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  • And with the mind - decent people
  • Poses different needs, different posture are important

The theme of anal sex has long ceased to be a taboo. More and more men and women are interested by this kind of intercourse, trying to bring variety to your sex life. The popular belief that anal sex delight exclusively partner profoundly mistaken - if we approach this matter with the mind, then the woman can experience stormy orgasm from anal. Well, or at least get a lot of fun. How do they do it? Yes, just give these experienced, patient partners, who have long prepared the girl for anal caresses.

If during anal sex woman is experiencing unbearable pain - it means that something is wrong. Either she is physically and mentally not prepared for the process, or selected the wrong posture for anal sex. After all, each of us has his own physiology, which requires an individual approach. Pose, suitable for one couple may be completely contraindicated for another. It requires patience, practice and tact on the part of the partner. But if you have decided on a similar experience, all of these obstacles can be overcome: the main thing - is to learn to relax and enjoy a new kind of sexual relations.

 poses anal sex

And with the mind - decent people

If you still think that anal sex - nasty stuff, and they are engaged only perverts, you are deeply mistaken. Believe me, most of your friends have already tried this kind of sexual relations. This somehow is not to say out loud, because public opinion still condemns those who profess a passion for anal. This is considered a dirty, vulgar, forbidden. But if a man says that he likes anal sex, then his "strange" people look the other way - a strong half of mankind forgiven such weakness. And if the same declaration will make the woman, many consider it either abnormal or hopelessly corrupt. That's why most women admit their husbands to the "forbidden fruit", are silent about it in a cloth, for fear of incurring the wrath of moralists.

Most men secretly wish to do with their partners in this kind of sex, and it has several causes. Firstly, this physiological sensations. It is no secret that the stronger vaginal muscles embrace the male member (within reason, of course), the more pleasure the man gets from sex. Unfortunately, many women physically is impossible to reduce the vaginal muscles, making sexual sensations partner are very far from ideal. In addition, these muscles can relax after giving birth or due to illness. For anal sex as a partner gets a whole gamut of feelings - there really is very narrow, and it is nice.

Secondly, the man turned on by the idea that it is absolutely forbidden to invade the place and the "subordinate" for a woman the most incredible way. The desire to dominate - in the blood of any representative of the stronger sex, and the fact that he possessed a woman in this way, allows him to feel like a real macho. But this does not mean that, having been engaged in anal sex with a woman, he immediately ceases to respect her as a person. Attributed to partner with contempt and may be after normal vaginal sex - it all depends on the relationship between the partners. If a man loves and appreciates his woman, the fact that it is engaged in anal sex with him, only to raise it in his eyes.

Perhaps your husband never once hinted about anal sex. Does this mean that he is indifferent to it? Perhaps this is indeed so, and maybe on your forehead is clearly written "does not fit, but it will kill! "Who wants to pass in front of his wife ungrateful brute and a pervert? But if you're a couple of times pinpointing his Blessed watching obscene pictures in the magazines on the subject of anal sex, you should seriously consider. Why not offer him (as if by chance) to try this new kind of sexual relations? And do not be afraid that her husband finds you for crazy - every man wants to see his wife in sex, the emancipation of women. That's just his eyes light up when he realizes that you will be able to realize his secret dreams and fantasies to life!

 Anal Sex Positions

Poses different needs, different posture are important

Poses for practicing anal sex poses little different from the traditional to the type of sexual relationship. It all depends on your physiology, the degree of experience and your personal preferences. If you have just started to learn the joys of anal sex, it is better to spend the whole act in a single convenient position for you - it will help you once again not to injure the sphincter. If you are very experienced and have long learned to enjoy anal sex, nothing prevents you to change posture during intercourse as many times as you want.

