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Once scientists have gathered to decide which sex to assign the computer: male or female. After discussions, two female scientists were told that the computer must be assigned to the masculine gender, for three reasons:

  • In order to attract the attention of men, they should be included;
  • A man should solve the problem, but often he becomes a problem;
  • Once you've purchased a computer, you will immediately understand that if wait a little longer, we would have obtained a better model.

Male scientists have come to the conclusion that the computer must be assigned to the female gender for the following reasons:

  • No one (other than the creator) does not understand his logic;
  • Even the smallest mistakes are stored in long-term memory;
  • Once you have bought a computer, you immediately realize that spending a lot of money for the purchase of accessories.

All of this, of course, humor. However, despite the fact that we are experiencing the same strong emotions, feelings and even passions, we are absolutely different life situations perceive. And, in every area of ​​our daily life can be found differences between men and women.


Scientifically proven fact - men and women, not just the brain works differently, it is designed by nature with clear differences.

  • Unlike the female, the male brain is larger and contains more than 4 cells fold. By the way, it's just a "naked" fact - every person has a brain size and weight in proportion to height and weight;
  • But women in the brain has more neurons - which is why ladies are more prone to nervous breakdown, depression, and a momentary changes of mood;
  • Our gentlemen of the brain responsible for language and social adaptation, is located only in the left hemisphere. But ladies can boast such a part once in both hemispheres of the brain;
  • But women are very poorly developed that part of the brain that is responsible for orientation in space and geometric formulas. Therefore, a very rare female mathematics or physics;
  • If men are oriented to the cardinal points (east or north, for example) and determine for themselves just guidelines and the direction of the street, the ladies try to determine the parties (left / right) and conspicuous landmarks - for example, a bush with bright berries. In general, many women may get lost "in broad daylight."

The brain is also responsible for communication between people here and there are some differences:

  • Women are not able to suppress their emotions, they are generally very sharply perceive mood interlocutor and can intercept his anger, feelings or anger. But men are much more emotionally calm and no, even the strongest emotion of friends, acquaintances or relatives can not hit them "in the heart";
  • Everyone knows that women can spend hours talking with someone and discuss them one topic. But men can carry on a conversation at once on several topics and easily "jump" from one to another, to combine very different issues;
  • The result of the conversation of men and women is also different. While the former tend to quickly resolve issues, problems and make some conclusions, then the second, after returning from a meeting with her friends can say on the phone on the same theme even 2-3 hours;
  • If a woman offers to talk about "us", it wants to discuss relations between the sexes, cooking dinner and the choice of a gift for his mother. But the man would wait an explanation for the problem is in the relationship between close friends and nothing more.

 differences between men and women

Health by gender

Differences between men and women are found in health. It is not important who and how watching him, adheres to any healthy lifestyle - all "laid" at the genetic level.

  • Women are much less likely the disease becomes chronic. And there is a scientific explanation. The fact that women have available two X chromosomes, and they contribute to the long "hidden" course of the disease;
  • That female mental disorders occur more smoothly. But a man like disease flare up almost instantly and are more acute;
  • Women age faster men - they have dense neurons that are exposed to changes in senile uneven. Pay attention to the appearance of the elegant ladies of age - if a person has a smooth and virtually wrinkle-free, the neck and arms will be given right age. In the men's skin contains a lot of collagen - the man's face is covered with wrinkles much less;
  • But it is more prone to balding men - it happens at the genetic level. According to the latest research data is transmitted through the male line baldness gene. You want to know what you will have to head in their old age? Look at his maternal grandfather.

In addition, there is a difference in terms of smell - women are more acutely aware of even the most "sophisticated" flavors. This also explains the medical point of view - in the nose of a woman located more receptors that send signals to the instant brain neurons. But men such receptors are very few. By the way, so the loss of smell is more about people male.

Sexy direction

The basic difference between men and women - sexual orientation. And this applies not only different structure genitals, but also the psychology of sex. Men and women will never want the same. If a woman suggests after several months of "sex scenes" marriage and the family, the man regards it simply as "a good time with my girlfriend." That is why after breaking the ladies into hysterics, spend hours with friends and shed tears for another week. But men are just absolutely comfortable with the separation and do not devote to their problems friends.

Differences between men and women can be found even in the temperament of each. Very hard it happens in sexual relationships "to get to the same wavelength." A woman wants to gentle and caring embrace, and a man - passion and unbridled sex. He's a male, a conqueror, and that nature has in it. That is why young families break up at the beginning of joint way.

