Teenage Depression


  • Causes of depression
  • Signs of teenage depression
  • How to identify adolescent depression?
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The theme of today's discussion will be such a sensitive issue, as teenage depression. Surely all parents of adolescents know how unstable the nervous system of the child during this period. He is angry or cries for no reason, and after five minutes he enjoys life. As a rule, in most cases, such emotional instability is due to several things.

First of all, it is the process of so-called self-consciousness, soul-searching. Peace for a teenager literally turned upside legs, many things open up for him on the other side of previously unknown to him. Agree, this psychological burden is quite heavy, even for an adult, let alone the weak psyche of the child-teen. And add to this first love, most unfortunate ...

And in the second place there is a physical reason - a sharp change in the hormonal levels of the child. Adolescence is a global hormonal changes the body. This phenomenon can not pass without consequences, primarily affecting the hormonal background. In order to understand what was going on, remember yourself during pregnancy. It was hard to keep yourself in the hands? The same thing is happening with your child.

In most cases, parents know about these features of adolescence. And this is blamed on depression, irritability and tearfulness of his child. But is it always this way? Unfortunately no. As numerous studies of psychologists, about one in eight teen suffers from depression. And often enough serious depression that requires immediate medical attention.

Strictly speaking, any depression deserves close attention from the adults. After all, depression - is a serious mental disease, which in any case should not be allowed to drift. Treatment for depression should be dealt with child psychologists, who thoroughly understand all the intricacies and peculiarities of teenage psyche. But by the parents it depends very much, because no one knows better than them their child.

Causes of depression

The doctors are very often faced with the same issue of the parents, learn about the diagnosis of their child - why? Why did this happen? After all, the child is so fond, nothing he does not deny - he has the best clothes, the best phones, computers and other teenage joy. With him spend time interested in his life, virtually no abuse or condemn. What happened, where parents are overlooked?

But do not sprinkle ashes on his head and blame yourself all the deadly sins. This can happen even in the most responsible and caring parents. There is a lot of variety of reasons that can trigger the development of adolescent depression:

  • Poor school performance

Many parents think that teens most children are not interested in learning. However, most often it is not - at heart a child stung all its failures, although often tries not to show the mind. Moreover - they can hide these feelings behind a mask of feigned indifference or even bragging.

  • The social status of the child

For a teenager it is extremely important social status in the eyes of their peers. Every child wants to be a leader if you do not, then at least have unquestioned authority and influence on their peers. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. And if the child feels rejected peers to depression in most cases at hand.

  • The psychological situation in the family of a teenager

A significant role played by the general psychological situation in the family. In that case, if the family quarrels and scandals are commonplace, it is unlikely the child will feel comfortable. And many parents mistakenly believe that if they will sort things out in a way that did not hear the child, he never even know. But they are badly mistaken - a teenager still feel the tension, which will be between parents.

By the way, about any kind atmosphere we can not talk and if quarrels occur between parent and child. Sometimes teenage maximalism leads to the fact that the child is even quite innocuous remarks parents perceive a hostile reception and a scandal erupted. Therefore, parents need during this difficult period to show a maximum of wisdom and endurance.

  • Sexual Preference

Fortunately, such a cause of teenage depression is rare. But it is still the place to be, so is it worth mentioning. We are talking about sexual orientation. It just so happened that today sexual orientation is not something out of the ordinary.

Of course, for teenagers, but not their parents. The child is well aware in advance and imagine the reaction of the parents. There was no way out of this situation, he simply does not see. But teens do not recognize semitones - or black or white. As a result, the child a sense of guilt, anger, fear that all will soon be revealed. And the result - severe depression.

Of course, these are the primary of the possible causes of depression. There are actually a lot more difficult to say unequivocally that will push in a particular case.

 Depression in adolescents

Signs of teenage depression

Parents should immediately seek help from a psychologist that if the child is in a depressed state for a week or longer, and there are other symptoms of depression. Which signs indicate the possible presence of a child's depression, we will tell you now. But do not forget that every child - a unique personality. And it may well be that the symptoms are different in each case - at the aggregate, severity, and other indicators. However, an overview of the parents may well make.

  • Closure

Primarily dramatically changes the behavior of the teenager. Yesterday it was the smiling cheerful child, willingly going on contact. And today he avoids any calls coming from the school, in a hurry to go to his room. All attempts to talk briefly and tersely responds.