  1. If you engage in anal sex for the first time, you perfect posture "side": partner lies on his side with his back to the partner. In this position, you will have lots of advantages. Firstly, this position is not very convenient to introduce a member of the entire length, and secondly, you will be able to control the movement of partners. In which case, you will be able to move away, if not stop the sexual act, if you suddenly feel pain and discomfort. Speak this situation with your partner in advance, he would have to interrupt the act according to your demand.
  2. If the guy is too long a member and you are afraid of pain, try the "missionary position". This is when a woman from the bottom, and the man on top. By the way, a little history: from this position got its name. During the colonial conquests in Africa attracts a lot of Europeans missionaries. And if almost all the natives, learning from the experience of animals having sex in the same position - a woman on all fours and the man behind, the missionaries arrived surprised many locals "strange" pose for sex. The woman somehow lay on her back, and the man in the sweat of their labor from the top. Pry Africans were shocked by such irrationality of this position, and dubbed "missionary".

    So, with regard to this position is for anal sex, it is perfect for women who are afraid of total immersion member of the anus. In such a position to do so it is not easy. However, there is at this position, and minuses. Firstly, the woman literally squeezed his partner and has no ability to dodge or move up in the case of uncomfortable feelings. Secondly, men are not very fond of this position because it requires them to physical training. This is a test of endurance: Can the man to bring the act to the end, making the "squeezing exercises ...".

  3. Many girls like that same posture "on all fours", so loved the people of Africa. Bozeman's position, which is the partner, allows a man to enter into the anal completely, and if a girl is ready for the process, both have lots of fun. But do not forget: anal sex differs from vaginal fact that there is no place for a quick frictions. Ask a man to enter a member slowly and carefully. Accelerate the movement he had only with your consent.
  4. Another interesting position: the girl lying on her stomach, her partner enters from behind. In this position, the partner feels that given "at the mercy of the partner", while it psychologically does not bear responsibility for what is happening. Its like "take" without her knowledge, which adds peppercorns in sensations. Man does not see her face, and she can completely relax and enjoy the process.

    Again, this position can bring satisfaction woman with any physiological structure of the rectum: the male member includes a very comfortable from any angle. There are women who do not often practice this pose for anal sex only for the reason that too quickly come to the summit of pleasure.

  5. Pose for the ladies with experience: sitting on a partner to face him. On the one hand, a woman in this position it is possible to control the depth of immersion member, on the other hand - you can not stay on the weight and take the male organ through. If you are not afraid of the second point - that this position is for you. Men just love this position because they can observe the face of the partner during the process.

    Moreover, their hands open access to your clitoris and other sensory areas of your body. But the main disadvantage of this position is that a woman can get tired and move on, and it will certainly hurt her to relax and have fun. So, if you are not friends with the sport and you have enough silenok, select a different position for anal sex.

  6. Wonderful position: a woman standing with her back to the partner, leans over and rests her hands on any handy object. It can be a table, the back of the sofa, a wall - in a word, anything, as long as you feel comfortable. And if you take this position opposite the mirror, both receive double pleasure from the process and from the contemplation of your bodies. You can rotate the pelvis and arch the back so that the penis enters you to the desired angle - so you minimize the possible discomfort.

Types of sexual positions for anal sex depend exclusively on your imagination. You may well surprise a partner, offering to do this on a high chair for the breakfast bar. Perches on a chair, pushes her ass as far as possible, lying belly on the seat. The legs can be positioned on the base of the chair, his hands holding on to the bar and .... Next, for pleasure! In short, you can fantasize and experiment as much as the soul (and body) will be like.

Important in anal sex - is to make sure that the partner has received a minimum of discomfort and a maximum of pleasure from the process. The task of man is to prepare your partner for anal caresses and choose those postures that will help her relax and not get any pain. If you are lucky with a partner, then anal sex can bring a lot of joy in your sex life. For many women, it is generally the only opportunity to experience rapid orgasm. Who knows, maybe you belong to the category of the lucky? To find out for sure, you just need to try.

 The most comfortable posture for anal sex

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