pasta nautically in multivarka


  • The process of cooking pasta
  • What is needed for cooking?
  • How can diversify dish of pasta?

To learn how to cook pasta, it would seem, even a child should know. So it is a popular and simple dish. However, there is not always time to stand at the plate, then, in this case, it is possible to cook the pasta in Multivarki. Any hostess will appreciate this "miracle of modern technology." After all, it can save time, eliminate the hassle and dirty dishes.
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The process of cooking pasta

Just download the necessary ingredients to put in the time and mode of the timer and do other, more important things. At minimal cost pasta, noodles or spaghetti are obtained tasty and crumbly. So, you should consider in more detail the process of cooking pasta multivarka.

 spaghetti multivarka
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What is needed for cooking?

To begin, you should decide on how many people and how the dish is designed to fill pasta. As a rule, taken from the rate of 200 g of 4 portions. Better to take the pasta of any shape or higher and first grades of durum wheat. This is due to the fact that they are useful, they will not stick together and does not seethe, they are hard to get better and easier to cook.

The next step is to pour water (preferably hot, so that the cooking process will be much faster) in a pan Multivarki so that she hid a little pasta, about 1-2 cm, add salt to taste and a tablespoon of butter or olive oil, a little stir. Next, set the mode depending on the model Multivarki. This may be a "steaming", "risotto", "fast", "buckwheat", "spaghetti", a timer for 20 minutes.

After the beep sounds, you should pay attention to how much water is left in the pan. If it is, it is required to merge. If you want to cooked noodles were crispy and crunchy, leave a little on the mode "heating", "baking" or "frying". Then, in the finished dish, you can add a bit of butter, cheese, sausage, and you can just cook the pasta with sausages or wieners.

 pasta with greens in multivarka
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How can diversify dish of pasta?

You can slightly complicate and diversify the dish by preparing pasta nautically. In multivarka this will do is not difficult. To begin, you should decide how many servings of dinner will be designed in order to find the right proportions. In saucepan Multivarki should pour a little vegetable oil, chopped onion, carrot, bell pepper and a little put out in the "frying", "baking" or "quenching", depending on the model Multivarki. Then add beef or ground pork (if not, can come stew), salt, spices, herbs to taste and a little fry until, until the meat is rosy (about 10 minutes), while not forgetting it Stir occasionally to multivarka.

When the stuffing is ready, should fill the pasta and cook them in a manner as described earlier, to pour the water so that it is slightly covered all the contents in multivarka, add a little butter or oil and cook until the state of readiness of over 20 minutes on the same conditions which have been mentioned earlier, depending on the model Multivarki ("steaming", "fast", "pilaf" "buckwheat", "spaghetti").

After the beep sounds, you can leave for 10-20 minutes in the heating mode in multivarka, then they will be better roasted. It should be noted that even without the constant agitation, pasta obtained not seethe and not sticky. However, if the technology of preparation was observed is not true, and pasta, though, get a little overcooked, in this case, you should discard them in a colander and rinse with cold water.

After that you can cook casseroles, placing pasta in a saucepan and set the "baking" in multivarka 40 minutes. In the finished dish, depending on the imagination and taste preferences, you can add the tomato paste, tomato sauce or a loved one. However, the sauce should be careful. Perhaps, in this case, pre-salting the pasta when it is not necessary. If you choose not to cook pasta, spaghetti and should take into account the small caveat that they should get special forceps.

If you cook the pasta according to the above rules and recommendations, then they should get a tasty and crumbly. Just enjoy the delicious and healthy dinner.

 Technology of preparation of pasta multivarka

 quick recipe lazy cabbage rolls in multivarka


  • Benefits of cooking multivarka
  • Traditional lazy cabbage rolls
  • Delicious lazy cabbage rolls in the form of cutlets
  • Lazy stuffed with seafood
  • Lazy cabbage rolls with mushrooms
  • A few words about the roots of food

Not all housewives appreciated the beauty of simplicity, cooking a variety of dishes in multivarka, microwave, bread maker and other high-tech kitchen units. In addition to simplicity and ease of preparation, the use of Multivarki more profitable for several reasons.
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Benefits of cooking multivarka

Firstly, part of the "Multi" says that it is possible to prepare any dish completely: from the milk porridge, warm milk and ending with a filling, soup and a variety of drinks, such as punch, jelly, compotes. Even the lazy cabbage rolls in multivarka cook very simple, easy, fast, and most importantly, that such well duckies obtained very tasty.

