Syrian hamsters care


  • Description of species
  • Conditions of detention
  • Health
  • Feeding

Most miniature domestic animals - hamsters it. It is noteworthy that even a very short period of time the lives of these kids do not detract from their popularity. After all, take care of a hamster is quite simple, and the joy he brings no less than the usual for us dogs and cats. Of course, the hamster will not respond to the name (even if it somehow call), there will be happy to meet you at the door and gently purr on your lap. But he quickly becomes accustomed to humans and begins to be happy to take food from hands.

But the most important - these kids is very interesting to watch. So, wanting to please yourself or your child funny pet, you can safely buy a hamster. However, it must be remembered that in the hamster is also necessary to take care of.

Species and breeds of domesticated hamsters, there are not so little. Among them are very small, for example, Jungar. There are kinds of larger - Syrian. That's just about Syrian hamsters we are today and we'll talk. And at the same time learn how to care for them, than to feed and which contain.

Description of species

The Syrian hamster is the only representative of its genus. It is large enough for the kind of hamsters, approaching the size of guinea pigs. Features of the Syrian hamster is not only size, but also a kind of golden coat color. Although recently withdrawn and multicolored rocks Syrian hamster. But by the form of wool Syrian hamsters are long-haired and short-haired.

The body length of Syrian hamsters reached thirteen centimeters and weighs one hundred and twenty grams. The body they stocky, short muzzle and paws and ears round. Eyes are black, small, resembling a shiny beads. The front legs of five fingers, and rear only four - the fifth finger is rudimentary.

The great advantage of this type of hamsters to others - resistance to various diseases. And this, as you know, greatly facilitates the care of hamsters. In the wild, they live in Syria, Iran and eastern Turkey. Natural habitats - a meadow, steppe, foothills and arable land. Syrian hamsters feed on roots, seeds, grass and insects and are omnivorous animals, but belong to a family of rodents. Living members of this species alone, forming a pair during the rut (the time for procreation).

Strictly speaking, all this determines the content requirements, as well as care for Syrian hamsters at home.

 Syrian hamsters care

Conditions of detention

If you do not intend to breed hamsters, it is best to purchase one animal, since relatives Syrians coexist with difficulty, if at all do not tolerate forced neighborhood. The most suitable housing for the animal becomes a cage with metal bars of forty to sixty centimeters. Suitable and tank of the same size.

The cage should always be equipped with additional accessories and have a comfortable and safe for the animal litter. As litter can use special fillers or compressed sawdust. In no case can not obscure the bottom of the cell fragments of a newspaper or toilet paper, cotton cloth and napkins. And accessories for cells need the following:

  • special toilet for small rodents, which can be purchased at a pet store or make your own;
  • wheel of a suitable size with a bottom and without a grate with transverse protuberances staggered;
  • troughs of not less than fifty milliliters;
  • mountable to a wall of the house, which will be a place to store supplies;
  • feeder up to ten centimeters;
  • stairs, twigs, perch and dry roots that serve as a sort of exercise equipment for this active animal.

By the way, today you can buy already a fully-equipped cell, equipped with all necessary accessories. And you can equip your own home your pet all the additional devices.


The basic hygienic care of a hamster is reduced to the periodic cleaning of the cells, which is carried out every five days. Hamster is deposited on the harvest and wash the cage with a safe disinfectant. At the same time and change the litter. Once a month, be sure to wash the cage agents containing bleach, then rinse it thoroughly and wipe dry. Do not forget that from time to time it is necessary to wash all items Use the hamster and his water bowl feeder and cleaned every day.

Special care Syrian hamsters do not need, so how to care for him, he knows himself. If necessary, only need to comb and brush your fur. Stain coat is dry cleaned by wiping it with a soft cloth, paper towel or handkerchief. Bathe Syrian hamsters only in exceptional cases, but it is better not to do so during water treatment hamster may experience stress or too cold and sick.

If the need arose, then bathe the animal under a stream of warm water, leaving a dry head and muzzle. Wash the baby must be very careful and very quickly, and immediately after bathing is necessary to dry fur hairdryer.

It is necessary to monitor the state of health of the animal. The first symptoms may include:

  • slightly moist to the touch fur,
  • loose stools,
  • apathetic condition of the animal,
  • difficult or labored breathing;
  • the formation of wounds and ulcers on the skin;
  • the appearance of fleas or lice,
  • loss of fur;
  • manifestation of aggression.

In all these cases you need to contact your veterinarian. But if you properly care for the animals, all the disease is likely to bypass his side. After all, as we have said, these rodents are very resistant to diseases.

 how to care for Syrian hamsters


Properly care for a hamster - means write a good menu and the time to give your pet food. Syrian hamsters are omnivorous. However, this does not mean that you can feed them anything. This means that the animals can and must give the animal and plant food. In the wild Syrian hamsters fed plant seeds, roots, green grass and small insects. The home support in exactly the same diet is not necessary. Your hamster is quite complete without insects and with pleasure will eat seeds, roots, fruits and herbs. Therefore, in the diet of an animal is necessary to include:

  • pumpkin and sunflower seeds;
  • apples
  • radish,
  • zucchini,
  • pumpkin,
  • carrot,
  • pears,
  • persimmon;
  • greenery.

