• How to choose a bundle?
  • How to make a bundle of hair: a few simple ways
  • Astrakhan beam for a romantic person
  • A beam for a party

One of the most common and current hairstyles for long and medium hair is a beam. He is able to give the appearance of elegance and rigor, romance and sexuality. The beam on the head - the perfect solution for the publication, and goodbye, and walks. Fashion beams combine well with different styles of clothes, ranging from sports and ending with strictly business. The most important thing to choose the right version of the beam and accessories.

Make a bundle of hair can any girl - nothing complicated about it. You do not need the skills of a hairdresser and some special adaptations. That is what is the most important advantage of this hair. Well, still, of course, the fact that you can look perfect and feel comfortable in any situation.

How to choose a bundle?

Options beams varied. We can say that this hairstyle is universal as will fit any girl. The only thing you should do - find the right fashion bundles specifically for your type of face shape and growth. About these nuances we describe below.

  • Any beams will approach only slender girls of average height, having a graceful neck. Here a long time do not have to choose - do what you want;
  • If your neck is far from ideal, try to make a lush beam as low as possible. So it will not attract the attention of others;
  • Grew girls do not make bundles collected high on the head;
  • If your neck flattened form, choose lush bunches: in the form of eight, three-dimensional;
  • Fragile ladies small increase will not fit curvy and voluminous bundles. It is best to tie tight hairstyle and decorate her curls and swirls. It is also possible to make beams fashion sides (two different angles);
  • If you make a bun on top, note that the hair on his head is not stretched. First - it is not beautiful, and secondly, you will feel uncomfortable;
  • To make the hair more volume, you can use a foam pad or a magnificent chignon.

So, the main truth we have learned now proceed directly to consider the options, and that is a hair bun.

 hairstyle beam

How to make a bundle of hair: a few simple ways

It should be noted that the hair will never go out of style due to its versatility and practicality. Therefore, you can safely experiment with the sights and look different every day.

Simple beam - simply and tastefully

  • Thoroughly comb your hair;
  • Now we need to engage them in the tail (low or high - at your discretion);
  • Twist-tail plait, twist tight knot;
  • Then fasten the hair bundle of pins. Try to be invisible;
  • For a variety of hairstyles can be from the bottom of the beam gently pull a couple of thin strands. They need to twist and attach the top hairstyles. Most tips nicely put rings and also secure;
  • Just an ordinary beam can be supplemented with various accessories, and it will turn into a festive hairstyle. Fashion Accessories choose to your taste and to match the outfit.

Astrakhan beam for a romantic person

  • Divide hair into five equal parts horizontally;
  • From every part of doing tail curling his harness. So you get a pattern that resembles scrawl;
  • Now you just hold together all flagella at one point;
  • The result was a tender and romantic hairstyle beam for a meeting or a walk.

The beam for the elegant woman

  • The hair should be divided into three parts. The sides of the same size, and the occipital part should be a little more;
  • The front part of the hair while anchoring pins, clamps, so as not to interfere;
  • The rear part of the carefully comb, to raise his head. You must now fasten tight the tail;
  • Curl tail (not too tight), wrap it around the base. You should stay out of the loop of hair where you want to place the tip of the tail;
  • We do knot, hiding it tips pryadok, tighten all bolts and slightly sprinkled with hair;
  • Now proceed to work with the sides. We comb the hair and leaves them on top of the finished beam (at a time), putting his ear beautiful wave;
  • Anchoring, leaving the ends free;
  • We fix the resulting beam lush finish.

 bundle of hair

A beam for a party

· Wash your hair a bit dry and apply a small amount of styling mousse;

  • Now dry the hair dryer, carefully pulling each strand;
  • Then you should not tie a tight ponytail and make it free sheaf;
  • Attach pins and invisible. Not too tight, so that it fell out of the free locks;
  • Next, take two thin colored rim (such fashionable accessories and universal), and first put on his head. It should be placed at a distance of five centimeters from the hair growth;
  • The second put on so that it was located five centimeters further from the first;
  • Sprinkled beam varnish and go to a party to conquer all its beauty!

