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  • Causes of allergies
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The fact that safe sex above all else, even a schoolboy knows today. And the most common means of protection has been and remains a condom. This is quite natural - and condoms effectively protect against pregnancy and infection from sexually transmitted diseases. Yes, and the health of both male and female condom use any negative influence does not render.

Although ... In very rare cases there is such an annoying thing as an allergy to condoms. Yes, it's a real medical problem, not the usual excuse, according to many people. However, fortunately, this type of allergy does not occur very often - about 5% of adult men who have sex. The symptoms of this allergy, treatment, preventive measures - this is what will be discussed in this article.

Causes of allergies

What is an allergy, doctors know very well. And that is why it occurs in one person, but shy away from another - is still a big mystery. And allergic reactions to condoms are not an exception. However, doctors distinguish two risk groups, which include humans, in whom the likelihood of developing an allergic reaction to condoms highest.

  • Genetic predisposition

Of course, we should not rush to his parents asking whether they are allergic to condoms - is still a very delicate topic. However, even on a strawberry allergy from your relatives may say that you went to, if not allergic to certain substances, then certainly a predisposition to it - just. So, it is possible that in your first case of an allergic reaction may occur exactly on a condom.

  • Already allergic

Oh and in case you do not know firsthand about allergies to dust, dogs and chocolate is not worth too much to wonder if the allergens to the list will be added and condoms. By the way, more than a B70% of all cases of allergic reactions to condoms people previously suffered from allergies to other substances.

 unpleasant allergic to condoms

Symptoms of allergic reactions

Allergic reactions to condoms is very difficult not to notice, but remember that the symptoms can be very different. And what exactly will arise in a particular case depends on the individual. So, should pay attention to such things as:

  • Discomfort in the genital area

In most cases, allergies to condoms primarily makes itself felt itching and burning in the genital area. In addition, if the allergic reaction is very strong, it can not be excluded, even redness and swelling of the genitals. This is especially seen in women.

  • Skin rashes

There are cases when an allergic reaction to condom has an effect on the skin eruptions - in other words, urticaria. The degree of severity can be very different - it all depends on the severity of the allergic reaction.

  • Runny nose and watery eyes

Nasal congestion or, on the contrary, strong isolation, redness and itchy eyes, watery eyes - because the body can also make it clear that he is allergic to condoms. In most cases these symptoms are accompanied by even skin rashes.

  • Lung problems

In severe cases, allergies can declare itself lung problems - in particular, coughing, wheezing or worse - shortness of breath. To delay in this case is in any case impossible - as soon as possible, seek medical help. Fortunately, this happens very rarely - about 1% of all cases.

Please note - the symptoms of allergies to condoms very rarely occur after the first application. Typically, allergic reaction makes itself felt after a second or third use a condom, a few hours after sexual intercourse - the body needs some time.

 allergic to condoms and its treatment

What to do?

If you suspect that you are faced with an allergy to the condom, immediately go to the doctor. It must be done at least for two reasons. Firstly, if there is some itching, burning and swelling of the genitals, it is extremely important to make sure that it is not any sexually transmitted disease. From which, alas, it is not immune absolutely nobody.

Second, if it's still really an allergic reaction, it is necessary to understand exactly what substance it provoked. Today, do a blood test to determine the allergens is very simple - it does not require a lot of time or a lot of money. And it makes it a must to understand how to proceed.

Did you know that all of the condoms are made of latex? A latex, in turn, is made from the sap of the tree Hevea Brazilian. And that latex proteins in the vast majority of cases provoke the development of allergic reactions to condoms. However, not always - in some situations do not develop an allergic reaction to latex and other components - for example, flavoring or grease.

Depending on the results of the test for allergies, there are two options to solve this delicate problem:

  • Allergies to components

If you are lucky and you have an allergic reaction or your partner not to latex, it is enough to try to change the brand of condoms - as a rule, this is enough to forget about the problem. But remember - you should give preference to condoms without flavorings and only with water-based lubricant. Carefully study the information on the packaging of condoms.

  • Latex allergy

But those people who are allergic to latex, so lucky - their condom use should be completely abandoned. Of course, you can try to find the sale of condoms made of polyurethane, but firstly it's something out of science fiction. And secondly, these condoms have a much worse degree of protection.

Therefore, the most reasonable is to consult a doctor, who will select for you the optimal scheme of contraception. And, of course, forget casual relationships - where health is more expensive.