Orgasm also takes place in different ways for men and women. According Sexual Research to reach orgasm men needed just 4 minutes, but the ladies more "sluggish" - they will need 10-20 minutes. So something happens, and sometimes a situation where a man is satisfied and pleased held at night, but the woman did not understand what had happened and did not want to continue the relationship.

But there is one thing that unites all sexual relations - after orgasm (only win!), Men and women start to think creatively. Even when a man turns his back to the wall and sleeps, he dreams only of colored and good dreams. A woman begins to dream - it is also creativity. By the way, this distinction, men and women also leads to misunderstanding and resentment. She wants sex after drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, talk and even to dream about the future together, but the man, like a soulless creature (so think about it at that time partner), turned away, fell asleep and snoring.

 differences of men and women

A little humor

Of course, only the lazy psychologist was not asked to examine the difference between men and women. But no one, even the most intelligent, modern and "advanced" medical center will not be able to answer the question: "Why are we so different? ". But jokes and funny scenes on this subject has been written and talked a lot! Oh, so the person is arranged - not something to understand and comprehend all at once translates into a joke. But as we all know, every joke has some truth.

  • A woman rarely uses nicknames and always calls his friends by name. But the man does the contrary. In the company of men is almost impossible to hear the simple names, only nicknames - Doctor, Dimon, Cat;
  • Girls play with dolls, daughters and mothers, and only in childhood, before the age of 13-14. But the men are all children - even in 40 years, they love to study cars and soldiers;
  • If the TV show boxers fight, the woman at a low blow just wrinkled (and not always), but the man sure to bend in half and hands will cover your "farm" - it happens on a subconscious level;
  • The woman is always taking care of her children - she knows literally everything that happens to them at any time. Men often can not name a date of birth of his son, and certainly do not know in what class he learns;
  • Men rarely look in the mirror - only in the morning when the comb. But ladies are looking reflected everywhere - samovar, windows, glass windows, spoons;
  • Women love jewelry, gold chains themselves give light weight and can be worn at the same time a lot of jewelry. Men can afford a ring, bracelet and chain - is the maximum;
  • It has been observed that women are very fond of cats. But men hate them, but to please the lady will talk about his sympathy for tailed friends;
  • If a man says he is ready to go home, so he is dressed, combed and even purses in their hands. But the woman at the words can stand in a robe, c curlers on the head and one painted eyes;
  • Ask the man on his honeymoon, and he will say that the honeymoon he had. Ask about the same of his wife, and she remembered what she and her husband were dressed every day. The name of each restaurant where they had dined, when and how much they have paid porter tips. She remembers every detail of the wonderful pastimes;
  • Women like the process of moving towards the goal. Men want to reach the goal as quickly as possible - they are not interested in the process. To get to the main entrance to the building, women can walk the winding sidewalk. When a man comes out of the car, he jumped a fence and a flower bed of roses, will go straight to the door of the building, because he "sees the goal - to believe in themselves";
  • Every woman loves to shop. She likes the process of viewing things. When shopping, it can remove the dress from a hanger and the words: "Just look! "I carry it into the fitting room. Thirty minutes later, the fitting will be expected to have a half-dozen dresses, and the woman did not make the final choice. When men need a suit, he comes immediately sees what he wants, and takes away. Shopping over. The goal is reached;
  • In the bathroom, the man has only 6 items: toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, razor, shaving and cologne. But the lady is on all surfaces and shelves to place their 296 subjects - not every man can even define their purpose;
  • In the morning a woman running on the work boots, in the office, she pereobuvatsya in stiletto heels, under the table, she removes them and enjoys slippers. But the man would walk all day in the same shoes, not straining;
  • The man wrote the letter accurately, small and to the point. But even a woman curls decorate lines of the letter will be to write letters to the tails of the florid lines;
  • When women talk about the wedding, they mean exactly the solemn part of the ceremony. But gentlemen are talking exclusively about gay and dissolute bachelor;
  • In the locker room (in the gym), men are talking about football, money and women. Sporting ladies talk only about sex. And always emphasize what they are emotional, open and capable of the most audacious experiments.

Agree, a strange comparison and very very strange behavior of men and women in identical situations. But that's what's the beauty of living together - so interesting to adapt, to learn the nuances of the behavior of a partner. And as for psychologists - is generally a paradise for study and research.

We are so different, but for some reason we are so drawn to each other. That's how the world is that opposites attract, and it is not necessary to "break" the head why this is happening. You just have to live, to enjoy a new feeling and try to find the most "soul mate", so as not to have to adjust to someone else's rules, preferences and even eccentricities.

 The difference between men and women ... We are so different, but still we are together

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