proper sleep on Feng Shui


  • How to choose a color for the bedroom according to the teachings of Feng Shui
  • Selection of furniture and its correct placement
  • Some subtleties of design bedrooms

Bedroom, according to Feng Shui - is closed from the world's personal space person or two people. By the arrangement of the space must be approached very responsibly, as in this room should not be a place for items associated with aggression, loneliness, insecurity, anxiety, contradictions and other negative emotions and feelings.

Pose for sleep is not so important. The main thing that a man was convenient.

In the dream, a person moves and unconsciously his mind he cause the body to make better, from an energy point of view, the position, but on the design of the bedroom to look out for. The bedroom is the perfect place to sleep, should be filled with peace, harmony, sensuality and other emotions in this way.

Create the ideal place to sleep, a bedroom, according to the teachings of Feng Shui, it is not so difficult, but in this case need to be sensitive are some details to create the perfect soft space where people will sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day. When it comes to the bedroom, you need to consider everything: color, spatial orientation of the furniture, the specifics of furniture, decorations and much more, allows you to properly direct the available energy currents, so that they positively influence those who sleep in the room contributed to normal rest and saturated with the energy to accomplish during the upcoming working day.

Wrong approach to the bedroom in most cases leads to the fact that a person is constantly feels tired, because the energy of the bedroom does not give him a good rest, which affects the whole of human life, making it sluggish and less active. It is necessary to examine in more detail how to restore order in the bedroom and make space for positive emotions and experiences that sleeping could rest easy.

 Feng Shui for bedroom
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How to choose a color for the bedroom according to the teachings of Feng Shui

The choice of colors for the bedroom - it is perhaps the most crucial moment, as a bedroom - it's not just a place to sleep, but also a place associated with romance and more intimate relationship between people. It should immediately be noted that the design of the walls of the bedroom should not take the paint or wallpaper dark or cold colors, as these colors are more suitable for places where you need to be focused and not relaxed. If the bedroom is decorated in cool tones, the person will not be able to fully relax and at night to get rid of him available voltage, that is, how to relax in a bedroom fail.

Too bright, flashy colors are not quite suitable option although some decorative elements in these colors are welcome, as help bring the passion, but that's when you can forget the rest, and in fact a bedroom - a place where there must come a full peace. The best option would be for the bedroom light pink, peach, pale purple and other bright colors dull tone. The main thing is that the color associated with peace, because most of the time people stay in the bedroom is still asleep. Covered with decorative material, it should be bright and warm as possible, so that it clearly had the feeling of comfort.
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Selection of furniture and its correct placement

In every bedroom should present a set of furniture, making it a comfortable place to sleep. The first is the bed. It is best to choose the variant, made from wood, since wood has excellent property of absorbing and filter the negative energy while metal - a colder material which is not very suitable for such a space as a bedroom. In addition, it is necessary to pay special attention to the design of the bed. It is desirable that it did not have any sharp corners, it should be comfortable to sleep. Requirements to the location of the bed a lot, but start from the beginning.

So, welcome to the headboard stood just at the eastern wall. Thus, the heads of people who are asleep, as it were, turned towards the ascent of the sun, and his legs - toward the sunset. This will configure the correct flow of energy saturation of the body during sleep energy. Further, it is important that the bed is not standing in front of the door. Many would think that such an option arrangement is very convenient, because the man was lying immediately clear who walks into the room, but, according to the teachings of Feng Shui, the door man lying to her feet, losing a lot of energy during sleep. Best of all, if the bed is positioned parallel to the window, of course, if it is possible, without prejudice to the other requirements. Bedside tables can be placed at the very head of the bed, but you need to watch carefully that they did not have a lot of things, especially photographs and flowers.

In the bedroom it is possible to put the pictures on the wall, the best natural landscapes, with the exception of those which shows the vortices, tornadoes, sea storms and so on. If you need to place in a bedroom wardrobe, they should be placed on the opposite side of the window. If you want to put in the bedroom mirror, only need to pick up a round version. Desirably, in the bedroom there are no sharp corners or articles with sharp corners.

 subtleties of design bedrooms
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Some subtleties of design bedrooms

There are a number of items that have highly undesirable in a bedroom, since they do not allow to properly distribute the energy in a room for sleeping.   Firstly, it is not necessary to store in the bedroom dried flowers and other items that are made by hand or from the dead plants and animals. Dry plants are literally attract negative energy, so to put the composition of these colors and fees, or picture, which are attached to the plant, not the best option, because in a dream man will literally soak this energy. In no case should not put fresh flowers at the bedside.

It would be right to put them on the windowsill. By the choice of color should be approached responsibly, they must have rounded leaves and flowers bloom dark tones. Even plants with red flowers are inadmissible, since the bedroom is not too red suits. Do not leave the bedroom on the windowsill flowers with curly stems, it is also not very good in terms of energy. Flowers, standing on the windowsill, the function of the filter, carefully reworking the energy coming from the outside by the window.

On the floor, even when it is warm, it is necessary to place the carpet, which can delay the energy coming from the Earth. Adhering to the principles of arrangement berth can properly create a closed space, perfect for relaxation.

 The ideal environment for a full sleep according to Feng Shui

 Area of ​​love feng shui


  • Sector marriage: General
  • Choosing the right furniture
  • What items should be in this sector
  • What colors can be used in the design
  • Activate sector to strengthen marriage passion
  • And if all the same bathroom or kitchen?

Feng Shui (Feng Shui) - Chinese scientists is that the organization is considering the surroundings in accordance with the flow of qi energy. According to this doctrine, to the man was happy and lucky, you need to properly arrange accommodation, with each sector of the house focus. In this article we will look at what the area of ​​love, where it is located and how to execute.