 The delicate problem - are allergic to condoms

 effective remedy for thrush


  • All of the thrush
  • Drug treatment
  • Folk remedies for the treatment of

Thrush - the scourge of modern women. If this poll hundred women of reproductive age, more than 80 of them will tell you that personally experienced this very unpleasant disease. Some people are lucky and get rid of yeast is obtained quickly enough. However, in most cases, the disease comes back again and again.

The prospect of not very encouraging. But do not hang up his nose - in most cases win thrush is still possible. The main thing - to find an effective remedy for yeast infection that will help you. Of course, it is wiser to consult a doctor who confirmed the diagnosis and select treatment.

All of the thrush

First we need to understand what it represents thrush. In principle, it is not difficult to learn, because the symptoms are rather specific. However, we must not forget that there are some gynecological diseases, which can also be blacked out just under thrush. So:

  • Vaginal discharge

One of the most obvious and the first signs of thrush - a heavy vaginal discharge, which have in most cases, cheesy texture and is always white. By the way, the smell of secretions is also quite specific - a fermented milk. For what, in fact, the disease got its name.

  • Swelling and redness of the vagina and labia

Due to the active influence of the fungus affects the tissues of the vagina and labia. The degree of severity of the disease depends - from simple redness to severe ulceration and edema.

  • Itching and discomfort

All of these "charms" are accompanied by very unpleasant sensations - itching and burning during urination. Most often itch intensifies at night and after the adoption of the bathroom. The intensity of itching can also be very different.

Causes Thrush is also quite diverse. For example, various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are the culprits of yeast in approximately 20% of all cases. Approximately 50% - these are different hormonal disorders. Even ordinary birth control pills can trigger the development of thrush. Incidentally, the yeast tends to be felt particularly active in the days before menstruation.

It is impossible to write off, and weakened immunity - because of the weakened immune system is strengthened and the growth of fungi, as a result, developing thrush. This may occur due to treatment with antibacterial drugs. And this happens very often.

 good and effective remedy for thrush

Drug treatment

Today in the pharmacy in the public domain, you can find a huge number of drugs that are successfully coping with thrush. However, I would like to remind once again - ideally all the medicine must appoint a physician.

  • Candles

Choosing candle big enough. In that case, if the thrush is only beginning to be felt, try candles with clotrimazole. Clotrimazole detrimental effect on the yeast fungus, but does not eliminate the irritation. It is therefore necessary to use additional means.

Thrush often occurs in pregnant women. They should give preference to pimafutsin candles. It also kills fungus, but it works much more gently and did not harm the future baby. While we very much hope that the expectant mother still went to her gynecologist, who prescribe the medicine.

  • Pills

On television, we constantly see advertisements miracle products that promise to heal after just one tablet. And these drugs do exist - for example, fljukostat. Although you can buy a cheaper analog - fluconazole: the effect is the same. But if you are taking any other medications, be sure to consult with your doctor!

 effective remedy for yeast infections in women

Folk remedies for the treatment of

Recipes of traditional medicine in most cases are also able to help in the treatment of thrush. In principle, they are perfectly safe. Of course, only if you do not have an allergic reaction to a particular component. Be sure to pay attention to this nuance.


The first and most effective way - is, of course, douching.

  • Douching with yogurt

It would seem, well, what's so special about yogurt? But no! Kefir - very useful product. In particular, it can be a great tool in the fight against annoying thrush. And for the treatment you need to use the most simple yogurt - that sold in plastic bags. Pay attention to the date of manufacture of yogurt - will suit only three product.

Heat 200 grams of yogurt to 37 degrees and carefully prosprintsuytes. Do not forget to wash the genitals to relieve irritation. Of course, it is necessary to monitor the purity - like hands and utensils, and a syringe. A similar procedure should be done twice a day - morning and evening.

Well, if the thrush is very strong at night needs Kefir swab. Just soak in warm yogurt most common tampon and insert it into the vagina, leave overnight. Generally, improvement comes on the third day, but do not stop treatment week that the disease has not returned.

  • Douching soda

In some cases, kefir is useless. If a second or third day it is no improvement, you can try douching soda solution. Proponents of this method argue that soda perfectly neutralizes the acidic environment of the vagina, which is typical of thrush.

