properties of olive oil

Forever young and beautiful sunny Greece. The ancient gods of Greece gave the world not only the heat of the fire. They are presented as a gift to humanity "liquid gold" and eternal youth. "Liquid gold" is called virgin olive oil. All the beneficial properties of olive oil people know very many centuries ago.

The oil of this unique tree is considered one of the most valuable and expensive products. In fruits and olive leaves contains oleuropein amazing substance that has beneficial effects on the whole body as a whole, renewing and rejuvenating it.

Choose oil

  1. The best olive oil and valuable - it Ehtra Virgin Olive Oil (olive oil). Its taste has a barely perceptible bitterness. This oil is perfect in its composition and is the most expensive and useful.
  2. The second number is refined and deodorized oil Extra Light Olive Oil. This virgin olive oil a little less useful substances.
  3. Next on the list of oil Pure Olive Oil. This mixture of the above oil virgin. It is much cheaper and with less oleuropein.
  4. The last in the list of the olive oil Pomace Olive Oil. This oil is obtained by pressing the second.

The color of olive oil can vary from light green to dark golden. The color depends on the type of fruit of the olive tree, and their degree of maturity.

Therapeutic and prophylactic properties of olive oil

  • Cardiovascular system

Virgin olive oil - an excellent preventive method for preventing strokes and heart attacks. The oil contains no cholesterol, moreover, in the use of olive oil in a food, the level of cholesterol in the body is markedly reduced.

  • Digestive system

With constant use of olive oil improves the function of the stomach, pancreas, intestines and liver. Olive oil affects the healing of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Oil has also a small and mild laxative effect. Very good tool for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Regular consumption of olive oil helps with cholelithiasis.

  • Skin

For lovers of tanning is very useful to wipe the skin after sunbathing under the artificial sun. The oil reduces the risk of cancer of the skin condition, due to the large amount of antioxidants in its composition.

  • The general condition of the body

Natural pure oil olive perfectly assimilated by the human body. Vitamins and minerals contained in the oil, strengthen bone tissue, enhance immunity, fully strengthen the body at the cellular level. This unique product also has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect.

  • For pregnant and lactating

A great natural remedy for pregnant women. Regular consumption of olive oil during pregnancy contributes to proper formation of bone and muscle tissue in the unborn baby and the proper development of the brain and nervous system. Eat 1 tea spoon of natural pure olive oil daily.

  • For infants

Natural olive oil in its composition similar to breast milk. So be sure to enter it in the menu of your baby. Add a few drops into a puree. The unique properties of olive oil contribute to the rapid growth and development of babies. As well as adding it to food infants helps them move quickly on a solid adult food.

Tips and recipes for the use of olive oil. At home, you can prepare an excellent tool for the treatment of various ailments.

  1. When constipation. Mix 3-4 teaspoons of butter with egg yolk and spread in 1 cup of warm water. Use the enema solution. Very useful in the morning on an empty stomach to drink 1 tablespoon oil.
  2. At a cold. Mix 100 g of olive oil and 1 tablespoon rosemary, mix insist 20 days in a dark place. Then filter and bury 3 drops in each nostril three times daily. Do these procedures throughout the week.
  3. Otitis. Drip 2 drops of warmed olive oil in each ear and immediately lay the cotton pad soaked in the same oil.

Olive oil in cosmetics

Olive oil slows down the aging process, it has been widely used in the cosmetics industry. Created a special cosmetic olive oil, whose properties allow your body to gain young and elastic.

