whitening activated carbon


  • The new - is well forgotten old
  • Teeth Whitening activated carbon
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the drug
  • Tips on caring for your teeth

Smile - the main attribute of funny, cute, sociable and charming person. Everyone wants to laugh openly and without embarrassment but, unfortunately, not everyone is given. The main reason - a brown plaque on the tooth enamel. Our life is too full of events, we are exposed to stress, feelings and nervous outbursts. Remember, what we accompany outages? That's right - a cup of coffee with colleagues just a holy cause!

Moreover, such interruptions are accompanied by a cigarette - and it is absolutely "infernal mix" for the tooth enamel. And even if you do not drink coffee, and tea - do not expect that this drink will be no raid. Remember, tea, coffee and cigarettes - the worst enemy of your snow-white smile. Of course, the above reasons does not mean that we should give up their preference. You just have to know how to rectify the situation and restore the original whiteness of the teeth.

At any dental clinic provides services for teeth whitening. Do everything professionally, you really go out there with a perfect smile. But the fact that the lack of sufficient time and the high cost of such services may be the real obstacle to the procedure regularly. It is much easier and more practical to keep their teeth in the order of the house and on their own.

The new - is well forgotten old

Activated carbon. Who does not know this drug? Surely everyone remembers as a child at the slightest indigestion mother gave several black tabletochek. But in fact, the activated carbon can be used not only for diarrhea or indigestion, but also in many other cases.

For example, when losing weight. Yes, do not be surprised! After all, these black tabletochki are an excellent adsorbent and are able to remove toxins and waste products from the body. So it turns out that excessive toxins in the body's cells come only useful substances. Thus, improving metabolism, blood circulation becomes more intense, excess fluid does not stay in the organs. All purports to customize the operation of each system to get rid of excess weight.

Of course, the use of activated carbon in order to weight loss only on strictly defined guidelines. In no case be self swallow the pill packs and hope for a miracle. There are special regimen of coal, and should examine all the information before embarking on the regular use of drugs (such as coal and it is).

 How to whiten your teeth with activated charcoal

Teeth Whitening activated carbon

But teeth whitening activated carbon can be carried out several times a week and without further consultation with doctors. This is commonly known, has tested hundreds of people and time-tested method. So that this will need: two tablets of activated charcoal, three drops (literally) warm water.

It should prepare a slurry. No solution, namely a thick slurry. To do this, take the dish and crumble the two tablets of coal. Now add three drops of warm water and stir thoroughly - all bleaching composition is ready for use. In appearance, it should resemble a thick paste for cleaning utensils. Keep the mixture should be in a sealed vessel, at room temperature. If the paste hardens a bit, then add a drop of water, and all will be restored.

Apply a paste of activated carbon should be as regular toothpaste. It is advisable to do it twice a day, once every 3-4 days. Highlight for this procedure a separate toothbrush and rinse it well after use. You do note that just after two-three times of use on teeth would be much smaller plaque - this means that the coal effect.

Advantages and disadvantages of the drug

Of course, as with any procedure, from tooth whitening coal are pluses and minuses. After bleaching process it at home quite a lot - for example, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide. And if soda and peroxide, once in the body, can seriously damage health, then activated carbon (even accidentally swallowed while cleaning) nothing but good will not bring. You can even just chew the tablet and coal as if to rub it between your teeth - the effect is the same as that of cooked pulp.

In addition, activated carbon is not harmful to the gums. Soda, for example, may simply cause inflammation, and the same hydrogen peroxide is able to provoke the formation of ulcers. So the only disadvantage when brushing your teeth with charcoal - this is a temporary darkening of the gums. To remove the black, just 20 minutes after the procedure, you can drink a cup of water and rinse your mouth at the same time.

 whiten your teeth with activated charcoal

Tips on caring for your teeth

Of course, teeth whitening with the help of activated carbon is not the only and most reliable way to secure a white smile. No miracles, unfortunately, does not happen and, therefore, should adhere to the following rules:

  • Reduce consumption of tea, coffee and cigarettes;
  • Perform oral hygiene - brushing your teeth twice a day;
  • Apply rinse specific dosage formulations - they are sold in pharmacies.

We can not always brush your teeth whitening pastes exclusively - enamel thinned as a result, will begin a health problem. In this case, it is best to undergo treatment in a dental clinic. Professionals can and remove tartar, and treat dental caries. After all, with charcoal-filtered, no one can guarantee that the microscopic crumbs tablets do not remain in the holes or hollows.