Careless wave

  • On damp hair, apply foam to fix;
  • Take a hair dryer and a round brush, dried hair;
  • Use the tongs to curl the hair strand by strand. But not much, so to get a wave, not rings;
  • Now collect the free tail. When you pass through the gum hair last time, do not remove them until the end, make a loop;
  • Loop wrap around the base of the tail, sending it down;
  • Hairstyle beam fixed pins, decorated with satin ribbons. You can also pick up her fashionable patent leather barrettes.

The beam with the platen

To do this you need using the packing foam roller. This option is good for girls who can not boast of hair density. Thanks roller hairstyle looks voluminous and perfectly smooth.

  • Comb your hair and make a pony tail at the back;
  • Threaded hole in the tail roller and distribute it across the surface of the roller;
  • Now the ends of hair wrapped around the base and is secured by a roller;
  • We fix pins.

This variant of the beam can be festive, decorating it with braids.

  • We make a tail threading it into a roll;
  • By distributing the hair over the roller, leave in the middle of the strand from which weave braid;
  • Attach the beam underneath the roller, leaving a little loose hair;
  • Of these, just braid two braids and wrap them around the beam, securing a base;
  • The pigtail, which was in the middle of the beam, place of roses and secure;
  • Sbryznete hair lacquer.

Hairstyle beam is popular not only among ordinary women, but also in Hollywood. Jennifer Lopez, for example, a fanatical fan of this placement. Yes, and model Kate Moss is indifferent to it. And let the beam simply by its originality outshines this simplicity. Try, create, be unique! Fashion tufts of hair - exactly what you need girl tending to always look perfect!

 The beam - fashionable and comfortable hairstyle for any occasion

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 Hair Mask with Dimexidum


  • What dimexide
  • Safety measures
  • Masks for hair Dimexidum

Finally thawed snow drifts, the sun shone brightly, frost retreated until next year, giving way to spring. Girls changing fur coats the lungs and remove caps. And this, of course, great, but not all the hair after the "hibernation" look alive and well groomed. Often on hairstyles are just memories, and themselves strands hanging limply along the face. What to do? Dimexidum revive the hair. How exactly? Who will teach. Only once warned that it is an effective drug overdose which can cause skin burns. Therefore it is very important that you follow all proportion.

We would like to reassure those who do not trust the recipes of various online publications. Check the correctness of the components is very simple. Any hair mask with Dimexidum should contain 1 part of the active substance and 3 parts of auxiliary components. In the role of an active substance, as you probably already realize, it acts dimexide. The remaining ingredients vary depending on the type of your hair and the effect you want to achieve. Number of auxiliary components may be increased, while dimexide always in the minority.

What dimexide

Dimexidum - a powerful drug that is used for tissue healing. It penetrates deep into the skin, saturating it with all necessary materials. That is, if you add in the mask of burdock oil, there is a guarantee that its useful properties will reach the roots of your hair, not just wash off with shampoo at the first shampooing.

In addition, dimexide has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects that help to stop hair loss, dandruff cure and strengthen hair follicles. Agree, not bad for a modest bottle with a formidable name! Beauticians even consider dimexide first aid in the treatment of serious problems with hair. Let's you and I will resort its services.

 Dimexidum mask with hair

Safety measures

As mentioned earlier, dimexide - a serious thing, and use it very carefully. So, before you start experimenting with hair mask, be sure to read the list of warnings:

  1. Dimexidum corrodes the skin and erases nail polish, so when applied mask, use rubber gloves.
  2. Do not be alarmed if the vehicle starts to head oven. This is normal. Those who have tried it on myself mustard mask, confirm it (by the way, dimexide bakes head less than mustard).
  3. Bad breath is also included in the script, so no need to carry a bottle back to the pharmacy with a claim that the drug is spoiled.
  4. What's very important is the uniform consistency of hair masks. Before applying the tools on the hair once again mix well, not to get a skin burn.
  5. Often, women wash the mask with hair instead of a long-awaited improvement feel discomfort and severe itching. Be patient. It is engaged in dimexide increase blood flow to the scalp.
  6. Many recipes require the use of warm Dimexidum. We would like to warn you that much heat the drug can not be categorically. It is better to warm the water bath for oil-based and have to gently intervene dimexide.
  7. Remember the adage "like honey and spoon?" So it is very well characterizes the modern girls, which saw the first results of a mask with Dimexidum begin to carry out the procedure almost every day. You are our lovely, everything is good in moderation. And if we talk about dimexide, that "all is well once a week." After such a mask with the same success as the cure your hair and mercilessly burned scalp. So read recipes using folk remedies, and never exceed the time of exposure mask on his head.