In fairness it should be noted that to get rid of yeast in a way you would not succeed. However, at the time, to eliminate the discomfort is possible. Well, if nothing helps, so why not try? Just do not overdo it - soda aggressive enough. Douche similar solution can be no more than once a day and no longer than three consecutive days.

To prepare the solution, dissolve in a glass of warm boiled water half a teaspoon of baking soda. After douching podmoytes same solution, only a little more concentration - one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Those who have tried this method on themselves, argue that the itch passes in a few minutes.

  • Douching chamomile

Inflammation of the mucous and external genital organs for thrush almost inevitable. And that can cope with the inflammation better than a good old-fashioned daisy? For this you need a decoction of chamomile. To make it, pour two cups of chamomile water (3 tablespoons), bring to a boil and reduce the heat, boil for 5 minutes.

After that, cover the pan with a lid, wrap a thick towel and leave for two hours to the broth is a good present. Then, carefully strain the broth - it can be done with a gauze cloth or fine sieve - Chamomile should not go at all. All the broth is ready.

Bedtime prosprintsuytes this broth. And be sure to rinse the external genitalia. Of course, one douching is unlikely to dramatically change the flat. But after three or four days, you will notice a significant improvement. Well, in that case, if the irritation was not too strong, can get better in a few hours after douching.

  • Douching oak bark

Oak bark can simultaneously "kill two birds" - and detrimental to the fungus, and relieves inflammation. Therefore, it would be very foolish to ignore the bark of an oak. To do this, you need to prepare a special broth, as usual, in this case does not fit. Be prepared to three teaspoons of chopped oak bark, half a teaspoon of dried lavender and one teaspoon of succession - they easily can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Mix all the ingredients for medicinal mixture. Take one tablespoon of raw pour half a glass of water, leave to infuse for about three hours. Before use, strain the solution very well, and dilute it with warm boiled water in a ratio of one to one. Then you can douche. Repeat twice a day - morning and evening for three days. As a rule, unable to get rid of yeast infection within three to five days.

Medical swabs

If you want to get rid of yeast infection as quickly as possible to the treatment of syringing can connect swabs. Do not forget that for their manufacture may be used only sterile gauze. You do not want problems?

  • Tampons with honey

A lot of women find that tampons with honey - a real panacea for thrush. Of course, only if you do not have an allergic reaction to honey. otherwise there is a risk of severe complications such as anaphylactic shock. Simple allergies, alas, it's not over, because the honey is absorbed into the mucous membranes of the vagina.

To prepare you need medical swabs and sterile gauze. Gauze, create a suitably sized swab soak in honey and enter the vagina, leave for about an hour. It is best to do it at night, but you can at any time convenient for you. Duration of treatment - at least three days. Even if the symptoms have disappeared before the treatment continued.

  • Tampons with onions

You can often hear the advice to try tampons with fresh onions. However, this should not be done, as there is a very real chance to make burn the vaginal mucosa. But completely refuse to bow and not worth it - just a little tighten up the recipe. Take half of onions of medium size, grate it on a small grater. Then place the resulting onion gruel on a gauze or sieve, scald boiling water and let cool.

After that, create a gauze, apply onion gruel on it and enter the vagina, leave for 30 minutes. You may feel a slight burning sensation - this is perfectly normal. But if the discomfort will increase, immediately remove the swab and carefully prosprintsuytes plenty of clean boiled water. The course of treatment - one swab for two consecutive days. After that, similar treatment should be stopped, that the means are not harmed.

Therapeutic baths

Do not forget about the external genitalia - they suffer from thrush is strong enough. Therefore, do not ignore the healing hip baths. Especially that the choice is not hard to do:

  • Tray with chamomile infusion

This bath is preparing very simple. The thermos put 10 tablespoons of chamomile pharmacy, pour one liter of boiling water. Insist daisy should be not less than three hours, after which it can drain. Before going to bed make a bath - mix a solution of chamomile liter and two liters of warm boiled water, pour into a suitable container - water should completely cover the genitals. The duration of the bath - 15 minutes.

  • Tray with sage

If the skin on the external genitals are not only angry, but also itches, try sitz bath with sage. Fill five tablespoons herb sage and pour a liter of water, leave for two hours. Then strain and add to the tank with two liters of warm water. The duration of the bath - 20 minutes. Tray can be made as required - 2-3 times a day. As a rule, only two days to condition improved.

 An effective remedy for yeast infection - what is it?