If you have bad breath, it can be used not only cleaning procedures, but also therapeutic. One of the most effective ways to get rid of the smell of a decoction of sage rinse. Cook it very easy: 1 tablespoon of herbs to use a cup of boiling water. It should be in a water bath to warm infusion for 10 minutes and let it brew.

This method can be used only if the unpleasant smell provoked by smoking. If there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract or diagnosed inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, it does not save sage - will have to remove the cause of the phenomenon.

Health You can save and maintain. If you regularly look after their teeth, it is possible to achieve a snow-white smile and without costly procedures in clinics. The main thing in this case - the regularity and perseverance. The appearance depends on the person, on his efforts and desires. Take care of your teeth, your dentist on time and spend whitening procedures - these simple and banal recommendations will help each person become a smiling and charming.

 Teeth Whitening activated carbon is available to everyone!

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 French manicure on short nails


  • What is a French Manicure
  • Equipment varnishing
  • How to diversify a French manicure
  • How to keep long manicure

Friendly handshake or a gallant kiss will not disregard your pens. If they are not well maintained, the embarrassment can not be avoided. In everyday life, the hands are in sight, maybe that's why we so carefully monitor their condition. Or are natural instincts? Whatever the answer, well-groomed hands manicure without careful not happen.

Fold was misleading that worthy manicure long nails. This is fundamentally unfair. The concept of manicure includes not only decorative feature of the nail plate, but also the treatment of nail cuticles, cleaning and shaping. We will not argue about that long nail polish looks perfect, but we should not think that the short is not possible.

What is a French Manicure

French is designed for both short and for long nails. Although initially the idea implied only short. Nails, slightly beyond the tips of the fingers, convenient and practical, but it does not mean that they do not need for care. French manicure nail for short - is the ideal solution. In the classic version of nails attached to the oval shape and is made polishing.

The paint is a highlight of the whole event. The tip of the nail is not covered by a white transparent varnish, forming a perfectly smooth jacket. The rest of the plate is filled with a transparent, natural pink varnish. The ideal length for proper nail French manicure - 2-4 millimeters.

 Short french manicure

Equipment varnishing

Traditionally French manicure on short nails involves two colors: pink and white. For this purpose the corresponding lacquers, acrylic coating, special crayons and pencils. The goal - to achieve a smooth semi-circular strips on the tip of the nail. In professional salons wizards make jacket quickly enough. But if you decide to learn to do it yourself, be prepared for the study of application techniques.

For beginners and very short nails it is recommended to use white crayons and pencils. They are applied to the back side of the nail. If you think it's simple enough, try to make exactly the first time. Apply jacket on the front side even harder. For this purpose, special stencils can be used.

Thus, the technique involves the implementation of pre-deployment training. After thorough hand washing, must be covered with colorless nail base. Further, the above methods to put the jacket. The third step will be the application of the basic colors. In the classic version - it is pink or flesh-colored. Completes french manicure on short nails - nail fixing.

How to diversify a French manicure

Traditional jacket looks bored. No, of course, the classics of fashion will not work ever, but sometimes I want something bright, but acceptable. For these purposes, the designers have published a whole line of fashion trends. One of them is the moon manicure. For him, use gold or silver jacket, and the total volume is filled with dark glossy varnish. Looks a French manicure on short nails expensive and not provocatively. For a more fashion trends, you can use bright colors. The main rule - do not need to be creative too, or French, your manicure turn into vulgar.

Speaking of diversity we can not ignore such decorative feature as drawings and stickers on your nails. What is important is that the French manicure on short nails are not done matt varnish, and do not use too big figure. This is due to the fact that a slightly protruding nail, painted in matte finish will be a visually flat, shorter, thus all the efforts will be reduced to nothing. The same applies to the large jewelry. If you decide to decorate your manicure with rhinestones and sequins, select the appropriate value that would nail their background is not lost.

 manicure short nails french

How to keep long manicure

  • Manicures will last a long time only in healthy, well-groomed nails. Use oils, masks, extra food;
  • To nail long held, apply it to the hot hand. Make sure that the nails were perfectly dry;
  • Do not use low-grade paints. They not only hold a little, but can be harmful to your health;
  • In carrying out household chores, use rubber gloves;
  • Wash your hands with soap and water, avoid aggressive media and very cold water.

If you decide to do a French manicure, remember that the length of the nails does not matter. It is important that it was the same for all. The edge of the nail should be positioned perfectly straight - otherwise manicure looks untidy. With color and texture, you can experiment, important not to overdo it.

 Stylish French manicure on short nails - the length does not matter

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