorite of the winter season 2011-2012