Artificial stone in the interior

The ancient walls of medieval houses and castles, chaotic jumble of boulders landscapes, palaces and religious buildings of stone are always attract the eyes of man. The internal decor of this natural material affects a variety of colors and textures, bewitching artistic perfection, born in the bowels of the rock. In comparison with the texture of natural stone sharp angles and lines of modern interiors seem boring.

Our craving for natural stone designers implemented using artificial stone in the interior. The popularity of such finishes led to the invention of a new material, which avoids the disadvantages of natural stone, but at the same time reliably reproduces the color, texture and shape of rocks without losing time even traces on a surface. Decorative stone used for interior wall cladding. This similarity with its sandstone or limestone, sawn or chipped reservoir rocks striking. In addition, there are no restrictions with respect to the desired texture or color.

Artificial stone is made from cement with the addition of various fillers - pumice, perlite, expanded clay, or mixtures thereof. To obtain the desired color added therein various pigments. The undeniable advantage of this material is its low weight, which at times is four times less than that of natural stone. A little rough and smooth back surface makes simple laying of the material. The same technology makes and facing bricks. The "old" bricks, as if made of rare clay, gives the impression that it bears the stamp of bygone eras, and in the interior looks more stylish than decorative stone.

Possibilities of use of decorative stone

If you are fond of exoticism and dream, for example, to place a small swimming pool in the rock cave with stalactites and stalagmites, or in the evening want to enjoy in the winter garden relax under the murmur of the small waterfall running through quaint stone hill, then all your desires you will be able to implement, ordering the necessary your products in special workshops. Creative workshops engaged in the manufacture of artificial stone and decorative concrete, sculptural works performed manually. Individually machined surfaces acquire maximum originality and realism.

Technological and decorative features artificial stone make it possible to create real miracles in the interior. For example, dark basement can be converted into a cozy billiard room and a conventional kitchen of the inn to make the old Prague. It all depends on your desires and possibilities.

The combination of artificial ornamental stone, beautifully decorated walls and live plants will give a genuine winter garden tropical flavor. The terrain can be created using piles of decorative stone and weeping rock, which will complement the picture of the brook in the green colors. The ceiling can be coated with a fluorescent dye, and he nightfall will blink and light, creating the illusion of the southern sky.

Artificial stone can be oblitsevat electric fireplace. Elements of decorative stone of its rough surface and irregular shape reminiscent of, for example, natural sandstone. Since an electric fireplace and its chimney and the portal is not exposed to excessive heat. This allows free use of artificial stone for fireplaces. In a representative area of ​​the fireplace in the living room creates a decorative stone and solemn at the same time, and feel the comfort setting.

It argued that natural stone can be used only in the luxurious interior. But it is not. It is appropriate in almost any home. The main thing is that it has been properly selected and fully consistent with the architectural style of the room. The nobility of the stone sets the tone for the kind of interior, which sometimes follow quite difficult. But this is necessary.

The stone used in the interior, not only for the flooring, walls, columns, stairs and fireplaces. From it are made and other details of the interior - baseboards, window sills, door frames. Decorate them and furniture - coffee tables, bar counters, upper countertop in the kitchen and in the bathroom, stools. Use artificial stone and in a purely decorative elements - mosaics, Florentine mosaic decoration in the style of fossili. All this fits well not only in the surroundings of the classic interior, but also modern.

 decorative stone in the interior

The use of decorative stone in different styles

It is common knowledge that the decorative stone perfectly combined with other materials - wood, glass and steel. In the classical interior lining of the floor or the walls of artificial stone is perfectly harmonize with wooden furnishings. In this case, you need to pay attention to the coloring of upholstered furniture. Figure it out for the geometry of the upholstery should be combined with a mosaic pattern of the walls or floor. In the living room, in addition, must comply with a stone wall and a chandelier. In combination with a stone wall well white plaster relief. But this is not necessary. Valid and tapestries and wallpaper. Do not forget that oblitsovyvaya dark floor "stone", the furniture is better to choose bright and light enough that the interior is not "weighting." You can use artificial stone staircases and decor.

You can use decorative stone in the interior country. Here, the most logical would look roughly processed stone relief next to a tree and skinned natural shades. High-tech and minimalism requires restraint in color. Basic materials style high-tech - steel and glass - is not inferior to his nobility than any stone.

The stone in the interior design of the kitchen

It combines artificial stone with other materials in the design of furniture. There are projects designer kitchens, where faced with a valuable marble door neighbor composite korianom from which made the table top. Recently, in general it has become popular to use as a stone worktop, which rests on the bright lacquered or laminated substrates. It does not cause disharmony in the perception and looks very impressive. Sometimes in the kitchen and in the bathroom stone veneer and shelves. For these purposes the same stone as the wall, to create a sense of integrity. But you can beat and contrast. Then, much more appropriate to be a combination of dark and light shades and different textures. It looks good in the kitchen and stone floor. Light furniture and a dark floor paneling relevant in any area of ​​the interior, not just in the kitchen.

 stone in the interior

Finishing stone in the living room and bedroom

The use of decorative stone in the living room and the bedroom is not particularly limited. For wall and floor tiles and furniture suitable for decorating any stone: limestone, slate, marble, granite. Stone for centuries attracted the unique beauty that was created by nature. Sandstone, which absorbed the heat of sunny days, granite - from the strict black and gray to blood red and sky-blue, luminous multi-colored marble - all this splendor today repeats artificial decorative stone.

