Teenage Fashion


  • Self-expression through clothing
  • The most fashionable styles of clothing for teenagers

Yesterday your child was a charming crumbs and its appearance is completely determined by you - the parents. You, you and you alone decide which shirt son will go to a Christmas party and a daughter wear a dress for my birthday. It always will be. But it was not there !!! Clothes shopping trip turns into a real battle - instead bluzochki cute daughter requires an unimaginable topic, and those shoes that have chosen the son of nothing but shiver, you did not cause.

Teenage fashion is able to plunge adults in slight confusion. The first thing parents need to do - is to calm down. Calm down and think themselves in adolescence - surely you also want to carry those things that you like, not your parents, right?

Secondly, it is important to understand what is the general teen fashion and "how to treat it." After all, baby clothes need not only to protect themselves from the cold and to cover their shame, but to use it to express themselves. And if you force a child has their own tastes and preferences, to no good it will not - only increase the number of scandals at times. So it is better to attend to this issue now, and not when the problem becomes urgent.

 Teenage Fashion

Self-expression through clothing

In adolescence, a child is a reassessment of values ​​and he is trying to "find" themselves in society. Naturally, especially in adolescence. Today, there are a lot of different youth movements, each of which implies a certain style of dress. And often the child chooses any of these trends and, of course, prefers the appropriate clothing.

And what is most interesting - about any constancy in their teens and can be no question. The child can change their passions more quickly than you're accustomed to its previous appearance. Now he - gloomy emo and tomorrow doted hippie: anticipate what will come to mind your daze, it is simply impossible.

Some teens and did tend to stand out from the crowd - they can sometimes be a way of simply shocking. Especially since the original modern fashion for teens gives a child a huge scope for creativity.

 Fashion for Teens

The most fashionable styles of clothing for teenagers

First and foremost, youth clothing styles associated with the lifestyle of a teenager, his views and beliefs. Similar styles are many, but let's look at the most fashionable of them to date. If the parents will know them for certain fashion for teenagers will not cause a wave of violent protests.

  • Style trash

Style trash - a complete lack of restrictions and standards, irony towards society and the desire to stand out. Teenager dressed so to look vulgar and shocking at the same time. As a rule, it is perfectly possible - these are the teenagers cause the anger of parents, teachers and resentment whispering grandmothers at the door.

Parents need some restraint and patience to wait until the baby will take place during this period. And the most wise mother did not scold their children, and help him find the right thing, slightly adjusting the image as a whole.

  • Hipster style

Hipsters - a subculture made up of teenagers who like to have fun, wear bright things photographed and spend time aimlessly. The essence of style is to replicate the street fashion of European cities. This stylish jeans or leggings, bright shoes, big glasses, all kinds of T-shirts with the image of musical groups and a plaid shirt.

  • Style Kawai

It is an art to remain a child as long as possible. He no longer is inherent in girls and is expressed in a unique image, a special splendor and charming. In order to comply with this style, you must have exclusive things sewn on his own sketch or supplemented with original accessories.

The clothes must be present: a pair of sneakers (preferably a different color), short skirt with petticoats lush; multicolored sweater decorated with unusual accessories and badges, lace gloves, pants and other items. You can even make up your nails, each finger a different color, and bring along a small bag stuffed in a little animals. As a rule, this teen fashion causes tenderness and smiles surrounding adults. But parents should be prepared to tangible spending - now such things are not so cheap.

Now uschestvuet huge number of youth styles, such as: school, sports, military, rock style, Nip hop, Androgin, Lolita, Fruits and many others - fashion for teenagers is very diverse.

 Teenage fashion - what is it?

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 respite from the army in 2011

It seemed not long ago your son amusing read poetry at family celebrations, she went to school. But time is relentless and it is simply impossible to move slow. And yesterday your baby is on the threshold of adulthood. As you know, for a man to adult life begins from service in the army.

Different people have completely different attitudes to whether their children to repay homeland, or for them to be better not to serve in the army. Clear answer to this question is very difficult. This article will not be affected by the topic of morals and ethics, as well as ideology. We just describe the cases in which the law of a young person can get a deferment from the army or at all be recognized as unfit for military service. So - respite from the Army in 2011 -2012.

The first thing parents need to know the boy, is that they just need to very carefully monitor all medical records regarding the health of their child. And it should start doing long before the child reaches the age of conscription. Strictly speaking, it should be done almost from the birth of a boy.

Tragically, often medical records are lost, inadvertently and sometimes deliberately. Wise parents will never give a child a card deposited in the registry, but just every time, going to the doctor, taking her with him. The same applies to all the extracts from the hospital if the child ever lying there. Do not give doctors the originals and make copies of, and which will be kept in the clinic.

Be sure to seek medical attention whenever the child falls ill. This must be done even if you yourself can easily cope with the disease. This should be done for all the ailments were recorded in the medical record of the child. Such a measure may in the future provide an invaluable service guy.