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Sector marriage: General

It is believed that the area of ​​love (or the area of ​​marriage) are in the south-western part of the property.

However, it is responsible not only for the passionate feelings between man and woman, but also for the welfare of the family as a whole, this part of the design of the apartment affect the mutual understanding between people in the household.

Proper organization of the space in this sector will not only help to strengthen relations between the close friends, it is also able to attract love into the life of a lonely man. But we should not refer to the process of registration of the zone of love in Feng Shui as a magic rite - a love spell it has nothing to do, and get someone to love you with the help of the knowledge of feng shui will fail.

First of all you need to know that in this part of the apartment must always be clean and comfortable. Of course, the mess never welcome, but keep in mind that the less well-groomed is the area of ​​marriage, the more problems in family awaits you. Along with this is to consider the design of specific recommendations on this particular area.

 in the area of ​​love in Feng Shui is one of the priorities of pink flowers
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Choosing the right furniture

In the interior try to make each piece of furniture in this area had "a couple". 2 chairs, 2 bedside tables, 2 chairs - all should be 2, because love - is two mutual feelings. If the zone accounted for the bedroom of marriage and therefore at this point is the marriage bed, it does not mean that you need to put next to another bed.

Just try to get near the bed had more pairs of objects - 2 pillows, 2 lamps, sconces at the head (it would be better if the lights are crystal).
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What items should be in this sector

In this area have a favorable effect elements of the Earth and Fire, and Water and metal can only do harm. Accordingly, try to get there was not an abundance of metal objects, as well as the availability of water in any form. Decorative fountains, flower vases - all this should not be here. You should not even put fresh flowers here, because their growth needs water. But painted flowers will fall just in time - the picture with their image will have a positive impact on the feelings of the couple. If you want your love was passionate, it is best to choose the scenery with images of peonies, and if not enough tenderness and warmth, then take the roses.

For the same reason the so-called altar of love should not be in the bathroom or toilet. According to Feng Shui, the water that is on the territory of the bathrooms will be daily "wash" your feelings. If the zone is a marriage falls into the kitchen, it is also not the best option.

Of particular importance in the area of ​​marriage is pairing objects located in it. It is possible to put, for example, statues, which will embody the love - it is best if it's a boy and girl figurines, two swans and pigeons. The most famous symbol of happiness and harmony in the family are the butterflies and mandarin ducks.

In this area it is appropriate to put candles, preferably red and white - they will impersonate a man and a woman. If your love life is not going well, you should periodically set fire to a candle - it will clean your energy, the element of fire will help you make the relationship strong and passionate. Love Zone also can be decorated with beautiful stones - so you will reinforce the impact of the elements of the Earth.

Avoid storing in this place objects made of synthetic materials. Painting in gold, imitation granite and so on. N. - All this will bring into your life lies and provoke treason. This area should not be spoiled things - any cracks or scratches affect the relationship in the family. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the stronger the objects in the area of ​​love - the stronger the relationship. For the same reason there should be things that previously did not belong to you - any items stored energy of their previous owners. Thus, in the area of ​​marriage can not be stored antiques - the presence of "foreign" power will attract strangers in your life that may result in changed.

In the area of ​​marriage can be arranged photos of loved ones, only to see that there were no pictures of lonely people. If you are alone until you can decorate this part of the flat images of couples and various figures in the shape of heart - it will allow you attract into your life and let the love in your heart the new feeling. Souvenirs heart shaped box with hearts - all these will help you to activate the zone of love and find happiness. By the way speaking, the scope of the photos should be subtle and elegant - heavy objects capable of "heavier" your relationship.

 in the area of ​​love put paired figures
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What colors can be used in the design

Traditionally considered the color of love red, pink and light green. But do not seek to paint the wall chaotic bright spots - do not forget that everything should look harmonious and variegated colors of the interior could look tasteless and irritate the eyes.

When making love, the sector can use different shades of brown, but try to avoid too dark colors. If you're lonely and you feel inner desolation, it is necessary to use the yellow color - for example, to pick up a nice bright wallpaper yellowish.
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Activate sector to strengthen marriage passion

To relations between spouses were harmonious, it is necessary to maintain sexual interest in each other, and the passion of the years dulled. To fire your feelings are not extinguished, Feng Shui experts advise to keep the items in the area of ​​marriage with erotic symbolism. It can be an erotic massage oils, aphrodisiacs, books about love and sex, image erotic content. But remember that these items should be closed from prying eyes, do not put them in a prominent place.

 to activate the sector in the area of ​​love marriage pose erotic symbolism
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And if all the same bathroom or kitchen?

If you're unlucky and the sector of love in your home is located in the bathroom, in this case, to neutralize the negative impact of the space. To do this, the door to the outside of the bathrooms is to hang a mirror, and the doors of that color should give them to merge with the wall. So you like to block off this space, postpone it away. Then the area of ​​love may be considered closest to an apartment sanitary seat in the house.

If the zone of love - this is the kitchen, in this sector need to put the table. It is desirable that it was a round shape, and the number of chairs was even (remember the pairing of subjects). Try to sink located away - the negative impact of the water we have already discussed above. Carefully make sure that in the area of ​​marriage is not littered with forks and knives, sharp objects, these conflicts can bring into your life.

It can be concluded that in the area of ​​love is to keep the things that are associated with love and family happiness.   This part of the apartment is suitable for storing dear to the heart of things and family photos. The main thing is try to arrange this corner property with love and affection and always believe in what your family always will be all right - then your marriage will be really strong, and the children will grow up happy and cheerful.

 Making love zone of feng shui