 Mask for hair Dimexidum

Masks for hair Dimexidum

Mask with firming Dimexidum

Those who noticed that the hair on the comb were added, and turned into luxurious curls remains of former splendor, will dimexide (2 tsp) and sea buckthorn oil (6 tsp). Warm sea buckthorn oil in a water bath, let cool slightly and add the dimexide. Mix thoroughly - and, voila, express hair mask is ready.


  • Vitamin A - 1 tablespoon;
  • Vitamin E - 1 tablespoon;
  • Burdock oil - 2 tablespoons;
  • Castor oil - 2 tablespoons;
  • Dimexidum - 1 tbsp.

All the ingredients are mixed, a little heated in a water bath (bring to a boil is strictly prohibited). All is ready. Now you can begin to treat the hair. Apply the mask on the head for 1 hour, then rinse with warm water and shampoo. Just get ready to wash the oil film for a few days, because these masks have a very oily consistency.

Mask for hair growth with Dimexidum

Those who want to grow long hair, it is not necessarily written to the procedure of building in a beauty salon. It is enough to go to the pharmacy for Dimexidum and patience. And while you want to become like men to conquer one stroke head, mix the lemon juice, vitamin A and E and dimexide (all for 2 tablespoons). Apply to clean hair, and can continue to dream of at least an hour. Then again you have to go back to earth, wash off the mask for the hair of the head and enjoy the result. Of course, immediately after application, you can not turn into a long-haired nymph, but the improvement of the hair will be noticeable immediately.

Mask for hair "vitamin explosion"

We all drink vitamins in early spring, to strengthen the body after winter. However, our hair also needs extra protection and vitamins. And some will be a little pill. We invite you to make a vitamin party right on the head. To do this, mix one teaspoon of vitamins A, E, D, B6, B12, castor oil and burdock with 3 teaspoons Dimexidum. Sure, your tresses will be immensely grateful for such care.

Mask Dimexidum for blondes

Today, the blonde is so popular that about them compose humorous anecdotes and remove transmission. Beauticians have decided to go one step further and created a mask for the hair especially for blondes. The recipe for its extremely easy (apparently, the beauty industry workers feared blond girl did not remember a long list of ingredients and different amounts of each component). Mix 1 teaspoon:

  • lemon essential oil;
  • burdock oil;
  • castor oil;
  • Dimexidum;
  • vitamin A and E.

Then everything is as usual - rub the mixture into your scalp and rinse with warm water and shampoo. Balm conditioner and you can not use. Dimexidum did all the work for him.

The mask for dry hair with Dimexidum

Some holders of dry scalp are afraid to use the hair mask with Dimexidum, citing the fact that the aggressive component dry up your skin even more. The course of their thoughts, of course, is logical, but it is totally wrong. Especially since most components in the mask for hair Dimexidum are essential oils. And they do not just do not issushat skin, but it will add the missing moisture. Do not believe? Check it out. To do this, mix 1 egg yolk, a tablespoon of burdock oil and a teaspoon of Dimexidum. Ready? Now rub the mixture into your head for an hour, rinse with warm water and shampoo.

Mask-saving for oily hair

Greasy hair dimexide also restores. And it does it quite well. Helping him in this Cognac (1 tablespoon), burdock oil (1 tablespoon), vitamin A (2 tablespoons). All the ingredients you need to mix, add 1 tablespoon Dimexidum. Apply to hair and a little to endure the traditional burning of the scalp. What to do, dimeksin - aggressive enough drug, and he acts as well. But in the end you will have a long healthy hair. And this is the main point.

Although there is. Mainly at all times considered not the beauty or the length of the spit, and simple human decency. If a woman has been modest in dialogue, not shun housework does not perk up, she was willing to forgive and sparse hair and dandruff on his shoulders. While the arrogant beauty often remained in splendid isolation. And long braid them from this fate is not saved. So who have you decide. No, we do not cease to agitate you take care of yourself in order to get people to believe in your virtue. Simply in pursuit of the beauty of the outside do not forget about the internal appeal.

 Hair mask with Dimexidum: stern knight guard the delicate beauty