Reasons for postponement of the army

According to the law of the Russian Federation, the decision to postpone the release of Man and of the service in the Russian army conscript receives a special commission. Only she can make a decision, but in no case more than one person. All the bases that give the right to postponement of military service, is clearly spelled out in article 24 of the federal law on military service. Listed below are the foundation.

 graduate school deferment from the army

Deferral for students

The respite from the army on learning is the most popular and widespread among recruits. For respite from the army are students of secondary educational institutions (schools, gymnasiums, lyceums), or, to put it simply, the students. However, this kind of delay granted only to young men who have not attained the age of twenty. After twenty years of study at the school does not provide postponement of military service. But nowadays it is very difficult to meet the twenty-year student, so this is the least popular base. It also does not extend to the base of students of evening schools.

Man receiving initial vocational training or secondary or higher, are also eligible for a deferment from military service. Typically, the delay is equal to the time required for a course of study. Total such delays can not be more than two. For example, the child can graduate from college and go to college. On the whole training he will be represented by the postponement of military service.

In order to recruit got a reprieve, it is related to the learning process, it is important to match the specified criteria. And only on the condition that they would meet all four requirements, the draft commission should make a decision on granting a conscript postponement.

  1. The child is undergoing training in public schools. This should be considered for admission to private educational institution. Be sure to ask before you apply to study, whether university state accreditation, which entitles the students to defer military service.
  2. A child receives general (schools, lyceums, gymnasiums) and vocational training. Postponement given the time required to develop the necessary knowledge. Second higher education right to defer do not give.
  3. Education recruit full-time passes. Only the full-time guy gives the right to deferment from the army. The exceptions are some schools of law enforcement and military agencies.
  4. The maximum number of delays from army because of training - two. And only if the recruit did not exceed this limit, he may be granted a deferment from military service. This restriction also does not apply to students enrolled in institutions of law enforcement and military agencies.

In the last two years significantly increased the duration of the spring draft. Therefore high school graduates who have reached eighteen years of age, must have time to enroll in schools until July 15. This advice relates to the fact that the postponement of military service for students is not provided.

However, as you know, to go to educational institutions, especially universities, until July 15, is almost impossible. After all, most of the entrance exams begin only in the second half of July, and the child is physically did not have time to go to college or technical school. At the moment, the matter is under consideration by the State Commission. However, no alternative solution has yet been taken.

However, some graduates a chance to avoid military service immediately after school. To do this, the child must use the annual respite from the army still in school in the 11th grade. If a child successfully pass the entrance exams and go to college, it can exercise the right to a second delay associated with training.

If so do not possible, parents should keep in mind that in the period between the end of school and before entering the university there are no delays. This means that in relation to the recruit may decide to open a criminal case on the article 328 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, for evading conscription for military service.

But if the recruit will have time to enter a university or college before the court will be convicted, he is entitled to exemption from criminal liability. This happens on the basis that there was a change of circumstances since the graduate appears every right to obtain legal deferment of military service.

In the event that a student for some - any reason is forced to issue a sabbatical, duration of deferral of military service is increased by exactly that amount of time that will last a sabbatical. However, the installment is not increased by more than two years - it is also worth bearing in mind.

In the event that in the process of training the student decides to transfer to another department or another university, program of study in which different and longer training period, the delay can also be increased, but not more than for one year. Keep this in mind when transferring to another school.

Special attention is given postgraduate - deferment from the army is given as follows. In that case, if the young man was educated bachelor, but continues to learn from the master, the draft board is also required to provide the student with a delay in the time to further training. However, if the training takes place on the specialist deferment from military service is not available.

But here, too, lies a small loophole. Most draft boards simply - simply do not pay attention to such trifles, resulting in the delay given to the entire training period - about five - six years. But, unfortunately, if a conscript still got a reprieve for a bachelor's degree - that is four years, on the further delay in the time learning specialist student, alas, can not even count.

In order to properly arrange respite from military service, conscript must personally submit the draft board, who is at his place of residence, the necessary documents confirming the right of deferment of military service. All documents must be original, photocopies are not allowed in any case. In addition to these documents the recruit must write application form. Samples of applications in every military.

Be sure to also consider the fact that none of the draft board decides to provide the recruit delay associated with the study, if the recruit has not passed a medical examination required for the examination of the health of the young man. That is why it is not recommended to write an application and required documents to the military enlistment of recruits brought the mother.

Without his personal presence and a medical examination guy automatically refers to the "black list" evading military service people. And it can lead to criminal charges. And this is - the additional trouble and hassle both for Man and for his parents.

 respite from the Army for study

Deferral for health

It is also very common deferment from the army for health. As mentioned above, in the presence of the recruits of certain diseases, the decision of the draft commission be granted a deferment or exemption from military service.

As mentioned earlier, the boy's parents must necessarily go to the doctor about any ailment. Otherwise, even with the recruits of the particular disease, provides a respite, it may call upon fit for military service. So be sure to watch out for, so that all health complaints were recorded in the medical record of the child.
All of your existing medical documents - cards, x-rays, hospital discharge - it is absolutely necessary to bring to the medical board. Of course, this does not eliminate the need to conscript held a medical examination, but significantly increases the chances of obtaining deferment of military service.