  1. Hair care. Mix one-fourth cup of warmed olive oil cosmetic and half cup of melted honey. Apply this mixture on your hair and wrap head with a large towel. Keep the mask for half an hour. Excellent help from dry hair and dandruff. If you want to get rid of split ends of hair - Prepare a mixture of 2 tablespoons of olive oil cosmetic, 1 tablespoon of acetic acid and one egg. Heat and apply only to the ends of her hair. Keep half an hour. To hair shone spectacular brilliance, make a mixture of one egg yolk, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon olive oil cosmetic and 6 liters of beer. Well creamed mixture thoroughly wash your hair.
  2. Nail care. It is very useful to strengthen nails do the bath of warm olive oil cosmetic with a mixture of lemon juice. To treat brittle nails, apply them warm olive oil and then treated nails iodized alcohol.
  3. Care of hands and body. Take care of your hands with the help of cosmetic olive oil! It is an excellent means to keep hands always young and fresh. Once a week, make a half-hour bath of warmed olive oil. To increase the flexibility and elasticity of the skin in the bath, add 50 ml of milk and the same natural olive oil. The effect is spectacular! The constant rubbing of oil into the skin of the body contributes to the elasticity and reduce stretch marks on the skin.
  4. Face Care. Olive oil helps to smooth fine lines, visibly rejuvenates the face, softens it, and saturated with moisture. Very useful in a cream, which you usually use, add a few drops of warm olive oil cosmetic.

Maintaining weight

The acids (oleic and linoleic) contained in oil, are an excellent barrier to stop weight gain. If you take this valuable product in the morning on an empty stomach, you can permanently get rid of hunger. This results in fat burning and increased metabolism. Recommended for those who want to lose weight this way: use oil Ehtra Virgin Olive Oil. In this very pure and natural olive oil to keep all useful vitamins and medicinal substances.

Special diet slices of lemon and olive oil carefully and completely clean the entire body of toxins. The natural properties of the olive oil contribute not only to the loss of excess weight, but also create a barrier in a subsequent set of unnecessary kilograms. All probably know about the famous Mediterranean diet. In all the dishes of the well-known diet includes olive oil is a natural.

Interesting facts about olive oil

  • In winter, the use of olive oil the most useful

The body, digesting it in the cold winter olive oil receives a great boost of energy. This is because the oil in the fat molecules have a large number of oxygen atoms.

  • Thermal effects

Olive oil - the only oil that does not produce any harm when frying. Olive oil is very high degree of burning, so it does not oxidize at high temperatures. Due to the very small content of unsaturated fatty acids in the olive oil you can cook and fry food, it is not causing harm to the body.

We want to see your beautiful, our beloveds. Take these tips into service and all the surrounding raduyte eternal youth and a beautiful sunny mood!

 The beneficial properties of olive oil on human health

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 sore heel pain attack

When there are a variety of foot problems, we sharply decreases the overall vitality, especially when a piercing ache and sore feet area. Why are there problems in the feet, heel pain Why?

The causes of short-term heel pain are varied. What kind of shoes do you wear? If you are a lover of studs, while walking stop any significant load. Especially after prolonged use of shoes with high heels, overload on the foot can cause severe shooting pains in the heel.

In case of accidental injury legs when walking, may cause burning pain in the heels. This pain occurs when damaged ankle ligaments. Women complain of feeling with the "nail in the heel," which pierces every minute stronger.

Maybe it's some kind of disease?

If you exclude the possibility of accidental injury, you have in a long time constantly sore heel - perhaps this is a cause or a consequence of different diseases:

  1. Arthritis, bursitis.

    The inflammatory process that affects the tissue that runs along the foot and connects the heel bone to the toes. In this case, the pain gradually increases. The worst thing in the morning becomes, if to massage the legs, the pain subsides, but may be resumed after standing on tiptoe and walk up the stairs.

  2. Plantar fasciitis.

    The fascia of the sole is sealed in the formation of connective tissue, which is on the whole sole of the foot. With continued and extended wearing uncomfortable tight shoes can begin the inflammatory process in the area. The development of such a disease accompanied by the deposition of salts in the inflamed parts, which may lead to the formation of the heel spur.

  3. Heel spur.

    Chronic inflammation of the fascia of the sole. Such a build-up formed on the heel causes profound suffering. Particularly strong heel pain in the morning, when a person gets out of bed. In the afternoon, during the walk, the pain subsides a little. But it is worth a little sit as pain resumed with a vengeance.