Prohibited for these animals foods: nuts, citrus fruits, bacon, butter, sour cream, yogurt, sweets, cabbage.

Remember that the hamster prefers succulent food and stuffed it exceptionally dry mixes. Although such grain mixes hamsters definitely helpful, especially if they are fortified with vitamin supplements. Herbs hamster is used solely in the form of green - the dry grass it uses to build the nest. So the hay - it is not food for the hamster, and building material for his house. Naturally, the food should always be fresh.

By the way, the hamster likes to stocks that may eventually began to deteriorate. Therefore, from time to time, check its coffers, but not to destroy them completely. And remember that the Syrian hamster is predisposed to obesity. Therefore, animal feed only twice a day - morning and evening.

As you can see, to care for these fun kids it is actually quite simple. The drawbacks have virtually none except for a very short period of life that does not exceed three years. However, even in this short period of life and the health of your baby in your hands. And as if miniature and unpretentious it may be, remember that you are responsible for those who tamed.

 Syrian hamsters - care at home

 than to feed a kitten sphinx


  • The principles of natural food
  • Features selection of industrial feed
  • What if the food ration of ready-kitten does not fit?

Feeding at the beginning and the resultant of her regular food form your pet purring certain taste characteristics. By the way, almost all members of the cat family - a real gourmets. What then to speak about exotic species, which include the Sphinx? That distinguishes them the desire to try a chocolate candy or regale pickled cucumber. To satisfy the curiosity of food is your kitten, you certainly can, but these specific products should be given in very small amounts, and rarely so as not to harm the health of the cat-Exotic.

But before the pet in adulthood begin to surprise the hosts with their original taste preferences, you must choose a correct and balanced diet in the first months of life. Usually you can buy in the nursery kittens two months or three months of age, who have already learned to feed himself. But if for some reason you got still quite inexperienced kid, you have to tinker with it.

This kitten sphinx-not even have to feed and nurse offering special blend five or six times a day. This is due to the fact that the crumbs are still very small ventricle, which is able to absorb only small portions at frequent intervals. Therefore it is better to acquire more self-kitten, catering services that require much less labor input by the owners. So, what is preferable to feed the baby, the Sphinx?

The principles of natural food

These animals are finicky species, and from an early age is very capricious react to any changes in the diet. So far not all natural products and industrial food suitable for feeding your kitten, Exotic. It is very harmful for them fatty foods, since animals more than others are at risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, choose a dietary meat: turkey breast or chicken, beef, rabbit. Pork eliminate completely.

Many prospective mistress purchasing-sphinx kitten from overflowing their joyful feelings forget to ask at the nursery about the diet, which has already had a place to be. Therefore, be attentive and do not neglect this rule, because at a young age the digestive system is very sensitive to the abrupt transition from one diet to another, and therefore it is more expedient to feed the baby of the food to which he was accustomed.

But if for some reason it is impossible to obtain the necessary information, the first and the best food for the kitten, sphynx should be low-fat beef raw or cooked. Do not forget about the cottage cheese, which is better to do on their own. Then you can offer your baby finely hacked eggs and homemade pies based on meat and vegetables.

Menu-sphinx kitten is in a period of strong growth and the formation of the body should be composed of a maximum of essential trace elements and vitamins. So let the kid boiled fish without bones. Do not do fluffy purring capricious and without cereals. In order not to have problems with the vagaries and failures of cereals in the future, try to feed their pet as soon as possible. It is best to start with oatmeal, and then enter into the diet of rice and buckwheat.

Many nutrients stored in the so-called offal: liver, heart, kidney, lung and chicken ventricles. But do not forget that they need to cook, and not to give crude. Fortified diet-sphinx kitten can be by adding green food. But a special sensitivity to odors inherent in the breed, able to prevent your intentions and moodily baby turns away from the bowl.

As for the frequency approaches the bowl, the experienced breeders are encouraged to adhere to the following scheme: kids up to two months should be fed six to eight times a day, on reaching the age of three months and a kitten until such time as he turns five meals cut to four five, and six-month adolescents has accustom three times a day. The nine individuals are quite willing to eat healthy on the treatment of adult animal - twice a day. Best of all, if you're going to cook fresh. And if you prefer to feed meat raw, be sure to pre-freeze it for at least ten days. So you will save your pet from getting infected with worms-parasites.

 than to feed the sphinx kitten

Features selection of industrial feed

The easiest solution is to choose a ready meal. Industrial food available, are varied and can save significant time hosts. But not so easy, because you will be faced with a lot of bags, boxes and jars. Sometimes the range of confusing, because you want to give the kitten the optimal composition of the feed to the baby to grow and develop properly, and his health has always been strong.