There are well-defined diseases, subject to the availability of which the recruit receives deferment from military service. In fairness it should be noted that the list of such diseases is very, very great. Here are just a few of them, the most basic and most common:

  • Intestinal infections and other infectious diseases, which are accompanied by skin eruptions. For example, typhoid fever, hepatitis, salmonellosis, toxoplasmosis, which can not be successfully treated.
  • Tuberculosis of lung, pleura, bronchi. And this applies to all stages of the disease - from inactive, without isolation of tubercle bacilli to the open form of the disease.
  • Other types of tuberculosis. For example, tuberculosis of bones, urinary organs, joints and skin.
  • The presence of HIV and AIDS.
  • The presence of syphilis - both primary and secondary.
  • The presence of cancer of any stage.
  • The presence of benign tumors of the recruit, if they violate the normal functioning of internal organs.
  • Such blood diseases like leukemia, hemophilia, thrombocytopathy.
  • Non-toxic nodular goiter, which causes a malfunction of the thyroid gland.
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in the form as well as all forms of obesity than the first degree of obesity.
  • All sorts of mental disorders caused by trauma, brain tumors, degenerative diseases of the brain. And the severity of the disease is of no importance.
  • The presence of a conscript of alcoholism and drug addiction. These diagnoses should be confirmed by the conclusion of the doctor - the psychiatrist and the recruit - be registered as a drug treatment clinic.
  • Epilepsy any severity, as well as mental retardation any stage.
  • Polio, encephalitis and meningitis of any severity.
  • The presence in the history of the recruit at least one case of intracranial hemorrhage, no matter what was the cause.
  • Reduction of up to visual acuity less than 0, 09.
  • Significant hearing loss.
  • All kinds of heart disease and other heart diseases that threaten the health and lives of the recruit.
  • Hypertensive heart and coronary disease.
  • Hemorrhoids are accompanied by loss of hemorrhoids.
  • Damage or disease of the larynx and cervical spine, resulting in greatly disturbed speech function.
  • Availability recruits asthma, regardless of its degree of severity and frequency of attacks.
  • Problems with dentition - periodontal disease, periodontal disease, no more than ten teeth.
  • Peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer.
  • Cirrhosis of the liver, hernia, prolapse of the rectum.
  • Diseases of the skin - recurrent atopic dermatitis, weeping eczema, psoriasis.
  • Violation of the structure and formation of the upper and lower limbs, in particular - the flat, which makes it impossible to wearing military boots.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system - disruption of the functioning of the kidneys, hydrocele.
  • With a history of fractures of the spine and skull base, no matter what age they have not occurred, even in the deep childhood.
  • The presence of a conscript scars on his face, which disfigured his face.
  • Body mass conscript less than 45 kilograms, and the growth-less than 150 centimeters.
  • Enuresis - incontinence during the night.
  • Severe stuttering inductee.

If the recruit is really in the presence of the disease, which gives the right to deferment of military service, doctors will give the conclusion of the medical examination of the health of Man. However, you may dispute. For example, if the doctors do not understand something, they can send the recruit for hospitalization in the hospital for more detailed examination and further diagnosis.

Please note that the survey should be carried out in the recruit ordinary public hospital. In no case is inadmissible hospitalized conscript to a military hospital. Examination and treatment in military hospitals are only those citizens who already are the real servants of the army. Going to the hospital for examination, is also very important to take all the available medical records. This will facilitate diagnosis and increase the chances of a conscript for a deferment of military service.

In some cases in the military may be the case of certain misunderstandings. In particular, some military commissars may require the recruit undergo a medical examination at a specific health facility. And so may try to refuse to accept the documents. There is, alas, because it is no secret that the Russian army recruits often lack.

Therefore, sometimes at military offices there is a tacit agreement with some clinics, where doctors simply "close" eye to the presence of some recruits diseases that can give them the right to deferment from military service. Of course, this is not to say out loud, but still, this phenomenon is taking place. However, it is inappropriate and contrary to several laws, in particular the right of choice. If you suddenly come across a situation like this, you can safely file a complaint to senior management. And in this case the truth is on your side.

 respite from the army for health

Respite for family reasons

In addition to the delay due to study and state of health, there is also another kind - a delay due to family circumstances. There are different family circumstances, but given that we're talking about eighteen boys, consider the case where the recruit gets a reprieve because the father of two children, and others. Postponement of conscription given not only with children, but also in some other cases.

But the following reasons for deferment for family reasons may be very important, especially if your family, for some - any reason, is not complete. For delaying the recruits must be four conditions simultaneously:

  • We have a conscript father, mother or siblings or grandparents.
  • If it is a brother or sister, they should not be achieved at the time of conscription age of eighteen years.
  • When it comes to older relatives, they should not be on full state support, either they must be disabled first or second group or is elderly.