the most fashionable clutches

Clutch - elegant female handbag envelope small - was initially positioned as an element of evening clothes. Elements such as the strap or handle, he does not have this accessory are holding in your hand or under your arm. The most fashionable clutch bags are made of high quality materials. For their manufacturing crocodile and a snake, although nowadays designers are free to experiment with various other materials.

Just fashion bags in 2012 - is no longer relevant, so clutches absorbed all the fashion trends: they are sequins, prints and colors, and plenty of metal accessories, and other design elements.

Small wrist purse, which was immediately seen from afar, as it gives you a stylish accent, in this case, as in the last season, it is very important to have a fashionable and in a personal arsenal. Of course, this is not Torba, which vlezut all "really necessary" things or objects - a little trendy, like the word clutch, feature 2012, bringing more joy and style of its owner than good.

Clutches often decorated with gold, pearls, feathers of birds or shiny rhinestones. Back in 1920-1930-ies they have gained in popularity. Famous designer Christian Dior later revived them back to life. Now the fashion element can be named accessory of everyday life, as in recent years, he found himself again at the peak of popularity.

Becoming an indispensable complement to the Movies, all kinds of parties, banquets and other recreational facilities, clutch is in great demand at the beautiful half of humanity.

Brilliant clutches given special preference in 2012. Sequins and beads should be embroidered with the most current ones. They can be made of different colors and shades, but special attention is given to gold, silver and black tones, especially if the subject monochrome fashion.

You can pick up a clutch of different materials, which must be combined with your clothes as it is fashionable that is right for you!

Certainly among clutches will find many similar styles and fashion trends acquaintances those who are already familiar with the Pictures of the bag 2012. Releasing these women's fashion clutches, almost identical to its big brothers - the bag, most of the designers have decided not particularly strain. Yet some of them are real masterpieces pleased fashionistas for bags industry in miniature, as it does not go on the thumb track.

 fashionable clutches his hands

Fashion trends 2012

  • Miniature clutches, dimensions slightly larger pack of cigarettes, were observed in the collections of famous designers. Fashion on the thumbnail view also continues this season.
  • Clutches square shape will also be extremely popular this year. Distinct times square shapes alternate with geometrically less pronounced styles.
  • Klatchi- "cosmetic" - plain bags with zippers - are also popular.
  • Clutches with studs that can be rolled into a tube or folded in half, will also be at the peak of glory.
  • Perfect evening accessory to classic black dress or every other laconic style and monotonously along - a clutch of golden brown metallic fabric or leather, painted in these colors.
  • Following the fashion style of autumn and the coming of spring designers have created a variety of models from the same snake skin design.

Previously known as a clutch bag, envelope, but that's time has long gone, and the current fashion works always attract the attention of a peculiar form, recalling the small size tube, the correct square, the tiny pad.

 women's fashion clutch

The hands

Borrowing ideas and inspiration from famous brands, you can make your own masterpiece, turning an ordinary bag in the original design work.

  1. Clutch with zipper, white acrylic paint and all the bright and juicy colors or color, brush, masking tape and acrylic spray you will need to create your own masterpiece.
  2. First, you need to divide the clutch into two rectangles, one of the parts which need to seal with tape, making sure it is evenly glued.
  3. In order to better lay down paint, it must be mixed with a small amount of water. You need to start painting over the contour of scotch down, producing strokes carefully so the paint does not put behind the tape.
  4. The same procedure must be repeated with a bright paint, but without diluting it with water, and only after the first cash layer dries. The surface color is very rich thanks to the main bottom layer. You can apply a hair dryer if you do not want to wait until the paint dries itself.
  5. The shaded part of the clutch is necessary to process a spray that will protect the colored portion of the water and make it according to its texture very similar to the skin. But before that you need to cover up the unfilled portion of the paper.

You can make a fashionable clutches his hands and thus emphasize their individuality and uniqueness.