  • Broken contact with friends

Closure is not only family members but also friends of the child. He stops to go for a walk with them, to communicate by telephone. In severe cases, the child may even refuse to come out to friends when they went to visit.

  • Absent-mindedness and forgetfulness

In some cases, the child there is a strong distraction and inability to concentrate on anything, much less to take on their own at least some solutions, even the most simple - drink tea or chocolate.

Child becomes impossible to ask for anything - for example, he can go to the store and come back empty-handed because he has forgotten that he needed to buy. Or forget to pick from the garden little sister or brother. Or lose the second in a row for a month phone ... Most often parents are angry, faced with such behavior, considering that the whole thing in a banal carelessness and irresponsibility.

  • Change in appetite teenager

Parents also should be wary if a child suddenly changed appetite. And it may or may completely disappear and worsen at times - maybe even the weight change very much. By the way, the change in appetite - do not want to scare parents, but in some cases, change in appetite - especially its episodic strengthening - may indicate that the child began to abuse drugs.

  • The appearance of fatigue and physical pain

In some cases, a child can regularly complain of pain, for example, in the abdomen, back or headaches. The parents assign the child to the doctor, he examines it but finds no abnormalities. However, the pain persist. Doctors call this phenomenon of psychosomatic pain. They are often the constant companion of depression.

In addition to physical pain during the depression may be a chronic fatigue syndrome. The child feels overwhelmed and exhausted in the morning, all the actions it are difficult, he always wants to lie down.

  • Disruption of normal sleep patterns

Sometimes, constant fatigue is not the only problem of teen depression. Very often, there is a sleep disorder. Child can torment or insomnia, or, conversely, excessive sleepiness. And one, and the second condition should cause parents concern, as they may indicate a very serious violations in the work of the central nervous system.

  • Rebellious adolescent behavior

Sometimes depression makes itself felt no apathy and indifference to everything going on as well. on the contrary, defiant and rebellious behavior. First calm and balanced child begins to rebel, insolent parents. Sometimes adults think that if a child intentionally doing everything they defiance.

In severe cases, the child may begin to smoke, use drugs and alcohol. Accordingly, the problem can begin with the law. It is important that the parents time to react and take the necessary measures. Tragically, it happens not in all cases, because most parents spend too much time at work.

How to identify adolescent depression?

No less interesting is the question of parents - how to diagnose this very depressed. The unequivocal answer can not give even the doctors. After a mental disorder - it's not cold and not appendicitis. And there are no tests that would detect depression. And x-rays and ultrasound in this case, too, absolutely powerless ...

Therefore, psychologists have to diagnose teen depression, based solely on the complaints of the child or his parents and teachers, as well as the results of various psychological tests that are sure to be offered the teenager. Based on all the data, the physician evaluates the severity of the disease, finds out whether the teen suicidal, selects the optimal treatment regimen.

 Adolescent Depression

Methods of treating depression

Today we know a lot of medical treatments for adolescent depression, including psychotherapy and drug therapy. However, be sure to remember that in any case unacceptable self-giving your child any kind had no pharmacological agents.

Pharmacology in one voice say that the admission of a number of antidepressants is able not only to improve the condition of the child, but also to push him to commit suicide. Especially if the depression takes very seriously and is in an advanced stage. Therefore, all medicines must select only the attending physician of the child.

By the way, and the treatment itself should be carried out only under strict medical supervision. In that case, if the doctor notices certain deviation, he can immediately adjust therapy. Parents also is unlikely, so do not risk the child and even try.

Most likely, your child will have to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist, who will carry out corrective sessions. Sometimes the child refuses to go to the doctor - it greatly aggravates the situation. Therefore, if such happens, doctors often offer hospitalization. Parents in any case should not refuse it, because at stake is the most expensive - health, and perhaps the life of a child.

But from their parents during treatment depends no less. In order for the child to normal as quickly as possible, it needs to feel the love, care and support of both parents. He must clearly understand that you love him no matter what happens. But in the event that family relationships are poor, consider the possibility of visiting the family psychologist. Who knows, maybe with the help of a specialist you will be able to restore family peace and harmony. And depression in teenagers retreat.

 Teenage depression. What to do?

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