the combination of colors in clothes

The combination of colors in clothes - one of the most important rules to be followed when creating their image. It's no secret that each of us have our favorite colors: some he is one, others - two or even three. Sometimes we do not even think why we choose this or that color. And, as it turns out nothing! After knowing the basic rules of color combinations in the dress, you can easily succeed in achieving their goals.

What do you think about this psychology? According to experts, the dominant clothing color palette is able to provide a very strong impact on others: both psychologically and emotionally. This is due to the fact that some colors subconsciously attract attention, while others cause a negative reaction. And that's not all, it turns out, the colors can tell a lot about a person, and above all about his character. It is therefore important to create its image pay special attention to the combination of colors in clothes.

The right combination of colors in clothes

The combination of colors - an ambiguous task. Today it is a skill, though not on a large scale, it is necessary to every modern man. Basic rules of color combinations in the dress should be the base for all of us. However, despite all the restrictions, fashion has always allocated fans of unusual combinations and encourage even the most daring experiments. Create yourself a unique image, the right combination of colors in the clothes to prove you, and others that you know how to dress better than most sophisticated fashionista.

The combination of colors in clothing together in common the following main pairs:

  • orange and blue
  • red and green
  • purple and yellow

They always attract everyone's attention, affect the wealth of color, and at the same time pleasing to the eye.

The blue color image

Blue color - a symbol of power and authority. Blue and blue - the colors, towering over the passions. They like a lot of people, but in spite of that, to see them in the locker room, you can not so often, but a combination of different shades - is another matter. The combination of blue clothing with purple not for nothing is one of the most successful and enjoyable.

All shades of that color from pale blue to dark blue, relax, but at the same time helping to control any situation. Therefore, for the business image that color will be most welcome. Oddly enough, but the color is light or dark tones suited to the person, without exception, and in conjunction with the red dress looks amazing. Also it looks good mix of blue clothing with a dark blue, red, yellow, white and gray, he is in harmony with the golden and olive. But with pink, green and brown or blue, or blue can not be combined.

Green image

As you know, the green has a positive effect on the overall condition of the person, it is not only fatigue, but also increases vitality. Although green and symbolizes constancy, and many people associate with youth, not always a combination of green in the garment properly perceived by others. Therefore, if you will be a business meeting, avoid costumes with a predominance of that color.

Green looks great in combination with purple and violet. This color is suitable for brunettes and blondes.

Red color image

Although energetic dominant red and uplifting, in most cases, inhibits both the master and his entourage. Therefore red clothes not recommended to wear all the time, it should be worn only in the case if you decide to openly express themselves: to show their sexuality, or just to stand out from the crowd.

The combination of colors in clothes with a predominance of burgundy, pink, red wine and smoky pink is an indicator of good taste. The combination of pink clothing with a pale pink and intense shades of pink definitely not for business people. If you do not imagine my life without this color, choose clothes grayish-pink or smoky-pink flowers.

The red color is in harmony with many others. It looks equally well with green, blue, gray, purple, golden yellow, and black. Terms of combinations of colors in clothes does not allow you to mix red with brown, brick, red-orange and yellow.

Yellow image

With yellow you have to be careful. Bright, attracting the attention of yellow color with the reflection of the face gives the skin an unhealthy yellowish hue. Therefore, the combination of yellow clothing does not fit all, the more he fits brunette with matte skin.

The yellow color is in harmony with brown, green and golden. Pink, myrtle and burgundy and yellow - a combination of colors in clothes is not the best choice.

Orange image

Orange - the color of luxury and well-being. No wonder many people associate it with a sense of fun and enjoyment. However, it is undesirable to use to create a business image.

Business people fit the combination of orange-colored clothes with ultramarine, green, sky blue, white, purple, violet and brown.

Brown's image

To wear was an elaborate ensemble, without the rules of color combinations in clothing simply can not do. Brown is ideally suited to owners dark hair with brown eyes and dark skin. Clothing made in this color scheme has to itself, it gives solidity and is to be frank. Therefore, it is ideal for business meetings and negotiations.

Lighter shades of brown: the color of rust, clay and beige colors are neutral. They are in perfect harmony with all shades of gray, green and olive green are the best option for all occasions. But burgundy, pink and red can not be combined with this color.

 color image

Gray image

This calm, not to attract attention to color, can not only control all shades, but also beneficial to pick out a person's appearance. That is why the combination of gray clothing with others is one of the most preferred when speaking in public. If you doubt the choice of clothes bright colors, to add to the ensemble a bit of gray, which suits everyone.

Grey classic and elegant, and this year is also a trendy color gives strength and at the same time allows you to look available. The harmonious combination of colors in clothes gray color is achieved with a blue, black, blue, green, magenta, red and yellow. Whereas on oschetaniya it with white color best abandoned because such an alliance looks boring.

Black image

The black color can not be called successful business women who are on duty often have to appear in public, as this color is used to "disappear". This applies especially to the fairer sex with delicate facial features. Do not forget that this color is not conducive to closer relations with the opposite sex. Sometimes in life there are situations when a person simply need to go unnoticed in such cases is ideal black, which is also the best option for business lunches.

The black color matches perfectly with the red. Also, it looks good in the neighborhood with yellow, orange, purple, red and salad tones.

The white color image

White - the color of purity and clarity. It is like no other is better suited to create contrast. White and black - the best combination of colors in clothes: photos of women in it always looks solemnly. When combined with other colors should take into account the fact that the white color casts glare and increases visual shape. White, gray and black colors are often used as "finishing", that is in addition to the basic color set.

Purple image

The combination of purple clothing with white, orange, yellow and pink fraught with magic and enigma. The desire to charm and delight - that directs women opting violet and purple clothes. Purple is intermediate between red and blue.

Lilac color image

Purple color is a combination of two elements - male and female (red and blue). In psychology, purple - the color of nostalgia, a brighter future and creativity. Combination lilac clothing creates the impression aloof, mysterious and enigmatic man. This color is like the sensitive, creative and sophisticated nature, as well as infantile and adolescent girls.

It blends well with lavender, red, pink, dark blue, silver, yellow and blue, as well as with all shades of brown.

Turquoise color image

Turquoise color symbolizes truth. He encourages the open communication, protects the delicate fragile maiden soul from wounds and supports self-esteem. This color soothes well, and has a cooling and refreshing effect. Turquoise is equally well suited as a blonde and little dark women.

The combination of turquoise-colored clothing with a white or gray will never leave you unnoticed - it always pays out from the crowd of his mistresses. Gentle turquoise blondes turns into the mysterious, mysterious and entailing temptresses. Swarthy brunettes perfectly sets off the pitch hair and tanned skin golden velvet.

Beige color image

Pastel, caramel, beige and purple shades in all its diversity can be seen today in the collections of famous fashion designers. Now in vogue all the colors from beige to its natural bleached shade. The combination of beige-colored clothes of different colors help to create a gentle woman, touching and sexy image. This season, fashion designers all in unison sing an ode to this one color, which is due to his characteristic purity involves a flight of fancy. Beige color is not evident, but it is impossible not to notice.

To ensemble beige looked very bored and flashy, designers are advised to use a leopard print. Clothing beige color looks great with things of denim that are available in almost every woman's wardrobe. This combination of colors in clothes does not create a sharp contrast and at the same time adds to the favorite Beige thin flash of light, it does not cause the brightness.

 Terms of combinations of colors in clothes

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