  4. Inflammation of the Achilles tendon.

    When you have sore feet during movement, it is possible that the inflammatory process is developing Achilles tendon. In this case, the pain center focuses on the heel or under side of the sole.

  5. Reactive arthritis.

    Some infections (chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease) may also be accompanied by pain in the soles of the feet. Latent infection can trigger reactive inflammation of the calcaneal tendon. In the case of such a disease, sore heels constantly, especially strong pain at night.

  6. Other diseases.

    Inflammatory processes in the heel area may be caused by diseases such as gout (ankylosing spondylitis). This chronic inflammation of the joints is a violation of metabolism.

In cases where there have one of these diseases, to help get rid of pain in the heel can a doctor. You should go to the reception to the traumatologist or the rheumatologist and get expert advice of a specialist.

Recommendations in case of problems with heels

If you are a fan of jogging or Nordic walking - you have to change these sports more sparing leg. You have successfully, and with equal health benefits can go swimming, cycling.

Stabilize your weight and bring it back to normal. Have extra kilos is not only harmful to the whole body - it also creates additional and unnecessary burden on the muscles of the foot.

Get special orthotics and use them constantly. Especially if you have symptoms of flat feet. Such healing insoles relax and strengthen the muscles of your heels.

Your shoes should be comfortable for the feet, with a heel no more than 5 cm. In the solid-soled shoes and boots is best not to wear. Small heel helps relieve an unnecessary burden to the heels.

Make it a rule to do constant physiotherapy in the prevention and prevention of foot problems.

Quick ways to dampen a lot of pain in the heel:

  • Attach a piece of ice on the aching place and hold the cold for 20 minutes.
  • Take a pill painkiller.
  • Samu heel and the area above it is possible to grind Fastum-gel.

 sore heel

Exercising to strengthen heels

Take advantage of special improving and strengthening exercise for the muscles of the legs and in particular heel. Load is increased gradually. If you are too zealously take up this matter - you can hurt your heels.

  1. Roll the small ball (you can take a tennis) feet feet. Do this exercise alternately for two feet two times a day for several minutes.
  2. Knead and stretch the calf and the foot itself. Massage each finger with love and care. The most effective do it before going to bed a few times a week.
  3. Stand facing a wall and place your forearms on the wall. Lean forehead in his hands. Slide right foot forward so that your toes touch the floor. This leg bend at the knee. At the same time straighten the other leg and press the heel to the floor. Few sit down without moving his feet. You feel like a strained calf muscles and feet? Wait so for half a minute, then do the same exercise for the other leg. This action helps to strengthen and make more flexible the muscles of the legs and heel.

Medicinal herbs in the fight against the heel spur

From heel pain and suffering of our ancestors. In traditional homeopathic medicine have recipes for all occasions ailments. The best natural drug in herbal medicine is alcoholate marsh cinquefoil. Potentilla - a unique plant. It has a number of useful properties. For the treatment of heel spurs, we will use its strong anti-inflammatory action. Potentilla marsh also contributes to removal from the body of salt and stimulates the immune system.

Make infusion of cinquefoil can be yourself, and you can buy it in pharmacies. One tablespoon of liqueur cinquefoil dissolve in 1/3 cup of water and take internally before meals three times a day. The course of treatment is 20 days. After a break of 10 days, the course can be repeated.

It is also very useful to make a compress on the heels of cinquefoil tincture at night. Keep in mind that at the beginning of treatment with homeopathy, heel pain may increase. Herbal treatment must be accompanied by supervision of a qualified doctor and in conjunction with its recommendations.

Your feet will delight you only if careful maintenance and proper attention from your side. If you have a sore heel hurt stepping on her, immediately contact your doctor. Improper self can be dangerous and cause more damage to your body.

 Aching feet? It hurts to attack?

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