 The most fashionable clutches 2012

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 how to wear a hat with earflaps

Finally came the real winter, and frost have nowhere to hide. But at this time I want to look amazing. Every fashionista knows that, especially in this season is very relevant hats with earflaps. From the side it always seems that such a cap is universal, but it is not so simple. In order not to look ridiculous, must be carefully matched to each other, each element of your wardrobe. Any style fur cap implies a certain style, the question remains in the preferences. Coming up, how to wear a hat with earflaps, try to imagine yourself in different images. Try not to break its image and note that such a cap is easily combined with both sports and elegant clothes. To do this, you need to find the right style, where there may be a variety of decorations and inserts of various materials.

From what to wear fur hat?

  • Wear it can be combined with fur and sheepskin boots. This is the best way for the harsh winter. But no one stops to put on a sheepskin coat or jacket.
  • Hat with earflaps can be worn with a classic, and with sports items. Fur pattern better combined with all things, trimmed with fur. For a more casual style suit creative hat with color inserts or supplements in the form of beads, pom-poms.
  • Very beautiful and unusual look with long fur earflaps. In this case, it is combined with a short fur coat and jeans. From ugg shoes fit better in the color tone of the fur coats or hats.
  • On the question of what to wear a cap with earflaps with short-haired fur also is the answer. Best addition - a sheepskin coat in classic design, with a stylish belt.
  • Very comfortable knitted hat earflaps, what to wear it - the choice is yours. This type is suitable for winter and autumn in conjunction with the suede shoes, a light jacket and stylish scarf to your taste and discretion.

 what to wear a cap with earflaps

The boutiques and department stores you can find different variations of these caps .  The warmest and beautiful - with fur trim .  As such you will not be afraid of even the most severe winter .  Earflaps always reminds villager who sits by the stove and heated .  Most recently, such caps were worn only by men .  But now the fashion and style stepped forward, and this accessory worn by women and children, so the association with the village had disappeared .  Of course, we changed the materials from which they are made, and the design itself .  In Soviet times, these hats with earflaps were of the same type, mostly made of fur, a natural or artificial .  Today, this hat design is striking in its diversity .  Despite the fact that such a cap was very popular with well-known designers, the demand for a headdress of our citizens did not become a mass .  When they began to appear in the markets of fashion, shopping centers and a variety of boutiques, many people wanted to buy it as an accessory fashioned and not for normal use for its intended purpose .  Today, fur cap are made of materials that are much higher in terms of quality compared to the past times, they also have unusual variegated colors and beautiful unusual design .  Such a hat for those who want to make an important emphasis on their taste and personality .  In the coming season, these caps become leaders of these accessories .

Now let's deal with fashion trends ushanok 2012.

Fashion earflaps 2012

In fashion this winter include the most unusual hats, including full fur patterns that look very rich and luxurious. These fur hats are not only an excellent choice for the cold season, but always the most prominent representative spectacular classics.

Not inferior to the popularity and cap with suede or leather uppers. They can be supplemented by anything, such as straps or fur inserts. But even the combination of these two materials will look interesting and original.

Very beautiful and unusual earflaps uppers of various textiles, which will be the next super-popular trend in the freezing weather. They can be of different colors and with different decorations or additions. The most fashionable colors - geometric pattern in the form of diamonds and stripes red and green colors.

And, of course, knit. In view of very gentle and pleasant. The most fashionable color of caps - gray and dark blue decor - a variety of buttons and fur pompoms.

 hat earflaps what to wear

A few tips on how to pick up a hat with earflaps

  • If Ushanka fur, it is best to combine with the clothes, which is not attached to your figure volume as the cap itself is quite large.
  • If you want to choose a dress with an original design solution, and at the same time want to supplement your image like a hat, it is better to choose a more restrained, classical type model - in order to have some way of brevity.
  • For the ladies a little growth is best to choose a volume cap.

What can we say about the trendy colors this year? Of course, and then the rules. Fur hats must be only natural color. Even if your headgear is made of faux fur, in any case, it should mimic the texture of mink, sable, etc. But knitted earflaps can be absolutely any color as bright and strictly classical.

Many modern people are often afraid of any change in his style and wardrobe. But in any case, this accessory will bring you to the fashion at the same time perfectly warms your ears and head.

 From what to wear a hat with earflaps, and that dictates nodding 2012 fashion?

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