Secondly, multivarka but convenience and functionality, very easy to care and treatment. Strictly follow the instructions proportions bookmark products, the hostess is guaranteed to be free from the problems associated with the scrubbing water stains from escaped cereals, milk, soup and so on.

Thirdly, in this unit, you can fry, cook, soar, stew, and some of the functions can be combined, such as boiling and steaming. And, fourthly, it saves time when preparing any food, and cook absolutely everything, even the lazy cabbage rolls, in any of the form as a casserole, porridge, in the form of cutlets or hedgehogs. An interesting option is the following recipe.

 Delicious lazy cabbage rolls
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Traditional lazy cabbage rolls

Origin lazy cabbage rolls are likely to have been due either to the lack of time for preparation of the classic recipe, or the lack of a whole cabbage leaves. But the taste of it does not hurt - this easy-to-prepare recipe gives a delicious result. To make lazy cabbage rolls in multivarka require such ingredients:

  • Rice (parboiled) - 50 g
  • Minced beef - 250 g
  • Minced pork - 250g
  • Onions - 1 pc. (80-100 g)
  • Carrots - 2 pcs. (150-200 g)
  • Cabbage (white) - 400-500 g
  • Black pepper (ground) - to taste
  • Salt - to taste
  • Sour cream - cup
  • Tomato paste - glass
  • Greens - to taste

The process of preparing traditional lazy cabbage

Mix both types of meat, add salt and black pepper, finely chopped onion and grated carrot (you can pre-fry, and you can put wet), the washed rice. Cabbage shinkuem or cut into slices and too arbitrary to introduce stuffing mix. We spread into the pan evenly Multivarki, prepare the sauce. Tomato paste mixed with sour cream, salt and pepper is not very much - already minced and seasoned with salt pepper.

If the tomato sauce is too thick and is not that liquid, it is possible to replace part of the pasta water. Fill the prepared sauce over the meat, in several places to make the holes with a spatula or knife to the sauce got inside. We put in the "quenching" timer for 45-50 minutes. The output will turn fragrant and delicious porridge, which is happy to eat and the children and adults. Feeding on the table, you can decorate a dollop of sour cream and chopped herbs: dill, basil, parsley or "feathers" bow.
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Delicious lazy cabbage rolls in the form of cutlets

Recipe for a little more difficult the previous one, but still does not require as much time as cooking takes traditional stuffed cabbage when each spoonful of stuffing is required to turn in a separate sheet of cabbage.

But the range of products require a prescription just the traditional:

  • Cabbage (white) - 500 grams or half the average of head
  • Stuffing (of all varieties of meat) - 500g
  • Egg (chicken) - 1 piece
  • Onions - 1 piece (80-100 g)
  • Carrots - 1 piece (80-100 g)
  • Figure - 2/3 measuring cup Multivarki (about 100-120 g)
  • Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp
  • Salt
  • Black pepper

For the sauce you will need:

  • A glass of tomato juice, or half a cup of pasta
  • A glass of water or sour cream
  • Black pepper fresh meals - 2, 5 grams
  • Bay leaf - 1 piece
  • Garlic - 2 medium-sized cloves
  • Paprika Ground - 1-2 teaspoons

The process of preparing lazy cabbage rolls in the form of meatballs

Very finely cut or even three grated cabbage, carrots, onions shred to a size small cubes. Figure virtually boil until cooked, cool. In a deep bowl mix well (it's best hands) rice, onions, beef, carrots, spices, cabbage, stir and knead the egg. Form the patties in the pan Multivarki pour vegetable oil and fry in the "baking" of 45-50 minutes, depending on the size patties. Fry each stuffed cabbage should be on both sides an equal amount of time. After roasting, lay the cutlets in multivarku, pour sauce.

Slightly changing the recipe, the sauce can be prepared diet using tomato juice / paste and water or not diet by mixing juice and sour cream. If a thick paste is used, it should be diluted by half with water. In the mixture, add spices: laurel leaf, paprika, crushed garlic, black pepper. Fill this mixture of cabbage rolls so that they were almost completely covered with liquid and set the mode "Quenching" for 30 minutes. When serving, you can decorate with chopped herbs - is very nice and delicious. These stuffed used as a separate dish, but as a side dish you can use mashed potatoes or a salad of fresh vegetables.

