Teenage acne


  • Proper cleansing
  • General recommendations
  • Acne Treatment folk remedies

Adolescence is considered to be a complex age - hormonal changes, emotional instability. Speaking of instability - in adolescence requirements for their appearance too high. And the slightest flaw can cause a teenager now despair.

And we must train was naturally make in this age active teenage acne! For the child, it becomes a real tragedy. But do not give up - to cope with teenage acne is quite real. The main thing - to know how to do it. This is what will today's conversation.

Proper cleansing

The first step is to teach the teen proper skin cleansing. If you do not, get rid of acne would be virtually impossible. So:

  • Daily cleansing

The skin should be cleaned at least twice a day - morning and evening. And in the morning, to work out for the night to remove the sebum, simply washing with warm water. But in the evening the skin should be cleaned using a special gel for washing, or folk remedies.

By the way, remember one simple rule - it is necessary to wash with hot water, which is slightly expands the pores and cleans them thoroughly. But to finish the washing should be cool - cold water instantly narrows the pores, thus preventing pollution. Yes, and the skin will look more attractive.

  • Scrubs

Twice a week, you need a deep cleansing pores and removing dead skin particles. The easiest way to do it with a scrub - either homemade or purchased. Too much is not necessary to get involved in scrubs - teenage skin is very easy to damage.

Remember that before applying the scrub is very important to steam the face. You can use either chamomile steam baths, or chamomile compresses. To make a bath, prepare a decoction of chamomile - fill five tablespoons of chamomile liter of water and bring to a boil. Boil for about three minutes and then cool to a temperature such that the steam is not burned face. Pour the broth into a convenient bowl, and on which should lean teenager. Cover his head with a towel. The average bath should last about 15 minutes.

If a child suffers from any of the cardiovascular and neurological diseases, or simply can not breathe hot steam bath can be replaced by hot compress. A decoction of chamomile is also preparing, as well as for steam baths. When the broth has cooled slightly, soak it washcloth and apply to the face for 10 minutes. Napkins cool down very quickly, so they are constantly changing.

  • Deep cleansing

Once a month you need to take the teenager to the beautician, who will produce a deep cleansing facial. Please note - there are several varieties of such a cleaning, but suitable only for teenagers manual. Beautician steam your face and using fingers and special tools to clean the pores of the face and remove the rash, if any.

 unpleasant teenage acne

General recommendations

In addition to proper cleansing teenager must observe a number of simple but very important rules:

  • Diet

If your child wants to clean skin, ask them to review your diet. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of fatty, spicy and smoked products, artificial colors or preservatives, sweets and soda. But cereals, herbs, fruits and vegetables, dairy products very welcome! Teenage acne can not stand them! And indeed for growing healthy food it is very, very important.

  • General hygiene

Be sure to explain to his son or daughter, which is extremely undesirable unnecessarily touch the face with his hands - they are a very large number of bacteria. By the way, this is another reason to wash your hands often. In addition, it is important to monitor the cleanliness of hair - acne can occur from contact with dirty hair skin.

  • Decorative cosmetics

Cosmetics very adverse effect on teenage skin. Especially when it comes to the foundation and powder - they clog pores and trigger the formation of acne and pimples. But how often abused young girls makeup and apply it on the face with a thick layer, like putty on the wall.

 Teenage acne treatment

Acne Treatment folk remedies

We have already mentioned that there are many effective popular recipes to eliminate teenage acne. The only thing you should pay attention - this is the possibility of an allergic reaction to a particular component. Therefore, before using any chosen means perform an allergic test - put on the wrist or knee for a small amount of money and leave for 30 minutes.

Carefully observe the reaction - on the skin should be no redness or rash, the child should not feel any burning or itching. If all goes well, you can start the treatment of acne.

  • The mask of aloe

Aloe - the surest remedy for all inflammatory processes, including acne. To prepare the masks you need one tablespoon of honey and two leaves of aloe, after five days, matured in the freezer.

Aloe peel and crush with a fork to puree the state, mixed with honey, to get monotonous consistency. Apply the mask on well cleansed face, paying special attention to areas with rashes. Time exposure mask - 15 minutes. Then rinse with cool water. To cure teenage acne, you need to do this mask every other day.