 The classic materials in a new way: the stone in the interior

 bedroom layout

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the entire apartment, so the presence of outsiders in the area is highly undesirable. The problem is familiar to a separate bedroom, probably every second family, and in each case this issue is solved differently. But there are general rules of planning. After all, in the bedroom more often than not only sleep, but also to read, work, relax, or iron clothes. Therefore, it is important to correctly lay the bedroom according to their own way of life and habits. Even if it seems that the bedroom does not have a place in the apartment, it is better to combine the living room with a kitchen, but at the same time to allocate a separate room for sleeping.

What, where, where?

When planning the location of the bedroom, it is important to try to make it was as far away from the entrance and bordered on the living room and kitchen. Bedroom proportions should be close to the square longer than a rectangle, but if you can not reach it because of the characteristics of the apartment, should not get upset. Change the space you can, if you use all sorts of niches, or to give the room a dressing room. Podium or good location bed at an angle to the walls also can change the perception of the proportions of your bedroom.

When planning a bedroom environment the most important task is the correct positioning of the bed. Under the rules of the bed plan must be placed in such a way that it does not interfere with the movement of the room. You can place the bed headboard to the wall, while leaving the sides of the aisles, preferably not too narrow. This would be very nice if the bed is viewed by the bedroom door. If this is not possible, then the mirror will. It must be set so that you can see incoming.

Nowadays plastic windows drafts problem disappeared by itself. But experts still do not recommend placing the bed near the window. In that case it will be above the headboard, a sleeping man is psychologically uncomfortable, because it will feel a sense of insecurity. If you place the bed in front of the window, in the morning rays of the sun will beat a sleeping man in the face (if the room is located on the east), which is also not palatable.

In small apartments to beat the space can be if we apply reception asymmetry. For this purpose the bed must be positioned diagonally. Worthy subject of the situation in this case may be a triangular closet and desk in the headboard, which can serve as a table lamp or a cupboard for storage of linen.

In a small room the principle of minimalism have very handy, because in this case the bedroom will look larger than it is. Visually help relieve built-in dressing room and a separate closet. If they do not have any place to store the things you can use the bed-podium equipped with roomy drawers.

 planning a large bedroom

  Just a bedroom or ...?

Very often, one room has two main functions. For example, it combines a bed and workplace, or near the bed adjacent the parent's bed baby. A feature of the bedroom layout in this case will be its competent zoning. If you are unable to raise the dead stationary construction of plasterboard, it is possible to replace the system of translucent sliding walls stained or frosted glass.

It would be easy, light, and most importantly, aesthetically attractive solution. If you want to retain the ability to vary, you can use portable folding screens, which can be easily rearranged to another place. Instead of partitioning can also be applied a conventional rack.

Make it visually more spacious, you can almost any bedroom. You can use a mirror that due to multiple reflections increase the visual footage of the room. At the same time they should not have in the legs or on the side bed, and best of all in her pillow. The construction of the ceiling in the bedroom is not recommended to complicate many levels and complex patterns. The simpler form of the ceiling, the easier it will be to relax and sleep in it. In some cases, you can opt out of the ceiling to smooth and even.

Create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere and can contribute to the observance of correct proportions in the space of the room. For example, high ceilings can be adjusted by the suspended ceiling of plasterboard. Planning a large bedroom in the presence of a low ceiling can greatly benefit if beat it with a multi-tiered ceiling structures.

A huge role also played by color, light and texture selected finishing materials. In a small bedroom should not be any relief plaster, dark colors and intricate designs of the ceiling. To the interior the feeling of lightness and airiness, you need to fill it with light pastel shades or gray-blue palette.

  Let there be light!

With the help of well-designed lighting in the bedroom, you can create not only a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, but also to get energy boost at the right time. Experts recommend to be used as a central light source traditional chandelier or ceiling. Lighting norms for each square meter of living space is 20 watts of artificial light. Therefore it is necessary to observe a measure in light bedroom. For example, to get an additional source of light for reading, it will be enough just to place on the nightstand or desk lamp curtain daylight.

In order to diversify the lighting scenarios in the bedroom can be placed around the perimeter of the room, or spotlighting set at the corners of her beautiful light fixtures, for example, with a wide canopy, guiding light up. Light striking the ceiling will gradually dissipate, thereby creating a situation of intimacy in the bedroom and a comfortable soft lighting. As an additional highlight, you can use zonal lighting, for example, directional light to illuminate paintings.

An original and innovative solution for the intimate lighting can be a fluorescent lamp built into the bottom of the hanging bed. In support of them, you can install the same lamp in the ceiling cornices of plasterboard. Currently especially popular as wall niches with built-in lighting. They are very functional, since replaced by closed cabinets with shelves, at the same time play the role of bedside lamps, if they are located on the sides of the bed.

 plan bedroom

Size matters. And the color?

Making bedrooms impossible without competent selection of colors. It is important to take into account both the direction of light, which are brought to the window of the room, and the temperament of the master bedroom. For example, impulsive people are contraindicated bright and saturated colors, which are more suitable for olive or beige calm tones. For the phlegmatic personality, in contrast, require more intense color to tone up their already relaxed temperament.

Not everyone knows that deep blue also refers to the active and "disturbing" colors. Despite the fact that outwardly he seems calm and comfortable, it can cause internal tension, which can interfere with proper rest and relaxation. For registration of the bedrooms are commonly used and soothing neutral shades such as pearl - gray, light pink or light blue. They combine well with the color of natural wood in the bedroom decor. So beloved by women light pink tint may not appeal to the male sex, better to use a range of brown and beige, orange or calm.

Orientation also affects the choice of color in the bedroom. If the window areas facing north, the wall is better to use a peach or pink-beige warm colors. For bedrooms, facing south, should be used for the walls colder colors such as gray or blue.

 Disposition of the bedrooms on the design rules

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