To make the dish is not only delicious, but also dietary, use low-calorie varieties of rice, for example the "wild" or "parboild", which is also called steamed.   In addition, fatty meats, such as pork or beef, it is better to replace the chopped chicken or turkey breast. Those who count calories, is to abandon the use of sour cream sauce, or use the milk product with the lowest fat content.

 lazy cabbage rolls with mushrooms
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Lazy stuffed with seafood

Not quite so with seafood, but the lazy cabbage recipe with fish. The recipe is similar to the previous one, but the meat component is replaced by fish. So, the recipe itself. Cabbage finely chop or grate, add salt and mash well to release the juice. Fish fillets finely chop or mince together with onion. In a deep bowl, mix the fish and onion minced meat, boiled rice, cabbage, add spices, 50 g of milk, eggs and thoroughly mixed. Sformovat oblong patties and fry in vegetable oil in multivarka in the "Bake" for 10 minutes on each side. Burgers can be a lot at one time, so that the excess wrap in plastic wrap and put them in the refrigerator - to get a home semi-finished product that is sure to help out the hostess.

While duckies are fried, preparing the fill. Three carrots and fry until half cooked in vegetable oil, then add the tomatoes, simmer a few minutes and pour the broth (water), simmer for 2 minutes, then introduce the flour. To avoid lumps formed unloved by many, it must pour through a strainer. After the introduction of flour in the sauce to give it simmer for another 3-5 minutes and remove from heat - filling is ready. Puts stuffed in Multivarki pan, pour the sauce and set the mode of "Quenching" for 20 minutes. Serve with sour cream and herbs.

The ingredients needed to prepare a very tasty fish darlings:

  • 800 g of fish fillet (rockcod, pollack, hake, cod)
  • 250-300 g cabbage (cabbage), about a quarter of head
  • 1 medium onion
  • 250 g of cooked rice cooled
  • 50 g of milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 150-180 g carrots (2 medium size)
  • 200 g of water or broth
  • 100 g of tomato paste
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • Salt and spices - to taste

 lazy stuffed with seafood

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Lazy cabbage rolls with mushrooms

The recipe is perfect for a desk or a vegetarian during Lent. Cabbage finely chop shinkuem or arbitrary slices, prepare mushrooms: my, cut. If this foxes, the pre-boiled twice in water of different mushrooms should boil 5 minutes. If mushrooms, simply wash and cut into small slices. Carrots should be grate large pieces, onion cut into small cubes.

Heat the oil in a bowl Multivarki mode "Roasting", put the mushrooms, stir fry for about 10 minutes, stirring regularly. Add carrots and onions, continue to fry for 10 minutes, then turn off the cooking. Hot water to dissolve the tomato paste, add sugar, salt, pepper, add the laurel leaves. In a saucepan, where grilled vegetables, to lay down the cabbage, rice, season with tomato sauce and mix well. Set the mode of "Quenching" for 30 minutes, to give the lazy cabbage rolls to the table decorated with greenery.


  • Cabbage - 700 g
  • Chanterelle mushrooms or fresh - 300 g
  • Onions and carrots - 2 pieces
  • Rice, boiled until half - glass
  • Tomato paste - tablespoon
  • Salt and pepper - to taste
  • Sugar - a teaspoon
  • Vegetable oil - tablespoon
  • Hot water - 4 tablespoons
  • Laurel leaves - 2 pieces

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A few words about the roots of food

The origin of the cabbage is debatable, since the invention is credited dishes themselves and the Chinese, Greeks and Turks, but one or the other kind of meat, vegetables and cereals, wrapped in a cabbage leaf / grape / spinach, known almost everywhere. It is not known reliably, in what century began to prepare this dish in Russia, but the name "stuffed", it is referring to a mixture of minced meat and cereals, cabbage wrapped, recorded in the 18th century. Nowadays cabbage recipes are also popular, as evidenced by the great number of them, and every woman can choose the one that will be the highlight of her cookbook collection.

 Original and simple recipes lazy cabbage rolls in multivarka