  • Camomile Mask

Prepare a decoction of chamomile: Place in a saucepan three tablespoons of inflorescences, pour a glass of water and bring to a boil. When the broth comes to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until half the water is not boiled out. Then the broth cool, strain using a strainer. Take three tablespoons of flour and knead very chamomile broth batter as thin pancakes.

This is the most dough and have medical mask - put it on the problem areas of the skin and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with water. This mask can be done every night. You will see amazing results after the first application. And just two weeks the skin condition improved significantly.

  • Oatmeal Scrub

If you do not want to use a ready-made scrubs, you can cook them yourself. For example, oatmeal scrub - it damages the skin very effectively, with virtually without damaging it. Red-hot frying pan and fry until golden brown two tablespoons of oatmeal, grind them using a coffee grinder.

Mix the resulting oatmeal with yogurt so that you have turned creamy mass. Apply scrub on your face steamed and how to massage, leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse with water.

  • Coffee Scrub

Of course, coffee for a teenager - not the best idea. But the coffee scrub certainly can be very useful. Mix one teaspoon of sour cream and half a teaspoon of coffee grounds, put on clean steamed and skin. Massage and wash immediately and then apply any moisturizer.

  • Cucumber Lotion

Peel one medium-sized cucumber and rub it on a small grater. Place the cucumber weight in a glass bowl and pour 50 grams of cold boiled water, stir well, add a tablespoon of vodka and stir again thoroughly. The lotion should be left to infuse in the refrigerator for a day. Then use a cotton swab to wipe the skin of the child must face this lotion at least twice a sutki- morning and evening after washing.

  • Chamomile Lotion

If the skin is very oily, you can prepare a chamomile lotion. To do this, place in a glass bowl two tablespoons of chamomile and pour 50 grams of vodka. Leave to infuse for a week, and then filter lotion. This lotion should be cleaned skin morning and evening.

In that case, if the teenager will be a feeling of tightness of the skin, or the skin will begin to peel off, lotion should be diluted with clean boiled water in a ratio of one to one.

In the event that after a month of treatment no improvement occurs, it is wise to consult a doctor-dermatologist. Perhaps the causes of acne are much deeper! And these causes must be sought in order not to make a lot of problems.

 Teenage acne. Getting rid of them

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 Manicure for teens


  • What nails and how to care for them
  • Possible problems of nails
  • How to do a manicure

Every girl wants to be like his mother, which he considers irresistible beauty. And at the very early age trying to imitate her, trying on her mother's still very big shoes, looking longingly into the restricted makeup and happily substituting fingers when his mother offers to make up one or two of the nail. And as a teenager girl especially tends to look good and trying to take care of themselves. Then she begins to learn to do yourself a manicure.

And here it is important that young lady knew that each age must comply with its own type of manicure, manicure and that adolescence is significantly different from that which makes her mother. When it comes to nail polish for adolescents, the main objective which it pursues - a nail care and protection. This manicure requires a special approach. The nails of a young girl elastic and contain more moisture than the toenails of adult and careful nail care is needed above all in order to prevent the bundle and fragility of nails in the future.

In order to ensure proper nail care, you must first understand how to do it right.

 Teenage manicure

What nails and how to care for them

Nails - it is located on the back of the fingertips horny plates. If expressed in scientific language, the nails (and hair) - is derived skin cells. They needed a man not only to give him a place to decorate, but also to protect sensitive fingertips - and this, of course, their primary function.

Even with the help of polish scratch can take something very small, you can hold or manipulate what some objects. Eventually, with the help of polish can be protected by scratches his enemy. And some nervous person they bite, what is very harmful to the health and appearance of their nails.

Nail care

Nails are important information about your general health. Pale or deformed nails can indicate malnutrition, infections or skin diseases. Proper nail care to maintain a good appearance of your legs and arms, and is part of the general program of healthy lifestyle. Basic tips for nail care include the following:

  • Keep them clean and dry. This will help prevent infection.
  • Give them a straight shape, rounded or pointed nails are much weaker and more easily damaged.
  • Do not bite or gnaw them. Damaged nails are at great risk of infection.