The content of vitamin-mineral complexes in industrial feed is considered to be the most balanced, if there because of the products and super-premium class. They are not cheap, but save on food Exotic you do not succeed, because of cheap industrial food can cause various diseases, to treat that oh how much. Therefore, from the very first months of life-sphinx kitten diet should be of high quality. And no one better than competent or professional breeder of good veterinaries not advise you on what brand of prepared food should be preferred in case of purchase, and Exotic-baby than it is better to feed.

You can vary the menu of dry food and wet canned one manufacturer, but pay attention to the markings because you are buying food for kittens, not for adults. It is not necessary to stock large packs or jars of finished product, because when exposed to air their content has the ability to port and moldy. Therefore, tightly cover the bags with dry food and store them in a dark, dry place. Special canned food for kittens and place in the refrigerator immediately note, how long they should be consumed.

If you do not want to mix in the diet-sphinx kitten dry and wet food and prefer to pick one thing, keep in mind some of the features of both types of finished industrial supplies. Canned seventy-five percent water, and the moisture content of croquet or drying is not more than thirteen percent. Therefore, they must first propose a kitten in a soaked and then see to it that close to the bowl has always been a container with fresh water.

Wet canned food is much better absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract of a small sphinx, they have a more appetizing and tempting smell. But it is stored unencrypted such products is small, so you'll have to stock them and constantly replenished. What would you choose as the main food for the kitten, sphynx, avoid feeding it expired or spoiled food. And choose only suitable for age finished products.

As the number of industrial food needed kitten for four or five feedings, then define it allows a special table on the packaging. It clearly states how many grams supposed to eat your pet at different age stages. If you feed a kitten drying, you can either immediately pour the entire daily requirement in a bowl, or divide it into several stages. But canned strictly have to give portions - they will deteriorate if for a long time will lie in a bowl without a refrigerator.

The price and quality of feed dependent on the industrial use of ingredients in their manufacture, as well as the "untwisted" brand and reputation. A crucial component of the finished product is a protein, so it was his presence and quantity should primarily be interested in caring owners. It is not necessary at your own risk increase or, conversely, to cut the daily norm of food for the kitten. In the first case it will lead to overfeeding and indigestion, while the second - will be the cause of thinness, weakness and backwardness in the development of a small sphinx.

However, not only errors in the diet to blame for the problems with the intestines. Kittens of this breed is incredibly emotional, so prone to stress when changing situation, abrupt appearance of unusual sounds and so on. If your small sphinx suddenly found an upset stomach, do not rush to abandon the usual type of food, and think about what might frighten or upset the baby.

 than to feed a kitten sphinx tips

What if the food ration of ready-kitten does not fit?

The fact that your exotic pet has a problem with the chosen brand of industrial feed, indicate not only failures in the digestive tract. General view of the child and his atypical behavior hint at this dull hair, the abandonment of mobile games, lethargy and poor appetite. In this case, immediately consult your veterinary clinic. Not superfluous and would be consultation with the owner of the kennel, where did you get a kitten.

If, after examining the results of their analysis, come to the conclusion that the cause of poor condition of your little sphinx became a food that, despite the high quality, yet it does not fit, you have to try products from another brand. But it should be done gradually so as not to exacerbate the stress state of the child and do no harm to his health even more.

Start slowly mixed into the former feed a small amount of new pellets. During this period, you may be faced with the fact that the cat chooses the old familiar food and leaves untouched the one that is supposed to replace. It's okay, stop the process and repeat it a few days later. Although the Sphynx are generally known and fussy, but even among these rare individuals that have long refused to move to a new food. You just need to be patient and not give up on trying.

Do not forget that attention to diet-sphinx kitten you have to be even reaches the six-month-old. At this time, individuals are still considered immature babies and therefore require special care. If you belong to the category of caring housewives, then determine whether all is well for the cultivation of a healthy pet, you will be the simple observation of the child. Ready for active games, strong body with well-developed muscles, the absence of obesity or excessive thinness - all these features are the result of well-balanced diet with all the necessary requirements.

And finally I would like to give one important piece of advice. Do not let your guests to feed a kitten food from the table, even if the baby is happy flagships goodies in the form of smoked meat or salted fish. As mentioned above, a certain curiosity sphinxes differ in terms of the new food, but do not allow all consecutive pamper your charming humming. After the guests leave, and problems with indigestion have to eliminate you. Why buy the pet store special treats for kittens, and then all family members and friends coming to you will be able to bribe handsome "snacks" and hostess will not have to worry.

Do not forget that in addition to the correct balanced diet your kitten sphinx needs love and affection. So find time to play with it and do not leave a long time, because this breed distinguished by a special devotion to his master. And if another small Purring calmly react to the absence of a person throughout the day, while he was a favorite place to sleep for waiting, or simply avenge you for the separation scratched torn wallpaper and curtains. But kids sphinx will be sorely missed, and even to grieve in their own way, like a cat, so be aware of this feature to eventually have an animal with normal psycho-emotional background.

 What to feed a kitten-sphinx: feeding habits of small exotics