The most fashionable clothes this fall and relevant accessories

Autumn came, and it's time to make a trip to the shops. We will talk about actual women of fashion this season, things that will allow them to look very stylish and modern.

One of the most attractive novelties of the season - shoes with laces. They are an indispensable attribute of many autumn-winter collections. This, for example, tall, athletic-type boots made of a combination of tissue from Reed Krakoff or more feminine boots Zara, perfectly suited to the autumn wardrobe.

 Photos from the show Reed Krakoff; Boots Zara, 4399 rubles.

Once again this season, fashionable coats, jackets. Therefore, if the coat is retained from last season, it can be safely put on and in the fall. If not, it must be purchased by, for example, a coat-jacket from Kira Plastinina. This model with two rows of metal buttons, the most fashionable today sand or camel color.

This fall is very popular socks or stockings. The trend so far not accepted by all - many women do not take the offer to wear shoes with black socks. Those who like such a trend can purchase inexpensive, stylish and warm socks AppleMoon.

At the height of fashion this fall jackets, coats. Wear them with contrasting delicate dresses and skirts made of thin fabric. Cheap coats can be purchased in boutiques New Yorker.

 Photos from the show Burberry Prorsum; Sheepskin New Yorker, 2499 rubles.

Again, very relevant pantsuits. The most fashionable women's clothes this fall are very similar to the things of a man's wardrobe. This three-piece trouser suits or loose-fitting suits.

Again in the fashion Olympus "wild" prints. Therefore everyone who jealously watches a fashion, you need to have in the autumn wardrobe at least one thing leopard. If such a coat is not enough determination, you can buy spotty handbag, scarf or shoes.

Miniature clutches this season changed their comfortable and roomy bags, briefcases. They can put anything you want: magazine, makeup, a favorite stuffed animal, and so on.

 Photos from the show Christian Dior; Treads Zara, 6999 rubles.

Vamp this fall presented a surprise: boots, the length of which can reach even up to mid-thigh. Treads of the season should be matte, without lacquer inserts, and in any case not black. Preference is given to chocolate and sandy colors. The heel should be firm, and boots in any case can not be skin-tight leg. All models meet the requirements of fashion Treads Zara.

Several leading world trends, among them, - D & G, included in their autumn-winter fashion collections knitted ponchos, boots and a long sweater. This charming knitted items that can be worn anywhere - on the job and on the way out. The best situation is for such attire - a warm evening in the cozy company, complete with delicious mulled wine.

In the new season fashionable feminine and elegant long gloves. With these accessories are very well looked coat with short sleeves and a current in the autumn poncho.

 Photos from the show Costume National; Skirt Amisu, 750 rubles.

Leather bags and are fashionable this fall. This applies particularly to leather skirts. The most extravagant version of skirts - mini model. They allow you to be in the spotlight at a noisy party. For other cases, leather skirt suit with a midi-length below the knee. They can be purchased in Caps Marks and Spencer. Preferably buy skirts and leather items made from colored leather.

This season, fashionable hat, so from high hairstyle is desirable to give. Excellent help to refresh the image of the classic "Theodore" and "Borsalino". Slightly shifted to one side, these hats do look mysterious and fascinating.

As a universal evening dresses for weddings and parties lush suitable long dress passionate scarlet. Get to the floor, it will be able to decorate and make visually elegant and slimmer every woman.

This hit of the season - elegant, comfortable shoes-Loafer flat shoes. In the fifties of the last century such footwear was the prerogative of the true Shchegolev. Today, it improved in Prada, adding a stable heel. Wear shoes-Loafer possible and skirts, and a business suit.

Fashionable this fall sitting tight on the waist skirt-midi knee-length or slightly over. These skirts must be present in the wardrobe of every modern woman. With wide hips are perfectly hide figure flaws, thin waist and shifting the focus to it. If the hips are too narrow, similar to skirt round them off and balance the proportions of the figure.

 The most fashionable clothes this fall and relevant accessories

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 Fashion trends autumn-winter season

Fashionable women's shoes in the upcoming autumn-winter 2010/2011 year presented a wide range: from the classic to the most unimaginable fancy models.

Boots 70s

In the current autumn-winter season in the fashion shoes of the seventies. Particularly fashionable ladies this fall can not do without a tweed jacket and trilby hats and, of course, a pair of trendy boots in the colors of the 70s of the last century. The most current colors - burgundy, red and aqua.

If you want to look fashionable and stylish? Purchase a pair of boots on a fairly small square heels, tight-fitting leg. This shoe is best accentuate the length of skirts or dresses fashionista. Classic models perfectly match and look great with shorts made of soft fabric and flared skirts down, as well as dresses, pullovers. To complete the ensemble black suit boots cognac or green. This combination is stunningly beautiful, very stylish and fashionable to look at women of all ages.


Until this season moccasins considered a man's shoes and did not use such a high popularity in fashion. However, times are changing, and with it the fashion. Today, women's fashion moccasins borrowed from the male wardrobe and took their weapons.

Designers are advised to wear them with a straight line wool skirt or narrow trousers. They go perfectly with denim jackets and blazers spacious. Besides moccasin look great with a tight-fitting short jacket, pullover and a raincoat.

Practical glamor

On the catwalks this season 2010/2011 represented a glamorous version of the good old hiking boots - shoes with very high heels. Of particular note is a collection of Rag & Bone, provides sufficient practical model.

Practical glamor in contrast to the classics, at first glance, is a ridiculous appearance. Therefore, they require the purchase of new clothes fashionistas appropriate style. These shoes will look good with short to the ankle jeans, a pullover or a short jacket and a red cloak.

Shoes wool

The approaching winter season promises to be very warm, cozy and soft. And all this thanks to the appearance on the catwalks of ecologically pure and natural product - wool. In the autumn and winter of 2010-11, it is present everywhere, from fashion this season aviators jackets to shoes and boots.

In many models of shoes it is presented in the form of a decorative element or internal insulation. Boots with fleece attracted attention not only fashionistas, but also those who primarily prefer comfort.

Cat heel is always in fashion

Femininity and beauty in this autumn-winter season is not associated with a high heel. Today, the classic models have lost their height in a fashion so-called cat's heels. Convenient and comfortable for a quick walk heel almost never goes out of fashion. And now he's more popular than ever before.

Lace boots

For fashionistas this season, these shoes will be very helpful. After all, they look great with fashionable this fall and winter shorter (7/8) trousers. Actual this season, all shades of brown and red. Shoes with laces can be found decorated with a variety of materials. This rhinestones and denim, and fur. Grace and stable heel models give them a special popularity. Designers are advised to wear the shoes with socks, stockings, skirts and high-waisted dresses in the style of the 70s.

What else fashionistas this season should pay attention to?

In autumn and winter 2010/2011, will be very popular high socks. Court shoes trimmed with black lace thin. The trend of the season - a combination of suede and denim. Round and square heels. Ballet shoes with leopard trim. Finishing in one form or another fur. Men's motives in the female models. Still relevant high boots.

 Fashion trends autumn-winter season

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