Lipsticks and nail polish remover

When coating and to remove it using special varnishes, hardeners and solvents. All these chemicals are mostly safe to use. But there are some people allergic to some of the chemical components, and it is important to make sure you are not allergic to one or another of manicure.

Acetone, which is part of many nail polish remover, can dry up your nails, making them brittle and prone to delamination. Therefore it is better to choose the nail polish remover that does not contain acetone. And if you decide to build acrylic nails (although adolescence is quite irrational!), Then ask in the cabin, where going to carry out the procedure capacity, does not contain any materials used in methacrylate. This compound causes some people are so severe allergic reaction, which in many countries have banned it. Therefore, ask the cabin to use alternative materials that do not contain methacrylate. Do not risk your health!

Manicures and nail

Since we are talking about building up the nails and manicure, that is to say that they will undoubtedly help our hands look good. However, they can also be a source of health problems. About allergies and over-dried nails we have said. It is necessary to take into consideration the fact that a manicure done the tools that are used repeatedly. If these instruments are properly sterilized, you can get a terrible infection: HIV, hepatitis B or C; In less severe cases you may be infected with warts.

So, coming to the nail salon, do not hesitate to make sure the manicurist to get it for you sterilized instruments.

 beautiful teenage manicure

Possible problems of nails

It is because our nails are at the fingertips, they are at risk of being injured. Each of us has ever broke a nail, hitting about anything with your fingertip, and someone pinched finger or a door banged on it with something heavy, then the nail was black or even went down with a finger. And someone nails cracked or stratified by excessive immersion in water or when using household chemicals without rubber gloves.

But there are a few common problems that may arise with nails:

  • Bitten nails, which we have already mentioned

    If you are chewing your nails, then you open the gate for infection. The nails become infected more easily because their surface is either damaged or completely removed. And your mouth can get very unpleasant things, because the particles are under the nails of all that you touch during the day. If you pat the dog on the street, they took the doorknob in the entrance or in the hands of the used library book, and then began biting his nails - it's like as if you pulled into his mouth and began to lick all of these items. Pretty disgusting, is not it? In addition, bitten nails look very unattractive.

  • Fungal infections

    You can become infected with the fungus when walking barefoot in the pool or in the shower, or use a shoe person already infected with fungus.

  • Discoloration

    Nails can change color as a result of trauma, after taking certain drugs, nutritional imbalances and health problems. If you notice that your nails have dramatically changed color, then the best thing you can do - is to consult your physician immediately.

  • The barbs

    The skin around the nail may become inflamed if there will get the infection when they bite, or after a minor trauma or exposure to water and chemicals. If an infection develops, seek medical advice.

  • Ingrown nails

    This can be extremely painful. Nails tend grow if they are improperly cut or walk too tight shoes. If you have an ingrown nail, do not try to treat it yourself. The doctor will do it better than you.

How to do a manicure

If you want to make yourself a manicure, then proceed as follows:

  1. Wash your hands

    If you already have problems, then after washing your hands, use oil to strengthen nails. Dry your hands thoroughly. hands dry.

  2. To form the shape of the nail using a nail file

    Better on the rubber base with a special coating, but in any case not the metal. File nails in one direction, to prevent their separation.

  3. Next you need to remove the cuticles

    To do this for a few minutes, put your hands in a bowl of warm soapy water. When the cuticle is softened, it is necessary to shift up a special wooden stick. Cut the cuticle for a teenager is not recommended.

  4. The final stage - varnished

    In order to get your hands looked neat and tidy, it is enough to use a clear varnish. Bright colors, rhinestones and sequins on the Manicure for Teenagers also are not prohibited, but they must be used as little as possible.

Very useful procedure for nail strengthening. You can hold hands in a bath with sea salt and lemon juice. This bath strengthens nails and gives them a healthy color and prevents delamination. For these purposes, you can use lemon pulp: simply dip the tips of his fingers in a lemon and hold them there for 15-20 minutes.

That's all the wisdom! Home, follow the procedures for the care of nails on a regular basis, and you can easily achieve the desired result.

 Manicure for teens: What you should know about caring for nails

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